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  1. Final Standing: Spain Great Britain Australia 4 Netherlands 5 Latvia 6 Turkey 7 Mexico 8 Kazakhstan 9 Iceland The following Nation have qualified for the Women's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 Division I Group B World Championship 2023 Spain The following Nations have qualified for the Women's Ice Hockey IIHF Under 18 Division II World Championship 2023 Great Britain Australia Netherlands Latvia Turkey Mexico Kazakhstan Iceland
  2. Tuesday July 5th, 2022 - Knockout Round Last Day Results (GMT +3) 7th-8th Place Match: 09:30 Mexico 2 - 0 Kazakhstan 5th-6th Place Match: 13:00 Latvia 5 - 1 Turkey Bronze Medal Match: 16:30 Netherlands 1 - 2 Australia Gold Medal Match: 20:00 Spain 3 - 1 Great Britain
  3. Stage 5 Wednesday - July 6th, 2022 h. 14:00 (GMT +2) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lille - Arenberg (Porte du Hainaut) 157km - Rolling/Pavés Sections -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Stage 4 Tuesday - July 5th, 2022 h. 13:30 (GMT +2) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dunkerque - Calais 171.5km - Hilly STAGE CLASSIFICATION Wout VAN AERT 4:01:36 Jasper PHILIPSEN +8 Christophe LAPORTE +8 Complete Standing HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL CLASSIFICATION Wout VAN AERT 13:02:43 Yves LAMPAERT +25 Tadej POGACAR +32 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POINTS CLASSIFICATION Wout VAN AERT 170 Fabio JAKOBSEN 109 Peter SAGAN 80 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLIMBER CLASSIFICATION Magnus Cort NIELSEN 11 Wout VAN AERT 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YOUTH CLASSIFICATION Tadej POGACAR 13:03:15 Thomas PIDCOCK +17 Florian VERMEERSCH +26
  5. Maybe they are right now working on them, because some of the Tokyo videos are not working, when you click on the BMX Racing videos it write the site is under maintenance,
  6. + some mucho-high quality yelling after the 2-2 goal 40 seconds before the end of the Beijing 2022 quarterfinal against . Another memorable unforgetable moment our next generations will learn in the school history books
  7. In the topic, most famous TV announcers yelling was definitely in Novemeber 2009 Unforgetable meme started that night. After the final whistle from 08:45 the comentator started even speaking in Zulu or whatever this was, the famous sentence "Wankelekele ensanzi Africa !" Nobody here know until today what the hell this mean, but every slovak sport fan know this sentence by default
  8. Ah the good old Patrick Montel
  9. 2 Days ! Two (2) Freaking days left to the NHL Draft. The level of the hype in Slovak newspapers and medias is just starting to be unbearable whatever you click on Google and add there word Slovakia, immediately the son of god himself will appear with his stick or his bronze medal from Beijing Just consider: Our national TV have announced will broadcast the Thurday night opening rounds Draft live (for the first time ever)
  10. The day when Norway beat Lady Diana and Iron Lady
  11. Priestor pre diskusie o golfe sa nachádza presne tu
  12. O všetkom ohľadne Jazdectva, Šermu a Moderného Päťboja u nás a vo svete
  13. Priestor na všetky témy a diskusie o ostatných vodných a lodných športoch : Veslovanie a Jachting
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