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On 9/2/2021 at 1:17 PM, Wumo said:


Final Standing available here


ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b.jpg.4a05d2852188ff96f934faa5edf1d813.jpg :wDEN: Agger 
5a91983c5af54_ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b-Copy.jpg.034592cc412660cfe59ff1ce89ac476f.jpg  :wPOL: Monzanator 
ca93554dea4b2d60ed198230c1a12f4b - Copy (2).jpg :wROU: africaboy



It will be a very short presentation of the three medallists. A big congratulation to all three medallists of this prediction contest. @Agger with the gold medal, @Monzanator with the silver medal and @africaboy with the bronze medal.

Thank you! Congratulations to all !!

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Combined Canoe Sprint and Slalom ICF World Championships 2021 Prediction Contest is now open

Deadline is September 16th, 10:00 (GMT +2)

This is the prediction design for the Canoe Sprint-part of the contest. The Canoe Slalom-part will be published when we get closer to the start of these championships.


@Henry_Leon, @Agger, @EupenM, @Ufilov, @IoNuTzZ, @Monzanator, @amen09, @vlad, @titicow, @africaboy, @NikolaB, @ady48, @sami-eg, @Speedy, @crovitlaci, @Herberth10, @juliosilva, @hckosice, @LDOG, @Gianlu33, @rybak, @toulousain, @George_D, @Dolby, @rafalgorka, @varnoldr, @Giovanni Gianni Cattaneo, @PakoNatxo, @JOSE SEIJO, @Pablita, @Federer91, @tuniscof, @Hipooo, @Vojthas, @SteveParker, @justony, @CiroMennella99, @heywoodu, @Crolympic, @Olympionikes, @Kirkpatrick, @Jahiegel, @valtellina, @dcro, @MagyarBabu, @Wanderer, @Topicmaster1010, @Laraja, @Vinicius Vaz, @maestro, @Adriano, @See-ya, @dophuquy, @hoversaBR, @Sacreble, @gubchandrolai, @Dnl@Fly_like_a_don

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