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  1. Thanks. I saw that they had the same number of Xs but was unsure what is next to decide
  2. Lisa Müller missed the final on place 9 in womens 3 positions. What is the tie-breaker in this case?
  3. Why was Germany predictable? Max Hartung, Benedikt Wagner and Richard Hübers ended their careers after Tokyo, so it is only Matyas Szabo who remained from the successful team of the last years. In the single competition Szabo was the best German in the 1/8 final, the others lost in the 1st round. I am very surprised, that they managed to reach the semi finals in the team again.
  4. Something strange in Halfpipe (men): won 3 quotas but only nominated André Höflich as the other two German athletes did not achieve the national qualification requirement BUT: According to the official FIS page German NOC accepted all three quotas I already sent a mail to the DOSB and asked them for an explanation. It is not a common precedure to accept quotas and don't nominate athletes in Germany (e.g. we declined two quotas in womens freestyle moguls as well). Does anyone has further information on this?
  5. I think that this will happen with most players that did not anticipate a nomination. In the end they will have to fill the singles competitions with double players that are already in Tokio.
  6. Schroeder will become free agent this summer and declined a contract of 84 million for 4 years and hopes for more... An injury at the Olympics would be a desaster for him, so the insurance is really expensive and the German baskeball did not want to pay... On the other hand it seems that he wants to play, so in the end he could pay the insurance by himself to have the chance to compete at Olympics.
  7. As far as I understand the selection process is happening today and tomorrow. That means all NOC are asked which quotas they want to accept and which quotas are declined (e.g. due to injuries, multiple quotas in different disciplines, internal policies=harder national quotas,...). Afterwards the open quotas are filled with the next athletes and the process repeats. So we will see steady updates in the World Ranking for the whole day.
  8. That`s really unfortunate. And I am not quite sure what will happen if he/she is really banned from the Olympics. As it is a "big" name I assume that he/she is qualified as Top4. Who will get a ticket in this case? Place 4 of the qualification tournament? Will there be a re-run of the continental quota procedure? Tripartite invitation? What a mess...
  9. That means that the European Continental Quota goes to Sabine Kusterer correct?
  10. It seems that this is not what Jasmin Jüttner score in all three rounds and loosing against the French in the first final match
  11. Jüttner is really strong today. Best result in all three rounds.
  12. Second round also finished. Top4 have been: Jasmin Jüttner 26.00 Fatemeh Sadeghi Dastak 25.46 Sanae Agalmam 25.28 Krisda Putri Aprilia 24.68
  13. Kata is obviously more predictable than Kumite. Best results in first round were: Jasmin Jüttner 24.46 Sadeghi Dastak Fatemeh 24.28 Alexandrea Anacan 24.20 Dilara Bozan 24.08 Let`s see what will happen in the semis
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