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  1. For men, almost sure 2 athletes for , , , there are 7 surfers for 4 places. Two from , and one each for , , , ,
  2. what do we mean? That all this is nonsense. As reiterated, this is already how it works in tennis and no one is talking about a boycott. That it would seem anti-political for Ukraine to boycott the games in Paris, at the home of one of its major allies. That politics and sport should remain separate. That the best answer ever is a beautiful photo, dating back to Rio, of two gymnasts, a North Korean and a South Korean exchanging affection. In that picture is my answer. I miss Samaranch, I even miss Rogge (manager without praise but above all without infamy or damage) and I don't understand why Bach is still there. That, while condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there are other wars in the world today, in the history of games, even recent, there have also been countries that have admitted invaders, such as China militarily occupying Tibet and everything is fine. That Britain militarily occupies several corners of the world and that's all right.
  3. On tennis, the are russian and belarussian player. Why no one speak on them, and on the olympics everyone says "boycott, boycott"? This is stupid.
  4. This is a.first, confuse step to riammitted Russian and Belarussian. Seems that will make their continentals in Asia
  5. It's depend on your preferences. For example, Sunday 4 there are about 20 finals. From italy, i would choose swimming finals, witch 1500fs and mixed relays. INIZIO FINE SPORT EVENTO SITO 9,00 18,30 GOLF M Golf national 11,00 15,30 EQUITAZIONE DRESSAGE Individuale Versailles 12,00 19,00 TENNIS Singolare M Roland Garos 12,00 19,00 TENNIS Doppio F Roland Garos 13,00 15,20 ARCO Individuale M Invalides 13,30 16,00 TENNISTAVOLO Singolare M South Paris Arena 4 14,00 18,45 CICLISMO STRADA F Pont d'Iena 15,00 17,30 BADMINTON Doppio M Arena Porte de la Chapelle 15,00 17,25 GINNASTICA ARTISTICA Anelli M Bercy arena 15,00 17,25 GINNASTICA ARTISTICA Corpo libero F Bercy arena 15,00 17,25 GINNASTICA ARTISTICA Volteggio M Bercy arena 15,00 17,00 TIRO Skeet F Chateroux 18,30 20,30 NUOTO 50 sl F Paris la defense arena 18,30 20,30 NUOTO 1500 sl M Paris la defense arena 18,30 20,30 NUOTO 4x100 mx M Paris la defense arena 18,30 20,30 NUOTO 4x100 mx F Paris la defense arena 19,00 22,00 ATLETICA Alto F Stade de france 19,00 22,00 ATLETICA 100 M Stade de france 19,00 22,00 ATLETICA Martello M Stade de france 19,10 22,00 SCHERMA Fioretto sq. M Grand Palais
  6. Ben, a little quest for you. I'm considering getting canoeing ticket. How to reach the site? How far from city centre? Thank you!
  7. I would be partially agree with Wemba- for me is in the 6th position of youngs, i'm not so definitive like you, ok for now don t get close to people like Doncic, Jokic, etc but is not so weak. For me, he will be a good player, sure n.1 pick, and then we weel seen. And on Bargnani we can speak for hours, he was a great player with poor attitude (he simply don't like basketball) but he was picked n.1 at 21, Wemba 2 years before. And after all we are talking about best 2004up, i have seen some choices... More doubt on VDFlyer, have you seen autumn's tests? Is not a scandal to put Dupont above VDF, is a scandal don't insert VDF in top 6. Remains Tita/Banti. No doubt on them. What more?
  8. i'm more surprised by some missing quotations, rather than by the legitimate choices, especially in non performance-related sports. For example, no one other quota for VanDerFlyer, best rugby player 2022, in a small country, Ireland, #1 in world ranking, above Fra, Eng, NZ. Don't see name of Wembanyama, a shock player that will change the game. And overall, only another quotation for Tita/Banti: what more than wins every championship, every single race, every side, in a sport like sailing? Sailing is not athletic, or swimming, or rowing, when usually one, stronger, wins. Sailing is tactic, is brain, is phisical also, but is impossible win in this way. PS for me, Ben Ainsle is one of 5 best sporstman everytime, with Phelps, Jordan, Bolt, Merkx. No doubt.
  9. For 2036, Budapest for me is the best choice. Great installations, great fan, wonderful city
  10. I entered it in "male team", altough is not a really male team. Anyway, deserves an award or at minimum a nomination.
  11. I think that "pairs"can be a new category. All mixed teams are "pairs", couple of skating, mixed curling, some.sailing classes. Not all pairs are mixed, of course. But a pair is not a team, and is not an.individual.
  12. @vinipereira i'm beginning, but a question.. Where can i place mixed teams?
  13. It's not easy, but ok, let's play. BEST FEMALE ATHLETE for sportswomen in Olympic sports #1: Anneniek VAN VLEUTEN (NED) #2: Katie LEDECKY (USA) #3: Uta ABE (JPN) #4: Sofia GOGGIA (ITA) #5: Pauline FERRAND-PREVOT (FRA) #6: Rebecca ANDRADE (BRA) BEST MALE ATHLETE for sportsmen in Olympic sports #1: Novak DJOKOVIC (SRB) #2: Armand DUPLANTIS (SWE) #3: Gregorio PALTRINIERI (ITA) #4: Rudanrash PATIL (IND) #5: Remco EVANEPOEL (BEL) #6: Marco ODERMATT (SUI) BEST NON-OLYMPIC ATHLETE for athletes in Non-Olympic sports #1: Josh VAN DER FLYER (IRL) #2: Sandra SANCHEZ (ESP) #3: Duccio MARSILI (ITA) #4: John SEXTON (IRL) #5: Marianne VOS (NED) #6: Ruhamei DEMANT (NZL) BEST YOUTH ATHLETE for any athlete up to 18 years old (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports) #1: Summer McINTOSH (CAN) #2: Sofia RAFFAELI (ITA) #3: David POPOVICI (ROM) #4: Anna SHERBAKOVA (RUS) #5: Aileen GU (CHN) #6: Victor WEMBANYAMA (FRA) BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR for the most improved athlete or team (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports) #1: Carlos ALCARAZ (ESP) #2: Leon MARCHAND (FRA) #3: Elvira OBERG (SWE) #4: Jonas VINEGAARD (DEN) #5: Wang JANAN (CHN) #6: Simon EHAMMER (SUI) BEST MEN'S NATIONAL TEAM for men's teams, pairs or groups (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports) #1: Sweden equestrian team jumping* (not totally male) #2: Ireland rugby #3: Italy Volleyball #4: Spain Basketball #5: Finland Ice Hockey #6: Sweden curling BEST WOMEN'S NATIONAL TEAM for women's teams, pairs or groups (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports) #1: Bulgaria Rythmic Gymnastic #2: Serbia Volleyball #3: New Zealand Rugby #4: Canada Ice Hockey #5: Norway Handball #6: Nederland Hockey BEST DOUBLES OR PAIR for doubles or pairs (including Olympic, Paralympic and Non-Olympic sports) #1: Papadakis/Chizeron (FRA) #2: Tita/Banti (ITA) #3: Chen/Quan (CHN) #4: Nolte/LEvi (GER) #5: Mol/Sorum (NOR) #6: Duda/AnaPatricia (BRA) OK that's all for me!!!
  14. GB was heavily helped by the judges in the ECH too. Nothing new. Italy have 2 big absences, i don't think have great chances for a medal.
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