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  1. Rachael Blackmore just became the first ever woman (in roughly 170 years of history!) to win the Grand National, riding Minella Times to victory
  2. As always, thanks for the in-depth view of how things work in Iran, it's always much appreciated! I'm still going to keep cheering for Alizadeh
  3. I remember cheering for Alizadeh some years ago, am I now supposed to be against her or what happened? Not cheering for Beigi anymore after he could have brought me a fortune in Rio and took only bronze
  4. Right, somehow I had a feeling already that the British Eurosport commentator (Michaela Breeze) might not be entirely right... She's getting a little annoying anyway, I didn't see a single Russian lifter yet which was not accompanied by her saying something about Russia's doping past. If that's about one of the many medalists who actually served a doping ban, sure, but literally everyone?
  5. Did Strenius really just miss the Olympics because her coaches decided to have 135kg as second CJ attempt instead of 131kg (which she might have made and which would have been enough)?
  6. Absolutely....this feels like the local U12 championships in some obscure sport only people in a small region of some hidden country do, not continental championships in an Olympic sport... Even Wikipedia only has a link to day 1 results
  7. Also, my sincere apologies for bombing out of this after two picks. There were more important things going on. You know, that's life.
  8. And right in the contest where I spent by far the most time to listening the songs
  9. I know her name, but had no idea she was already in the peloton for that long (this Rabobank jersey is from the 1700's or so ). The times of Erik Dekker and Michael Boogerd
  10. I'm going for the lady in the Rabobank jersey, which should of course be joined by cycling.
  11. One could easily create a grid of Dutch Olympic, world and European champions of the past 10 years without me recognizing one of them
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