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  1. MLB games in less than 24 hours!
  2. The Buffalo Sabres lost their 18th straight game on Monday tying the longest losing streak record. Losing 18 straight games is embarrassing enough but the most recent loss might be the worst since they blew a 3-0 lead heading into the 3rd period.
  3. Team Canada
  4. And that's 4 straight games with a grand slam for the Padres . All against the rangers of course. Gotta love karma.
  5. This just might be the stupidest unwritten rule I've ever seen. To add on to what @bmo was saying, a 7 run lead in baseball isn't necessarily a guaranteed win because this is a game where there is no clock. You should always try to help your team get runs when you can; not have sympathy for the other team and allowing them a chance to get back in the game.
  6. Absolutely unreal save by Carey Price!
  7. It's finally opening day! So let me get in on the predictions as well. A.L East x's mark playoff teams 1. Yankees (x): Should be clear division favourites. Added arguably the best starting pitcher in Gerrit Cole to an already stacked lineup and bullpen. 2. Rays (x): Very underrated starting rotation with a lot of promising youngsters. Offense isn't as dangerous but the pitching should help them lock up a wildcard spot. 3. Blue Jays: Obviously I'm biased here but I think they have what it takes to finish ahead of the Red Sox. I'm hoping their young
  8. Yeah, I remember that Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards were very popular up until middle school. I guess if we're talking about Canadian board games, Trivial Pursuit would probably be one of the most well known. It's basically a trivia game with different categories. Personally, my favourite game is called Avalon. It's kind of a mix between Mafia and Werewolf. Aside from that, I also enjoy playing Settlers of Catan, Risk and Monopoly. Also, not sure if this is what you were asking but if you're looking for online games, I really enjoy this game called
  9. Hey! Yeah, I also never saw a person with a username with 1010 in it before you so it was a welcome sight. I can now see how you got the number. For me, it's actually kind of a funny story. When I was originally creating a number, I wanted to use the numbers of my two favourite baseball players which were 19 and 10 and put them together. However, when I was creating the username for the first time, I accidentally hit 0 instead of 9 so I ended up with 1010 and I've stuck with that ever since.
  10. Sun Yang has been banned for 8 years.
  11. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Mixed Relay 2x6km + 2.7.5kmDay 1February 13th, 2020 Austria Czech Republic France x Germany Italy Norway x Russia
  12. World Baseball Classic will now expand from 16 to 20 teams in 2021. All 16 teams from the 2017 World Baseball Classic have already qualified: There will be two qualifiers that will have a double elimination format with the top 2 teams qualifying for the World Baseball Classic. Pool 1(March 12-17): Pool 2(March 20-25):
  13. Lafreniere hurt, did not look good, could be the end of Canada if he's out the rest of the tournament
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