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  1. Yeah, as of lately, everything is reducing to the angle they enter the water and the amount of the splash, while in principle every other element you mentioned should be considering (plus a proper and solid handstand in 10m, not the shaky, unsecure they do as of now)
  2. Yes, we have a pretty mediocre women's team right now, except for Moreno whose current form is unknown to me, as to tell if she will make the final in Tokyo. I think Mexico will be in contention with De Luna if he is in his best shape. The other gymnast are real bad.
  3. Well, 2 wrestlers already qualified, and nothing else for Mexico after those terrible draws.
  4. You may be joking, but the judges were not. Except for his 4th and 6th round dives, every other execution was far from the notes awarded. Same case for Goodfellow, today he wasn't as clean as yesterday, yet he was not penalized as he should when he failed, especially during the last dive. The opposite was the case for Down-Jenkins who saw of his executions undeservedly scores. BTW, congratulations to García Boissier for making it to the finals. He had very clean executions, and if not for the degree of difficulty, he could very well challenge for a medal.
  5. Entries by event for the Final Qualification Regatta Sadly, and idiotically at the same time, no rowers for Mexico They could have had a slight chance in men’s single sculls and lightweight single sculls
  6. As with the women, here is the scenario for men: there are 59 divers qualified for individual events, leaving 9 spots to reach the target 68 competitors. From those 9, 3 will go to divers from , & , as neither of them has a second quota in the corresponding individual events in which they earned places in synchro. However, the other likely half of those duos (Marsaglia, Terauchi & Sereda) qualified in individuals so their quotas in synchro won't be counted. So, we have 26 synchro only divers that will compete for 6 quotas. Woo Ha-ram qualified in 3
  7. Agree, although reallistically I think Willars/Balleza in 10m synchro could be our safest option for a medal in Tokyo. Others will make it to the final, but it will be a transition Games for Mexican diving like Athens edition.
  8. Qualified athletes in 3m Springboard Martin Wolfram Alexis Jandard @Benolympique although that last dive of his was overscored. Alberto Arévalo Alcón Rodrigo Diego - 12 out of 12 quotas @Braulio Anton Down-Jenkins Nicolás García Boissier @Fran-UDA congrats 2 divers qualified. Yona Knight-Wisdom Jonathan Ruvalcaba (former competitor for , still living and training in his native country ) Oliver Dingley @OlympicIRL Yeongnam Kim Thomas Ciprick Lorenzo Marsaglia
  9. And Tocci blows it in his last dive
  10. Probably incomplete name at Wiki, but he appeared to be the same guy to me and @thepharoah confirmed it. BTW, end of hope for Lesiak now, as he has to go over 30 points above 7 guys Anyone inside the top 18 that gets above 395 points mark, is in.
  11. Nice competition for Mohab Ishak @thepharoah . He could contend for a semifinal place at Tokyo. However, and correct me if I'm wrong, checking his birth date he already had a quota through the African Championships.
  12. And again Ito's mind betrays him
  13. And Jahir Ocampo blows it @Braulio... it's down to Rodrigo Diego and his 2 high degree dives.
  14. And that's it for Rzeszutek @rybak
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