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  1. Yes! But this one would be a lot harder, unfortunately.
  2. I can't believe it! A MEDAL FOR MARCUS!!! Seriously, there are five sports where I never expected a medal for Brazil EVER at the World Championships: slalom canoeing, weightlifting, wrestling, fencing and archery. Now we have a medal in all of them. Unbelievable!
  3. FIG has not released the nominative entries yet, but many countries decided to send young and up and coming gymnasts, so this will be a very interesting and open event. It will be hard to predict anything. Many of the Olympians will skip the competition altogether.
  4. We didn't need any more evidence that Brazilian volleyball has hit the bottom of the barrel, but still our women's team wants to make it absolutely sure. They barely won the South American title, but they still lost the match against Colombia. What a crazy competition where the loser of the match wins the title, but even with the title it's still a shameful day for Brazilian volleyball, for sure.
  5. Oof! I've always wondered why the Indian fans here are so upset about the CWG. I'd be ashamed if Brazil took part in an event where everyone accepts the queen of another country as their ruler. It's even more shameful when Indians are accusing their former colonizers of being unfair to them.
  6. will not send any women to Worlds. Baffling decision, especially considering Nina Derwael is the reigning World and Olympic champion. Flávia Saraiva will also miss Worlds, but Rebeca Andrade will very likely attend, thankfully. She has resumed training and is preparing for Worlds.
  7. You're right: 13.525 is not a score that would even qualify her for the event finals at the World Championships, but it's still decent enough and on par with what's expected at a World Cup stage. However, the most important thing is: the potential to improve her difficulty is HUGE. Her execution is very good and she can become a real threat for a World medal in a few years. Voinea is probably the most exciting, talented and promising junior gymnast in the whole world, but she always performs poorly in competition. I don't understand why.
  8. What a horrible broadcast of the Mersin World Challenge Cup. The schedule with 10 finals in 1 day is a mess, and the broadcast suffers because of the terrible organization. Anyway, good news is that a female gymnast from won a medal at the World Cup/World Challenge Cup circuit for the first time ever.
  9. I forgot to mention yesterday that I was very impressed with . The men performed beautifully last year at one of the World Cup stages, and now they have a girl with decent skills. I believe that Serbia will qualify a gymnast for the first time to compete in Paris, maybe even both a man and a woman.
  10. Well, it's over. What a rollercoaster ride the whole Tokyo experience has been. Best ever edition of the Olympics and Paralympics for Brazil, despite severe cuts in funding and total lack of support from the government -- our government is so insane and absurd that the minister of Education mentioned a few days ago that disabled kids only "get in the way", and thankfully he received a big backlash for this ignorant comment. I'll probably go back to following only gymnastics now, because I definitely need a break from this chaotic routine of following roughly a dozen of different sports at the same time. It's been fun, I have to say, but my attention span is too short to focus on many sports at the same time.
  11. Any word on how they are going to deal with quotas in gymnastics? Brazil was supposed to receive an extra quota in rhythmic gymnastics after being forbidden to enter Guatemala, and there should be plenty of extra quotas left in trampoline -- which should be offered to Canada if there's interest, of course.
  12. Yep, lots of free passes here and controversial decisions -- always beneficial to Japan, of course -- at the 2020 Olympics. I hope they never host anything related to the Summer Olympics again while I'm alive. It's easier for me to be elected the most handsome man in the world than it is for all of this to have been a mere coincidence.
  13. With no sports where athletes receive subjective scores, it's hard for Japan to keep pushing for a higher place on the medal table. I mean, except for Equestrian. My point is: no surfing, skateboarding or gymnastics to artificially increase their medal tally this time. Not one single gold medal earned by the Japanese in these sports at the 2020 Olympics was deserved, in my opinion.
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