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  1. This really makes me wonder why on earth some student (?) decides to write about Swiss biathlon's history in the 50's and 60's....I mean, how much more obscure do you want to make it? Which is not to say it's not interesting, because it absolutely is!
  2. PEN because of pushing Selma Poutsma past Prosvirnova in the last meters of the final, so Poutsma could end up with a bronze medal in the overall....yeah, that's not allowed and they both ended up with a big fat PEN next to their name
  3. It's actually very good indeed. 42,7 in Salt Lake last season and 42,6 in Inzell two months ago, that is a very significant improvement already. 2022 is definitely going to be too early, but if she keeps it up, 2026 does not at all seem unrealistic. Cool!
  4. This official acceptance of the quota, how is that done? A certain letter or form or something? Just curious about the paperwork that makes things official
  5. Exactly. Basically Bolshunov tried to get into a space that did not exist. Yeah, then it goes wrong. Although it would still be great to finally get an angle from the front from the moment they're still in the corner. The replays started a little too late.
  6. There are riots going on in the Dutch city of Eindhoven at the moment. They say it's against the COVID-19 restrictions, but it's not even a week since Donald Trump left the White House...coincidence?
  7. 6:05.14 for Patrick Roest in Heerenveen...just, wow. That is absurd Track record by over three seconds, after years of marginal improvements
  8. Just tagging @brunamoura who has...let's say, an opinion on the move of Mäki I'm against that opinion by the way, this was all on Bolshunov.
  9. Excellent day for the North Americans so far.
  10. The bad news is that Van der Poel most likely will miss out on the 10k at the world championships, unless he beats Engebraten's time (unlikely) in the A division next week or someone withdraws. ISU's criteria to qualify for the 10k via the 5k are total insanity
  11. Dear lord what a times, and that's only the B division (sure, it was a start with 4 riders per race, but still)
  12. Oh yes, I can totally see Clarey's potential win being stopped due to weather.
  13. At least it makes for easy breakfast watching while catching up with some other sports
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