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  1. And now will likely see their participation limited to 2 lifters in each gender (not that it was likely they could qualify more)
  2. What a peculiar clip, being a composite footage of Mexico's two big TV channels
  3. Watch today's Ball exercise for Groups. Really liked Israel routine, sadly the first 10-15 seconds of it just looks messy compared to the rest, they need to polish that. Azerbaijan won with a rather boring performance, but can't deny they didn't do any obvious mistakes to an untrained eye, and had good collaborations. Ukraine was going very well, loved their uniforms and apparatus color, very energetic performance, however they lost their chance to end up in the podium when they missed a ball. BTW, if you can forward the video to 20:42, you will
  4. I agree with your assestment, the art in this picture is just amazing and Taymor should have been nominated for Best Director. During the same time the movie was released I was part my high school's take on the subject, and we had the fortune to feature the actress that plays her mother in the film (she's well respected in Mexico) in our production as Frida narrating her life from her studio. I actually read the biography the movie was mostly based from, it is a very revealing and comprehensive book, featuring parts of Kahlo's personal diary and even some correspondence with her f
  5. One of the last heroes of Mexican Race Walking, Ernesto Canto passed away today due to liver and panchreas cancer, aged 61. He was 1984 Olympic champion in the 20km event, winning gold in most major competitions during that Olympic cycle: 1981 World Race Walking Cup 1982 Central American & Caribbean Games 1983 Pan American Games 1983 World Championships May he rest in peace.
  6. San Salvador & Mayagüez are the two bids for the 2022 Central American & Caribbean Games Personally I’d love to see either or host it, as rhe Salvadorean government is currently a parasite of Mexican government funds and Puerto Rico plan to seek for alternate hosta for a number of sports.
  7. Perez His best finish ever... and to top that, Stroll finished only 9th
  8. Congratulations to and @NikolaB for the win. Quite a nice discovery. Also a big cheer for the other podium finishers: @intoronto, I'm sorry this time your entry only was a reserve, and @Glen I'm with @Werloc, each song, whether in the end they could get points from me, are enjoyable, bue in this ocassion you beat two heavyweights in my rank, which was an achievement. @OlympicIRLsorry to not see you in the podium this time, I was almost sure this amazing song would get you another win, but 5th is not bad. @Michal Hrochyours was the biggest mover and probabl
  9. MEXICO Malta 12 Serbia 11 Argentina 10 Ireland 9 Czech Republic 8 France 7 New Zealand 6 Moldova 5 Romania 4 Kazakhstan 3 Egypt 2 Por
  10. Well, before I post my winner, I'll make it clear that from positions 6 trough 25 it was a close call, in which at some point everyone had a chance to make the final list or the reserves. It breaks my heart not to award points to more songs, but that's just this works.
  11. MEXICO Serbia 11 Argentina 10 Ireland 9 Czech Republic 8 France 7 New Zealand 6 Moldova 5 Romania 4 Kazakhstan 3 Egypt 2 Portugal 1
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