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  1. Meanwhile Brazil will have more than 350 athletes
  2. LOL > Dota..... Running to the mountains
  3. and look very safe for their spots. Brazil basically won all of its matches, and it has 13 points of difference for 5th place. and are going to take these two last spots. and will battle for repechage spot. As usual and not in contender for WC. The biggest disappointment was .
  4. I am in for Because if I do not do it, @rybakwill not stop sending me messages, and I will have to go to Poland with a mission and some golf equipment on hands...
  5. I remember a user from here crying and desperate about the chances of being in WC, some months ago Good to see that the things changed well.
  6. It would be great a brazilian title or medal in winter sports... and I believe it is going to happen soon. As for Marcus, it was a great achievement for him, and for the girls team as well.
  7. The decision of not race today, wasn't too wrong. But how they handled it, was totally stupid
  8. @hoversaBR @vinipereira I think they are trying to change the scoreboard for girls. Because that 0,1,2 points in last worlds and Olympics were terrible This competition was a little different, we had only 1 run and 4 trick, counting the best 3. 1 And even though the final pontuation was higher than at Olympics. The trick that gave gold to Rayssa was the best trick of this competition by far. I think she deserved that, but 8+ for that trick, is kinda of no sense, if we compare with men's tricks I was even expecting she performs that trick at Olympics, because I had seen her doing it during trainings before.
  9. I liked the medals design! It looks the medal format for X-Games haha, but a different style, it is nice!
  10. Quem sabe vc n ganha uns pontos por esse movimento?
  11. Ae galera, n sei se vc viram... mas a confederação brasileira abriu seletiva de breaking Bora lá, confio no potencial de vcs... quero ver vcs nas olimpiadas
  12. I believe it will be exactly the same as it was in YOG 2018 hahah Senorita Carlota
  13. Or World Sailing trying to add a mixed Kiteboarding event... that's no sense.
  14. As far as I know, Skateboarding has other 4 events which could be in Olympics: Freestyle, Vert, Mega Vert and Downhill I only see Vert and Downhill with real chances to make it. Surfing, I remember talking with a ISA member, and he said about plans to add Stand-up Surfing to the Olympics.
  15. Você pode ser o cabeça então Vini? Acho q todo mundo aqui te ajudaria de alguma forma.... E eu ia comentar justamente isso, se é pro publico brasileiro, precisa ser com S
  16. Eaí galera, ninguém anima comandar essa ideia do Sindo?
  17. Library/OlympicOrg/Games/Summer-Games/Paris-2024/Programme/Paris-2024-event-programme-EN.pdf?_ga=2.117401094.1648725098.1626924074-776589217.1626289801
  18. If I am not wrong the Kiteboarding event will not be mixed anymore... it will have events for men and women
  19. I made this prediction two years ago, and.... I got the exactly number of medals for Of course I didn't predict all the correct sports, but the number I did! I am full of myself
  20. I like this idea, I just don't know if I would have enough time to take care of it. But it is a great idea... Let's see if @vinipereira @hoversaBR @thiago_simoes @LuizGuilherme or any other brazilian user would like to do it... Otherwise I could give it a try!
  21. Essa noite acabou a luz aqui na minha região. Fiquei das 20h30, mais ou menos até as 5h00 da manhã sem luz. Felizmente eu não vi esse jogo contra a Rússia, pq eu ia passar mt raiva... E infelizmente eu não vi o Skate Fiquei triste também pelo Darlan.... E estou com muita expectativa para o Boxe
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