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  1. Bronze medal match Hungary - Italy 12-10 Final Greece - Spain 5-10 Congratulations to Spain who are world champions! They absoloutely deserved this title, today they played another flawless match after their excellent performance in their quarterfinal and semifinal. Our girls tried but they couldn't find many solutions to beat the spanish defence. However, it was a great tournament for us. Today, our team was just outplayed, no shame for that, we are grateful for what our girls achieved. This is the second time Spain wins this title and the fifth medal they take. For Greece it is our second silver medal and fourth medal in total. Hungary won the bronze medal against Italy. This match was very tight, the score was tied at the end of each of the first three quarters and all the difference was made in the fourth. In the other matches, Russia finished in fifth place after demolishing the Netherlands 19-8. Dutch were just one goal down at half time at 7-8, but then Russia scored 10 consecutive goals to make the score 7-18 in the middle of the fourth quarter. Israel ended their great run in seventh place beating Serbia on penalties. Israel's women's team should improve a lot in the next few years, many of their players looked promising in this competition.
  2. Results of semifinal matches. Greece - Hungary 13-8 Italy - Spain 12-14 World championship concludes tomorrow. Bronze medal match will be Hungary - Italy and the final will be Greece - Spain. This will be the third final ever for Greece in this competition and the fourth for Spain. Both have won one of their previous finals.
  3. Results of quarterfinal matches. Greece - Serbia 18-5 Netherlands - Hungary 12-13 Israel - Italy 9-15 Russia - Spain 5-10 That means Russia won't win the title for a third time in a row, as they had won the two previous editions. Spain ran a four-goal streak from 2-2 to 2-6 and controlled the game afterwards. In the other exciting quarterfinal, Hungary took the win, despite being 2-6 down at the beginning of the second quarter and Netherlands holding a 7-9 lead at halftime. Semifinals are scheduled for tomorrow. Greece - Hungary Italy - Spain
  4. Quarterfinals tomorrow and below are the matches. Greece - Serbia Netherlands - Hungary Israel - Italy Russia - Spain Winners from the first two matches will face each other in the first semifinal, as will the other two winners in the second semifinal.
  5. Looking further ahead in the tournament, Greece-Italy match wasn't really important as both teams are higly unlikely to be left out of the semifinals, because of the very badly imbalanced draw. To explain this, barring a huge surprise, these two teams will end up first and second in the group. Winner of the group will qualify directly in the quarterfinals, while second placed team will need to play a knockout match against the third team of group B to get their spot. This team will most likely be France and both Greece and Italy should be able to beat them. Then, in quarterfinals teams from our group, will probably meet the top two teams from group C or the top team of group C and the third team of Group D. With all respect to the teams in it, Group C is by far the weakest in this tournament. That means, it will be very surprising if Greece and Italy don't make it to the semifinals, regardless of the order they finish in their group.
  6. Djokovic has withdrawn from Indian Wells. He is the first very big name to withdraw in the men's tournament, already plenty have done so in the women's one, including Barty and Osaka. I don't know if Djokovic intends to play in the ATP finals. If he does then he might play in Paris masters before, but if he doesn't then his season is probably over. As for Luisa Stefani, whose injury was mentioned here, she had knee surgery to treat it and the long and hard rehabilitation work has started.
  7. I would like to participate for Greece or to join the national jury if @Ted also wants to take part. In that case, I can make some song suggestions to him in a personal message, if he hasn't decided yet.
  8. Yes, it was in 2017. I think her career high ranking was in 2018 and since then every year for her is worse than the previous. She looks completely unmotivated at every match she plays except those held in France.
  9. Caroline Garcia was defeated 6-3 6-0 by no200 Hontama in Chicago, losing nine games in a row from 3-3 in the first set. The match ended with this double fault that words can't describe.
  10. Schedule for Nebelhorn Trophy. All times are local (UTC+2). 23 September 09:15 Men short program 14:00 Pairs short program 17:00 Women short program 24 September 10:30 Ice dance rhythm dance 14:30 Men free skating 20:00 Pairs free skating 25 September 10:10 Women free skating 16:35 Ice dance free dance Live streaming will be available here. A reminder that, for olympic qualification there are 7 spots left in men, 6 in women, 3 in pairs and 4 in ice dance. In addition to these, after Nebelhorn Trophy we will have a better picture regarding the countries that will compete in the team event.
  11. Mary Keitany, world record holder in the marathon. Mary Keitany: Kenyan world record holder retires - BBC Sport
  12. Because of some disagreements between the tournament organisers and WTA. What happened is not very clear but tournament director said they had decided not to continue before this year's tournament. It looks like tournament organisers didn't like that WTA rules were stricter than local rules and this didn't allow interaction between players and spectators. The tournament director said players weren't allowed to attend an anniversary event celebrating 25 years of the tournament. Or they aren't happy with the tournament moving to middle September from middle to end of October, when it usually took place. WTA Luxembourg Open Axed Over Disagreements Between Tour And Organisers
  13. Men's european junior water polo championships concluded today in Malta. Serbia won the gold medal beating Greece (10-6) in the final. Hungary won bronze with a 13-12 win over Spain on penalty shoot-out. Montenegro ended up 5th after beating Croatia (14-12) and Netherlands finished 7th after defeating Italy (11-9).
  14. In the Autumn Classic in Canada, 16 year old Marilena Kitromilis won gold and became the first ever figure skater from Cyprus to win a medal of any colour at a challenger series level or higher. She scored 180.72 points. She was first after short program with 61.33 and had the second best free skate with 119.39. Here is the video of her free skate. All her scores are huge personal bests, improving her previous, which were set earlier this season. Interestingly enough, Kitromilis is only substitute entry for Cyprus at Nebelhorn Trophy, as another skater is assigned there.
  15. As for this, according to grand slam rules, when a player is bleeding it is compulsory for the umpire to immediately call the doctor. The doctor will take care of the wound and decide if a medical time out has to be called. That means Raducanu couldn't continue playing, even if she wanted to.
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