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  1. This is all part of Bottas' master plan to win the GP.
  2. So? That's doesn't mean people can't criticize him. And while "nobody can tell them what to do", the public image of any professional athlete does matter to their team because a large portion of their income depends on how many merch people buy.
  3. Hamilton doesn't "yell" "or else". He just wants a selfless act of showing unity on an issue. Drivers are obviously free to say no to that, but Hamilton is also free to call them out on it for choosing to not do it. Personally I call bs on the "I want to focus on the race" excuse. There are many formal stuff that takes places before every damn sport event, including races. Would anyone be fine with someone saying before a world cup match "sorry guys, I will skip the anthems because I want to focus on the match"? Or the same for the Indy500: "sorry guys, I am not an American, I won't stand up for their anthem, I want to focus". I have no idea wtf Leclerc is thinking with that statement. It reads like he doesn't want to do it because it would hurt the feelings of some people (aka. racist). The only people who would see that formal gesture as controversial are racists.
  4. Maybe we shouldn't tell the one black driver of F1 to "check his privilege" regarding BLM. As for taking a knee... unity on this matter would be nice because the Austrian GP is basically the first large international sport even since the protests started. But I guess some F1 drivers are so removed from reality that they can't see the importance of it. And I don't see any reason to hate on Hamilton for saying "silence is complicit". Unless you also want to hate on civil rights movements who spread the exact same message.
  5. New rules will at least give a chance the other big teams to change "status quo". We didn't have significant change for years, and the gap ain't getting smaller between Mercedes and the others, instead they seem to be even more dominant this year.
  6. Mercedes has already won 2020 and 2021. The new rules can't come soon enough, it's ridiculous how one team is now winning F1 8 years in a row.
  7. That's actually pretty good for this contest. Festival of Music had 27 songs the last time, and users were allowed to submit two songs.
  8. Do we have a collection of 'Festival of Music' playlists? Once the selection starts, those can help users who are struggling to find a song for this special edition.
  9. As I was suggesting earlier, we should have Japan as the host country even if the user(s) hosting the contest won't be the ones who submit a song from Japan (and I am sure someone will represent Japan in the contest, it's literally most culturally significant country in the world that never competed in TISC). We can have an Opening Ceremony celebrating Japan and their culture. You can fill a ceremony just with film and anime music alone (some of which are sport themed), they have sooo many well-known songs.
  10. I have one more suggestion: we should have groups of 4 in the group stage, regardless of how many songs will be entered. Users might get bored of the contest if we will have more than 3 rounds in the group stage.
  11. Yeah, this is the easiest solution. It might make this predictable, but at the same time it's the least messy and most democratic way.
  12. I think we should set a minimum number of jurors who has to vote for a given match. For example, we draw 10 jurors for a match, and as long as at least 3 jurors voted before the deadline, the match will have an official result, even if 7 jurors missed the deadline. If less than the minimum number of jurors voted for the match, the host picks new jurors with a draw until we reach this minimum threshold.
  13. Yeah, I think we should do the group stage + KO rounds format. We will have to figure out how to select jury members for the matches in a fair way (for example, one jury member should only vote for one match per group). I also think that everyone should vote in every round, which means that every jury member should be eligible to vote in the final match, instead of just having a randomly selected jury for the final as well.
  14. So we should decide the format of this Festival of Music TISC competition in the next few weeks, right? I mean, we are 7 weeks away from date of the postponed opening ceremony (and 9 weeks away from the closing ceremony), and we will need time for the selection.
  15. Hungarian professional football is restarting with the first matches of the Hungarian National Cup semi-finals on May 23. The Hungarian National League will restart on May 30. All matches will be behind closed doors.
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