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  1. Sad to see that the horse ambulance is at the scene. This could be bad
  2. I remember British TV used to televise a competition where three riders went off as a team and followed each other round a fairly easy course
  3. Interestingly the BBC radio commentators thought it was a very close fight, that maybe the Brit won the 3rd round but didn't complain about the verdict
  4. Interesting problem. NBC just used to delay showing stuff until prime time but can they do that in the internet era where everything can be seen live via other sources?
  5. Change in race schedule Summary: Change in race schedule on Saturday, 24 July, Sunday, 25 July and Monday, 26 July Details: Based on the weather forecasts received from the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games weather services, adverse weather is expected on Monday 26 July 2021 which would bring high winds and strong gusts creating probably unequal and potentially unrowable racing conditions. The weather forecast for Saturday 24 July 2021 and Sunday 25 July 2021 remains good. The World Rowing Executive Committee has reviewed the options in Rule 63 and following consultations with IOC, Tokyo2020 Organising Committee and OBS have decided to make the following changes: 1. Racing will start at 8:00hrs with Repechage1 of W1x on Saturday 24 July 2021 and will follow the same order of racing. 2. Men’s 8+ heats and Women’s 8+ heats will be moved from Sunday 25 July 2021 to Saturday 24 July 2021. These races will start with M8+ H1 at 12:00hrs, followed by M8+ H2 at 12:10hrs, W8+ H1 at 12:20hrs, W8+ H2 at 12:30hrs. 3. All races planned on Monday 26 July 2021 will be moved to Sunday 25 July 2021 and will be held in the same order starting at 11:00hrs with W1x Quarterfinals
  6. Australia are officially withdrawn from team jumping. Tops-Alexander and Laurie will compete as individuals only
  7. Just got a message that El-Mardi (MAR) had to pull out at women's middleweight. #2 seed
  8. I'm being told Kermond will not be replaced. Quote from the AOC "“The AOC is continuing to explore opportunities for the athletes affected as a result of Jamie Kermond being unable to compete.”
  9. What happens if the team can't compete? Can another country replace them?
  10. That's a strange mixture for GB of very optimistic in some sports, wildly pessimistic in others.
  11. The owners of her horse weren't keen on the horse going out to Tokyo without being guaranteed to compete
  12. Do you have a source for that interview?
  13. Not sure if they physically have to be in Tokyo but I think they have to have a provisional accreditation now
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