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  1. Guadalupe Gonzalez ban has been upheld by CAS, so she won't be able to compete before November 2022. However more sordid details about her original defense (against World Athletics) have appeared as it seems the National Sports Commission (Mexico's government sports authority) originally pressure her to hire the legal team that attempted a defense base on lies, and who are now being sued by Gonzalez. If confirmed, it is another crime on the list of former "glory" Ana Guevara (head of said Commission), who is also being denounced as the intellectual author behind a murder attempt last month on a couple of men that were already accusing her of extortion in order to gain contracts to supply food at the national sports centers.
  2. One of the last, if not the last, survivors from pre WWII Olympics. Also one of the youngest medalists ever. Noel Vandernotte, Rowing, 1936 Summer Olympics
  3. Well, all three could be staged at private venues, just ask the respective PanAm federations to contribute to the cost of leasing the venues.
  4. Exactly, bodybuilding is just legal competitive sports doping.
  5. It was heartbreaking; a day earlier both Ancer and Ortiz had a chance for one of them to be the first Mexican to lift a PGA trophy in 42 years.
  6. So, only when they say it's OK, HBO takes an instance against injustice? Because this weekend, they suspended production of one of their shows in Mexico, because the host used a commonly used nickname for the Mexican president youngest son and the first "lady" took the matters to Twitter, so the President publicly attacked said anchor and hinted that him and any other critic voices against him and his family should be silenced, So from now on, HBO productions are no longer on my watch list.
  7. Apparently, just one fatality and some material damages in the towns closer to the epicenter, plus a not so healthy scare for Mexico City residents.
  8. It seems Mathilda Karlsson last shot for a place in Tokyo will be through legal procedure.
  9. To be honest, this could be Canada's only chance to host a Men's World Cup, even if it's a "joint" bid. I think Hamilton could choose a date probably after the eightfinals, as I doubt Toronto could host a match after that. I only hope that Mexico retires from this joke as soon as possible.
  10. So, Norway can still cheat its wat to the top at every Winter Olympics. Nice bias WADA.
  11. No sorry, I'm not a former student of UANL nor a subscriber of the newspaper, and I think neither is @RiSeGwangFan
  12. I'm against any form of human exploitation, especially children; but sexual exploitation is probably among the most vile acts a human can commit towards another. But since nothing I post on a forum may change anyone point of view, I'll refrain myself for further comments
  13. You're kidding right? You know basically hundreds of thousands of children are exploited in this "line of work"?
  14. Luis Ricardo Villalobos - Road Cycling Source
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