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  1. Brazil in fifth in my favorite sport. I could never imagine this would happen some day, and so, so close to a groundbreaking medal. I'm really happy and I was emotional through the whole competition. What a rollercoaster ride!
  2. A bronze medal for Brazil and a gold medal for Italy! I'm somewhat relieved I didn't jinx anyone this time!
  3. Brazilian fans on Twitter and Brazilian media really hate this coach and very few people had any faith in this team. The fact that this team is currently having a hard time against Slovenia at the beginning of the first set is enough proof that people are right not to expect anything from them.
  4. Really, even being among the top 4 is way more than anyone expected from this Brazilian team. Now I'll root for the two teams with the color green on the flag to win their matches.
  5. I voted on Chechi on rings and Kanaeva in the all-around. No one can beat Chechi's elegance and control. Csollány would have been my second choice. Azaryan would have been my third choice, even though he's from a totally different time and even his namesake skill is not used anymore. But he was decidedly elegant and strong for his time. On the women's side, it's quite shocking that no Olympic champion has really captivated me. I voted on Kanaeva mostly because she has two titles, but my favorite has got to be Marina Lobatch. Lori Fung would have been my third choice.
  6. Half of the problem is thanks to FIG's stupid rules. The highest execution score wins the tie breaks in every apparatus, except vault. On vault, the highest scoring single vault decides who wins the tie break, but the problem is that the lowest scoring vault wins the tie break too. If the rules were solid, and if the execution score on both vaults decided the winner, Davtyan would have won -- as he should have.
  7. Bartolini needs to substantially increase his difficulty score. Execution is important, but one cannot rely on execution alone, or else the risk of walking away without a medal is too big. That being said, I am a little worried about the fact that the judges are trying hard to make Jake Jarman happen at all costs. He's got big skills and high difficulty, but his execution is definitely not great and he's never penalized enough for his mistakes. This has been happening at every single event. It's baffling.
  8. I'm somewhat disappointed with the level of gymnastics here. Petrounias on rings and Davtyan on vault are the only ones that could challenge China or Japan in their best moments. There are some good routines here and there, but I really expected much, much more. The women's championships were even worse. A gold medal in the all-around with a sub 55 score? Really? Sub 14 for vault gold? Yikes.
  9. Sure, the judges know they were all eager to sing "God Save the Queen". Seriously, I'm always baffled that Great Britain, and England, always receive huge scores with okay (but not spectacular) routines when events are hosted in the nation. It was exactly the same in 2015 when GBR won the women's artistic gymnastics team bronze medal. Guess what? The World Championships will be in England this year. I think GBR will comfortably win a team medal again no matter what the other nations do.
  10. What the?! The results in the individual all-around final in rhythmic gymnastics are... I have no words. Ekimova with the gold medal? We've had plenty of weird results in men's artistic gymnastics with gold medals galore for England, so I must have been very naive not to believe this would happen again in rhythmic gymnastics. Even the results when England did not win medals were STILL weird. For example, Rooskrantz had a mostly clean uneven bars routine and she earned a bronze medal with 13.433. The English girl, Achampong, had a very untidy routine with lots and lots of errors and still got the same score. Rooskrantz had a better execution score, so she won the bronze medal and Achampong finished medal-less, but the point is that Achampong should not even score that high to begin with. The scores for the English gymnasts have been ridiculous. And Kallemaa once again was robbed. Unbelievable.
  11. Oh, so THIS is why the Artistic Gymnastics championships has not been staged yet, despite the fact that every other continent in the world has already staged their own continental championships. This "multi-sport" nonsense is the culprit.
  12. I've always known you're a time traveler. But, seriously, I'm not even mad that the Brazilian finished fourth here. A medal for Andorra in a senior world championships, and one that will be an Olympic discipline? Seriously, hell has frozen over!
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but according to Twitter, the top 5 sports in Brazil with the most mentions during the 2020 Olympics were: Unsurprisingly, football is number 1. Basketball is number 2, what really makes me wonder how people still care about this sport after decades of Brazil failing miserably in every important competition. Gymnastics is number 3, and I'm very happy about that, of course. Despite less than stellar results at the Olympics and World Championships, it's amazing how many people enjoy watching rhythmic gymnastics in Brazil. There was even a press conference recently after our group won the bronze medal at one of the World Cup stages. Artistic gymnastics, of course, is what drives most people's attention, though. Trampoline is almost nonexistent, and the other disciplines are almost unheard of. Volleyball in fourth is surprising. I thought it would comfortably sit at number 2, but I was wrong. Tennis in fifth is also surprising. It's not the kind of sport that is even remotely popular among the young generation. Skateboarding and table tennis are a lot more popular, in my opinion, and even surfing and handball would make more sense. But tennis is shown on paid TV all the time and there should be a strong following among people who are 35 or older, especially because they remember Guga more vividly than the younger crowd.
  14. In a shocking move, one of France's best female artistic gymnasts, Kaylia Nemour, will now represent . She will be allowed to compete again in one year. A number of French girls switched nationality in the past. The best known of the bunch is Farah Boufadene, who was decent enough to qualify for the 2016 Olympics, but not exactly spectacular as a gymnast. Nemour, on the other hand, is very, very good.
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