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  1. Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Final Results Jean QUIQUAMPOIX 34 EOR Leuris PUPO 29 LI Yuehong 26 Final Results Here Qualifiers Results Here
  2. Obviously it is not so big problem for me. Kikompwa It is mainly about our commentator who can not say it once in his life perfectly, and it is not he had no many chances. The best is still Kvikvompois from Rio
  3. oh yes, right. My bad, sorry. So even better now then
  4. Women's Doubles Final Results Indonesia Greysia Polii Apriyani Rahayu China Chen Qing Chen Jia Yi Fan South Korea Kim So-Yeong Kong Hee-Yong Gold Medal Match Polii/Rahayu 2 - 0 Ch
  5. is now the 2nd nation after to win all 5 Olympics Badminton events. wow, congrats @Griff88
  6. Jány only 13th. yeah that kneeing opening series totally destroyed all hopes too early. nevermind he had a final in the Air Rifle at his first olympics, so more than fine for me. &
  7. This, it looks like Tokyo 2020 end so many streaks. I wonder how many countries in which disciplines failed to medal for the first time ever, right in Tokyo. Just came to my mind in M 4x200 Freestyle in M C1 Canoe Slalom now in W Wrestling any other I remember read something about USA in Rowing, but not sure ?
  8. Women's 100m Hurdles Final Results Jasmine CAMACHO-QUINN 12.37 Kendra HARRISON 12.52 Megan TAPPER 12.55 Final Results Here Semifinal Results Here Heats Results Here
  9. Men's Long Jump Final Results Miltiadis TENTOGLOU 8.41 Juan Miguel ECHEVARRIA 8.41 Maykel MASSO 8.21 Final Results Here Qualifiers Results Here
  10. I would definitely understand if it was ice hockey though, but field hockey, come on, whats wrong with you holand ?
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