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  1. The amount of times I've heard the taekwondo commentator say "Open stance, but no open scoring" is larger than the number of scored points in all finals combined.. In my case most things I care about will be on Dutch TV (speed skating), German TV (biathlon, ski jumping, sliding sports) and/or regular Eurosport (biathlon, cross-country). The rest I'll probably see on Eurosport Player indeed.
  2. She isn't really able to answer anything here since she can only use one hand for now. Fine for voice messages, not so much for typing. But she asked me to write here that she had a quick look and is very very grateful for all the wishes and messages here! So, thank you all on Bruna's behalf!
  3. Long story short: she was on the way from Austria (where she had been in quarantine until today) to Munich, to get tested three times there in the coming five days, starting today. Somewhere along the Austrian/Italian border (Vintl), the transfer we had booked for her (a minivan, her as only passenger) had an accident, a bad one, one might say. Sadly the driver didn't make it, and considering they hit a truck head-on, Bruna sitting in the back (to keep some distance) quite simply saved her life. Transported to the hospital by helicopter. Broken arm, two broken feet and an unknown number of broken ribs seems to be the damage. Which, considering the gravity of the accident, is barely short of a miracle. As for me, I'm at home in the Netherlands, which is where we are trying to get her as soon as possible (when medically allowed, of course). It has been a long day of back and forth contact with insurance and Brazilian federation and everything to see what can be done. But, again, the main thing is she's still with us.
  4. Bruna's flight is scheduled for 1st February and she will test tomorrow and Friday (and then again on Sunday). All those dates were suggested/approved by the Brazilian NOC, which in turn had it confirmed by the organizing committee, so I do assume that is correct I really hope Zyla tests negative today, and Weng and the other Norwegians do so in time. After the past one and a half week, I can truly say this is a horror show I really don't wish on any athlete hoping to compete in the Olympics, no matter who you are.
  5. This was 8 days, but has been moved to 5 days (which is why Bruna could move her test from Monday to tomorrow), with two more negative tests required shorter before travel. Possibly due to the large amount of athletes who were and are in danger?
  6. Really can't see Weng compete in the skiathlon anymore (at least)...
  7. Which all counts as similar, to be fair. There isn't really any significant difference between a track at sea level or one at 250m or something, at least nothing that's a bigger factor than the actual quality of the ice
  8. For those interested, Argentinian Ceci Dominguez is throwing all of the Argentinian federation's dirt on the street on how they systematically tried to and succeeded in pushing her out, piece by piece.
  9. Might be an unfortunate but wise and necessary decision. Paranoia or not and agreeing with restrictions or not, the moment one positive test puts you out of the Olympics, you simply need to be extremely careful, completely independent from what one's own opinion about the rules is.
  10. Somehow I feel Goggia doesn't feel psychological aspects, otherwise she wouldn't put down kamikaze runs every single time despite her injury history
  11. I am going to take the freedom to call this an epic result by young Argentinian Franco del Farra, wow.
  12. To be fair, it does seem Italy and France are basically requesting the same thing, so it's not just Austria
  13. Poppe did get a 6th in Calgary though, and beat Smans in both big air World Cups she competed in...but yeah. Drama indeed.
  14. Yes, but that just doesn't really say much. What a combination of athletes did or did not do in 2014 says nothing about what completely different athletes in completely different moments of their career can do now At least 2018 says a tiny bit more, but I think especially Fillon Maillet and Jacquelin have shown immense growth specifically after 2018. What they have been doing in recent months says a lot more than what they did four years ago, and way more than what other athletes did eight (!) years ago..
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