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  1. Why are these championships going ahead. It will be a b list one and create lots of world champions who won’t get anywhere near the podium in Paris.
  2. Kenya is too chaotic a country to run a proper state sponsored doping regime and cover it well.
  3. I wonder if ultimately it will end up with World athletics moving the entire qualifying system to rankings and taking away team abilities to reject places.
  4. I can see the BBC pushing heavily on the limited team sizes. It is proven that a lack of British interest lowers ratings in events. The world championships did not do particularly well in the ratings.
  5. Trump confirms he will reinstate his travel bans if he gets relented. FIFA and the IOC should prepare for countries to be refused entry to the USA.
  6. GB will very much only send about 25 individual athletes plus relay. Even stricter than Budapest
  7. Could be a pretty small and dated mainstadium.
  8. The actual pot of money within the lottery is dropping as it is suffering reduced player numbers,
  9. Decent chance won’t win more than one medal in Paris which would probably cause a major funding cut (Lottery funding is rapidly falling.) and a removal of as a major gymnastics player,
  10. I have a feelings to going to be a bad games for . 40 medals total at the most and some sports doing so badly funding gets removed.
  11. I think the dooojg scandals in the Hurdles will be what could kill these champs.
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