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  1. Well your statement is false. The team event added 4 quotas to allow for 3 countries to compete. If the FIS is looking to add women's nordic combined, the cuts will have to come from FIS events
  2. Is there full results from the qualifier... I guess er can say Europe is a very strong continent lol
  3. Team event barely adds quotas to the program. If the IOC Is going to add a women's Nordic combined event (20 or so athletes) the cuts will have to come from elsewhere.
  4. Should limit it to 8 teams max, and perhaps of the placements being added, the scores maybe? Either way when you do a team event for an individual sport, it will always lead to the predictable result.
  5. Especially since they missed out on the worlds due to a false positive for covid.
  6. becomes the 32nd and last nation to qualify for the figure skating events. Same as in Pyeongchang, with 4 less quotas.
  7. If he was representing Syria he would not have qualified...
  8. Rumors are he will be named next sport minister as well
  9. As usual for gymnastics? The A team was sent in 2014 and 2018
  10. Did they hand out two sets of medals? Sailing Canada tweeted out a picture of the Canadians at the medal ceremony/receiving medals.
  11. can be added to the list. Carlos Gerber, who formerly represented has switched to representing :CPV. He did have a 8th place finish at the Big Air world cup in Quebec City, so does have an outside chance of qualifying.
  12. There has to be more than 36 field hockey players in India... why not sent a B team to get experience?
  13. Can't wait for the skeleton mixed team to be added for Milan 2026.
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