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  1. Thank you so much, I think the same - 130kg, ROU, AZE, UKR
  2. I was pretty sure that he gain this quota. I believe it is very disapointing...
  3. MHSN can you make a predictions for world tournament, which names are favourite for two slots ( I know we do not have entry list...) but it could be interesting.
  4. Nouri will win quota in Sofia. Korean Kim also.
  5. Quota for Turkey, great performance by Karamete 👏👏👏
  6. This eurovision should be cancelled, I have watched every eurovision since 2004, this level of song in 2021 is dramatic. Poland probably will send Brzozowski, 0 points from me to Poland. I like... France and Albania, but still is a horror for my ears. To be honest I wish Ireland and Finland high ranks.
  7. Extra places for African boxers. It is a joke.
  8. So only one place for Europe in women's and men's category?
  9. Which events beyonds europeans and americans QQT will be counted?
  10. Are you based on ranking BWF in this text? Should we counting points for european amd american QQT? Which events will be counted in this ranking in this year?
  11. We need athletics in program. It will be more interesting.
  12. Noo, match against Tunesia was better for Polish team
  13. We will see. Maybe after this World Championships we will have better results in next events. But so many european nations are better than us.
  14. The worst game in the Polish national team that I have seen. It looks terrible. Respect for the guys, but not for this game. Huge mistakes. No idea in attack.
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