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  1. For tennis, about 15 of first 20 men in ranking wil be' in. Probably 20 on first 30. Better than a 1000. Andr 25 on 30 girls. We have to take a look on who is in, not to who is out...
  2. Don't worry, we haven't chances. With complete team, no more of 15% for us. Without Belinelli, next year n. 1 pick Banchero, Hackett, probabily without Gallinari, with only ours 2 centers, Tessitori and Totè, nothing of special but both 2.10, injuried, is a trip t the sea for you.
  3. I have seen the bout. For me, round 1 was a little little bit for Italian. Ok for second, clearly for Italian, and third, clearly for Russian. No way, when a bout is 50-50, Russia wins. And also when a bout is 50,01-49,99. For wins against a russian, have to destroy him.
  4. Not by you, it's impossible for one person. Also because you wold know well team, know who can make more than one event... This is possible only for own NOC, so you can made it for France, me for Italy...
  5. Benolympique thanks for you fanastic job!!! I have a curiosity. We are all calculating the number of athletes with olympic pass. But i am interesting also at NUMBER OF EVENTS COVERED BY NATIONS, in other word, how much of 330 titles in Tokyo a nation will compete. Someone know if exist this stat? Obviusly, not for all nations. Top 20 NOC is enough. For example, at today Italy will be in about 171 events on 330 (counts is not so easy). Other nations?
  6. Nice poll. Mine: 1) Basketball tournament, sailing, cycling track. 2) , , 3) Italians: Nedo Nadi, Stefano Baldini, Gianluca Basile (basketball player) Not italians: Phelps, Teofilo Stevenson, Kristina Egersegi
  7. As usually, Russia stolen a decision. What a shame, Russia is the cancer of the sport. Is impossible to win again him. Russia have to be banned.
  8. Aruba take individual place (see my answer just before your! )
  9. Eurpean quota for Russia is wrong: An NOC who qualified a team in Criteria 1 (2018 World Championships – Team Final) or 2 (2019 World Championships – Team Qualification) and qualified two (2) additional individuals in Criteria 5 (Individual Apparatus World Cup Series) and 6 (Individual All-Around World Cup Series) may participate, but may NOT qualify an additional quota place for his/her NOC through the Continental Championships. Is exatly the case of Russia.
  10. I think in women and are sure. For third place, with my favourite in a bad quarter final, i think is a big fight with , , for last place
  11. How is determined asian quota? From continental championship 2019 or only by higher ranked? Thank you
  12. Italy too. Lower than Rio, worst games for us. Despite big teams from Athletic and Swimming. A little disaster. With world record of first outs!
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