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  1. John Oliver is the #1 most respected variety show host in America and has won their Primetime Emmy Awards multiple times, the American TV industry thinks of him as the very best the country can offer in terms of TV journalism.
  2. That v match can be an epic snooze fest, there will be no reason whatsoever for either teams to push for the win.
  3. A lot of teams have already qualified with this for R16: 5 spots left for the other teams.
  4. Updated rugby 16 teams 11 teams 9 teams 8 teams 7 teams 6 teams 5 teams 4 teams 3 teams 2 teams 1 team Returning Rio2016 teams Gained quotas Lost quotas
  5. With very likely having 38 Hungarians in swimming, it looks like we will have our largest Olympic team since Beijing, the team is already bigger than in London and Rio and we will also get additional quotas in Athletics. My guess is that the final number will be around 170-172.
  6. 38 fős a magyar úszó csapat. Négyen még varnak arra, hogy a B-szint elég legyen, de szerintem ők is várhatóan ki fognak jutni. Rio Tokyo Diff Archery - 1 +1 Athletics Marathon/RW 8 2 -6 Badminton 1 2 +1 Boxing 2 1 -1 Canoe Slalom
  7. The Swimming Olympic team Open Water (2) Kristóf Rasovszky Anna Olasz Men (21) Péter Bernek - 400 medley Richárd Bohus - 100 back, 4x100 medley László Cseh - 200 medley Gergely Gyurta - 1500 free Balázs Holló - 4x200 free Péter Holoda - 4x100 medley Dávid Horváth - 100 breast, 200 breast (not official yet, OST) Ákos Kalmár - 800 free, 1500 free Tamás Kenderesi - 200 fly Benedek Kovács - 4x100 mix medley Dominik Kozma - 200 free, 4x100 free, 4x200 free Hubert Kós - 200 medley, 4x100 medle
  8. At this point with all the withdrawals I am starting to hope that Fucsovics might have a shot at a good tournament here, despite his disappoint results during the clay season.
  9. Balogh Mátyás kvótát szerzett íjászatban. 1996 óta ez az első magyar kvóta íjászatban. Rio Tokyo Diff Archery - 1 +1 Athletics Marathon/RW 8 2 -6 Badminton 1 2 +1 Boxing 2 1 -1 Canoe Slalom - 1 +1 Canoe Sprint 15 17 +2 Cycling Mountain Bike
  10. What the actual fuck, did we win a quota? Um, archery experts, what's going on? Is this some weird unexpected quota or is this some sort of universality deal where many European countries can qualify one athlete? This is the first Hungarian quota in Archery since 1996.
  11. This isn't about women's weightlifting or how much people care about it. I am sure most people won't watch the event itself but the videos and images of her competing can and most likely will go viral everywhere as literally everyone has an opinion on trans people competing in women's sport and this sets a precedent on the biggest stage of international sports. I mean, she's already on the front page of CNN.
  12. The atmosphere won't be great, but it's better than nothing.
  13. The real problem is that you are apparently one of those many people who think political debate is about declaring that the people who you disagree with have an invalid opinion and then hope that you took the side of the majority on the issue. You can see how much this line of thinking helps progressives to win elections in Hungary.
  14. Munich represents an entire country when it's hosting a big international event just like how Budapest does. For example, I agree with the activism that the mayor of Budapest is conducting against the Chinese university that Orbán wants to build in the city but I would never agree to have any kind of official messages against the Chinese university at a football match against China set in Budapest. The mayor was elected to represent the people of the city, an international match reflects on the entire country, not just on the hosting city.
  15. I hope she's ready to become the most hated person in the world if she wins a medal. This will get really ugly as soon as the general public starts to care about the 2020 Games. I think this kinda went under the radar as COVID dominated the discourse, but that will quickly change once people move on from all the cancellation talk.
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