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  1. Really? From what I've seen, they are shocked at how well they have done this year
  2. Of course in many women do have penises. They usually borrow them from other people
  3. No, the IBA have offended the IOC. If you do that the IOC will not forgive you
  4. We'll know more when the IOC meets next week
  5. The IOC will definitely be very angry at this.
  7. If any sport will be removed from 2024 it will happen at the IOC Executive Board meeting / IOC Session in Lausanne next month
  8. Nijat Rahimov has been stripped of his gold medal from the Rio Olympics. China, Egypt and Thailand move up a place in the medals.
  9. Sorry, I missed this before. The IOC counted them as official medals at the time they were awarded, their status has never officially been changed but the IOC just doesn't include them in their records anymore.
  10. 67th in the medal table in Tokyo means they're not buying the right people...
  11. Problem with is that half their Summer Olympians are imported too. Boxers from , wrestlers from , gymnasts from ,fencers and gymnasts from , badminton from ....
  12. Is @bestmen checking when the semi-finals of the World Indoor Bowls Championships is live on YouTube yet?
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