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  1. Considering she too has been a mainstay for a good number of seasons now, quite well. Especially when taking in account the fact she finished 8th in her debut worlds in 2016, 8th in the Olympics and 3rd in the World Cup overall standings last season (despite missing a race). Missed out on the podium only twice last season, only Flock had more podium finishes. Edit: I just notice now you mentioned bobsleigh instead of skeleton, I got confused since we're in the skeleton thread I assume you meant skeleton though.
  2. Plus even when looking at the athlete herself, there's nothing new: she was already a well-known name on the circuit well before Pyeongchang 2018 Good result from the Brazilian in Yanqing though. It's early days, of course, but it's a promising start of the winter.
  3. The number one favorite for 'Least surprising news of 2021' is.....
  4. Yeah, but getting that out of the ground has been drastically cut down last year or the year before, due to small but damaging earthquakes happening all the time because of it.
  5. Major financial troubles for the Thialf stadium, basically the home of top-level speed skating. They've already been having financial troubles for years, but the prices of gas - and so, electricity - which have absolutely skyrocketed in the past few months (it's 5+ times more expensive than half a year ago), have made it a critical situation.
  6. How do I find the Bulgarian song on Spotify? Same for China I guess..and Kazakhstan. Probably gonna download the YouTube audio for those that I can't find, but it's a shame, since having a separate method to listen certain songs creates a slightly uneven playing field
  7. For those interested, try and get yesterday's trilogy battle for the Glory heavyweight world title between Rico Verhoeven and Jamal Ben Saddik. The King of Kickboxing against The Goliath. Absolutely epic. Truly one of the best kickboxing fights I've ever seen.
  8. On the other hand, if this (the semi-corruption) was such a big thing, surely they'd have been able to 'find' 0.1 extra point for Hashimoto somewhere in the allround final so they'd win the biggest prize as well instead of losing it by the tiniest of margins?
  9. And of course my least favourite routine so far gets the best score
  10. Meh, bit of a boring routine for Hashimoto. With 'boring' on the horizontal bar being absolutely relative, of course.
  11. Uchimura sticks his potentially last ever competitive landing after a great routine God, do I love the horizontal bar.
  12. Ugh, Karimi losing it against Macchini That's a disappointing score for an awesome routine..
  13. And Wong closing this final off with a routine which was unstable the whole way. That was all rather underwhelming, but cool to see Ashikawa get the gold after her incredible save in qualifying and Schaeffer getting silver
  14. Right, this is even way worse than the pommel horse final by now
  15. And that's it for Andrade's balance beam hopes after roughly 0,6 seconds (raw estimate).
  16. Balance beam final has a bit of the pommel horse final feeling so far: a festival of errors...
  17. If the graphics are somewhat correct, Gidey is a full minute (!) under WR pace
  18. The men are a few seconds behind WR pace after 15km, the leading women are well under WR schedule. Hard to say exactly how much, since the live timing is utterly awful, but they're going fast.
  19. The only news about Shiffrin here is that she won today, which is marginal news by itself By the way, the British Eurosport commentator (another of those generic ones, "This is great skiing by the Swiss athlete!") mentioned Shiffrin dating Kjetil Andre Aamodt. Sort of a variation on the Slovenia/Slovakia thing (which he did as well in run one).
  20. For the safety of the sprint tournament it's probably better than Paul is out, but other than that, damn. He was so close.
  21. Sadly the old Dutch trick of using a half-broken 30 year old bike as your 'stationsfiets' ('train station bike') won't work well for high-performance, I'm afraid But yeah, that's awful. I'm sure the data to recreate them is all there, so that's no problem, but other than emotional value those things are monstrously expensive..twenty bikes, hundreds of thousands of euros in total costs. Makes you wonder, considering the amount of times these things happen, maybe they should bring at least their 'main' bike to the hotel room or something..
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