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  1. Well done, Robi. Kasza didn't even qualify for the Final in Budapest and now he won the silver in Sofia. He still has a chance to qualify for Tokyo.
  2. 31st for Hungary in the voting order for the second contest in a row.
  3. Disappointing laser run from Gulyás, but it looks like she might be our best athlete in women's pentathlon now? One more similarly good result from her and I think she will get the second Hungarian quota.
  4. I miss the times when the weather was my #1 concern about the Games. Still, I hope there won't be some crazy high temperatures.
  5. Another medal for us, this time a bronze for Luca Patakfalvy in women's 53kg. Wtf is going on, is this a weak ECh and some countries didn't show up? I am not used to seeing multiple Hungarian medals in this sport.
  6. 8 host cities with confirmed capacities: Budapest - 100% Saint Petersburg and Baku - 50% Amsterdam, Bucharest, Copenhagen and Glasgow - 25%-33% London - 25% Hungary will allow spectators from abroad to travel to Budapest if they will have two negative COVID tests. Same for Baku for the countries who will play at that venue. And probably something similar for Saint Petersburg.
  7. Budapest officially wants to host their EURO2020 matches at full capacity. I think we will be the only host who will try to have a full stadium.
  8. I thought that it would be neat to count which nations won the most gold medals at the Summer Games when a Hungarian won the silver meldal. In other words, which nations "beat us to the gold". Here are the disciplines where at least one nation beat us more than one time: (I counted the Soviet medals as Russian, and the Yugoslav medals as Serbian, and I also combined all the German medals) Artistic Gymnastics 4 Athletics 3 Canoe Sprint 12 Fencing 6
  9. To celebrate her, here are the videos of her win in Athens:
  10. Diána Igaly, Olympic champion of women's skeet in 2004, has passed away at the age of 56. The cause of her death is COVID related. One of our greatest athletes in shooting, rest in piece.
  11. Oh... yeah. Sorry I had a brain fart. Duh, everyone will get a second chance.
  12. Nice, now Tamás Lőrincz can finally win his gold as there are no Koreans in his event (he lost the final against Kim in 2012 and then lost to another Korean in 2016)
  13. We are sending Dániel Dósa (men's foil) and Anna Kun (women's epée) to the zonal qualifiers. That's probably the end of Olympic champion Emese Szász career, but I think the federation made the right call.
  14. Omar Salim won Hungary's first ever senior gold at the Taekwondo ECh. He's only 17 years old.
  15. The Hungarian team for the European Championships (bold for the gymnasts who will compete in all-around) Men: Krisztián Balázs, Szabolcs Bátori, Ádám Dobrovitz, Zoltán Kállai, Krisztofer Mészáros, Dávid Vecsernyés Women: Zsófia Kovács, Zója Székely, Sára Péter, Csenge Bácskay
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