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  1. I'm more surprised we didn't let our ego get in the way and reject the quota.
  2. 47th All Japan Race Walking In Nomi March 19th 2023 Men's Declan Tingay, Kyle Swan, Rhydian Cowley Haifeng Qian Yuta Koga, Yutaro Murayama (Haruki Manju missed out by 5 seconds) Vikash Singh, Paramjeet Singh Bishit Women's Jemima Montag, Rebecca Henderson, Olivia Sandery Lorena Arenas ( Lan Gao missed out by 5 seconds)
  3. It's good when we all come together to help each other out as well as inform others. WA can be painfully slow, I tend to find myself on twitter and Facebook looking for results.
  4. At what event was this? Edit: I've just seen the above post.
  5. Spanish Race Walking Championships March 26, 2023 Men's: No qualifiers Women's: Maria Perez
  6. After recent revelations the following marathon is now considered a qualification event. Generali Maraton Malaga December 11, 2022 Men's: No qualifiers Women's: Risper Chebet
  7. I'll leave the Hannover marathon on there, and what I'll do is I'll look at the Road To Budapest and see which marathons I've left off that are considered up to standard. I do think there should be summat there that tells you whether it's an A or B measured event.
  8. This isn't listed Grade B or above, so therefore doesn't count.
  9. We're getting to the point where it'll be pointless to let the Russians and Belarusians to compete as they'll hardly be able to participate in anything. The impact, in terms of results, that their teams will have on the games will be massive outweighed by the backlash and reception they'll receive from people prior to and while the games are going on.
  10. I feel like this was done to please certain people and not really out of a want to do it. Lifting the doping ban was always gonna be pointless as Russia were always gonna remain suspended for the foreseeable.
  11. Changan Automo Chongqing Marathon March 19, 2023 Men's: No qualifiers Women's: Fantu Ziwude Jifar
  12. South American Marathon Championships March 19, 2023 Men's: No qualifiers Women's: No qualifiers
  13. Pan American Marathon Championships March 19, 2023 Men's: No qualifiers Women's: No qualifiers
  14. Players have a lot more power these days than they did 11 years, I'm sure a couple from both nations would push to be allowed to play in Paris (especially if neither nation qualifies for the Euros).
  15. I agree with most of that/don't know enough at this early stage to form an opinion, however there are a few tweaks I'd like to make to some sports. Athletics - Under this new regime, I don't expect any athletes to get in via world rankings. Reynold Banigo is one to watch for Men's Long Jump, he's in fine form. Football - I think you're unfairly writing off the U21's, they have the quality to get the quota for the men. Shooting - I reckon we can qualify as many as 10, we look in good nick in the rankings in most events. Swimming - We should send a full quota of relays this time round (yes, that includes you Women's 4x200m free relay). Half the women you included in the 100m + 200m free section will only do relays, Hopkin, Hope and Anderson will be the only individual competitors in those events. Holly Hibbott is more of a 400m swimmer than 200m, so she'll go for that and be entered into the 200m relay (met her at a local swimming comp about 5 years ago, lovely person). I can also see Greg Butler qualifying for the men's 200m breastroke. Shame we don't have anyone good in the women's 800m + 1500m free to complete a full set of quotas.
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