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  1. On the WKF website she is 49th in the World Rankings, which I believe is different than the Olympic standing right?
  2. June 21st Athletics team update Men's track Men's 100: Andre De Grasse, Bismark Boateng, Gavin Smellie (3 athletes). The latter two are in the bottom 6 ranking quotas. Gavin will be at nationals. Men's 200: Andre De Grasse, Aaron Brown, Brendon Rodney (2 athletes). All three are pretty much locks to qualify. Men's 400: N/A Closest: Philip Osei is 63rd in rankings, will need a time 45.50 sub + another one at nationals to qualify. There is a C level meet in Montreal on the day the qualification period closes, so he will need results at both. He will be nationals, so
  3. wow.. This duo of sprinters is particularly notable when you look at the fact that Josh Liendo was only a month old when Brent Hayden won his first major international medal. Hayden raced for Canada at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and wound up on the podium in the men’s 4×100 freestyle alongside Craig Hutchinson, Matthew Rose, and Rick Say. That race took place on July 30, 2002, and nearly 1 month later, Josh Liendo was born on August 20, 2002.
  4. The heats for the 1500 are on the same day as the 5000m final
  5. Gabriela Debues Stafford has chosen to do the 1500 only (opening a spot in the 1500 and 5000), Justyn Knight dropped the 1500 and Aaron Brown dropped the 100
  6. I am just as confused as everyone lol. Even Gymnastics Canada has no idea (though they did appeal the qualification document, and kept suggesting Sam should have qualified)... so IDK
  7. But if you look at the last column (where it shows 4 tops scores, Ukraine is ahead of Canada) The continental quota to Africa is what did Canada in damn.
  8. Final quotas: Women: Men: Damn Jeremy Chartier missed out by a spot. At least we got a second women's quota. First time that Canada will not compete in mens' trampoline
  9. Benefito and McKay are officially named in synchro.
  10. 19 in training camp
  11. oh wow. They need an international team to compete to make any result valid.
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