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  1. Hey hallo, verfolgt jemand genauso gerne und intensiv Multisportveranstaltungen? Wenn sich jemand auch gerne mal darüber austauschen würde und/oder Kontakt dazu knüpfen möchte, dann darf sich er/sie gerne bei mir melden... Manchmal würde man sich einfach über andere Kommentare freuen...
  2. I can't find there a liva signal. You? I find a describtion how to use the live pictures. But there is no livestream.
  3. Can me anybody help with the Nation Cup Ranking? Germany earned 6th place at Ruka (pursuit) and 25th place in summary from Florian Notz. But in the Nation Cup Ranking there are only 4 points counted for them. Why?
  4. Have anyone a official statement for African Goalball Championship about the winners? I think both Algerian team have qualified for the Paralympic Games, but is it right?
  5. What is about Istvan Peni from Hungary? Is he not eligible? SORRY, he has a quota place in three position
  6. Is there no Championships Trophy - Ranking for Diving this year?
  7. Mark Hodler Trophy!
  8. thanks! I can't find informations about that at the FIH homepage...
  9. The qualification system says that there are 6-7 qualifiation matches. For these matches are qualified: 2 teams from the pro-league-final, 2 teams of the world ranking and: But my questions is what are the three Hockey Series Finals?
  10. Yes, I think so too. But Totallympics was a small hope
  11. Can anyone help me? I can't find the schedule of the wheelchair curling competiton in PyeongChang 2018?
  12. Thank you very much! That was a big problem for understanding, but now it is really easy! Thanks...
  13. Can me anyone explain the classification in water polo for group A in the women-tournament? I don't understand that JPN is 3. and CAN 4.. Which is the classification order? I couldn't find the right rules about this.
  14. Is there noch Championship Trophy for Diving this year?
  15. Yes, they all have realistic opportunities, but the experience says that not all of this will come true. I hope both of them reach the final. But I wouldn'r bet on this. Gina Lückenkemper have a great run at the european championships.
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