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  1. Good to see countries like Dominican Republic and Guatemala challenging for qualification (and in case actually qualifying), the Olympic scene is changing and a lot more smaller nations are qualifying for these sort of events.
  2. I'd bring in all of the above, the more the merrier! When you say other sports, if you mean a new sport being brought in altogether then I'd like to see Darts and Squash in there, their tournament style formats lend themselvles to the Olympics. If you mean a new discipline in an existing sport that hasn't already been mentioned then I think they should add team events to the golf programme, whether it be Men's, women's and/or mixed.
  3. I'm not bothered who wins between Guatemala and Dominican Republic, as long as Honduras beat USA.
  4. Both are very low down in the fifa rankings. Guatemala 116th, Dominican Republic 151st.
  5. Paul Jubb and Nick Kyrgios played an absolute cracker, Kyrgios wins 3-2 (6-3, 1-6, 5-7, 7-6(7-3), 5-7). Game of the tournament by a country mile.
  6. What a performance by Georgia Taylor Brown, if she's not Olympic Champion in 2024 then I'll never watch another Olympics again (bearing in mind she actually competes). Also very happy GB won the first quotas for Paris 2024.
  7. 2nd will have a lot riding on it this year as the country that finishes there will most likely host next year.
  8. Final list of qualifiers after performances (in no order): 1. Denmark 2. Bulgaria 3. Greece 4. Armenia 5. Portugal 6. Croatia 7. Norway 8. Netherlands 9. Ukraine 10. Moldova Edit: Completely forgot about the Dutch, they go in ahead of the Swiss.
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