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  1. Some interesting facts from today. USA set three new records for the olympics in their 25-4 win against Japan. Most goals scored in a match with 25, most goals scored in one half with 14 and biggest goal difference with 21. All these records were broken again afterwards by Spain. 29 goals scored, 15 in a half, and 25 goal difference. Maggie Steffens scored five goals against Japan. Now she has 43 goals in the olympics and needs another five to become the top goalscorer in olympic history. 35 goals in China-ROC set a record for the most goals in a
  2. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 400m Ind. Medley Day 2 July 25th 2021 Brendon Smith Wang Shun Leon Marchand Max Litchfield Broadie Williams Any Hungarian
  3. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Archery Mixed Team Day 1 July 24th 2021 China Chinese Taipei France X Germany Great Britain India
  4. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Archery Women's Team Day 2 July 25th 2021 Belarus China Chinese Taipei X Germany Great Britain Italy
  5. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Archery Men's Individual Day 8 July 31st 2021 Marcus D'Almeida Crispin Duenas Tang Chih-Chun Thomas Chirault Mauro Nespoli X
  6. Greece is in the same building with Croatia, Egypt, Iran and Portugal. Here is a video from the Hellenic Olympic Committee on instagram.
  7. [hide] General (25) 1 - The number of Asian NOCs that win a medal will be higher than the number of Pan American NOCs that win a medal. [YES - 10] 2 - A medalist from the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie will win a medal. [YES - 9] 3 - At least one individual medallist from Athens 2004 will win an individual medal. [YES - 5] 4 - Japan will win at least 3 medals in team sports. [NO - 5] 5 - Spain will win more than 22 medals (their record). [YES - 6] 6 - The youngest medallist will be younger than 14. [NO - 7] 7 - United States will win
  8. She does, I just include in the list athletes who will compete on their birthday. I left her out because rhythmic gymnastics start later on.
  9. I was searching yesterday and randomly found these athletes with greek roots. Nefeli Papadakis, who will compete in judo, at the 78kg category. She has said that her grandparents were immigrants to the US and includes them in her role models. fencer Katina Proestakis, who will compete in foil. She will become the second ever female fencer from Chile to compete in the olympics, first to do it in foil. She is 19 years old and is no7 in junior ranking. She will look to become the first female fencer from Chile to win an olympic bout, though that will be difficult, as in
  10. On 29 July Shamsher Singh, field hockey Kang Baek-ho baseball Athletes that might compete Marlyse Hortu, archery Slawomir Naploszek, archery It looks like that the first knockout round in individual archery competition will be spread in three days. If that's the case, then I should have put Sylwia Zyzanska in the list of athletes that might compete on 27 July, not in the one of those certainly competing. Abikhan Amankul, boxing 75 kg, round of 16 day, might have a round of 32 match. Nicole Melichar, tennis doubles, semifinals
  11. 26 July Aleksandr Askerov, sailing RSX Evgeniya Ivavona, water polo Athletes that might compete. Nicole Hare, rowing four Olga Michalkiewicz, rowing four Repechage on that day, not sure they will compete. Hiroyuki Ikawa, skeet, has to make the final to compete on that day Anastassiya Lavrova, table tennis, will need to win two matches in previous days 27 July Kiana Elliott, weightlifting 64kg Carolina De Oliveira Saad Gattaz, volleyball Violetta Kolobova, fencing team epee Onolb
  12. I tried to make a list of athletes competing on their birthday for 24 and 25 July. On 24 July. Louisa Altenhuber, lightweight double sculls Rebecka Blomqvist, football Daniella Fonseca, table tennis Gianluca Galassi, volleyball Jacob Draper, field hockey Jack Hargreaves, rowing four Fikile Khosa, football Malou Pheninckx, field hockey Sonia Ursu, basketball Also, it is possible that tennis player Marcos Giron will play on that day, but draw for tennis isn't out yet. First round is on 24-25 July. Rowers
  13. Kerber is out as well. Ο χρήστης Angelique Kerber στο Twitter: "" / Twitter
  14. Tokyo2020_SW_Entry_List Entry lists from FINA by country.
  15. Some clarifications for bet contest. 4- In team sports, we include only football, basketball, volleyball, etc? Or we include team events of other sports as well? 54- I suppose, it means combined score of the gold medalists in decathlon and heptathlon. 100- Two athletes in top6 combined in men's and women's competition? Because if you mean two men and two women, all four in top6, then 'at least' isn't needed. 119- You mean that a nation will win its first olympic medal of any sport in taekwondo? Or that it will be the first medal in that sport onl
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