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  1. Mayhem. The Iowa double header in IndyCar, any chance that's a middle-of-the-night thing for us Europeans? If so, that is going to be a tough weekend
  2. After Rob Rensenbrink in January, Wim Suurbier has passed away today, another player of the 1978 Dutch World Cup final team.
  3. The Racing Point being a Mercedes copy thing has been going on already since the winter tests, it's not new and it's not sudden. It's obviously worth looking into, even if no infraction is found.
  4. Aaaaand on to NASCAR. Boy what a day! Pretty much non-stop racing action with short moments to recover in between
  5. The race was two laps too long for O'Ward, but with Rosenqvist we've got a new winner anyway
  6. Swedish trouble approaching very fast for O'Ward
  7. O'Ward survived all of his stops, vamos Pato
  8. I miss Helio Castroneves, period
  9. Renault has filed an official protest against the design of the Racing Point RP20, which a lot of people see basically as a copy of last year's Mercedes - that might lead to issues regarding the legality.
  10. Absolutely, investigate everything that's not done on skates, immediately!
  11. Karma bites Power in the ass: he's out. Edit: right, not out, but definitely not helping himself.
  12. Penalty for Power. His team on his radio: "Don't know why the hell that happened, he was crashing already."
  13. The one time the field is actually together, since normally there's a couple of guys hanging back 30 meters behind the rest.
  14. IndyCar drivers and starting races is such a shitty but funny combination They just can't
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