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  1. Sad news of the oldest ever Olympian
  2. I think that if France finish in the top 4 of the World Series then the 5th place team gets an automatic place at the Olympics
  3. Women's skeleton 2018 And before that 3 times when figure skating was part of the Summer Olympics
  4. WORLD RECORD (although technically a World Best time rather than a proper world record) Women's 600m 1:23.41 Keely Hodgkinson Manchester
  5. 2 GB indoor records tonight. W 60m Dina Asher-Smith 7.04 Karlsruhe, GER M 3000m Sam Atkin 7:31.97 Boston, USA
  6. Yep, her grandfather was British so her father could automatically claim British citizenship and, since Zola was under 18, when her father got citizenship Zola got it too. It was definitely rushed through thanks to the help of one specific newspaper who had strong ties with the UK government. Of course, even though everything was done absolutely legally, the South African government still portrayed it as a victory for them over the rest of the world.
  7. It's embarrassing to remember now but there were some very strong supporters of South Africa even when there were banned. Particularly when the USA and the UK had right wing governments.
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