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  1. I'm glad that you're okay and Bruna is alive, but I'm heartbroken. She is and always will be an Olympian in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers that @brunamourahas a speedy recovery. Força, Bruna! Vai ficar tudo bem, guerreira! Melhoras!
  2. @heywoodu must be extremely happy and proud now. Congratulations, @brunamoura! So happy for you!
  3. Three medals for in the end: one from a 41 yo, another one from a 35 yo and a bronze medal in the men's 4x200 m relay. Thankfully, the relay team is very young, but we desperately need new faces in our swimming team. Our brighter days are gone and now we have to try everything.
  4. Finally a medal for us... But this is still very disappointing. If Nicholas somehow can't win gold tomorrow, this will be the worst short course worlds for Brazil in a long time.
  5. Very bad event for the Brazilians. Most of our swimming team did not want to go to this event. They are exhausted after many competitions this year, and some of our most promising swimmers just skipped the event entirely.
  6. Yeah, I'm sure he's going to be one of the greatest in this sport if he keeps healthy. VERY impressive results for a 18 yo, and that lift was valid in my opinion. I don't see how his lift was turned down but Talakhadze's was accepted. Seriously. This looks like a political decision rather than a technical one, to be honest.
  7. And another world record for Talakhadze. Barely, this time. Maybe he's still human after all.
  8. What the?! Alireza was robbed of a junior world record!!!
  9. Yaaay, a medal for Ziaziulin! He is SO unlucky that any medal at all is a blessing at this point!
  10. And another medal for Brazil. Seriously, I still can't believe it!
  11. This is getting insane. First-ever medals for , and , first medal in total for , first gold medal for , first medal for a female lifter from . Seriously, what's going on?
  12. A medal for Brazil! Now, that's one of the biggest surprises this year! I know it's a small medal, but this sport is virtually nonexistent here.
  13. One of the apparatus broke and could not be replaced, so the Brazilian coaches had to hold on to the apparatus so the Brazilian gymnast could finish his routine. Crazy.
  14. Very biased scores against Brazil and blatantly favoring Argentina on the women's events. Argentina has the better women's team and I'm okay with they winning the gold medal, but definitely not with scores that they didn't deserve. It's like the judges absolutely had to make sure that Argentina would win no matter what. Seriously, this is one of the worst judged events I've taken note of. EDIT: After I wrote this, one of the Argentinian girls had a bad performance on floor and basically threw out of the window their chances of winning gold. But, seriously, some scores are only 0,1 apart when they should have been at least 0,5 apart.
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