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  2. Just a curiosity, this is the frist time ever that an italian won the ITT at WCh
  3. Pippoooooo! Amazing victory for him, Ganna is the new World Champion!
  4. Whoops, Dumoulin losing 10 seconds or so with a wrong move.
  5. COVID masks opening up a whole new world of advertising possibilities. Campenaerts not really in full form so far this year.
  6. Open Race (10/17) Non-Olympic Event Practice 2 Results Rank Athletes Nation Result 1 Valtteri Bottas 1:33.519 2 Lewis Hamilton +0.267 3 Daniel Ricciardo +1.058 4
  7. I wonder how many people get fooled into thinking he's got dozens of appointments in one day just by the idiotic way this little blog lists every single step Personally I've had an insanely busy day: - Get out of bed - Get out of my bedroom - Go to the bathroom - Do my business - Leave the bathroom - Go to the kitchen - Pick stuff to eat - Go to where I eat my stuff - Eat my stuff - Go back to the kitchen - Put my plate and utensils there And that's only the first half hour or so
  8. Oi, helicopter pilot getting rather near the overhead cables there! Geraint Thomas is new leader at the half....former track rider, so very solid aero position. Race Commissars obviously being stricter than the ones at the Euro Champs 5-6 weeks back. Very good time for 5? Medal? Huge padding added at Dygert corner. Oi, van Aert down on Thomas! Ganna is smashing it though!
  9. Good time trial for Affini, sadly the TB coverage didn't show letterally nothing...
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  11. Women's KL3 200m Final A Results Nelia BARBOSA 57.66 Nikoletta MOLNAR 1:01.88 Larisa VOLIK 1:05.44
  12. Men's KL1 200m Final A Results Peter Pal KISS 52.12 Remy BOULLE 56.24 Robert SUBA 56.95 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Artur CHUPROV 1:09.63
  13. Yeah, last time I was there they seemed to have mostly gotten over the 1847 Civil War.
  14. Friends in 2018, relationship nowadays, apparently
  15. Women's KL2 200m Final A Results Nadezda ANDREEVA 59.94 Katalin VARGA 1:01.09 Pascale Rachel BERCOVITCH 1:06.05 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Anastasiia BELOGUROVA 1:20.76
  16. Ah, will be at the UCI School along with all the Caribbean riders we saw yesterday.
  17. The Syrian guy is based in Switzerland (and he is Marlen Reusser's boyfriend according to tv commentators) so I guess his training facilities could be worse...
  18. Think about half the country was fine - the war was mostly in the North up by the Iraqi border. Wind & rain going to be a factor today, could get a surprise winner if someone mid-race gets a bit of luck.
  19. Women's KL1 200m Final A Results Alexandra DUPIK 1:04:41 Erika PULAI 1:15.31
  20. TABLE TENNIS 114/172 athletes 33 countries 56 male athletes 58 women athletes Qualification by Event Event Click on the Pictogram to open Quota assigned Men's Singles 39/70 Men's Team 16/16 Women's Singles
  21. There still are? No but of course I meant training infrastructure, support, equipment, all that kind of thing
  22. Are you implying there are no roads in Syria?
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