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  1. Remarkable is dat Mate Nemes (already qualified at 67 kg) is on the entry list of 77 kg. Probably to help his twin brother Viktor gaining a ticket. But I thought already qualified players are excluded from other qualifiers?
  2. Can anyone confirm the Olympic draw has indeed taken place? I can only find Egyptian media reporting about it...
  3. 124 Rafaela Silva doping ban 182/236 q --> Q these 8 are indeed the qualified nations 145/146 shooting mixed also available on wikipedia:–_Qualification#Mixed_rifle_team Keep up the good work!
  4. Probably, but in other sports these back up plans were already taken in consideration in the original qualification systems (chapter 'reallocation of quota places). For instance, the re-allocation in artistic gymnastics now the all around world cup is being canceled.
  5. If they literally do what thay point out in the article (4 quota places in every weight class to the best ranked boxer per continent) half of the men weight classes will get an uneven number of particpants at the Games: Feather: 27 instead of 28 Welter: 23 instead of 24 Heavy: 17 instead of 16 Super Heavy: 17 instead of 16 This will create extra boxing matches without recovery for a couple of boxers, something they wanted to get rid of in the first place....
  6. Roy van den Berg has won the Dutch bike-off for the track cycling team sprint. He was also in the last world championship-winning squad.
  7. The match between ITA and SVK doesn't matter anymore: ITA wins the group based on the mutual result against France. Goal difference is not decisive. Netherlands will enter the Greece-side of the bracket. HUN and ITA on course for the deciding other match.
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