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  1. Highlights of the whole day here
  2. "Five weightlifters whose chances of qualifying for the Olympic Games appeared to be dead have been told they will be going to Tokyo 2020. The three men and two women are all European and have benefited from the reallocation of places not taken by other continents, a surprise withdrawal, and a doping suspension. The men are the veterans Peter Nagy of Hungary in the super-heavyweights, Adamas Sidiskis of Lithuania at 109 kilograms, and Erkand Qerimaj of Albania at 81kg. The women are the 25-year-old German Lisa Schweizer at 64kg and the young Austrian Sarah Fischer."
  3. Wow. He threw 0.12 furlongs or 4.65 rods !!!!!
  4. Live coverage
  5. A case that just makes you sad and not angry. This seems absolutely not cheating. Poor man has deep problems.
  6. Players dropping out of Tokyo surprises me more than Rio. You'd think the players sponsors would know how big the golf and tennis equipment market is in Japan and apply pressure on them to go.
  7. Can anyone confirm this story to be true? getting a universality place in the men's 100?
  8. Dressage To be selected from: Fiona Bigwood - Hawtins Delicato Richard Davison - Bubblingh Charlotte Dujardin - Mount St John Freestyle Emile Faurie - Dono Di Maggio, Charlotte (Lottie) Fry - Everdale Carl Hester - En Vogue, Gareth Hughes - Sintano Van Hof Olympia Susan Pape - Eclectisch, Laura Tomlinson - DSP Rose Of Bavaria
  9. Even if he wins the US open this week he'd miss the Olympic team by around 6-7 places
  10. I'd be shocked to see no medals at all. Wouldn't now be surprised to see no gold medals though.
  11. Danny Talbot - Athletics
  12. Karen Bardsley - Football
  13. Must be doubt as to whether she'll be in Tokyo now
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