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  1. Dates of the 4 last tournaments IFSC Europe Championships in Moscow (RUS) from October 1 to 8 IFSC African Championships in Cape Town/Johannesburg (RSA) from December 10 to 13 IFSC Asian Championships in Xiamen (CHN) from December 10 to 13 IFSC Oceania Championships in Sydney (AUS) from December 19 to 20
  2. Yes, it does. Of course, some of them don't need those competitions to guarantee their places in Tokyo. So, we need to take a calculator again.
  3. Update for Karate There will be 2 more stages to complete the qualification by ranking.
  4. Here an article about him in Portuguese. Maybe you can translate the page if you want to know a little more about him. He and his family moved to California when he was 2 years old, because of that he speaks English so well.
  5. I didn't get it, buddy. Are you talking about that intern competition for the last wildcard? As far as I know, this competition would be on the "Australian leg" (3 events). Between Wright and Fioravanti only. Likely, they have no idea what to do about it right now. I believe that after all of it, they will let both surfers participate at all events. The stage in Gold Coast was cancelled. Bells, Margaret, G-Land and Saquarema were postponed.
  6. Today's announcement from WSL Erik Logan has announced several things about the surfing events for this and the next year. - WSL events posponed until June - Oi Rio Pro scheduled to June, was postponed - A new competition format to next year, called "Surf off" - Surfers from CT who fail to qualify to the next year, they will be a new chance. - Regional events to improve the competition worldwide and cut the costs in travels from surfers.
  7. Yeah, here we are on the 20th edition
  8. ISA postponed the World Surfing Games 2020. The last competition which gives quotas to Tokyo. The competition now is scheduled to June. This federation will do a review of the competition's status at the end of April.
  9. All football competitions in Brazil were suspended.
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