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  1. In the end, only Alegna González got the quota for Paris. Hope next major competition sees more athetes qualified. Just 3 this time, a guy from & Karlstrom in the men’s side.
  2. If pace id maintained I think Mexico might get up to 4 quotas for Paris today
  3. It’s actually “Parada”, a last name that is the source for double entendres in Spanish
  4. Yes, the original selection with the hummingbird was far better. However the designer of that flag asked the Regional Assembly to no longer consider it, as there was some controversy she had taken the humingbird from shutterstock, which she recognized as doing it.
  5. Martinique’s Council finally approved an offiial flag for the region, after the last design’s adoption was annulled. Martinique’s flag From what I’ve read this design is to be used on par with the French flag, the latter taken precedence over the first, but for sporting and cultural purposes the new design may be used. So if there’s no inconvenience, and pending further news, I suggest to replace the current icon in the forum.
  6. Ugh, the American Axid of Evil (MEX, VEN & CUB) will be celebrating their triumphs. Disgusting Go Japan
  7. At least Mexico had the best scorer of the tournament. Sadly, this kid is not likely to improve his skills
  8. Congratulations & for the podium! Looks like Mexico ended between good old pals and Care to join me for a Corona later @hckošice & @OlympicIRL?
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