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  1. I'm quite happy with the results today. I wanted 2 quotas since our other 3 wrestlers aren't good but won the 1 dat trials and those who win the quota make it to the Olympics as per our federation.
  2. UWW should literally remove the tripartite column. The chances of this happening every Olympics is extremely less like 1/300.
  3. Oh well I thought the Equadorian got the quota in 53kg at Pan Ams too. So if she had then it was tripartite?
  4. Then in 68kg how was it tripartite if the Swedish is banned
  5. That one will go to tripartite invitation since reallocation had less than 8 athletes.
  6. Looks like 2 Quotas for GR in 87 and 97kg for Unless there is any upset.
  7. I did watch a lot of sailing yesterday and today. Some Olympic replay and then Hempel WC where Netra Kumanan won the last race. I still believe the federation can improve so that we don't lose sailors after 1 or 2 good performances . Could have won 49erfx too had Aishwarya and Shwetha were given more hope by the federation. Nonetheless 3 boats is great
  8. He won the medal race. In medal race it's 2 points for each position
  9. Almost sure but left to confirm 49er Men's just 12 points difference
  10. Here in India we had 115k cases yesterday, could be 200-250k cases daily ( everyday 7-10% growth) yet we are hosting Asian Boxing Championship and Indian Open Super 500 in May
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