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  1. Finn Christian Jagge, age 53... Gold medal in Albertville 1992.
  2. Sorry,i mistake link... wait...:) This is the right one Hilary Evans @OlympicStatman · 28 apr The 14th reported death of an Olympic competitor due to Covid 19 Cita Tweet FArrechea @FArrechea · 28 apr DEP Francesco Perrone (atleta italiano olímpico en Roma 1960, maratón). Otra víctima del Covid-19
  3. Sorry, but is another fake new. He is not died for virus. In Italy, is full of fake news. All died are for coronavirus!!! Is clearly not true. Situation is very very trouble for democracy.
  4. For Golf, is amazing. Free, fantastic multiplayer
  5. - SAILING; ORGANIZER; GGCattaneo SIGN UP GGCattaneo (ITA),- ARCHERY archery king, free for android ORGANIZER: Fly_Like_a_don SIGN UP Fly_Like_a_don (IND),- EQUESTRIAN Riding club Championship ORGANIZER: SIGN UP- GOLF ORGANIZER: SIGN UP GGCattaneo (ITA) - CURLING FLYORDIE.COM ORGANIZER: OlympicIRL SIGN UP OlympicIRL (IRL) OK only copy and modify that. OK?
  6. - SAILING esailing (forPC) 3class; - ARCHERY archery king, free for android - EQUESTRIAN Riding club Champoonship - GOLF Let's start please!!!
  7. Esailing? I'm in EDIT. Great great idea. We can play virtual olympic games, in many sports. With medal table and other great things. Esailing is funny. We can create private regattas, one for player, with a little welcome bonus- no pay. I can organize competitions, i need 10-20 partecipants. So, who is interested, subscrive here and on the site, Next weeks regattas begins!! Another game is Riding club championship.
  8. -In cycling,men's road race, everithing it's possible. Italy have good chances, with Trentin, WC silver medallist and european champion, and Nibali, probably gold in Rio without fall down. - In taekwondo, Vito dell'Aquila's silver is rigth, but have minimum 40% for gold. -In mixed Archery, Nespoli/Landi are a good good team. Gold is hard, but not impossible. - In men's individual sabre, Curatoli (n.3 WR and bronze in WC) and Samele are in good position. Maybe both are out at the first round, maybe both in medal. - In the women's epee there are Navarria, WC 2018, and Fiamingo, two times WC and silver medal in Rio. In 2019 Worldcup, they were focused on team competition, so have a bad ranking. But in Tokyo, they are among the favorites. So, at the end of day1, i think italy has minimum 1 gold medal.: Ciclyng road 15% taekwondo 40% Mixed archery 20% FEncing men individual sabre 25% fencing women epee 45%
  9. The only way for me (and probably for CIO) is to pospone games for few weeks. Best date is at the end of september. Hope virus go down in summer, and in 3-4 months atlethes can tranining, qualification can complete, and games start. In 2021, probabilly, we are in the same way about virus.
  10. Ben, a little mistake. Quota for Italy is in Men's Kata, and not in Men's Kumite +75 KG. Quota for Germany is the opposite, not in men's Kata but in Men's kumite +75 KG
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