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  1. No, I rate Norway, Russia and France higher. Don't forget that we were incredibly lucky at the WCh. We lost 3 games, but we had MVP Estavana Polman, who is injured now. Of course, there is a small chance to win a medal, but 'normally' the three mentioned countries are stronger than us. Therefore I didn't count the handball women for a medal. (Last ECh only 6th)
  2. Let me be clear. Hopefully I'm wrong. But in our two main sports (rowing and track cycling) the delay of the Games is a disaster. We were well on track for several (gold) medals, but in rowing we lost our lead. And I see the same thing happening in track cycling (GB). In judo we have no favorites, that is in any case a sport where you can lose as a favorite just like that. Hassan does not have optimal preparation. Due to corona, she was unable to train with her coach for a year. Then she started running around somewhere else, but her confidence is completely gone. And why archery? T
  3. Actually, I stopped making predictions, because as we see today in rowing, everything always turns out differently than expected. But if I can make a prediction, below my ideas for the sports where competes: Archery: maybe 1 (men's team) Artistic gymnastics: 0 Athletics: 1 (Hassan) Beachvolleyball: 0 Boxing: 1 (Fontijn) Cycling BMX: 1 (men) Cycling MTB: 1 (men) Cycling Road: 2 (women, however I expect Dygert for two golds) Cycling Track: 4 (based on nothing, because March 2020 was the last Championship - men's sprint 2x, teamsprint, omnium)
  4. Little disappointing day for us at the European Championships. The most important boat for us, the men's quadruple, became only second. Their first defeat since 2018. It turned out that the boat's crew suffered from injuries during the winter. Typical case of: "If only the Games were in 2020".
  5. Another rusty day for the Dutch rowers. The ladies doubles have made it to the final, but will only play a supporting role there. They will lose their European title for sure. Furthermore, the men's quadruple is not as impressive as usual. I see Italy or GB winning the final. In the light women's double sculls, the Netherlands was the top favorite. GB makes much more of an impression so far. Same for the men's four (GB turns out to be a lot stronger). In total 11 finals in Olympic classes, I expect six medals, but no gold.
  6. Dutch trials: Femke Heemskerk officially qualified for the 50 free (24.28) instead of Valerie van Roon. Ranomi Kromowidjojo with a fast 24.11. In the 100 butterfly Nyls Korstanje (51.93) missed his Olympic qualification by 0.01. There won't be Dutch starters in the 100 butterfly
  7. A rough start for the Dutch rowers. In many classes, the British suddenly appear to have a faster boat. We will certainly not match the performances of the European Championship in Poland (2020). My hopes for this European Championship (and for the Games) are the W4- (second time in the preliminary round), LW2x (sixth), M2x (fourth) and the M4x (first). And curious about our newcomer to the single scull, Finn Florijn. Son of two-time Olympic champion Ronald Florijn.
  8. When and take the last spots, the pots for the draw will be: Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 In that case we already know that Netherlands will play for sure against Australia. JPN + SWE/ENG + BRA/CAN + NZL/ZAM/CMR USA + SWE/ENG + CHN + NZL/ZAM/CMR NED + AUS + BRA/CAN + ZAM/CMR
  9. This week will be the week of truth for me. Wednesday I am officially going to ask for time off during the Olympics. Because I don't have a replacement within the company (a new job), I am a bit afraid of the answer. Otherwise I have to watch sports at night and work during the day (thank God we work from home most of the time ). Then it will be two tough weeks.
  10. I think you are underestimating . They have a very balanced team and play 'another type' of handball. I'm curious about the Japanese team. Latest tournaments they did really well (and also play a very quick game, like Korea). Netherlands struggled against these Asian teams, so nothing is sure. But normally and will finish in the top 4.
  11. I am very curious about the draw that will take place tomorrow. On the one hand I hope for a difficult group with and so that the quarterfinals are not too bad. But on the other hand an easy group is also attractive. Let's hope for a good mix.
  12. Draw for the handball tournament is 1st of April. Incomprehensible that organiser Japan has the prerogative to assign itself to a group of their choice, after 10 of the 12 team are drawn into a group. I think it's unfair.
  13. I don't understand the qualification process. But if I understand correctly, there is no quota for Bas Verwijlen ? Yesterday Dutch media reported that he has to win the European Qualification Tournament now? Strange, as he is worlds number 7.
  14. Congratulations Hungary ; I expected them to qualify. They have so much talent! For me, Hungary can be the great surprise in Tokio!
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