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  1. Waiting for what will be shown in France during ceremony
  2. Entire Paralympic History: 12 medals ,4 golds Tokyo 2020 : 19 medals, 5 golds Welcome to India
  3. 2 golds in badminton Pramod and Krishna did well. Kudos to Suhas ,the DM of Noida who takes the decision of curfew and lockdowns at local level ,went down fighting in 3 sets.
  4. Looks like NHK booked the TV court for Japanese matches in badminton
  5. Not at all. He should not have been allowed to compete but the fact that your athletes and coaches protested when Ukraine couldn't get a gold is a shame. Had the protest been done before event started it would be fine . It's funny that you have no problem with the athlete if he breaks the rules as long as he doesn't medal but when you feel you can get a medal or improve the colour your medal you go and protest
  6. India's love with javelin continues. A gold silver and bronze for the day. Hoped for 2 golds but the Sri Lankan was far superior today. That gold was covered by Avani in the women's Air Rifle
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