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  1. Lol. I mean My favorite Motto is Amics per sempre(Barcelona 1992).... IMO Berlin 1936 Motto is really good and fit perfect for those games, it's so militar.
  2. Amigos para siempre/ Amics per sempre. Why? It's a Powerful Motto.
  3. [hide] Event Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Women's Team Day 1 October 8th, 2019 Canada x China x France Great Britain Italy Russia United States x Any Other Nation Men's Team Day 2 October 9th, 2019 China x Great Britain Japan x Russia x United States Any Other Nation Women's Individual All-Around Day 3 October 10th, 2019 Ellie Black Liu Tingting Tang Xijing Mélanie dos Santos x Giorgia Villa Angelina Melnikova Grace McCallum Kara Eaker Riley McCusker Simone Biles x Sunisa Lee x Any Other Athlete Men's Individual All-Around Day 4 October 11th, 2019 Deng Shudi Sun Wei Kazuma Kaya x Wataru Tanigawa Artur Dalaloyan x Nikita Nagornyy x Sam Mikulak Yul Moldauer Petro Pakhnyuk Lee Chih-Kai Any Other Athlete Men's Floor Day 5 October 12th, 2019 Tomas Gonzalez Xiao Ruoteng Emil Soravuo Giarnni Regini-Moran Artem Dolgopyat X Carlos Yulo Artur Dalaloyan X Nikita Nagornyy x Sam Mikulak Any Other Athlete Men's Pommel Horse Day 5 October 12th, 2019 Zou Jingyuan Saso Bertoncelj Cyril Tommasone Max Whitlock x Saeedreza Keikha Rhys McClenaghan x Ahmad Abu-Al-Soud David Belyavskiy Lee Chih-kai x Oleg Verniaiev Any Other Athlete Men's Rings Day 5 October 12th, 2019 Vahagn Davtyan Arthur Zanetti x You Hao Ali Zahran Samir Ait Said Courtney Tulloch Eleftherios Petrounias x Marco Lodadio Denis Abliazin Ibrahim Colak Igor Radivilov x Any Other Athlete Women's Vault Day 5 October 12th, 2019 Marina Nekrasova Shallon Olsen Yeo Seo-jeong x Maria Paseka Teja Belak Giulia Steingruber Jade Carey x MyKayla Skinner Simone Biles x Oksana Chusovitina Any Other Athlete Women's Uneven bars Day 5 October 12th, 2019 Nina Derwael x Mélanie dos Santos Becky Downie Elissa Downie Georgia-Mae Fenton Anastasiia Agafonova x Angelina Melnikova Daria Spiridonova Riley McCusker Simone Biles Sunisa Lee x Any Other Athlete Men's Vault Day 6 October 13th, 2019 Artur Davtyan Audrys Nin Reyes Shek Wai Hung Andrey Medvedev Wataru Tanigawa x Kim Han-sol x Yang Hak-seon Se Gwang Ri x Artur Dalaloyan Denis Abliazin Nikita Nagornyy Igor Radivilov Any Other Athlete Men's Parallel Bars Day 6 October 13th, 2019 You Hao Zou Jinyuan x Marios Georgiou Kakeru Tanigawa Yuya Kamoto x David Belyavskiy Nikita Nagornyy Ferhat Arican Oleg Verniaiev Petro Pakhniuk Sam Mikulak x Any Other Athlete Men's Horizontal Bar Day 6 October 13th, 2019 Artur Mariano Francisco Barretto Lin Chaopan Tin Srbic x Robert Tvorogal Bart Deurloo Epke Zonderland x Artur Dalaloyan x Tang Chia-Hung Sam Mikulak Any Other Athlete Women's Balance Beam Day 6 October 13th, 2019 Nina Derwael Ana Padurariu Chen Yile x Li Shijia Liu TingTing x Qi Qi Tang Xijing Mélanie dos Santos Sanne Wevers Kara Eaker x Riley McCusker Simone Biles Sunisa Lee Any Other Athlete Women's Floor Day 6 October 13th, 2019 Flávia Saraiva Brooklyn Moors Ellie Black Mélanie dos Santos x Eythora Thorsdottir Denisa Golgota Angelina Melnikova Lilia Akhaimov Jade Carey x Simone Biles x Sunisa Lee Any Other Athlete [/hide]
  4. China is a dictatorship.... I'm not even surprised with this.
  5. I agree. Mainly RG. It's a beautiful sport for watch but it's so confusing... The judge system is so.... chaotic. I think in this sport there is an awful favoritism for Russia. FIG is indeed a corrupted organization. I think the gymnastics need a new scoring system, transparent judges, tecnology, motion sensors or zero human judges for D and E score. Choreo judges could be helpful too, people with knowledge in dance, body expression so on...
  6. Valentina is a bad person. I want her to retire soon. She always has a hurtful statement for every occasion. She doesn't respect the rivals, not even the Russian gymnasts. I don't think Masha is ValRo's favorite, she's only there because of the difficulty of her vaults, when even throwing the TTY is no longer a guarantee of a medal, then she's going to take it away from the Russian team forever. As happened with gymnasts like Nabieva (Just to give an example). I also think that the Russian team should do better, well with good infrastructure, good coaches ... but as long as ValRo exists, none of that will do much good. She causes a lot of psychological violence in Russian girls. I also hope to see more difficulty. Although I understand that many girls and their coaches don't want to take risks and eventually get injured because the goal is qualification to the Olympic Games. I want Yeo to be performed, SeoJeong has a lot of chances with that new Vault. Really? I thought that Barbosa's triumph in Cottbus would give his coaches a lot of confidence so that he already competes as a specialist, she's really better than almost all the VT specialists I've seen on the entire quad. On YouTube I read a comment where they claimed that she would be even increasing her difficulty in VT. I saw her very strong in her last international competition, she no longer has a weak event. Rebeca has everything to shine like a Super Star in Stuttgart.
  7. I know it! These things aren't new in artistic gymnastics. the COP is really a disaster for years, the judges are human and make mistakes. That in the history of the sport has been present and while there aren't more strict parameters to judge the sport and specialized technology. The sport is really quite subjective, humans should only judge the artistic part, I think some motion sensors are more efficient for the whole technical aspect. I really understand you in part, although I have always valued the risk factor much more, for example I loved watching Yamilet Peña and I confess that I supported her much more than Alexa Moreno when they were competing in EF, just for the fact of Produnova vault. I know that it shouldn't matter the story of the gymnast, but see someone from a nation with poor sports infrastructure, who really suffered to attend the competitions, risking and presenting a very complicated Vault, risking their own health. It is for me the most beautiful thing.... breaking barriers. That's why I'm always going to be supporting Yami or Paseka. Obviusly it's better to see someone like Rebeca Andrade with beautiful vaults (I think she'll get Silver medal in World Championships and the Gold in PAN AM games).
  8. You're completely changing the meaning of my message. If you think she won her gold medal just because she's Russian, perfect. I can't change your perspective I'm not even interested in changing it, I just talked about how impressive is she to me.
  9. It isn't the fault of Paseka or the judges that the other gymnasts do not take the risk of competing more difficult vaults. Masha is a warrior, she almost died during her operation. I think the fact that she's showing those very hard vaults is really cool. Yeah her Cheng is really ugly, In the last World Cups it was really bad too, she's really working so har for fixing her mistakes when she blocks the table vault, if she can land her vaults it's fair she shows them.
  10. WAG Ukrainian team has a great day today.... Two girls in the top 8. The new Italian team is amazing. Alice D' Amato did excellent, the best new Senior in the AA... I read Georgia Villa had a fever when she was competing in the Qualifications, poor I hope she gets better. She has the most beautiful routine in the Beam Final.. I'm praying for her...
  11. WOW the MAG Russian Team is so good! Nikita had a GREAT GREAT GREAT day today. Artur was amazing too. Marios Georgiou is so epic!!!!
  12. So sad for Gelya, she has a lot of difficulty, but she needs work hard in VT, her DTY is really so mediocre(ugly), she did well in UB yesterday, but she is so inconsistent, On BB is the same thing..... she's so nervous....On FX she has a world class routine, but poorly executed. I love Gelya but What happen with her???? I'm so angry/sad/hapy for her medal... I feel like Valentina Rodionenko Congrats to Dos Santos(In the last European Championship she had the best AA score too) and Ellie Downie who had a great competition after her foot injury.....
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