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  1. Lindo demais!!! I love your objectivity and your passion for the Gymnastics!!!
  2. Yeah, It's Official, sadly.. I don't think they change it... I ...just hope to see the DPRK team at 2022 Asian Games in Huangzhou...
  3. Don't!!!! They're waiting the dear leader changes his mind...
  4. I think DPRK doesn't trust China at all. Looks like they aren't that well(Ok, they never are) in economy and they have even a really awful relationship with Japan. I know the DPRK is working hard, but even Kim Jong Un is talking about a new great challenge. I, like a fan of DPRK sport, feel so terrible... you don't watch the North Korean performance so often... Kim Mi-Rae was my favorite... I think she was able to achieve two Olympic medals on the platform..
  5. 1-2 Taekwondo 2-4 Diving Men's football MAX 7 medals: one gold in Taekwondo, maybe... MIN: 3 medals Honestly, it looks like other typical Mexican performance at the Olympics.
  6. Es tonatiuh, una deidad solar... Aunque a mí me gusta todo lo relacionado a las culturas prehispánicas e indígenas y considero que justamente la piedra del Sol es quizá el artefacto prehispánico por excelencia de México, tampoco me gustó el diseño, creo que los Jerseys que tenía México allá por el 99 se veían mucho más "elegantes" jajaja. El de charro es tan austero, para ese caso mejor que lleven trajes reales de Charro. El de Oaxaca también está muy pobre, hubieran funcionado mejor unas elegantes guayaberas con motivos geométricos, da igual. México insiste en combinar lo moder
  7. Asian Championship likely cancelled. Due COVID-19 protocols, Chengdu won't host the Asian Champs. Also, Universiade is postponed to 2022. Chengdu was the host since March, when Hangzhou gave up hosting(Covid). This is just an unofficial rumor on the Chinese Gymternet(Although, in Kazakhstan some Coaches was claiming "Our main competition will be the Asian Championship which will take place in Chengdu, China on May 29Th-June 1St. We hope to in one of the two Olympic Spots available in the All Around. Source:
  8. Lol. I mean My favorite Motto is Amics per sempre(Barcelona 1992).... IMO Berlin 1936 Motto is really good and fit perfect for those games, it's so militar.
  9. Amigos para siempre/ Amics per sempre. Why? It's a Powerful Motto.
  10. [hide] Event Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Women's Team Day 1 October 8th, 2019 Canada x China x France Great Britain Italy Russia United States x
  11. China is a dictatorship.... I'm not even surprised with this.
  12. I agree. Mainly RG. It's a beautiful sport for watch but it's so confusing... The judge system is so.... chaotic. I think in this sport there is an awful favoritism for Russia. FIG is indeed a corrupted organization. I think the gymnastics need a new scoring system, transparent judges, tecnology, motion sensors or zero human judges for D and E score. Choreo judges could be helpful too, people with knowledge in dance, body expression so on...
  13. Valentina is a bad person. I want her to retire soon. She always has a hurtful statement for every occasion. She doesn't respect the rivals, not even the Russian gymnasts. I don't think Masha is ValRo's favorite, she's only there because of the difficulty of her vaults, when even throwing the TTY is no longer a guarantee of a medal, then she's going to take it away from the Russian team forever. As happened with gymnasts like Nabieva (Just to give an example). I also think that the Russian team should do better, well with good infrastructure, good coache
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