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  1. @heywoodu and @Laraja, if you are interested in how Portuguese and English differ when it comes to the Present Perfect, this article provides many examples about how crazy it is for speakers of Portuguese (especially Brazilian Portuguese) to grasp the notion of time behind the Present Perfect. The article is in Portuguese, but it provides a lot of sentences comparing Portuguese and English, so it might help clarify how different the languages are. This is also probably the biggest difference in grammar between Spanish and Portuguese, since Spanish has an equivalent structure to English. I k
  2. In English one can say: 1) She has broken the window. 2) She broke the window. In the first sentence, we know that the window is still broken, while in the second sentence it might have been fixed. In Portuguese we can only say "Ela quebrou a janela". This literally means "she broke the window", so the whole concept of something like "she has broken the window" is impossible to be carried over to Portuguese only using a verb form. We need to explain that it's still broken if we want to make sure that someone knows it needs fixing. To be honest, I believe that most people would immed
  3. I've been studying English for 30 years and I am an English teacher. I think in Portuguese, not English. When I'm speaking English or reading a text in English and I notice something that can't be quite clearly expressed in Portuguese, I think in English, but it's not like a random thought pops up on my mind in English if I don't have to use the language. When I think about things that I have to do, or when I have to come up with a solution for a problem, I think in Portuguese. Of course, I can switch languages and start thinking in English if I really want to, but it usually makes no sense fo
  4. Yes, I got it. I know there was a mistake; but the very fact that there was a mistake completely screwed the competition, in my opinion. The judges were very bad and both Uctas and Iordache suffered with wrong difficulty scores. And this destroyed the climax because it gave hope for Uctas, but it was short lived. I used a VPN and it worked. Thank you for sharing. Really cute moment.
  5. Yes, Mokosova's and Uctas's medals were probably my favorite moments of the whole competition. Slovakia has one gold and one silver medal at the Trampoline Gymnastics European Championships. Now, with this bronze medal, you guys have a full set. Well done.
  6. That final floor routine left a sour taste in my mouth. It would have been a lot better if Uctas got gold and Iordache got silver, but the inquiry destroyed the climax. Overall, a terrible competition, by far one of the worst I've seen in my life. Still, kudos to the medalists, especially Turkey, Slovakia and Israel for their first-ever medals in women's artistic gymnastics. Kudos to Croatia and Bulgaria for medals in the junior division, too.
  7. Ukraine won the women's team competition at the European Championships. It's a very surprising, almost shocking result, thanks to what Romania did. One of the Romanians scored very, very low on the uneven bars, but it was still possible for Romania to win gold. Larissa Iordache only needed, in theory, to hit her last routine on floor. If you watch her performance, you'll probably think she hit her routine, but there was a huge technical problem: she missed one of the requirements. Every apparatus has four different requirements, and these requirements add 0.5 to the difficulty score. The re
  8. What a day for Albania and Lithuania! First ever medals at the ECh for these nations, and gold for both! Turkey also won their first ever gold medal(s) in artistic gymnastics today. Austria earned their first medal since 1955! Kudos to Ukraine for displaying a nice assortment of routines, and to Croatia for winning three medals (though, shockingly, they lost the gold medal on high bar). Surprisingly, the bronze medalists in the team competition from Hungary did not manage to earn individual medals. Belarus also earned deserved medals with a veteran gymnast. In the junio
  9. It's not that bad. I don't support most of the proposals, but few of them have been accepted, anyway. The problem is that many people here are on the verge of being hysterical about any change on the program. How come they are trying to ruin the "older games" while weightlifting and boxing are still part of the program? So, now people pretend to care about the 50 km walk event too? Do you guys really want to watch swimmers from smaller nations clocking times that you guys could probably beat after two or three years of serious training? I understand that many federations lost quotas, but t
  10. I love watching the Classic Tetris World Championships. I would support this 100 times more than I support breakdancing.
  11. I agree. I was afraid parkour would make the cut. I'm glad this atrocity was not considered for 2024.
  12. Wait, WHAT? Why give less quotas to men? It's already too few as it is. I agree about women's artistic and I don't care too much about rhythmic because there are very few gymnasts good enough to fight for medals, but decreasing the number of men, even by 2, is absurd.
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