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  1. Great new athletes around 20 years old, so many talents in this team
  2. I have the same plan to go, and I save money. But I am afraid of booking room /hotel, it will be hard. I was in Paris before, and I would like see it again. But if I will have problem with finding hotel or room or booking tickets, I will choose Paralympics. I even started learn French recently. I will choose events in center of Paris probably, maybe tennis Boxing (I was in French Open in tennis and I will go there easily I think).
  3. It is only for me exciting here :D I will watch for sure basketball, judo, table tennis, athletics, swimming, fencing probably all :D
  4. 500m time trial should be in thie program. But for me cycling track should include events with small number of cycler on the track, because it is so dangerous (like today women's omnium, madison)
  5. No more baseball softball at OG, please... Beach handball, futsal, beach football... Many team sports are better than that.
  6. Finally medal for Poland in K-4 Bravo for girls! Difficult race, because weather was heavy. We have silver amd bronze in cayak, and 2 4th places. Maybe in Paris we will get olympic gold. 5 medals without athletics
  7. True. Mixed synchro swimming should be in program :D
  8. To be honest, I had a problem with this sport, but TV realisation with a good commentator is enjoyable. For me in program we should have all 3 individuals events and additional combined.
  9. For me baseball takes so many times, and have many players. Surfing is so boring in this kind of water, and TV realisation is worst than walking.... I like walking, modern pentathlon, but status for this event is not certain.
  10. Congratulation for Canada, nice finish!!
  11. Totally agree, I miss this kind of medal.
  12. Wooooow, what a suprise, so amazing! Thanks you Dawid. I will work like a zombie later, but now I am so happy. Nobody expected that medal, but Top 10 was highly possible for all 3 Polish.
  13. he was adopted by Polish mother who lives in US
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