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  1. I am liking all the Men and Women Multi-eventers all together at celebrating and commiserating.
  2. Great for Holly Bradshaw to finally win a major medal as she has always been there but never quite made a major podium.
  3. To be fair everyone in Athletics should hate Russia.
  4. It will bring him a ton of BBC and British press criticism
  5. Greg Rutherford asking about how it is in the GB camp to the 4x 400m quartet and then saying let’s hope we get a medal says everything about how the camp is at the moment. So far the BBC haven’t really mentioned the rumours of infighting and tensions and the desperation for more medal that appear to exists. Only mentions on the BBC of are fears that Covid has reduced relay bonding time.
  6. I can see Holly Bradshaw managing to get fourth with Siderova on the podium and the aftermath being all about ROC athletes,
  7. I doubt any 1980’s record will be beaten this decade - even Flo Jo’s that ETH came close to this time.
  8. Greg Rutherford has predicted Holly Bradshaw will win a medal in the pole vault. Hopefully not the kiss of death.
  9. They DQ Jane Savile in 2000 while she was leading in her home city. And Tom Bosworth got DQ at home in London when they were whispers of medal potential
  10. I’ve just notice that France is medalness in Athletics and Mayer is their only real solid chance left. Another team that has collapsed in form like GB.
  11. The BBC live feed is once again full of comments angry at the officiating in track cycling. Starting to become an issue here in th Uak for the reputation of the entire sport.
  12. UK sport have been looking for a opportunity to de fund British Cycling - the public here in the UK are seeing the Track Cycling as sudden flop so that will be the excuse needed to cut funding heavily.
  13. Which is the majority of the country.m Imgope it’s not solely because the GB Athletics team are desperate for medals.
  14. Dina Asher Smith has made a mistake running in the relay. It makes her look a coward for not trying the 200m.
  15. Heike Drechsler Is still seen as a legend in Germany is she not.
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