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  1. Hotel Quarantine will shut down most Olympic sports this year except for domestic tournaments or long tournaments where people are in one country for several weeks or longer. The Olympics may be able to go ahead if Japan finds enough rooms for everyone and goverments find enough rooms for everyone to return.
  2. Loads of countries competed under the IOC Flag in 1980 so they must have been flag/flag events.
  3. I'm not sure if the European Indoors is going to go ahead in the current form - should they extend it so events are more spread out to reduce the amount on site at any one point. Plus of course for some European countries flight and quarantine restrictions might make attending impossible. I do hope it does as I really enjoy indoor athletics.
  4. The IOC must accept nations will withdraw if it even considers directly buying vaccines - the global public will revolt and then NOC's will be under domestic to reject it and pull out
  5. Could this dispute see Italy losing or pulling out of 2026.
  6. And the Paralympics is even more difficult because getting enough adapted rooms for quarantines is going to be tough - especially post return to countries like Australia which will make all returns quarantine until well into 2022. Some teams share care staff for those who need help but that is not going to be allowed this year.
  7. London and plenty of other places feel too wet for outdoor swimming especially as outdoor training pools don't exist in many countries so many swimmers won't get the practise of adapting to competing in the rain.
  8. All true but countries are becoming stricter with borders - Israel has banned all flights for at least a week with as far as I can tell no exceptions for sportspeople travelling abroad to compete. The UK is bringing in hotel quarantine and while team sports flying on private jets to competitors in a bubble might manage to get an exemption i'm not sure individuals or small entourages flying commercial will. When you have the risk of the vaccine failing due to varients sport will be far down the list.
  9. The new variants mean 2021 sporting calender might be just as disrupted as 2020 as more and more athletes cant leave or enter their own countries.
  10. A lot of countries have the facilities without the capacity issues.
  11. Maybe but prep will be cheaper for 2032 bar the village problem.
  12. At this rate Bejing and even Paris 2024 might be affected if international quarantines last into 2022 and 2023.
  13. I think most athletes mentally have been sort of privately preparing.
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