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  1. The decision of not race today, wasn't too wrong. But how they handled it, was totally stupid
  2. @hoversaBR @vinipereira I think they are trying to change the scoreboard for girls. Because that 0,1,2 points in last worlds and Olympics were terrible This competition was a little different, we had only 1 run and 4 trick, counting the best 3. 1 And even though the final pontuation was higher than at Olympics. The trick that gave gold to Rayssa was the best trick of this competition by far. I think she deserved that, but 8+ for that trick, is kinda of no sense, if we compare with men's tricks I was even expecting she performs that trick at Olympics, because I had seen her doing it during trainings before.
  3. I liked the medals design! It looks the medal format for X-Games haha, but a different style, it is nice!
  4. Quem sabe vc n ganha uns pontos por esse movimento?
  5. Ae galera, n sei se vc viram... mas a confederação brasileira abriu seletiva de breaking Bora lá, confio no potencial de vcs... quero ver vcs nas olimpiadas
  6. I believe it will be exactly the same as it was in YOG 2018 hahah Senorita Carlota
  7. Or World Sailing trying to add a mixed Kiteboarding event... that's no sense.
  8. As far as I know, Skateboarding has other 4 events which could be in Olympics: Freestyle, Vert, Mega Vert and Downhill I only see Vert and Downhill with real chances to make it. Surfing, I remember talking with a ISA member, and he said about plans to add Stand-up Surfing to the Olympics.
  9. Você pode ser o cabeça então Vini? Acho q todo mundo aqui te ajudaria de alguma forma.... E eu ia comentar justamente isso, se é pro publico brasileiro, precisa ser com S
  10. Eaí galera, ninguém anima comandar essa ideia do Sindo?
  11. Library/OlympicOrg/Games/Summer-Games/Paris-2024/Programme/Paris-2024-event-programme-EN.pdf?_ga=2.117401094.1648725098.1626924074-776589217.1626289801
  12. If I am not wrong the Kiteboarding event will not be mixed anymore... it will have events for men and women
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