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  1. btw, now that I have looked at the history of TISC again, I think the "Portugal of TISC" aka. "The Most Neglected country" award goes to Greece, followed by India. Greece participated every time, India only missed once, both never reached the Top10 or hosted a TISC. The "Ireland of TISC" is pretty obvious.
  2. TISC Appearances (not counting O2020) 14 - 13 - 12 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 -
  3. Best Finish Winner - 2nd place - 3rd place - 4th place - 5th place - 6th place - 7th place - 8th place - 9th place - 10th place - 11th place - 12th place - 13th place - 14th place - 15th place - 16th place - 17th place - 18th place - 21st place - 25th place -
  4. Because we are cerebrating the 15th edition of TISC, I have made a couple of maps about the history of TISC. I am splitting them into 3 posts because of the emoji limit. TISC winners 5 - (O2014, A2015, O2016, O2017, A2019) 2 - (A2016, A2017) 1 - (O2013), (A2014), (O2015), (A2018), (O2018), (O2019), (A2020) TISC hosts 2 - (O2013, O2015), (A2014, A2019), (A2015, O2019) 1 - (O2014), (A2016), (O2016), (A2017), (O2017), (A2018), (O2018), (A2020), (O2020)
  5. I was a bit bored so I looked up which decades are the most successful at winning the Open contest... 1980s [1] - Listen to Your Heart (Open 2013) 1990s [3] - Zombie (Open 2014), Runaway (Open 2016), Brewing Up a Storm (Open 2017) 2000s [2] - Song About Love (Open 2015), Sacre Coeur (Open 2018) 2010s [1] - Liquid Lunch (Open 2019)
  6. I am sorry, but it's not in the rules. I guess it's time to announce this year's Hungarian entry.
  7. I would respond by choosing the Hungarian song "London" by Bermuda for the next contest held in London.
  8. Capitals are boring because many of them are well-known, and have been already advertised heavily by their countries. Like, I would probably not choose Budapest because I assume most people already know or at least heard of the main attractions, its history, etc.
  9. Oh, and if we are confirming participations... is in, duh. I just have to translate the lyrics because I couldn't find an official or unofficial English translation anywhere.
  10. Well, all I can say that is the Hungarian entry will be political and timely. Which is funny because I have already decided to send it for Open 2020 last year (it was really close to be the Hungarian entry in 2019), way before certain events of 2020 made this old song timely again.
  11. Yep, the US Open is still being played, just without one of the strongest pairs in Women's Pair, which means that Babos also got fucked because of this. Now just imagine how you would feel if the Polish athletes in men's hammer throw for example would get disqualified similarly in Tokyo right before the final. Do you really want to have a Games like this? Because people will get infected and disqualified, including top athletes, you just can't prevent that from happening with such a large event. And who wants to watch a Games that's only a shadow of itself.... so either cancel the Games (postp
  12. It's a shame that the dominance of the Big 3 (in terms of consecutive GS wins in the last 4 years) will end like this. No matter who wins now, it will be overshadowed by the fact that they didn't beat any of the Big 3.
  13. Here we go again with the nonsense. No, the Olympic will not happen with COVID. Just look up what happened to Mladenovic at the US Open. And then imagine if the same will go down next year at the Games, just on a much higher scale. The Olympics shouldn't happen as long as people can get disqualified if they get infected.
  14. Oh wait, the current hybrid era started in 2014, not 2013. So the Alpha Tauri is the first constructor outside the Top3 to win a GP in the current era, they have done it before Renault and McLaren.
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