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  1. +1 Moldova at the 2020 Olympics will be 20: Archery - 2 Athletics - 6 Canoeing - 3 Judo - 2 Shooting - 1 Swimming - 2 Weightlifting - 2 Wrestling - 2
  2. Moldovan Team at the Olympic Games 2020
  3. Radu Albot anounced the not compete
  4. And World Athletics are international
  5. Here a the results
  6. Alexandra Emilianov 64.40 in Ukraine Now Moldova a complete
  7. Caroline Buchanan FAREWELL BMX TRIBUTE " For my whole life, BMX has been home to me, Countless gate drops, And epic racing against the very best! I’ve tasted victory, And I’m grateful for success, For places I’ve been and the people I’ve met! To those that picked me up and shaped the athlete I am today, Know how much you mean to me! With a new chapter of full time mountain biking ahead, I want to say thank you and farewell to my BMX family, Thank you for the good times! " CELEBRATING CAROLINE " ELITE PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY ONLY " 3 x BMX World Champion 32 x BMX World Cup podiums 10 x BMX World Championship podiums 1 x Overall BMX World Rankings leader 1 x Olympic Time Trial win 2 x Overall BMX World Cup Series Champion 6 x BMX National Champion Thank you Caroline for all your contributions to BMX. Good luck in your next chapter of life.
  8. Flag bearers will be Dan Olaru (Archery) and Alexandra Mîrca (Archery)
  9. Miltiádis Tentóglou 8.60 m
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