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  1. FIRST SLOTS IN SHOOTING! Paris 2024 dream starts at Chateauroux World Cup for Tanguy de la Forest ( A total of 18 slots at Paris 2024 will be distributed at Chateauroux 2022. Men have the possibility to take four slots and women seven. Another seven can be obtained regardless of gender. The Chateauroux 2022 World Cup will be live on World Shooting Para Sport Facebook page. Live results are available here. R2- Women's 10m Air Riffle Standing - SH1 - Avanii Lekhara (IND) / Emilia Babska (POL) R1 - Men's 10m Air Riffle Standing SH1 - 1 Jean-Louis Michaud (France) 2. Csaba Rescsik (Hungary) "3. Radoslav Malenovsky (Slovakia)" P3 - Mixed 25m Pistol SH1- 1. Szymon Sowinski (Poland) 2. Olivera Nakovska-Bikova (MKD) R4 - Mixed 10m Air Rifle Standing SH2 - 1. Sril Devaraddi Ramakrishna (IND) 2. Francek Goraz Tirsek (Slovenia)
  2. I would like to visit Paris during the Games? Maybe someone could give me a little advice for accomondation (which zones are good and well comunicate) I am interested in events close to Paris and maybe roland garros (tenis /boxing) and athetics stadium. I hope bunch of tickets will be in close area in the first sales.
  3. I will boycott this forum, because moderator let write some users pro Putin words. We are on the olympic forum and olympic values should be respected. Respect for Ukraine, this brave people for saving country and his independance before Russian dictator. Ukraine chose the road for democracy few years ago. This is not China, Russia, and Muslim Countries where you have propaganda in the media and you cannot strike and have diffrent style od life. We all know US is not Saint. And we all can write some judgement. But having here users who blame Ukraine is something to big for me, we have a friends from Ukraine here. It is not bad choice for Ukraine to chose european west values. Not everyone wants to leave in country with dictatorship regime. People in Russia who protest are in jail now.. Russian TV says lies day by day. I am keen on Olympics, this value are important to me. This war has a clear agresor, this is Russia. This is my last post on this forum. Good luck Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Sindo let me know it is possible to delete accountant or you can do it.
  4. It is so sad we have a place for people who support dictator Putin in this forum...
  5. Ukrainian defend his independance. Putin is a killer.
  6. Swedish athletes gives me here the best emotions. I watched all this medals, and I crossed my fingers in men's ski cross. (But Swedish and Italian guys who was my favourites was 4th and 5th...)
  7. So much hate for this young Russian skater, I do not think so she even know what she took.
  8. Brignone first! Italy with first gold here? Amazing run! Italy needs this gold medal
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