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  1. Some rules fr TCIP: - Only one quota for Noc (so, if 15 NOC are elegible, remains 9 quotas); - Maximum 2 quotas for each individual event (@intoronto, in witch event these coutries have MQS?) - The reallocation of these unused quota places will be done in the same event as the unused quota. Each unused quota will be reallocated to the NOC that has no Shooting quotas but has the athlete with the highest MQS result in that event. But are much more than 15; also in skeet, , , , and others.
  2. In Italy, Wrrestling federation is associated with Judo and Karate (strange think!), but not witch taekwondo that is indipendent. In 2021, this federation use to send many atlhetes in competiotions, in reverse of 2020 and 2019. Why? I don't know..Distribution of money, i think
  3. Is there any other site for live view, like youtube? The official site is blocked by my antivirus... ;(
  4. Triple Jump, Emmanuel Ihemeje . 17.26 in NCAA finals and pass
  5. Why unexpected? 4th in last world championship
  6. And in Europe we kill each other for one spot. In continental quotas there is something wrong...
  7. For Italy , certainly Filippo Mondelli (Rowing, Word Championship 2018 and bronze in 2019, 4x)
  8. What a comeptition! Men High Jump: 1) Nedasekau 2.34 WL 2) Protsenko 2.34 WL 3) Tamberi 2.34 WL All of them reach limit for Tokyo 2021
  9. there is not only question of money. If Tokyo will be cancelled, many federations will die. Many sports will die. Welcome Tokyo, with attendance, i hope.
  10. Confirmed that shame Criteria are completely changed, witch no-sensed continental rapresentation and more no-sensed old ranking. Shame.
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