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  1. It's not as simple as that. Not all facilities are permanent or will be maintained well for 12 years. IOC gives japan opportunity or not doesn't matter japan will not have the funds to host one. As simple as that.
  2. Calm down.. Your are going way tooo far . First let tokyo happen in 2020 then let's see who wins 2032 bid.
  3. Dudchenko was soo close. Could be 2 medals in 2 days for Ukraine @Illya Russian victory finally. Good 2 days with no norway and sweden in top position great for biathlon should continue a Little longer..
  4. Did notice it too. Last shot in all events are hard. Individual and Sprint especially . Relays at least there are extra 3 targets if not shot within 5. Pursuit and mass start are head on races so there will be different things in head like has someone completed their shoot or before shooting u see opponents target so the 1st and 2nd shot is more harder.
  5. It's normalcy here so you don't want to miss the games for a stupid reason.
  6. For the first time ever Turkey will have a quarter finalist in a Super 1000 tournament. Yiligit faces Marin today.
  7. From all Indians out in R16 last week to 4 quarterfinalists this week. Mixed, Men's Doubles and 1 each in both the singles. Hoping for at least one of them in the finals.
  8. It's expected I think the govt will wait till march end.. With vaccinations and all they will be more confident. A spectator less Olympics is fine with me.
  9. Hope tokyo never gets 2032 games... Like it's shit.. Especially frustrating when covid has subsided completely and there is no pandemic here in India.
  10. So basically no multi sport event in near future. With tokyo cancelled Beijing is all set to be postponed to 2023
  11. Exactly no official word yet but 95% it will be in May 2022
  12. In most likelihood unless Kazakshthan is in for something of a suprise in 4 months time
  13. Exactly! Vaccinations begins tomorrow in India and we aim to vaccinate 300 million people by July so even with lesser workforce japan just needs to vaccinate 123 million and if they vaccinate even 25 million in worst possible scenario - including health care and entire of Tokyo Population I bet everyone in Tokyo will vote for games to be held
  14. Russian clean sweep! Valeria with 2 misses but almost winning the sprint. She could make it to the main team of WC in future.
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