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  1. Right, Denmark is not on the list of safe countries. And so quarantaine is indeed asked (can be 5 days if you get tested). I don't hope they'll make an exception for a relatively big group all coming at once for fun It would be good if Denmark gets designated a safe country of course..
  2. There are significant restrictions for Danish people yet? I thought all that inside Schengen wasn't so strict anymore
  3. What an absolute cannon ball of a goal I don't think it is possible to hit a ball any better
  4. Well, that needs to be a whole lot better in the next match. Good thing this was against 'only' North-Macedonia, otherwise it'd be done.
  5. Don't forget that also the likes of Hubbard need to train very, very hard. That part doesn't change, and a large majority of people - transgender or not - either can't or don't want to live a life which is basically 100% about their sport and barely anything else. Since the number of transgenders is significantly lower than the number of non-transgenders, one can sort of assume it'd be rare to find someone who is both transgender and willing to dedicate their life to their sport.
  6. I am not necessarily in favour of transgender women being allowed to compete against 'born women', no. I really don't know which solution would be the right one, if a right one even exists. Banning them is unfair, allowing them is unfair, forcing severe hormone treatments is not as much unfair as it is sort of is extremely hard. A solution does need to be found, but the messed up thing is that basically every solution is a wrong one, nothing 'good' is possible in this situation. By the way, I was mostly talking based on what I see in Dutch media (sadly), or the commen
  7. Why are some players so insanely dumb that they manage to get a card for arguing with the referee?
  8. People care about anything they can create drama about. A very tiny portion of the world knows even one weightlifter (and an even smaller portion knows a female weightlifter), but a large part has an opinion about transgenders competing against non-transgender women and a lot of those people don't want to have any discussion about it, they just want to put their fingers in their ears and yell as loud as possible how much Hubbard competing is all bullshit or something. In short: people aren't caring about this being women's weightlifting, they're seeing an opportunity to shout
  9. Funny how in the US trials women's 400m finish, it was 100% "screw everyone who's winning, no matter what happens this is about Felix and nobody else" Even if Hayes or someone not as well known had run a world record, they'd not even have mentioned it, focusing on nothing but Felix instead Really cool moment after the race though, with Hayes' and Felix' little kids meeting each other and them four all celebrating together (with Jonathas joining in a minute later)
  10. He'll make his pro debut in a few days.
  11. Barshim in his best days, those times when he jumped near or over 2.40m as if he could literally step on the air His whole style of jumping, it was some of the best bits of athletics I can remember watching, and he did so for quite a few times. I hope he wins, but he doesn't seem to have that 'magic' anymore of his best days..
  12. (From the other thread) I would like to add this for myself in this thread, that'd be an awesome medal!
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