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  1. Portugal with european place
  2. So Poland can use this also? For example for decathlon
  3. Totally understand that, but don't you think they should have this kind of results? 1. It will stop haters 2. It will be fair for letting participate (if this advantage is too big) with points factors for example or maybe it will be diffrent event for trans athletes in Olympic Games For me nowadays this subject is too emotional. It should be more scientific.
  4. Semenya has also biological advantage, but maybe it is her "talent" from God? She is stronger than anyone? On the other hand in my opinion it is fair, she is a women and she can start in women's competition. It is everything according to rules. Congratulation for her fight, She is a role model for mamy trans people. This a subject for experts from sport medicin, maybe it should be point converter or something. "haters" should stop talking about her this way, they do not know nothing about trans people.
  5. Do you know something about Kenny Bednarek, his surname sounds so polish
  6. If arab countries will be so tolerant for others people... World will be better
  7. Poland has only 2 swimmers with standard B, (or 3 minimum of Fina - Klimek). We don't have 4 swimmer. Wasick is going to start only 50 freestyle, Bernat is a diffrent style.
  8. Poland wrote a letter to the FEI requesting that the Lier result be invalidated. It probably won't help, but it's a good decision. These are not fair play rules.
  9. Really two from 12 places go to triparity places? It is a joke.
  10. Poland is happy that karate leave olympic family after Tokyo. Bye bye Kumite, bye bye Kata.
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