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  1. Sauber Alfa Romeo has found some obscure crypto currency casino as their new main sponsor. That will surely not go wrong!
  2. Damn But holy moly that was an awesome women's world championships! The total lack of...well, anything really in the men's fight for gold was made up as much as is possible
  3. Early days, but so far Matija Legovic is rather unsurprisingly running away with the first biathlon competition
  4. Luckily they're doing a great job in posting highlights on YouTube! I mean, Argentina - South Korea 5-5 and then shootouts, why would you even want to show more than 1 goal for each team and then 3 of the shootout attempts? At least in the Netherlands it's shown pretty well on Ziggo Sport, which shows most matches (and I have it since it has tons of sports I watch anyway), but I can absolutely imagine how it is outside of 'big hockey nations'....just like men's handball used to be entirely impossible for us to watch in a somewhat easy way, just this year Viaplay stepped in and actually uses their rights by showing literally every single match of the world championships
  5. Brazil will also be represented in these European championships
  6. So we had shorttrack and cross country and ski jumping and alpine skiing in the morning and now it's not even close to halfway in the afternoon and there's just some group matches in this and that left?
  7. Having a cross-country stream is fantastic, but they could, you know, show the times or something. Or anything
  8. Even live the stream can't be rewinded or paused I feel like 10 years ago it would be a matter of 'be happy to be able to see something', but nowadays it really should be no problem at all, in the slightest, to have a pausable and rewatchable stream available.
  9. Oh, there is a MicroPlus system Well that's a bit of good news on this Monday morning! Now the streams being on-demand, please
  10. Plus, much to my positive surprise, it doesn't have that SUPER annoying thing where the medalists are shown in the schedule, like during the Olympics, where one has to open the schedule for the day and absolutely make sure not to refresh that page until you've seen everything you wanted.
  11. At least for Vuokatti a lot of things were posted on YouTube quite quickly, and Finnish TV showed quite a lot, which one actually could watch later as well...not having high hopes for this
  12. Also, is there any website with results or simply start lists? Official website is all nice and pleasing for the eye and the sponsors, but once again entirely void of actual information.
  13. The streams can only be seen live, by the way? Trying to click on that website but nothing works, like a simple on-demand view isn't possible..
  14. And before that, I believe they used the system, which every single multi-sport event ever should use (or the MicroPlus system like the Universiade, that one worked like a charm as well) To be fair though, if FIS and IBU have the live timing running in their usual way, that is absolutely a million times better than any multi-sports event can ever have, few things around multi-sport events are more annoying than spending the first days getting used to the results system when the IF has a perfectly fine one already
  15. UCI accepting this idiotic last kilometer in San Juan You've got a super straightforward strage, basically going straight ahead for 140km, and then in the last kilometer - when the peloton is in full sprint mode - all of a sudden there's a split in the road which wasn't fenced off, so they still had to choose a left or right
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