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  1. I think that if France finish in the top 4 of the World Series then the 5th place team gets an automatic place at the Olympics
  2. WORLD RECORD (although technically a World Best time rather than a proper world record) Women's 600m 1:23.41 Keely Hodgkinson Manchester
  3. 2 GB indoor records tonight. W 60m Dina Asher-Smith 7.04 Karlsruhe, GER M 3000m Sam Atkin 7:31.97 Boston, USA
  4. Yep, her grandfather was British so her father could automatically claim British citizenship and, since Zola was under 18, when her father got citizenship Zola got it too. It was definitely rushed through thanks to the help of one specific newspaper who had strong ties with the UK government. Of course, even though everything was done absolutely legally, the South African government still portrayed it as a victory for them over the rest of the world.
  5. It's embarrassing to remember now but there were some very strong supporters of South Africa even when there were banned. Particularly when the USA and the UK had right wing governments.
  6. In the entire history of the Olympics, only two sets of relatives have ever coached at the Olympics and only one set at the same Olympic Games. The van Heumens, father Wim and son Gijs, coached the Dutch men and women respectively in field hockey in 1984. The Bauer brothers coached Canada in ice hockey. Bobby in 1956 and 1960 and Dave in 1964. So no spouses, sets of brothers or sisters or parent and child have ever competed against each other as coaches in any Olympics
  7. Love what Inside The Games are saying about it "The atmosphere is rocking here at the Saranac Lake Civic Center as the teams come out onto the ice for the men's curling final. There is a unexpectedly large, and vocal, British contingent for this hotly anticipated rematch of the Revolutionary War. The Scottish presence on the British team is being felt with some heavy metal bagpipe renditions of Metallica, Aerosmith and more."
  8. If you consider that cricket didn't exist in Rwanda until the start of this century, this is is a remarkable achievement
  9. Finally W 100 Hurdles 1 Donkova BUL 12.57 2 Paetz GDR 12.62 3 Kalek HUN 12.63 4 Akimova URS 12.64 5 Fitzgerald USA 12.77 6 Gusurova RUS 12.79 7 Strong GBR 12.81 8 Zagorcheva RUS 12.88
  10. W 200 1 Brisco-Hooks USA 21.80 2 Griffith USA 22.03 3 Ottey-Page JAM 22.08 4 Cook GBR 22.10 5 Wockel GER 22.18 6 Jackson JAM 22.19 7 Givens USA 22.35 8 Bacoul FRA 22.77
  11. W 100 1 Ashford USA 10.89 2 Gohr GDR 10.93 3 Ottey-Page JAM 11.08 3 Kondratyeva URS 11.08 5 Nuneva BUL 11.09 6 Gladisch GDR 11.09 7 Auerswald GDR 11.09 8 Brown USA 11.11
  12. So I've been ill with the flu for the last couple of weeks and I've had a lot of spare time on my hands. So I thought I'd compare the sprint athletics by putting them through a program which equalizes the wind speeds between the two races. This is what it should have looked like if there had been no wind at at all at either LA or Moscow in 1984 Men 100 1 Lewis USA 10.00 2 Lara CUB 10.15 3 Kovacs HUN 10.16 4 Penalver CUB 10.19 5 Graddy USA 10.20 6 Johnson CAN 10.23 7 Janiak POL 10.27 8 Brown USA 10.28 Men 200 1 Lewis USA 19.75 2 Baptiste USA 19.91 3 Jefferson USA 20.21 4 Da Silva BRA 20.26 5 Muravyov URS 20.27 6 Yevgaev URS 20.34 7 Luebke FRG 20.46 8 Boussemart FRA 20.50 Men 110 h 1 Kingdom USA 13.16 2 Foster USA 13.19 3 Brygarre FIN 13.36 4 McKoy CAN 13.41 5 Campbell USA 13.51 5 Bakos HUN 13.51 7 Ustinov URS 13.52 8 Munkelt GDR 13.59 No differences in medals at all - but the women's events were very different...
  13. Sportsperson of the year for nations within GBR Neil and Andrew Simpson (Para-Skiing) Olivia Breen (Para-Athletics) Rhys McClenaghan (Gymnastics)
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