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  1. Ah, that slightly refreshes the memory and also reminds me why this probably won't be missed a whole lot in terms of overall quality
  2. Apparently a Chinese guy posted a 33.83 500m in Beijing (sea-level!) today (?) Could be Gao Tingyu, but not sure. @Vic Liu Could that be the name listed in 1st there? Just to clarify: 33.83 would be truly insane on a non-altitude track. Shinhama's 34.07 in Heerenveen is already considered an insane outlier...
  3. At least Evenepoel's hard work paid out, they're not even making it a secret he was riding for Alaphilippe instead of Van Aert
  4. For Stuyven in his home city Van Baarle First Dutch medal since Leon van Bon of all people 24 years ago.
  5. And that's it for everyone not called Alaphilippe.
  6. Meanwhile a little over 20k left and there's 16 riders left with a shot at the title. Probably a little less, assuming Van Baarle, Bagioli, Madouas etc are focussed on supporting their leaders.
  7. Yeah, there already was barely any cyclist with a bigger celebrity status in Belgium (no matter the nationality) than Van Aert before the pandemic
  8. And we've got a group in the lead with quite some potential in it Copy-paste from another place, which I assume is (at least mostly) right: Tratnik, Asgreen, Evenepoel, Bissegger, Demare, Roglic, McNulty, Cort, Haas, Declerq, Eenkhoorn, Swift, Hoelgaard, Cosnefroy, Erviti.
  9. 175k to go and the first three serious contenders for the title have opened the attacks already with Evenepoel, Cort Nielsen and Cosnefroy.
  10. After Jason Dupasquier (19) in the Moto3 world championship and Hugo Millan (14) in the junior Moto3 world championship, we have lost another rider, another teenager Dean Berta Viñales was involved in a hard crash in the first race of the World Supersport 300 championship in Jerez and passed away shortly after, only 15 years of age. Cousin of MotoGP rider Maverick Viñales, for what it's worth. All other track action (WSSP and WSBK races) for today have been cancelled, obviously.
  11. And I believe Maldives was unfortunately missing.
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