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  1. Surprised Mexico is number 1 for Russian people.
  2. Well, in a certain way he did Of course, he argüed there some things that natural order made unmutable, and as such, were the inspiration for what it later became known as "human rights" (or as learned during my university years, 1st Generation Human Rights), while human opinions, are always subject to a certain condition and learning, thus could not be taken to represent the whole and only truth (more relativism) and be established as a political ideology to govern a State.
  3. That doesn't mean it's fair for the other competitors. For me, it's no so much as the amount of medals, but the deliberate attempts to cheat and find "legal" means to do so (Norway with their asthma medication is another example), depriving the world of a honest competition. I know cheating has always existed and will continue to do so; but isn't WADA's legal battle against Russia precisely the State's cover up of cheating?
  4. Well, without going further in a thread that doesn't belong, let's say I'm against any word that finishes in "-ism". As a profesor at high school said, "any ism seeks to have the absolute truth in a world of relatives"
  5. That's why I call them pseudo communist. They say they're left leaning and keeping the country away from conservatism and neoliberalism, yet: The President and the Congress he controls is moving towards criminalizing memes about government officials. He was about to deprive 75% of public employees of their computers and then force them to buy them back from the government. He supports strong Evangelical sects, which have cause lack of funds for the National Humans Right Commission, which he calls absurds. He's about to end the independence of the Electoral authority and courts. He cut the funds for public sports and Olympic hopefuls, yet he gave away more than 2 thousand million pesos to private entrepeneurs of the Mexican Baseball League. He signed that aberration called T-MEC, which basically ends any benefit NAFTA had for Mexican industry and services, and now turns the country into a slave force. I have no ill will toward social (but not socialist) systems, like the policies that have been implemented by some European countries; but, as I have repeatedly said in this forum, there is not a single left leaning or socialist politician in the whole country; just a bunch of thieves and crooks who use political terms to further down their own personal fortunes.
  6. Like they didn't now it before Rio... in an age when every nude picture by celebreties is leaked, and every conspiration document is revealed by "hacktivists"
  7. Well, this sport is not even fully implemented in Mexico and has not made it into the Olimpiada Juvenil, an event also cancelled by our pseudo communist current government.
  8. Yes, I'd love to see Lacrosse being included in future editions, as you said, it is an authentic American sport. and there are now enough teams to at least have a 6 NOC's field.
  9. Yes, Chile is probably 2nd best in the continent in men's, and is a true challenger to Argentina in women's. Cricket? Well I'm sorry for the Caribbean nations, but for me is the most boring, impossible sport to watch for an ocassional spectator, so good thing they went to include women's baseball.
  10. Well, for example in Guadalajara's case, the Roller Skating facilities are all together; the part inside the oval of the field hosted Figure Skating and could have hosted Hockey for that matter, so it's a two on one facility, if you design it or adapt it.
  11. But of course, Lord Coe was never aware of that Time to start thinking about finding other suspects besides the tainted Russian sports program.
  12. Well it was about time, after a long absence. will be favorite for gold, with and going for the other two spots in the podium. , & are likely to complete the roster of 6 teams. Sadly has long forget this discipline in a long time.
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