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  1. What a scumbag
  2. Looks like the Olympics will get the best hockey players:
  3. @Griff88 Canada has provisional spots in all 3 doubles events (and is the only Pan-Am country to do so). By the rules, Canada must refuse one of the three. However, what if they qualified as part of the top teams? Is it fair that they are labelled as Pan America, even though they would qualify in their own right? Seems like one of the three pairs are going to be screwed by this rule.
  4. I am today's date old when I found out Canada's eastern most point is closer to Croatia than it is to Vancouver. Wow. @dcro
  5. Its because there is no venue that has to be built (it shares with weightlifting). THe other 3 require new venues in CHile.
  6. Sport climbing will be added to Santiago 2023, bodybuilding is likely too. The other dropped sports would need to provide $$ to build venues. Highly doubtful we will see them sadly.
  7. FIBA did not comment on it, except saying it will give teams more opportunities, which ofc is not true lol
  8. Not sure if this was brought up anywhere, but the Women's world cup has been reduced to 12 teams moving forward.
  10. Coulson, D'Arcy died back in April. Competed in luge.
  11. I'm not sure this is correct. Usually new events are trialed a the YOG then Olympics. Hopefully this Azeri guy is wrong. But we have this; Beach wrestling for women only. But where will these quotas come from? 16 is the bare minimum per event imo for combat events, which is how it is now.
  12. I meant adding the results of the top 3 athletes per country after the rounds are done and then give them a medal. Basically new event with no new rounds lol.
  13. Sadly with the idiotic quota cuts this is the way of new events. Make every individual event a team event. Can't wait until we get team events in track and field. 100m team event!! how exciting /sarcasm
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