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  1. It could work if they did a day -3 and/or 4 draws in a day
  2. I think this tournament shows that curling, like all other team sports at the Olympics, deserves 12 teams per event.
  3. Canada's team for the World Relays. Canada will compete in all Olympic events except the 4x400 men's, which is dumb if you ask me, there some young potential Olympians who could have made a nice team up + they were sitting in the 24th and final qualifying position for this event. Andre de Grasse will not be competing as his girlfriend is due around the same time. Bolade Ajomale, Richmond Hill, Ont., 4x100 metre. Andre Azonwanna, Tor
  4. Sad really. But I suspect they will not be the only one
  5. I think we have our next country to investigate :
  6. Why does the latter part sound like a fish? Lol
  7. He formerly competed for but since they don't exist, he was sort of shoehorned into competing for
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