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  1. Poland will be in Pot 1 for the EURO2024 qualifiers, France messed it up, they will be in Pot 2 with England. Pot 1 + UNL pot Only possible change is that Czech Republic can replace Switzerland if they will beat them on Tuesday.
  2. Yep, it's working on both the main and forums pages now, I don't see the Argentinian topic anymore, but the Hungarian one is still there.
  3. @Sindo Maybe you accidentally also added Club topics to the latest replies? Or was that intended? I think all the club topics are now shown in the latest replies, even topics from clubs that we aren't member of.
  4. Németország - Magyarország 0-1 A magyar csapat a legmagasabban rangsorolt országok között lesz a 2024-es EB selejtezőjének sorsolásán.
  5. Okay, this is just simply ridiculous now. Pot 1 for in the EURO2024 qualification draw.
  6. For the first time ever Hungary sends a Romani artist to TISC, someone who many of you probably know from Eurovision. (And yes, even when I finally send a more popular song from a more well-known artist, it's still not a regular popsong. ) Please, welcome Joci Pápai and his single from 2017, "Özönvíz". Hungary Joci Pápai - Özönvíz Lyrics
  7. If we somehow manage to stay in Pot 1 (I think we "only" need 1 more point for that from the last two matches against Germany and Italy), literally everyone will want to get us from Pot 1.
  8. But the draw may not be enough for Pot 1 in the EURO2024 qualification draw, which is probably as important as staying in DivA. The worst third placed team in DivA will be in Pot 2. Right not the teams that would be in Pot 1 (+ UNL pot) are: And currently the rest of the pots would be... Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pot 5 Pot 6
  9. Here's an idea for future updates (not sure if it's possible): having the qualification tracker of our own nation up there with the overall tracker. Like, below the "Paris 2024 Qualification Tracker" have a Hungarian qualification tracker if the user is Hungarian. (I mean, for now it would say "0 quotas in 0 sports", but I think you get the idea. )
  10. 2 arany, 2 ezüst, 1 bronz a magyar csapat mérlege a 2022-es Európa-bajnokságon.
  11. 1 ezüst és 3 bronz a magyar csapat mérlege a 2022-es Világbajnokságon. Ezüst Lévai Zoltán - kötöttfogás 77kg Bronz Lévai Tamás - kötöttfogás 82kg Losonczi Dávid - kötöttfogás 87kg Iszmail Muszukajev - szabadfogás 65kg 5. hely Kecskeméti Krisztián - kötöttfogás 60kg Vlagyiszlav Bajcajev - szabadfogás 97kg
  12. is in. I think I already know what my choice is for the Hungarian entry. I have "experimented" with some less popular songs recently, this time I think I will just submit a very popular song, with over 20 million views on YouTube, from an artist many of you probably know from Eurovision. I am just curious what happens when I submit something very popular, we haven't submitted a song like that since the 2020 annual contest.
  13. Most fantasy characters can be played by anyone, their skin color doesn't matter. Most fantasy property was written in an age where black people were second class citizens in many countries, including the US. Obviously we should move on from those times and give leading roles for black or Asian actors that they would have never got decades ago. Black Panther is not comparable because he was written very specifically to be black, their place in comic book history is defined by their skin color, therefore the role can't be played by a white or Asian actor. The little mermaid is perceived to be white not because it's relevant to the plot, it's because the character had to be white in 1989 due to white being the default skin color for any leading role in Hollywood at the time. Now the tides have changed. And Little Mermaid, the Disney musical, has almost nothing to do with its European/Danish origin. The most well-known song of the musical, which won the Oscar in 1989, is a Caribbean song, performed by a black actor, who played Sebastian. Disney already made their own thing and Americanized the tale in 1989, all their are doing now is that they are updating it to what the public desires in the 21st century in the US. I mean, this sure as hell ain't "European" or "Danish" in any sort of way. ---- That being said: the Disney live action remakes are useless and shouldn't have been made. The animated features are superior, but not because they have white actors/characters. So all of this debate is pointless, the skin color is NEVER the issue. The issue is with how unnecessary it is to remake great animated features into mediocre live action movies. The Jungle Book was the only remake which was an actual improvement, every other remake was completely pointless.
  14. It's parliamentary. The head of state (president) has no power whatsoever, the Parliament holds all the power. But that's not really the case anymore, in reality the Hungarian Parliament has become a joke, Orbán essentially makes ALL the decisions as the prime minister, he holds absolute power over his party, which has supermajority in the Parliament, therefore one man rules all, which is the opposite of what a parliamentary system should be. Hungarian society is simply not capable to move on from their desire to have a "strong leader who rules us all". We were meant to be a representative democracy with a prime minister who is waaay less powerful than the governing party or parties themselves. But we couldn't have that, we need our strong leader... And this is event true for the left-wing Hungarians, they are happily worshipping their own version of Orbán. We are not ready to be a real democracy and we won't be for quite some time. Any advances we made after the fall of communist was undone by the last two decades of awful Hungarian leadership, and this includes the failures of the left-wing during the second half of the 2000s, not just Orbán.
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