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  1. Why do all potentially good ideas always have to come together with some shitty thing?
  2. as well if their 8th participation in late 2019 counts as 'somewhat recently'.
  3. That's quite alright, I just like this song and generally want to use TISC to share what I like
  4. Three years ago she took the win in the Open 2019, this year Caro Emerald is going to try to back it up and do it again with her 2007 debut single Caro Emerald - Back It Up
  5. I used to take a look at it quite often on Eurosport, many years ago (at least 10-15 I think), but nowadays it just really can't keep me interested anymore even though Eurosport has tons and tons of it to watch I think I stopped watching when I noticed that overtakes almost never happened. No idea if that's gotten better though.
  6. Which dictator, the new one, the one he kicked out or the one the previous one kicked out? Or the one who'll take over with a coup next year?
  7. If those laws actually get through, that would be absolutely fantastic news. Fuck everyone who drives with alcohol in their blood, seriously. If you'd make a list of names of every person who was innocently minding their own business - walking, driving, cycling, waiting, whatever - when they got hit and killed by someone with alcohol in their blood, you'd have a stack of books that would make Everest look like a tiny hill. Drunk drivers can drop dead for all I care, at least that saves some actual innocent lives.
  8. The margin isn't really thin though, more than 5% Somehow I highly doubt a figure like Bolsonaro, who like Trump splits a country in half so much, will get many people from the 'other side' to come over to his side. I think Lula's chance greatly increased compared to 24 hours ago
  9. He got away lucky with that safety car situation (especially driving right up to the SC got me nervous), and thank goodness he did, because that was as tight and faultless of a race as you can get Fantastic job, one of the drives of his career I might even say.
  10. Say that to the athlete who has five silver medals but no gold
  11. Which should worry Bolsonaro a lot more, I suppose. I can imagine some Ciro voters going to him (but definitely not all, maybe not even half), and most Tebet voters going to Lula..
  12. Well, if you live in a poor region (and are poor) you're probably not going to vote for the guy who quite literally only wants to do anything for the (super) rich I know I wouldn't. I can imagine situations where voting for Bolsonaro is good for your wallet, like when you're rich (if that's the only thing one cares about), but when way..
  13. Northeast is way poorer (especially compared to the south), but I'm sure @LuizGuilherme can say it more detailed
  14. I think this'll be the last moment where Bolsonaro is in the lead
  15. The total number of votes counted went from 46% to 60% in one big step, and the gap closed down to under one percent
  16. Oh, but the list of six biggest states I posted a few posts earlier already makes me highly confident Lula is the big favourite. Bolsonaro is scoring mostly similar or a little lower than four years ago (except for Rio, where has is 10% (!) down on last time), whereas Lula is scoring way, way, way higher than Haddad
  17. Six biggest states, together making up roughly 90 million voters (a very large part of course). The numbers are 'Bolsonaro vs Haddad' of 2018, and in (parenthesis) the numbers Bolsonaro and Lula (instead of Haddad) are now on course for. The difference is truly insane São Paulo: 53.00 (50) vs 16.42 (39) Minas Gerais: 48.31 (45) vs 27.65 (46) Rio de Janeiro: 59.79 (50) vs 14.69 (41) Bahia: 23.41 (25) vs 60.28 (68) Rio Grande do Sul: 52.63 (50) vs 22.81 (42) Paraná: 56.89 (55) vs 19.70 (35) These are millions and millions of votes Lula is taking away.
  18. 44% counted now, and his lead has been getting smaller and smaller and smaller. From 7% earlier, to only 2,5% right now. In every single major state, Bolsonaro is behind his votes of 2018, whereas Lula is absolutely destroying the number of votes his party's candidate got four years ago. Slowly starting to look better and better.
  19. #4 on my list of 32 top moments of the Rio Olympics, if I remember correctly, I was positively burning with excitement when that happened Nothing against Muhammed, obviously, but from a neutral perspective it was just so awesome, plus from a less neutral perspective it was amazing to see Ivory Coast get a historic gold this way.
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