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  1. Skoda and Beiersdorf helped to make it unvoidable
  2. And almost certain never to be repeated now the drivers from the 2 woman bob have entered that series...
  3. There's a rumour of an announcement on Monday stripping Belarus of hosting it
  4. Can't happen unless he misses Tokyo 2021. Because of the postponement the three years out of competition he needs to serve won't be finished until after the entries close for Paris
  5. Brianna McNeal, Olympic 100m hurdles champion, could face eight-year ban Charge is for ‘tampering with the results management process’
  6. There's a video on Youtube with a compilation of numerous commentaries on Ledecka's gold
  7. Contract for Sao Paolo GP suspended
  8. Wouldn't that mean all the tennis players who play at Wimbledon would not be able to compete in Tokyo? and all the golfers from the British Open?
  9. Nearly a 100 years ago but the final 100 metres of this race is still stunning
  10. So the first decade AD only lasted 9 years?
  11. Judging on what's been happening in British politics this year, may I wish you all a happy 1851 for next year...
  12. Norah Jeruto was listed as representing Kazakhstan in a road race in Italy today. I believe she has qualifying times for the 3000m SC and 5000m from 2019 back from when she Kenyan.
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