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  1. Indeed. They were suppose to implement two different competitions: Jr and Youth Pan American Games. I could live with a 19-22 competition for Panam Sports, and two different ones for the 15-18 segment: South American Youth Games (already in place) Central American and Caribbean Youth Games (excluding )
  2. @intoronto @Olympian1010 More bullshit decissions: next year's Cadet PanAm championships in Wrestling will serve as qualifiers for Cali 2021. How can they give a ticket to Santiago to U18 athletes who compete in different weight categories?
  3. I quite like this orange tone And mind you, but @heywoodu is not late; the rest of us are the ones who come early to the party.
  4. The most idiotic decision ever, cause I doubt they'll force the NOC's to maintain that U23 roster for the indoor competition. Looks Olympic Gold Medalist, fencing, Bach is influencing Panam Sports feeble minds.
  5. Well, some years ago I remember Mexican women used to play a lot in ITF tournaments in Tunisia and Turkey, but Europe is another league. Sad part, is that the usual crooks are fighting for control of the Mexican federations, with two groups claiming power, one recognized by the government and the other by the Mexican Olympic Committee, so we're probably heading to a situation where no player will be able to ask for proper funding or represent the country at National team events. Just hope she gets enough sponsors in the private sectors so she can continue improving her
  6. Renata Zarazua qualifies for the Main Draw
  7. Either Seguel or Zarazua will qualify for her first GS
  8. I'm just hoping our welcome gifts include some Edam, Gouda and Leyden cheese
  9. As things go since 2016, beautiful Mexican songs are an odd thing, so the pick is 99.99% sure.
  10. CACSO, now named Centro Caribe Sports, confirmed they have no oficial bidders for 2022, although some countries have made informal contacts. The limit to confirm interest will be November 15. 2020
  11. The Mexican TISC committee will not reveal the chosen song as a sign of respect to the host. Just letting you all know, the picks for this year's Open and next year's Annual are done.
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