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  1. Changes for wrestling. Not sure what really was changed here. @JoshMartini007@Sindo
  2. This quota for will be great for their intern competition, and also it is going to make a mess for the next extra quota. I believe will be the favorite, but as we saw here, many countries got close to it. as for we wasted a big chance to already conquer this third spot. Unfortunately neither Medina and Ítalo were available for the competition, and Toledo was probably drunked these days, or with a huge hangover. Anyway, it's not certain that Brazil will make it, and a few other countries will come starving to get it.
  3. Curiosity, Japan was the only country that had to change their surfers due to results in last qualifier stage to Tokyo. I believe that Shun Murakami should be very happy with this extra quota.
  4. Looks is going to take this quota at men's side. Brazil has added 1450 points with its three surfers.
  5. Kolohe went down to repechage round. The next heats in Repechage might define the quota at men's side
  6. The weirdest part for me is: add or cut events for a event like that, during the qualification process. Breaking, for instance, wouldnt tske part on it, and suddenly it is in, and also the event will be used as qualifier to the Olympics. They should have established exactly all the events a long time ago
  7. Seems that big changes are coming for Boxing @Sindo @JoshMartini007 @Benolympique
  8. We got medals in basque pelota and bowling in last Panamerican Games, not too bad
  9. [hide] Knockout Round September 3rd - September 11th, 2022 16 Nations, The Winners of the Round of 16-Matches will qualify for the Quarterfinals. Round of 16 Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 September 3rd 2022, h. 17:30 Slovenia 3 1 Germany September 3rd 2022, h. 21:15 Italy 3 0 Cuba September 4th 2022, h. 17:30 United States 3 0 Turkey September 4th 2022, h. 21:00 Poland 3 1 Tunisia September 5th 2022, h. 17:30 Netherlands 3 0 Ukraine September 5th 2022, h. 21:00 France 3 0 Japan September 6th 2022, h. 17:30 Serbia 3 2 Argentina September 6th 2022, h. 21:00 Brazil 2 3 Iran [/hide]
  10. Wouldn't those tripartite go under some changes for Paris? I remember seeing some speculation about that Anyway, thanks for your research
  11. O mundial de vôlei começou hj, e achava q o Brasil ia passar vergonha... na vdd ate passou, com esse 3 a 2 contra Cuba. Acho q Japão e Qatar não serão problema, mas passar das oitavas vai ser difícil desse jeito.
  12. Maybe it can influence in the teams choosen to participate at each continental event. Not sure about that, but it wouldn't be a huge influence in terms of the potential qualified teams. Once the ranking will be used only for HSBC Sevens Series, and the final tournament will participate teams not yet qualified from continental tournaments.
  13. [hide] Preliminary Round August 26th - August 31st, 2022 24 Nations, The Top 2 Nations in each Pool + The Top 4 best Third-placed Nations will qualify for the Round of 16. Group A Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 27th 2022, h. 17:30 Tunisia 3 1 Puerto Rico August 27th 2022, h. 20:30 Ukraine 0 3 Serbia August 29th 2022, h. 17:30 Serbia 3 0 Puerto Rico August 29th 2022, h. 20:30 Ukraine 0 3 Tunisia August 31st 2022, h. 17:30 Serbia 3 1 Tunisia August 31st 2022, h. 20:30 Ukraine 1 3 Puerto Rico Group B Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 26th 2022, h. 11:00 Brazil 3 1 Cuba August 26th 2022, h. 14:00 Japan 3 0 Qatar August 28th 2022, h. 11:00 Cuba 3 0 Qatar August 28th 2022, h. 14:00 Brazil 3 0 Japan August 30th 2022, h. 11:00 Brazil 3 0 Qatar August 30th 2022, h. 14:00 Japan 3 2 Cuba Group C Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 26th 2022, h. 17:30 United States 3 1 Mexico August 26th 2022, h. 20:30 Poland 3 1 Bulgaria August 28th 2022, h. 17:30 United States 3 0 Bulgaria August 28th 2022, h. 20:30 Poland 3 0 Mexcio August 30th 2022, h. 17:30 Mexico 1 3 Bulgaria August 30th 2022, h. 20:30 Poland 3 2 United States Group D Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 26th 2022, h. 17:30 France 3 0 Germany August 26th 2022, h. 20:30 Slovenia 3 0 Cameroon August 28th 2022, h. 17:30 Germany 3 0 Cameroon August 28th 2022, h. 20:30 France 3 0 Slovenia August 30th 2022, h. 17:30 France 3 0 Cameroon August 30th 2022, h. 20:30 Slovenia 3 1 Germany Group E Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 27th 2022, h. 11:00 Turkey 3 2 China August 27th 2022, h. 21:15 Italy 3 1 Canada August 29th 2022, h. 11:00 Canada 3 1 China August 29th 2022, h. 21:15 Italy 3 0 Turkey August 31st 2022, h. 14:00 Canada 3 1 Turkey August 31st 2022, h. 21:15 Italy 3 0 China Group F Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 27th 2022, h. 14:00 Netherlands 2 3 Egypt August 27th 2022, h. 17:30 Argentina 1 3 Iran August 29th 2022, h. 14:00 Argentina 3 1 Netherlands August 29th 2022, h. 17:30 Iran 3 1 Egypt August 31st 2022, h. 11:00 Argentina 3 2 Egypt August 31st 2022, h. 17:30 Iran 3 0 Netherlands Top 3 Place 1st 2nd 3rd Nation France United States Italy [/hide]
  14. Hey guys, just checking... how many teams will qualify? Because the document says top 5, but our NOC has said that top 6 grab a spot! Thanks!
  15. It is just a bet from my part. I undestand that IOC has tried to reduce the costs and, consequently, the number of quotas. But, I see LA capable to increase these numbers without big issues. Especially because they have two very popular sports (Baseball and American Football), with billionaire leagues that could see that as an oportunity to be part of the Olympics. Also, Breaking, Modern Pentathlon, Boxing and Weightlifting on the edge to be cutted off from Olympics, could help on that decision and even open the doors for other sports, like Cricket.
  16. I believe that LA will increase the number of quotas, coming back to 11k at least
  17. Top 4? I'd say Top 8 plus and . I think WC could be the last chance for our coach show some improvement in the team.
  18. Archery: Brazil is improving in this sport. We got two WC medals in men's individual and mixed team, so I believe we will get one men and women's teams Artistic Swimming: Not sure about the chances here. I think that with some luck we could get a pair in this sport. Athletics: As usual we will have a plenty of athletes here, but the question is how many of them will be able to fight for medals. We need to improve our quality and performance in those competitions Badminton: One mand and woman Basketball: So, I don't want to create hope for our qualification here. Lately Brazil is disappointing so much in the main tournaments and especially during the qualifying competitions. However, the men's team performance is getting better, so I expecting that we will not miss Basketball this time. Basketball 3x3: It is the same of Basketball, failures at important moments. I think we don't have chances in women's side, but there is a small chance at men's side Beach Volleyball: After that disappointment at Tokyo, and excellent performance at last worlds, we got back our hopes to get medals here, so full quota is very likely again Boxing: I am not sure here either. The work of our confederation at this sport is amazing, it headed our medal table at Tokyo, and will be important for next Olympics. So 6 or 7 athletes maybe Breaking: We have a great men's team, I believe that at least one man will qualify. For women's it is going to be tough. Canoeing - Slalom: two or three athletes, trying to win the extreme Canoeing - Sprint: three or four athletes, but only two real chances of medal Cycling - BMX: As usual, one man and woman for racing. Freestyle no chances to Cycling - Mountain Bike: Two men and one woman Cycling - Road: probably we will not qualify here again Cycling - Track: I saw that we have a small chance in one of female competitions, but I am not expecting quotas here Diving: three or four athletes are possible Equestrian: I hope for full quota here, and the confederation does not make the same mistakes losing the dressage team quota Fencing: two or three fencers, maybe a team with too much luck Field Hockey: I believe that Field Hockey is the only olympic sport that we don't have even a perspective to improve Football: Women's team is already qualified, but for men's side it is gonna be harder, even though I believe we can qualify one more time Golf: A very small chance to get one golfer at men's competition Gymnastics - Artistic: I believe both teams will qualify Gymnastics - Rhythmic: Brazil has improved a lot here, one team and one individual could get Gymnastics - Trampoline: Maybe one female athlete Handball: Hoping for both teams qualifying, without drama this time Judo: Also, I am expecting fourteen quotas here, and a little of improvement compared to Tokyo Modern Pentathlon: Sadly our medal at London hasn't changed our expectations and quality on this sport. We had one female at Tokyo, and her performance wasn't so good. We don't have any athlete performing well at Worlds or WC competitions Rowing: 2 athletes would be awesome, if we look at our perfomance at it Rugby Sevens: I believe that women's team will qualify again, but the gap between us and the other teams is getting smaller every time. For men's competition it is a hard task Sailing: We just missed two events at Tokyo, I believe we will have a similar situation. Shooting: Maybe one quota, let's see if our athletes can do better at Panamerican and get some quotas Skateboarding: Full quota. It is not going to be so easy at men's street, but I think we will send 12 skaters again Sport Climbing: Unfortunately the level of this sport in Brazil is far from any chance Surfing: I think we will get one female and two male easily. The third quota for men's side is likely. Maybe a second quota for women Swimming: It is the same than Athletics. Many athletes, few chances Table Tennis: Full quota here. We even have some hope for medal. Taekwondo: We have some athletes among the top, and I think they will get quotas by ranking. The Tennis: six athletes is a good number Triathlon: three or four athletes, maybe relay team Volleyball: easily both teams will qualify, but I am worried about men's team performance lately Water Polo: Men's team has a chance to qualify, but we will have to cheer for USA Weightlifting: Not sure, after the retirement of our best athletes, I believe we will get two quota at best Wrestling: two or three quotas at women's side are possible. Maybe one for men
  19. Actually it is a new discipline, you have to hit a target on the beach while you take a wave. It's very urban
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