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  1. I don't know that but it'll be the only broadcaster for winter Olympics so I guess it should be so with no other competitors in the Indian market for any sport.
  2. So for the second consecutive time , will show the Winter Olympics live in South Asia .
  3. beat the In U19 WC 2022. Could be their first quarter final in a long time now (6 years) More results : Defending champions Were awful against . and with some luck could try to grab the other sport from with England expected to qualify easily.
  4. going to a rough patch loosing to B team of And still managing to win ODI Series against full strength . Surely Windies are no longer there up-to the standards of top 10 of world cricket especially after a pretty dissapointing T20 WC.
  5. Just goes on to show how much IOC have done in winter sports. Now I seriously believe IOC should set aside tripartite quotas and have some unused quotas added to tripartite. I would love to see a cross country sprint event being held like 100m, preliminary heats followed by regular time trial ( with certain proportion of skieers qualifying for second stage) Initially tripartite may sound like joke to most but if a tripartite can win a medal in Tokyo Olympics then why not expect something similar may not be now or next games over a few decades.
  6. I didn't want to predict about moguls at all coz every time I feel a run is good it doesn't score well and vice versa. Hopefully Galysheva also returns to form when she became a world champion in 2019 and silver in 2021. Kolmakov - Galysheva - Gordenko- Reikherd will be the 4 to put hopes on mainly.
  7. Well Poland is one of those nations which don't have any bright medal favourites as such. Andżelika Wójcik had a win this season but she sadly isn't consistent and I think will share the medals in W500m. I don't follow Ski jumping but I didn't find anything good for Poland from the results. Short track still maybe women's 500m but it may not be a 100% . Despite all this I'll still support in all sports just like many other nations and hope Poland can win some medals.
  8. have had podiums in Moguls and Aerials but none of them have been dominant ones. Zhanbota tried the difficult jumps only in Almaty last year the only time she got a 100 pointer otherwise it's in 80s.. So that is going to be very difficult for all of those.
  9. The only event Ukraine have a chance to medal is Aerials. Novosad won a Women's Aerials WC this season where fellow Ukrainian finished 3rd. Defending Olympic champion Abramenko has been there and there about in top 6. The ski speed has gone in biathlon so maybe a 0+0 in relay with other teams struggling, again not very likely.
  10. Surely if win more than 4 golds it will be a huuge suprise. will win 10/14 golds minimum ( not necessarily all of them but yeah among them 9-10 looks easy)
  11. Good tournament so far for . Both have 1 and 2 quarterfinalist respectively with the former running into Ahsan/Setiawan and the latter have 2 chances could be a first semifinal finish in Super 500. Nhat Nguyen looks good enough to be one of the top players in men's singles for .
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