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  1. Makes perfect sense for a pairs boat to go less of a distance than the singles' boats
  2. Gender quality only works for women. IF men get the shaft its still gender equality in the eye of the IOC. In the eyes of Olympic fans its hypocrisy
  4. What a scary thought, can we delete the last two posts so we don't give any ideas out the IOC may see lol
  5. Or the mixed team sports... Where the men and women's are dropped in favour for one mixed competition
  6. -Each sport at a minimum must include one mixed event and probably some other ridiculous rules...
  7. I'Equipe reports all proposals will be rejected likely unless they replace an event... ie like canoeing. They also report IAAF's cross country proposal is 4x1500m Also reported is UWW has requested beach wrestling.
  8. Yea can't blame the ICF entirely. The sport is one of the bottom 5 IF's ... It needs to adapt to survive... As stupid is this is.... Better some canoeing than none at all.
  9. Atr reports k1200 is confirmed dropped from Paris program ..... Rip
  10. Kingsbury fractured two vertebrae during training and will miss the start of the WC season
  11. 12 out of 500... 500*transport*food*beds etc. Would imagine there would be savings, but cutting athletes, which make a part of the games makes 0 sense too me. What should be cut are things like "baskets of seasonal fruit' for each IOC member... etc.
  12. One of the K1 events (I bet the 1000 for men and 500 for women) are likely toast.
  13. Losing 12 isn't so bad... but wtf @ no new events with no new athletes? Bach needs to go
  14. So is Romania now banned from Tokyo 2021? @MHSN
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