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  1. First Croatia and now Denmark? Wtf are they eating in Egypt?
  2. Another promising match for us against the Netherlands, hopefully we can break the curse this year in Tokyo.
  3. I guess we are getting France if they don't mess up the 2nd half. I doubt Spain will let us avoid France.
  4. This sounds like us in women's handball. Expect many of the youngsters are already in the adult team and we are still shit, so we can't fire everyone if Serbia eliminates us at the OQT.
  5. Comparison with Rio 2016. Obviously this isn't final, many teams can still return or gain quotas. Returning Rio2016 teams Gained quotas Lost quotas M Football (14/16)
  6. In case you want to compare it to Rio, this is what we had 5 years ago: 13 teams 10 teams 9 teams 7 teams 6 teams 5 teams 4 teams 3 teams 2 teams 1 team
  7. Now that the team qualifications are on again, I wanted to count the teams per nations that have already qualified. I am talking about only team sports, so football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, handball, field hockey, rugby, baseball, softball and 3x3 basketball. (I know that beach volleyball is technically a team sport, but I don't want to count an event where multiple pairs can qualify from the same nation, plus it's just pairs.) Edit: I have changed by mind and deleted the 3x3 basketball quotas. The teams are too small compared to the other sports, so I think it doesn't
  8. More like you know it's going nowhere because only 40 thousand people protested in Moscow. I mean, that's pretty much nothing. Even in Budapest the weak opposition was able to organize bigger protests in a much smaller capital than Moscow when the majority of the country was supporting Orbán. So it's funny to see the Western media report on this like it's some significant event. All I see is a ridiculous and completely futile attempt from the West to weaken Russia internally.
  9. Damn, this is really bad two months before the OQT, it won't be easy for Croatia against France and Portugal after this drama.
  10. According to this it's 12 players + 1 substitution: So it depends on if you count substitutions as athlete quotas or not. For example HOC counts fencing teams as 3+1, 3 regular members and 1 substitution.
  11. Maybe they ate the same legendary pasta that our footballers supposedly consumed at the 1986 World Cup before the match against the Soviet Union.
  12. The Hungarian Olympic Committee is counting it as 12+1. I am not really sure why they have it like that, but for now I will try to have the same number they have.
  13. Közel egy év után szereztünk újra kvótákat Tokióba, kijutott a női vízilabda válogatott!
  14. Apparently Croatia had some food/stomach related problems. @dcro, do you know something about this?
  15. Yeah, but RSA made the decision to send a team pre-COVID, so I think they can get away with a withdrawal without a controversy if they say that the global crises made their preparation for the Olympics too costly, or something along the lines of that. Anyway, there's obviously a bigger chance for a withdrawal this time (any other time that chance would be pretty much zero), so I think Greece and Italy should and will take that match seriously.
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