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  1. One of the most inspiring Olympic moments for the Netherlands : Pieter van den Hoogenband winning the 200 freestyle in Sydney against Ian Thorpe, swimming for his home fans.
  2. If you choose sports that are held in Paris Zone, it is best to visit two sessions per day. Three sessions a day is hardly doable, unless it includes an event being held in the city (free!). For the team matches, the draw and layout of the matches is important, so it is very difficult to plan that now. Keep in mind that track cycling and handball take place quite far outside Paris. Handball even in Lille. Don't ask me why. If you're going to the velodrome for a day, I wouldn't plan anything else. But judo and swimming, for example, can easily be combined in 1 day. And I recommend beach volleyball. Seems so magical to the Eiffel Tower. And always good atmosphere! I have provisionally chosen to go in the first weekend, because of the opening ceremony. But it can also just be the second week. The disadvantage is that you miss a lot of the other sports when you are there. As a sports fanatic I don't like that. But the Olympic atmospere is so nice. I can recommend it to you.
  3. Ah superleuk! Ik heb kaarten voor de eerste wedstrijd van NL in de tweede ronde (vermoedelijk tegen China, Brazilië of Japan, dus prima). Rotterdam is voor mij een stuk makkelijker bereikbaar dan Arnhem. Dat is dan ook meteen het argument om niet naar de FBK Games te gaan. Jammer, want nu de atletiek in Nederland zó in de lift zit, is dat een heerlijke atletiekdag om live bij te zijn. Wel kaartjes gekocht voor het WK hockey in Amstelveen, - . Super dat we weer wat live mee kunnen maken!
  4. I have started planning a trip to Paris in 2024. Handball will start in Lille on Thursday 25 July, and I will drive there by car. After the matches I want to go to Paris by train. Friday 26 July I hope to see something of the opening ceremony. Then I stay for 3 days in Paris to watch sports. My programme will look like something like this: Saturday 27 July 11.00-12.00 diving (synchron) 14.30-18.30 time trial cycling 21.00-00.00 beach volleybal - amazing with the Eiffel Tower view, really looking forward to it Sunday 28 July 10.30-18.00 some field hockey matches (hopefully Netherlands) 20.30-22.30 swimming finals (hopefully with some Dutch swimmers) Monday 29 July 14.00-16.00 waterpolo women 17.30-20.30 gymnastics team final men Unfortunately, it is still difficult to plan because of course little is known about the sessions and participation of Dutch athletes. It is also possible that I go other days, but this seemed like a nice program. Although I would also like to see judo, 3x3 basketball and athletics. Does anyone already knows about ticket sales and hotels?
  5. Draw for the Women's European Championships 2022: Groep A (Ljubljana): Noorwegen, Hongarije, Kroatië , Zwitserland. Groep B (Celje): Denemarken, Zweden, Slovenië, Servië. Groep C (Skopje): Frankrijk, Nederland, Noord-Macedonië, Roemenië. Groep D (Podgorica): Polen, Montenegro, Duitsland, Spanje. Very balanced draw. The ECh are an important tournament for the Olympic qualification. Winners will qualify for Paris, other countries may qualify for one of the three qualification tournaments (depending the results of 2023 World Championships).
  6. I'n really curious about Mathieu van der Poel too, but do we already know the parcours of the road races? I presume the finish will be at the Champs Elysées, but that's the only thing I can find about it.
  7. Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004: those were the days! Pieter van den Hoogenband and Inge de Bruijn: I will never forget their achievements. I was 17 years old at the time and got so much inspiration from these two athletes. Pieter who defeated Ian Thorpe and Inge with all her world records after years in seclusion with her US-trainer.
  8. A very early prediction. There were 288 Dutch athletes in Tokyo, I expect around 220 in Paris. The women's football players are not going to make it to the World Cup (and therefore not the OG) and the handball women are not so good anymore. The Netherlands will also qualify fewer athletes in swimming, sailing and rowing. Then the results. At the moment I only expect medals for the track cyclists, hockey teams and some athletes. The number of medals won in Tokyo (10-10-12) is not improved. Athletes to especially look forward to: Nienke Brinkman (marathon athletics) Sharon van Rouwendaal (marathon swimming) Marit Bouwmeester (sailing) Femke Bol (400 hurdles athletics) Hockey team (men) Katja Stam/Raisa Schoon (beach volleyball) Sanne Vermeer (judo).
  9. Netherlands and one out of HUN/ITA/CAN will not qualify for the quarterfinal, and FRA or NZL/BRA will. This draw is ridiculous.
  10. I like the other poll 'Imaginary Summer Olympics' more. Imo nice to go on with that poll.
  11. First 4 countries from Pool A and D will play pool E in the Netherlands. First 4 countries from Pool B and C will play pool F in Poland. So there's a big chance for -
  12. I (mostly) agree. But I expect Marijke Groenewoud in the top 8 for sure!
  13. Still Ghiotto is a very nice skater to watch, unbelievable good technique and besides that a very nice person. I'm still hoping for a better result in the 10K?
  14. Today's prediction: 1.Nils van der Poel 2.Davide Ghiotto 3.Bart Swings No medal for the Dutch men today. A goodbye for the best Dutch speedskater ever, Sven Kramer.
  15. Irene Schouten in speedskating, because I like her a lot. Sjinkie Knegt in shorttrack, because he still misses one medal and because he recovered from severe burns. Last weekend there was a documentary about Sjinkies fire accident with intense images on Dutch TV. I got even more respect for him.
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