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  1. Very questionable.. Come on these are marbles. Felt like Round 6 of an athletics field event final with those at the end doing way better than those who are at the beginning. If same teams are winning it doesn't make fun. It should be unpredictable but rather it's following real sport event finals.
  2. Idea is good but let's not call best of the worst Call it the Challeger Trophy, Plate League or Plate finals
  3. Just got to know he was from Netherlands ,I thought he was an American since they put EDT.
  4. Why do they have the event at 3pm like it's a terrible time for me. It should be like 10am or even 2pm which is fine. Even if it was night 10pm EDT it's easy to catch up.
  5. No it isn't blocked.. It worked this time
  6. But I am unable to join how come.
  7. Even if China and few other nations are ready what is the probability that other nations will be able to make it. They won't have sufficient practice either. While some countries may not afford to send their athletes after the economic crisis.
  8. Oh no we should give the orangers their time in spotlight. Who knows they may never win another event this season .
  10. Hahaha tomorrow she says she want to jump from a mountain what would you do? Especially during these times I don't think it's smart for something like this. It's better to stay and support your family.
  11. Not a smart decision
  12. I remember explaining that long ago. But they'll still point out the level of competition and all that and continue with ECh. Though Badminton and cricket is definitely a newer entry into the contest though they may get postponed but well the non followers can do their bit of work if the event is held and prediction goes ahead.
  13. I just have a few ideas. I was thinking about having a multi sport event created by the members itself. Like from 2016 Olympics to now, any world level event (WC, World Champs, Diamond Leagues, YOG) in any sport in any category (Even para , youth, deaf, veterans) can be added. The best part is every user shall choose 1 sport which lasts no longer than 4 hours and should have no more than 10 event finals . So we will end up with 30-35 sports. @Vojthas is good in planning so he could prepare a schedule maybe. Even @bmo @Olympian1010 can help and anyone who is willing to.. There could be a registration time from which people start entering their chosen sport. Once entered that sport can have not be entered by others . So once schedule done we'll all relieve the games . If the idea is good we can have a poll to see what everyone thinks about it.
  14. I remember supporting the Raspberry Racers last year when they won the title. Just like @bmo I've likes Minty maniacs we'll cheer for them definitely. I'd love to see oceanics, bumblebees and momo in the top 5 but they haven't had good success actually. My top 5 favourite Minty Maniacs Momo Raspberry Racers (Coz they won once if they win again it would look like domination) Bumblebees ( very hard to see this happening as it was the last qualifier) Thunderbolts Special mention : Green Ducks, Oceanics who just missed my top 5 The bottom 3 I don't want to win Savage Speeders Ball of Chaos Crazy Cats eyes
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