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  1. LOL, you're right. I predicted 15 medals, which would be 4 less than in 2016, but I believe that no one who follows the sport in the country would be happy with anything other than 20 medals or more this time. If our judokas and volleyball teams had been in better shape, I would have predicted over 20 medals for sure. Also, on paper, Brazil can challenge for 6 medals in artistic gymnastics, and if we manage to get 4 or more, I would go crazy. Our chances are: men's rings, men's horizontal bar, women's all-around, women's vault, women's balance beam and women's floor. I believe women's vault is
  2. Brazil: Athletics - 0-2 Boxing - 1 Canoeing Slalom - 0-1 Canoeing Sprint - 1-2 Cycling - 0-1 Fencing - 0-1 Football - 0-2 Artistic Gymnastics - 1-3 Judo - 1-2 Sailing - 1 Shooting - 0-1 Skateboarding - 2-3 Surfing - 2-3 Swimming - 1-2 Open water swimming - 1 Taekwondo - 0-1 Tennis - 0-1 Volleyball and Beach Volleyball - 0-2 Weightlifting - 0-1 So, worst case scenario is 10, best case scenario is around 30. Judo, volleyball and artistic gymnastics could realistically provide more medals, but it would be far too optimistic to expect more than what I
  3. There's a chance. He can still qualify through the Apparatus World Cup series. Currently, Liu Yang from China is ahead of Petrounias, but there's a chance Petrounias can still beat him on average points. Highly unlikely at this point, but I believe it's not impossible. China could also try to earn an extra quota through the Asian Championships. Now, this quota would be open to any Chinese gymnast, so it's a lot more interesting for China to earn this quota than accept the one from the World Cup series, which would be restricted to Liu Yang. Let's suppose he gets injured before the
  4. Poor Ziaziulin. He always finishes fourth, even when it comes to small medals. I believe he's secretly Brazilian.
  5. Thank you. Somehow, I failed to realize how weird the rules are for such a simple sport. It's like they were bored with the way things were and decided to change everything based on arbitrary decisions. I wonder why some federations act like this. Stupid rules that prevent the best athletes from competing should not exist. Period. It's pretty much like artistic gymnastics where we'll have a very limited girl from Singapore competing at the Olympics, while extra gymnasts from Ukraine, Brazil and Australia will have to stay home, even though their level is miles ahead of w
  6. I don't quite understand how ties are broken. Here, both lifters had the same best weight in C&J, 206. Then, their second best result was also the same, 200. Then, one lifted 195 and the other lifted 194. How come the one with the third best lift got silver? I'll have a wild guess here and say that body weight is what matters, but then again the lighter of the two lifted the heaviest weight, and still got silver in C&J. Why?
  7. The Asian Championships are scheduled to take place from May 29 to June 1. And the qualification system in artistic gymnastics is insane. I've lost count of how many times I read the documents, and sometimes I wonder if I understood everything. FIG made things overly complicated by splitting the quotas for teams and individuals. Thankfully, this nonsense will not be repeated in 2024 and it seems like we'll go back to the 5-per-team standard with no extra gymnasts from a nation which qualifies a full team.
  8. There's also a chance that Japan formally declines a quota from the apparatus World Cup series and go instead for a quota at the Asian Championships. Since Japan has qualified a full team, if they earn a quota through the Asian Championships, they can pick any gymnast they want. If they accept the quota from the WC series, they would be stuck with either Kameyama or Miyachi. It would be a lot wiser to pick a quota for the nation through the Asian Championships instead. Keikha has a decent chance of qualifying, in the end.
  9. Japan is really dumb on their selection procedures, but even with their cluelessness, it would be a huge mistake to leave Miyachi out of the next World Cup stage. He has a fantastic routine. Kameyama, on the other hand, has no chance of even getting a medal, unless five or six gymnasts fall. This, of course, if he even qualifies for the event finals, which I doubt, to be honest.
  10. Let's say that Zonderland has a tendency to screw things up, while Miyachi could very well be the next Olympic champion in the horizontal bar thanks to his insanely difficult and clean routine. Of course, Zonderland is a two-time world champion and an Olympic champion, but he's far from his best and Miyachi has been consistent with his routine. Let's see how this goes.
  11. Ohh, this makes things a lot more interesting now. Now, if Hidetaka Miyachi qualifies on the horizontal bar -- it's not impossible -- then this means that the quota on the pommel horse will go to Saeedreza Keikha! Harutyun Merdinyan has an outside chance too, provided he wins the gold medal in Doha and Keikha finishes third or lower.
  12. There's still one event to go in the World Cup series, but we have a small list of gymnasts who have already qualified no matter what. Men's floor: Rayderley Zapata Women's vault: Jade Carey Women's uneven bars: Fan Yilin Women's balance beam: Urara Ashikawa Women's floor: Either Lara Mori or Vanessa Ferrari China has three men qualified on individual apparatus and, if I'm not mistaken, according to the tie breaking rule, Weng Hao will get the quota on the pommel horse. This is, honestly, the worst that could happen to China. They have virtually no chance of a medal on the p
  13. Only one of the girls who went to Sofia took part at the 2019 Pan American Games, so it's natural that they were anxious and a little bit nervous here. Even so, their performance was fantastic. Of course there's room for improvement, but it's only a matter of time before Mexico and Turkey earn medals at the World Cup series. The last time that two countries earned medals for the first time at the WC series in one year was 2013, when and earned their first -- and, so far, only -- medals. After that, joined the club in 2015, in 2016, in 2018 and in 2019. Let's hope that in 2021 it will
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