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  1. I was confused at first, but the 2021 European Championships might still happen before May, so there's still chance it will serve as the continental qualification for Europe. If the 2021 Championships is held later than May, then Ukraine will officially qualify in the group competition and Ekaterina Vedeneeva will qualify as an individual. This opens up two quotas, one for the US group and one for Salomé Pazhava from Georgia.
  2. I get what you're saying, but there are dozens of other summer sports. Besides, it doesn't look like the guy is even remotely interested in getting an Olympic medal, and he shouldn't be blamed because the country doesn't work toward getting more international recognition in summer sports. If a nation like Trinidad and Tobago can get Olympic medals for 6 straight Summer Games with a population of under 1.5 million people, Austria should be able to achieve this too. They have way more people and way more money to spend. Of course, their focus is on Winter Games, but then again, I don't see how a
  3. It's not like he has ever cared for the Olympics, so he's not losing sleep over Austria ending up with zero medals. And by the way things look, none of the sports officials in Austria are losing sleep either.
  4. One of the line judges was startled when Rublev smashed his racket after losing the first set, and the first thing I thought was "ok, I won't be surprised if she fakes a mental breakdown too at this point".
  5. Yes, you're right. In the end, they're just about the same thing, though. FIG just decided to keep the name World Cup for their category A events, while their category B events were all renamed to World Challenge Cup. Even on their website they list the results for the WC and WCC under the same label. Why create a new and exciting event while they could just split the World Cup circuit and rebrand half of it as a new competition? Typical from FIG to take the easy way out.
  6. Artistic gymnastics will finally be back. The first and last official event in FIG's calendar after start of the COVID-19 pandemic is the Szombathely World Cup, which will be held from October 2 to 4. Gymnasts from the following nations are set to compete: This could realistically be Albania's best shot at a medal in international competition with Matvei Petrov (especially on the pommel horse). Not many big names are going to compete. Filip Ude (Croatia), Marian Dragulescu (Romania) and Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) are former Olympics medalists and the most well-known gymnasts here. Boglarka D
  7. And the British gymnasts did it again: another round of accusations about things that are hardly shocking. This time, Ellie Downie accused a nutritionist of making her feel bad because the woman advised her to lose weight. She mentioned she started having body issues, especially after the nutritionist asked her to send pictures on a daily basis showing her progress on her diet. Honestly? The British girls are really, really pissing me off.
  8. More accusations, now from two female British gymnasts. Most of the accusations seem almost ridiculous, like being given controlled portions for meals and feeling pain from stretching. I mean, if you're gonna complain about these things, then change sports, go to modern pentathlon or something. However, one of the girls complains about being slapped and this is serious, of course.
  9. I love how many diacritics are present here.
  10. This is what happened to Daniela Druncea from Romania. Mediocre gymnast, nothing special about her, then all of a sudden she became a medalist in rowing at the 2016 Olympics.
  11. Point 1: Look at the scandal where Bulgarian coaches were accused of abuse by Swiss gymnasts. Then, the gymnastics federation on Bulgaria, who had absolutely nothing to do with the training in SWITZERLAND, released an official note stating that they believe in the coaches and not in the Swiss gymnasts who accused them. Now, if the gymnastics federation of Bulgaria acts like that regarding a program in a different country -- which they have no involvement with and know nothing about -- it's not hard to imagine what measures they would take to cover up suspicious things in Bulgaria itself. Of co
  12. In my opinion, it's even worse in rhythmic gymnastics, but you're right: this sport is toxic when it comes to how training is conducted all around the world. There are a number of reasons for that: 1) Most coaches learned to coach the Soviet way. 2) In some countries, physical violence and emotional abuse are seen as efficient ways to discipline athletes, and these countries usually thrive in gymnastics. 3) There's huge pressure for traditional programs to keep their results. 4) Similarly, smaller programs feel that if they don't come up with a miracle, funding will be cut, so they pu
  13. @heywoodu I'm sad to hear about all of this. It's heartbreaking.
  14. I'm very, very angry now. No Junior Worlds in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics in 2021, no YOG in 2022. I've never really been a huge fan of the Olympics (it's not a secret I only care about artistic and rhythmic gymnastics), but I enjoy the YOG for what is is. Terrible decision.
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