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  1. So doing a quick summary: M1x: ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) W1x: LM2x: ( ) (Reallocation) LW2x: ( ) (Reallocation)
  2. So quota for and in LW2x. Chile will have to choose between M1x and LM2x, and Peru between M1x and LW2x If both go with the larger boats, then Nicaragua will be definitely in and also the NOC which won the C final in M1x.
  3. Actually, Chile not qualified. If their women finish first in the last race, the we'll have a very interesting situation.
  4. Partially; what it's a scandal it's that FISA decided to limit one boat per NOC instead of one per gender, as in Rio.
  5. So quota for Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela in LM2
  6. Or select any of the two if the Cuban woman also finish 6th, which could bring several outcomes for qualification.
  7. Seeing this I think & did the same in women’s single sculls. Venezuela could benefit from the “absurd rule” reallocation in LM2x, just as Guatemala will do in LW2x.
  8. Wow, dissapointing result for Cabrera in M1x; it i’ll he hardwr for himnto seek his pass at the Final regatta Now i know it will be either Lechuga or the LM2x the ones in Tokyo. Also, with Peru moving to the A final in M1x, Nicaragua’s chances to compete in the Olympics increased.
  9. And Ecuador loses an easy quota for them by not showing, so Nicaragua could get a rower in W1x
  10. No live scoring, but start list and broadcast
  11. News on World Singles Qualification Tournament:
  12. Konstanze Klosterhalfen 31:01.71 - 10,000m a superb show, she lapped every other competitor in the race with a new NR
  13. That means I should tell Axoloco in Mexico City to pack his things, and bring enough Mexican spirits?
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