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  1. Benfeito out As with Rommel, it’s hard to see end her last competition like this, but she wasn't never in form this year and I think it’s fair for other competitors to bebin the final. The Chinese teenagers will most likely finish 1-2, and Schnell deservedly has bronze to lose, even when judges score her below what she deserved in a couple of dives. It’ll be hard for Wu to overtake her, unless the latter nail every dive in the final.
  2. I went back to sleep the minute he finished. That 5th dive from him broke my heart and illusions, but that’s sport. This is the only member of a golden generation for Mexican that didn’t medal at the Olympics, sadly However I will always remember that last image when Ma Jin, his coach of 16 years or so, embraced him like a mother. Overall in this event, I think Laugher did enough with his performance to earn that podium, which made me questions why the judging panel would rise a little bit his score for rounds 2-3, when he didn’t it needed. His technique is almo
  3. Like the Brits haven’t cheat ever in track cycling Boardman & co. 🙄🤫
  4. Yes, she performed an easier vault instead of the one she planned to do
  5. She downgraded her first vault. Just tragic, if you ask me
  6. Come on, her first vault was fair enough and difficulty helped her, but above 9.000 on execution? Bullshit. Then she did a horrible second jump, where again, she was unfairly rewarded by the execution judges. Unlike Andrade and Skinner who had a balance between difficulty and execution, and did no important mistake, the Korean was undeservedly on the podium.
  7. I really wish the cartel enforcers seek and massacre each execution judge in the vault final. Alexa Moreno was robbed of her medal, despite having a clean performance, probably second only to Andrade.
  8. Well earned medal for Aremi Fuentes. 11 years after her bronze at the YOG. She really did the performance of her life, and I hope she can return for Paris & LA
  9. Told you Jansen would finish top 8, @heywoodu
  10. Podium defined, but Palmer could sneak in between the Chinese
  11. Well gold is practically defined to Tingmao Shi, despite being a little oberscored again in round 3.
  12. Now Tingmao with a beautiful dive, while Wang gets overscored Abel showing her experiencing and movimg up in the order, but Palmer and Sabri right there on the hunt
  13. Women’s 3m final starting Fair judging for the opening round, except for Tingmao who was overscored, as her compatriot Wang did it better in my opinion
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