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  1. @up and down You must be happy to know just like anyone else that the peak has passed on September 18th at 10.17 lakh cases. Despite 8-12 lakh tests consistently cases have decreased. Yesterday 75k cases were recorded despite more tests than September 18.Current active cases are 9.68lakhs . Similiraly states with 3.02 and 1.04 lakhs active cases are now at 2.72 lk and 71k currently ( the 2 worst affected states Maharashtra and AP )
  2. India is in as well. Haven't decided anything let's see. Chances are high that India doesn't participate in annual next year though due to extremely extremely less number of songs published in 2020 maybe 5% of entire 2019 and few relased ones were from movies shooted earlier and now not many movies are going to released either nor are they many individual albums. So unless there are a couple of months even 4-5 from 2019 given it'll be hard to choose a good song from 2020.
  3. A big randomised sero survey of covid 19 shows 64 million people had been infected in india by the disease by May itself. As per the estimations by August end at least 1/4th of Indian population has been infected which could even be 2/3rd in worst case scenario as the sero survey results of August are out. However re infection percentage is very very less. Not sure if we need many doses of vaccine when it arrives .
  4. Kinda yes Actual cases = Confirmed Positive cases * 4 That's what serological survey indicates. I kinda feel so
  5. A sample of 1000 or 2000 is not enough to decide what entire population speaks. However if the same survey is held in January next year it could be more. Moreover IOC will leave no stone unturned if govt thinks about such a decision. Irrespective of anything Tokyo Olympics are all but assured to happen now in 2021.
  6. A terrible statement with no justifications. I don't see from where you got such baseless info or if it was just made by you.
  7. Something interesting lined up 5 match T20I series between Germany and Austria This will be Austrian women's first ever international cricket match All 5 matches are available at European Cricket Network
  8. Was hoping for a upset from wisps but no probs the Maniacs finished 3rd so yeah that's fine. Hoping for newer events maybe Winter Marble League
  9. Actually pacific nations were my first choice but I somehow feel they don't get the recognition they deserve. I would honestly not complain had Kiribati won the competition but shockingly didn't make past group stage. It was unlucky of me choosing Kosovo then Somalia, Puerto Rico entire group was chosen by me like during the draw lol. So I thought Kosovo but again I feel Kosovo deserved to win as a music nation. I had 3 songs from 3 artists all extremely famous from Kosovo. All 3 had more views than the other presented song. I went with one of my favourite songs. Among other 2, on
  10. Hoping for a suprise . Maybe savage speeders getting 1-2 points. And orangers 2-3 points. And Wisps winning the event... Would be awesome. Hope that ain't too much .
  12. 53k cases in 1 day in the country But good news is every hour some 50k doses of vaccine of astrazeneca are produced in serum institute before results of phase 3.Half of the doses will remain in India itself.
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