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  1. Cuban star Melissa Vargas, one of the best opposite hitters in the world, become Serbian citizen. She will get the right to play for Serbian women's national team from 2022.
  2. Voted for option number 3 Long live Mississippi
  3. Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of this
  4. Unfortunately it is true, she have some kind of disorder in pregnancy called Pre-eclampsia
  5. Serbian sport shooter Bobana Veličković passed away today at age of 30 She was part of Serbian Olympic Team at London 2012 and Rio 2016, former 8th times European champion and world champion in air pistol I cant believe it happened. She is younger than me. Life really sucks Rest in Peace our angel She become mother for the first time only 20 days ago
  6. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -4.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.62
  7. And only one in modern American history who did not military invaded any random country
  8. @hckosice And actually that was a great song
  9. report New cases: 247 Total cases: 2447 New deaths: 3 Total deaths: 61
  10. Yesterday 305 new cases in Serbia,in total 1,476. And 8 new deaths (39 in total)
  11. New 160 infected in Serbia, total 1,060 now and 5 more deaths (in total 28 deaths) . And 72 people on respirators for now
  12. In Serbia 131 new cases and 2 more deaths . Total numbers are now 659 cases and 10 deaths
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