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  1. And that's the end of that. A lot of money went down the drain for this event and for this sport, and this is where we are. I hope there will finally be consequences in this country, fuck Fidesz.
  2. Well, that was another nightmare, but at least this time there were some signs that they can play handball. The host isn't eliminated in the group stage (for now).
  3. HUNGARY Officially Joins the Bidding Contest for TAISC 2022 I can't promise that everything will go 100% smoothly if I will host the contest, but I might as well try to do it now when the interest in hosting is so low. I am not exactly sure how much free time I will have, but I have already tried to do couple of things to make my life easier with the scoreboard, so maybe, just maybe there won't be any issues with the stuff needed for the Grand Final, regardless of my real life commitments. If something unexpected comes up for me irl, you will get less "cultural posts", for example a shorter Opening Ceremony, but even in the worst case scenario I should be able to do the administrative side of the contest without any major delays.
  4. Dreadful first match for us, there's a good chance that he will be eliminated in the group stage. Karma for this overly expensive venue that no one here asked for.
  5. The Hungarian matches are all sold out, we will break the Hungarian attendance record for handball matches with 20 thousand spectators. Just like at EURO2020 in Budapest, the arenas don't have capacity restrictions.
  6. I am wondering, what's better for the contest: start the selection right after the Closing Ceremony where site activity is high and then have a sort of break between the selection and voting while the Paralympics is on (obviously we can't have the voting in the middle of the Paralympics) or we should simply start the contest and the selection "late" in March after the Paralympics? There would still be plenty of time after the Paralympics for everything before Eurovision and the Aquatics WCh.
  7. Here are the winners: Sportsman of the year: Áron Szilágyi (fencing) Sportswoman of the year: Tamara Csipes (canoeing) Team of the year: women's water polo team Team of the year in individual sports: women's K4 canoeing boat Coach of the year: András Decsi (fencing)
  8. The Hungarian Sports awards nominees Sportsman of the year Tamás Lőrincz (wrestling) - Olympic champion, European champion Kristóf Milák (swimming) - Olympic champion, Olympic silver medalist, two-time European champion Áron Szilágyi (fencing) - Olympic champion, Olympic bronze medalist Sportswoman of the year Tamara Csipes (canoeing) - Olympic champion, Olympic silver medalist, World champion Danuta Kozák (canoeing) - Olympic champion, Olympic bronze medalist, World champion Blanka Kata Vas (cycling) - 4th place in the MTB Olympic race Team of the year men's football team - EURO2020 participation men's water polo team - Olympic bronze medalists women's water polo team - Olympic bronze medalists Team of the year (in individual sports) men's sabre team - Olympic bronze medalists men's short track speed skating relay - silver medalists at the World Championships women's K4 canoeing boat - Olympic champions Coach of the year Ferenc Csipes (canoeing) - coach of Tamara Csipes and the women's K4 boat András Decsi (fencing) - coach of Áron Szilágyi and the men's sabre team Attila Selmeci (swimming) - coach of Kristóf Milák
  9. There's nothing wrong with the team events being the most important for the qualification, the team events are the heart of the sport. Instead of trying to destroy the sport, maybe the lesser nations should actually make an effort to improve in fencing. The one good solution I can thing of is to only allow the nations to qualify for 4 out of the 6 team events, which would mean that the maximum number of athletes quotas per nation would go down to 14 from the current 18. Similar to how in some sports the nations couldn't qualify in all the events. Even the top nations wouldn't lose much with this change as their two weakest teams most of the time flop anyway at Olympic Games.
  10. One of the biggest achievements in non-Olympic sports this year, what a moment for Iranian chess (or could have been if...). Anyway, the World Championship match between Carlsen and Nepo starts on Friday!
  11. I must say I didn't expect to get this close to the Top10 with this song.
  12. Every contest I consider sending a song in English and then I always realize how few options there are for Hungary in English.
  13. Hungary Denmark 12 Greece 11 Canada 10 Argentina 9 Great Britain 8 Ireland 7 Sweden 6 New Zealand 5 Vietnam 4 Slovakia 3 Kazakhstan 2 The Netherland 1
  14. Hmmmm.... Hungary Greece 11 Canada 10 Argentina 9 Great Britain 8 Ireland 7 Sweden 6 New Zealand 5 Vietnam 4 Slovakia 3 Kazakhstan 2 The Netherland 1
  15. Hungary Yay, it's finally my turn! Here are the votes of the Hungarian jury: Canada 10 Argentina 9 Great Britain 8 Ireland 7 Sweden 6 New Zealand 5 Vietnam 4 Slovakia 3 Kazakhstan 2 The Netherland 1
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