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  1. FOR ITALY 1) 6/10 for global performance. Italy wins 10 gold medals, and is 10th in medal table, like all predictions. Surprise is where we win. Nothin from out traditionally sports, like fencing, boxing and shooting, all fromo atletics. And i'm totally agree with @phelps for singles sports judgements. 2) Obviusly 5 golds in track&fields. If Jacobs was a medal candidate, the 4x100 relay is totally unexpected. Heaartberak is in the most important 15 minutes of italian's sport of ever, with Tamberi's and Jacobs wins. 3) Our country's goal is ever top10 on medal table and about 10 golds and 35 medals. Italy is quite stable on this level. 4) All, in Italy sport is totally killed by politicians, during pandemic year our athletes was not able to training free, and now many activities are still closed. Every medal is a miracle for us.
  2. For Italy 371+13 reserves: Archery 4 Sport Climbing 3 Athletics 76 Softball 15 Basketball 12 3x3 Basketball 4 Beach Volley 6 canoeing slalom 3 Caoneing sprint 4 Rowing 23 (+3) Cycling 24 (+2) Equestrian 6 Gymnastic artistic 7 Gymnastc Rytmic 7 Golf 4 Judo 8 Karate 5 Wrestling 2 Swimming 36 Artistic Swimming 8 (+1) Marathon swimming 3 Waterpolo 12(+1) Volleyball 24 Modern Pentathlon 2 Boxing 4 Fencing 18 (+6) Skateboard 3 Weighlifting 5 Surf 1 Taekwondo 2 Tennis 6 Table tennis 1 Shooting 14 Triathlon 5 Diving 5 Sailing 9,-schianta-la-serbia-e-vola-ai-giochi-dopo-17-anni-spedizione-record-con-384-azzurri.html
  3. For Italy, no doubt to win 35-40 medals. Real problem is number of gold: all in Italy are fear for very few victories.
  4. 3 rowing, 1 waterpolo, 6 fencing, 1 artistic swimming, and 2 Cycling: for example, in fencing are 3 for weapons=maximum 18 athletes.
  5. i'm agree, but... Italy is a fantastic team, with too few players. In Belgrade, only 6-7 men was really in play. Spissu, Abass, Vitali, Moraschini, are about nothing... we can give 4-5 players? I think is impossible. So, welcome GAllinari, welcome Banchero (who had choosen Italy. Why, if not for Olympic GAmes?), and welcome Datome. More doubt for Belinelli, stop for Hackett.
  6. For tokyo, will be back for sure GAllinari and BAnchero. Datome and Belinelli? I don't know. Hackett not.
  7. Coni counts also replacement. 13 in waterpolo, for example, where are 12+1.
  8. Italy Official 359, waiting Basketball.. but is a little bit difficult!
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