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  1. I don't understand why Bolivia wasn't in Tripartite list. The only real chance for them is in Tennis, if many tennis players give up to participate at Olympics.
  2. I just came to answer.... I believe that we will have an update about it in a few days But, I was wondering the same... Won't there be seeding run this time?
  3. I believe that we will have an update about it in a few days
  4. What is a good score for kata usually? The girl from scored 26 points, and no other competitor got 25 so far. EDIT: I've just seen Iran and Morocco got 25 points
  5. @MHSN Basically Brose is screwed right?
  6. Yeah, but it was for qualification before Olympics move to 2021 I don't know, they haven't released that for the public... This year, Anderson was better in all events. I just think that this way of choose the athletes does not make any sense... imo, Renato has already had his chance to compete at Olympics, and, now, it was Anderson moment.
  7. The criteria in Portuguese... TBH, I don't know if Renato or Anderson fit better this system.... but, imo, the choice of our representant was quite obvious at this moment.
  8. Our Cycling federation selected the riders for BMX... and It does not make sense, as @LuizGuilherme said. Anderson is in a much better moment... he had better performances and results than Renato in all WC this year. Moreover, Anderson has a bronze medal from Worlds in 2018 and, if I am not wrong, it would be your first games... Renato has already participated in two, and he did not get good results in any of them.
  9. Renato has an excellent godfather inside our federation... That's ridiculous
  10. I think I found out. The difference for it is being the points from National Chmapionships.... I can't remember if WS ranking was already counting those points before the Worlds... So that's it, the National Championship of Colombia, put Jhancarlos in at Olympincs and Decenzo out. Because without those points, Decenzo has the same pontuation that I mentioned previously.... @intoronto
  11. Thats so weird.... the only skateboarder wrong on my counts is Ryan Decenzo He is out and in his place qualified Jhancarlos Gonzalez Decenzo had 13160 points before the competion... he finished on 15th place, so more 7140 = 20300 Gonzalez had 11971, he finished 14th place, so more 7930 = 19901. Why is he qualified and, Decenzo not? @Wumo
  12. They should allow other panamerican countries to take place
  13. Are those selected to Judo going to compete in individual events too?
  14. This team should have one more guy
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