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  1. Totally agree. But it is good that Szulc has better score from Katinaite from level 4 judge. Today is a Grand Prix Special and next Freeetyle. She can earn MER there?
  2. So, before this, I took tennis for 29 july and on 31 july beach volleyball. It was my must have. But... I am going with my friend, She likes athletics, fencing and etc. So our choices are finals for wrestling (6 august), canoe slalom (8 august) and womens voleyball (1 august). I am happy it is a chance for seeing polish medal in women's K4. I still miss men's voleyball.
  3. Poland 4th. Maybe we have some chance for Olympics here.
  4. Maybe it's time to come back to higher level in fencing in senior competition. It's good to know we have some nice talent, I hope we won't lost them.
  5. Guys you know the apps where we can have our private scoreboard. Sometimes I see this on twitter or somewhere else.
  6. What a trash from Poland. 0 points from jury. As always.
  7. Hey. Guys do you know, anything in Paris area in reasonable prices left? Maybe voleyball, waterpolo, field hockey, rugby, beach volleybal, handball or some weightlifting, tennis, badminton or table tennis.
  8. I hope this thread with have a nice continuation and all of you will publish photos and relations here congrats OlympicIrl. I am still waiting, who knows we still have some days until 15 march.
  9. Few guys from forum.tylkoigrzyska was lucky. My friend Paulina also did not receive slots in this round.
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