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  1. Someday I think 20 and then the next day 30 lol... I just hope we don't drop down too much. And now that I think of it, since the bobsled team is here and don't start competition till later, Justin Kripps would be an excellent choice.
  2. Hi welcome to Totallympics? What is your prediction for how Canada will do overall ? I think Hamelin is a sentimental favourite, but he does have the 1000 m the next day.
  3. I unfortunately will not be going to the Olympics but my job has so much flexibility that I can manage both and not miss anything.
  4. Officially confirmed Canada will have 215 athletes, with all 10 provinces and 1 territory (of 3) having representation. More facts here:
  5. 2 women sled is now on the entry list, up to 21 teams in that event.
  6. Sorry to hear this, best wishes for a full recovery for @brunamoura
  7. +4 for Canada in snowboarding. Final team size should be 215. @Benolympique
  8. Looks like Canada has reaccepted 4 of the 5 quotas it declined in PGS. 3 Of the 4 athletes who stand to go now all posted they are going to the Olympics 3 days ago on Instagram. Now I think the federation did not want to send them, these 4 appealed and it ruled in the favour. There has been no word from the COC or Snowboard Canada. This is all strange and bizarre. Ranks at the top for me for weird team selection stories. Congrats to the athletes and this brings Canada back to the second largest team. Edit: This confirms everything: (Sorry in French)
  9. Canada's first batch has left Vancouver for Beijing including the women's hockey team among others.
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