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  1. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians It's the 75th Independence Day of our country making it a very special occasion. Here are the pictures of celebration across the country .
  2. I had the same question before the start of the day. I just started watching and went with the flow. Watched all the A Finals of rowing today semis of women's lead and finals of men's boulder will watch the women's lead finals tomorrow quickly. Also watched a couple of TT matches , little track cycling and almost the entire men's triathlon race. All the upcomming livestreams with exact date and time and replays are neatly arranged . I would rate it as the 2nd best Summer Multi Sport Games of the year behind Pacific Mini Games . ( Giving a little edge to NMI considering its limited resources). Both these games find 1 thing in common - Streaming details of the event well in advance which helps you to decide what events you can choose and what you keep for other day . I felt the CWG should have followed the same thing in non commonwealth nations would have been nice to watch some replay with VPN . So @Olympian1010 my suggestion to you is forget whether it's a championship or games just keep watching continuosly if you are free,I bet you will feel like a great games
  3. Pretty much an enjoyable games(championship) so far.
  4. Did Munich have no other Olympic size track?
  5. Jessica / Terry The best pair by far winning the XD without loosing a set all tournament
  6. A very interesting result . He has a elbow injury due to which he was in extreme pain and told media he would give his best to ensure he can medal . He is scheduled to undergo a surgery this month. Yet he threw 90.18m. Wow.
  7. A medal for once again at women's beach volleyball. So happy for them !!
  8. Wouldn't have been gold for him I think. Participating at home and doing well and doing it in a different country in different conditions has a lot of difference
  9. Another lawn bowls finals Lost 11-20 to In group stage. We were 3-8 down and at the 14th end 10-12 down with 1 end left. Scored 3 in the final end to reach finals.
  10. As I rightly predicted before the games Won it's first ever cwg medal
  11. Squash is known for such controversies
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