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  1. Do you mean also qualification events for competition = testing for Covid? :-D i think for some stars this one will be the biggest drama where they can lost medal
  2. Totally agree. It is very interesting that they decided immediately on their peak of Covid and did not wait till 10th January...
  3. Too many mistakes in 8th end and bad decision in 9th end. The best mistake i see that they did not take time out for calm down after few mistakes during 8th end.
  4. Hmm Revenge for qualification match 4 years ago? I hope that finally we will win. It Is 6th match when men are one win from olympics: 2013 WCH against Switzerland. Too close. 2013 Olympic qualification against Germany - extra end - too close 2013 Olympic qualification against USA - 5 points in one end and dream was over. 2017 home Olympic qualification against Denmark - lost 2021 Olympic qualification against Italy - lost 2021 Olympic qualification against Denmark - ?
  5. Thank you for information. U only see in curling live results that matches are interrupted. What is ice plant? Google shows me only some flower as result, but i have strong doubt that due to it there would need matches interrupted :-D
  6. Wow. There Is not all matches in Olympic qualification as shot by shot? What a shame! I am really disappointed :-(
  7. Uff i must Google it in order to make sure that you are not talking about Mathieu :-D
  8. I do not understand results of Mass start women. Zdráhalova was better than Peschtein in semifinal, but Peschtein is in final and Zdráhalova not. Do you know why? Thank you
  9. Unfortunately it was not only mid-week. There was Sundaly evening, Norway played against Denmark And yes there were more fans but not so much. On the other hand, i saw very much famous player next to me and if i would have more encourage i can easily discuss with them And it would be ok for them. I met Murdoch 5 times (mostly during dinner), Czech former players (Kubeska, Snítil), Turkish girl players and Italian girls players sit next to me during men curling game... It was interesting to look to their behavior outside of curling matches :-) + You can see 5 matches at same time. So you can switch your interest to other game or simultanously watch everything. But yes i am big fan of curling and for most people which i know, i am crazy, because for them, it is ridiculous and boring sport. Back to school (students). They were there twice. But teacher said them to leave before 10th end (or 4 stone before end) when match was really close. I was annoyed :-D
  10. What is the difference between 2nd and 3rd jersey? I am sorry for my question, my computer is old and recognise only 16 colours :-D
  11. I like white jerseys more than dark (maybe it Is from my childhood, when "home" team had white jerseys) :-)
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