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  1. RTE News has just announced all Irish athletes at Olympics and Paralympics will be offered the Pfizer vaccine before the games after a deal between Pfizer and the IOC.
  2. That’s good. More likely Japan is is preparing that People travelling from the highest risk countries to simply hotel quarantine outside of Tokyo for 10-14 days before being allowed near the City. They must be plenty of rural hotels that could isolate all the staff throughout the quarantine and for 10-14 days after to prevent an increased risk to the Local population.
  3. Are they really going to be able to manage it. I am starting to fear the nightmare of the games starting but getting abandoned mid way through after mass outbreaks and lots and lots of random medalists due to depleted fields.
  4. I wonder if India will pull out due to the rise of the new variant there - it’s not known if any existing vaccine works on it.
  5. The big risk is the Indian Variant, or another similarly risky one, breaking out in Tokyo - if that happens then teams will withdraw, Australia for example has made entry even for it’s citizens coming from India illegal.
  6. They might well end up cutting fans mid games if the situation detoriates while the games are going ahead. Last minute changes have happened frequently through out the world during the pandemic.
  7. If a team event or the majority of the field is put into isolation pending testingthen some events might be postponed until everyone has been tested and checked but I doubt anything will be postponed for positive tests unless it really gets out of control and not doing would truly undermine the games,
  8. Yes, Tk get everyone vaccinated the IOC would have to buy the, which would cause a massive backlash towards them. Severest countries will have gotten most of their team done with at least one jab by July and others will secretly push people up the list without it being publicised.
  9. Is it worth it when only a few teams will turn up.
  10. Tokyo has just entered a state of Emergency again due to Covid. I feel like we might hear rumours soon of countries saying if it’s still in place in July they might decline to travel there.
  11. It might happen if UEFA fear a full stadium means the players and support staff catch the virus. The last thing they want is the virus spreading among the participants -Espescally the risk of it being a vaccine busting variant.
  12. More than 500k have been vaccinated with the Chinese Vaccine which China itself admitted is not truly effective.
  13. Tokyo Olympics 2021: With 100 days to go, 70% of Japanese don't want games to go ahead, poll finds Coronavirus infections are rising in many parts of Japan and many will not be vaccinated by the scheduled start in July.
  14. A senior member of Japan’s ruling party has said that cancelling the Tokyo Olympics “remains an option” if the coronavirus pandemic continues to worsen. “If it seems impossible to do it any more, then we have to stop, decisively,” Toshihiro Nikai, secretary general of the Liberal Democratic party, said in a TV interview that has yet to be aired.
  15. I can see my home city of London at least considering stepping in as emergency host for 2023 should Budapest decline.
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