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  1. Moscow Marathon Women /ANA Sardana Trofimova (2.28.02) (subject to her getting neutral status)
  2. We have a new qualifier! Women's 20k walk - Alytyus Birgit Virbalyte (1.30.54)
  3. And one English team playing in the Welsh system
  4. As for Gibraltar's entry in the next song contest. Did you know flamenco-metal was a thing?
  5. These are the latest rules from World Athletics (updated in 2019) Alternatively, an athlete may represent another Member with the approval of World Athletics, which approval shall be conditional upon: a. the athlete observing a waiting period of three years from the date that the application for approval is made to World Athletics (during which period the athlete must not represent any other Member in National Representative Competition or compete in any Other Relevant Competition); and b. the athlete demonstrating that as at the end of the wai
  6. 18 year old British runner with the 2nd fastest time in the world this year
  7. These are some impossible choices but Auckland, Liverpool and Ostrava
  8. With golf it's important to remember how popular golf is in Japan - which means a lot of top golfers are sponsored by Japanese companies who want publicity in their home country.
  9. Best over 800m at the moment - but potentially both 800 and 1500 by 2021
  10. I hope she has the ability to win from 400m out and in the final sprint but we'll have to see how she performs.
  11. Suntans are illegal in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Reekie might well be a potential Olympic champion if she keeps improving like she's been doing
  12. Cross-country is very boring in hot, dry weather
  13. A Russian website is also doing a day-by-day forecast of Tokyo 2020 There are links to each individual day so far on the right of the page
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