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  1. That explains why Indonesia bragged about qualifying in women's artistic gymnastics. The "logical" explanation is that FIG will give the tripartite quota to , even though the gymnast would qualify on her own according to the rules, so that would get a continental quota instead. That's not what the rules enforce, though. The Indonesian gymnast is pretty good, so I'm not exactly mad about this. But that must hurt for , even though their female gymnast is nowhere near the level of quality of any of the qualified gymnasts, while the Indonesian girl is even better than some of the ones who qual
  2. and would be amazing! Both are my sentimental favorites here, along with Matvei Petrov from as I mentioned before. And I'm torn about what to expect from . On one hand, Iordache is an extremely talented gymnast who deserves an individual medal. On the other hand, Romania butchered and destroyed their women's program, so they don't have my sympathy and don't deserve an Olympic medal this year, at least not until they fix their program. So, my heart says yes, but my brain says no.
  3. Matvei Petrov in gymnastics. Not impossible, but unlikely. However, he had a HUGE score in the latest World Challenge Cup stage, so he definitely has a chance.
  4. First-ever continental medal for in artistic gymnastics. Alana Walker, at the 2021 Junior Pan American Artistic Gymnastics Championships. She was born in the US and lives in New Jersey, though.
  5. Women's artistic gymnastics qualifiers: Teams: 5 gymnasts 3 gymnasts 2 gymnasts 1 gymnast
  6. Thank you! So, that means that in men's artistic gymnastics, the qualified teams and gymnasts are: Teams: 5 gymnasts 3 gymnasts 1 gymnast The Mexican federation has not published the complete results yet, but I believe this is how it goes.
  7. Does anybody know where I can find the documents to check how qualifications work for artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline, please?
  8. The latest information is that they're still debating about which individual from Australia will take the quota since the second-place gymnast protested the results. Nothing has been said about groups, but I believe the results have not been contested. It's been widely assumed at this point that no matter what happens the quotas will still go to Oceania in order to respect the universality principle.
  9. It's still very hard to predict at this point. First, we don't know if Eleftherios Petrounias will qualify. If he does, he will probably be Olympic champion again. Second, if Petrounias qualifies, we still need to know if Liu Yang for will be part of the team or if he will be given the individual quota. Third, we also need to know if You Hao will make the Chinese team. Then the plot thickens: Zanetti has not competed in a long time. Lodadio has been missing in action too. Çolak has not been doing well, but Asil is on fire. Then there are those gymnasts who could surprise a
  10. After the final stage of the Artistic Gymnastics World Cup series they will have no excuse not to publish everything. If I'm right, they will probably publish it on June 28, along with the official tripartite invitations. The only one we don't know about, actually, is in women's artistic gymnastics. There will be no tripartite invitations in trampoline.
  11. You have no idea. Spaniards, in special, love the drama. Most of them sided with the Mexicans and took their sweet time to complain about everything. They are very active on Twitter on normal days, but combine the Euro Champs and the Pan Ams on the same weekend and you have tons of attention and a feast for drama queens.
  12. Yes, she was really tired. Now she needs to focus on her preparation for the Olympics and no matter what happens there, she will be part of history forever. It was a long day with tons of inquiries and an overall sluggish performance by the judges, partially because of those very same inquiries. The judging panel seemed to be completely lost sometimes and most of the inquiries were accepted. Judging rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most stressful activities one could volunteer to do, but at the same time I wonder if it's not time to completely ban judges from the same continent from judgin
  13. According to Brazilian TV, it was officially confirmed yesterday that qualified to the Olympics. I'm not sure which country this affects, but probably if I understood things right.
  14. Well, Mexico did qualify, but in individual rhythmic gymnastics. This is the first time Mexico qualifies in this sport, either in individual or group, so it's a historic moment and one their gymnastics federation has been waiting for 37 years. Also, Mexico qualified for the first time also in trampoline, so the country has qualified in all gymnastics disciplines! Now, I'm pretty sure this doesn't heal the shock of losing a sure medal.
  15. I'm sure she will! She's fantastic! I want her to win a medal here. She has a good chance tomorrow, especially in clubs and ribbon.
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