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  1. Former Canadian Prime Minister John Turner and athlete has died. Turner was only PM for 79 days.
  2. The 2021 Canada Summer Games in Niagara are now moved to 2022.
  3. So when are the Winter European Games going to be announced?
  4. all admitted as members of World Curling.
  5. via CBC 3 Canadian men made tennis history today by advancing together to the 4th round of a grand slam for the 1st time EVER
  6. Taekwondo poomsae got an increase in quotas for santiago 2023 to 40 (from 31) 157 total quotas so, 117 for Kyorgui (from 109). I think the additional 8 spots are for the winner of the Youth Pan American Games. Not 100% sure, but it makes sense.
  7. Some sad news:'s-Disease/292/Articles
  8. Wow Steve Nash is the new coach of the Nets!
  9. Prolly just sprint. If they didn't make the distinction. Its still a relatively new discipline in the Americas
  10. Very interesting:
  11. Congrats to everyone, especially to those who took their time to host and organize the competition. Thank you! ---- On a side note, the reason why I chose is my parents are from there. Congrats to @OlympicIRL and on the win!
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