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  1. btw this's the 1st ever victory for Egypt over Hungary in WCH and i guess we haven't defeated them in Olympics either
  2. 7-4 for Denmark , Danish are not joking around here
  3. and btw Theim was lucky back in US open 2020 that Novak was disqualified , otherwise he wouldn't have won it
  4. but Sampras and Becker weren't as good as Novak in Clay , he mastered all surfaces , all GSs and all courts , i'm not a fan of Novak and he's the last one i can cheer for , but i haven't seen a player that's mentally able to win like him , he proved it a lot of times with the greatest players and if u ask any player on ATP HE'D DIFIENTELY MENTION NOVAK AS THE TOUGHEST PLAYER HE HAD TO BEAT , a lot of players can't win any Slams yet , because Novak still at his peak in 35 , imagine if Novak game was downgraded after being 30 , how many players would have won their 1st slams , i'd only mention Tsitisipas , Zverev , Theim would have been AO Champion , Kyrgios and a lot more
  5. No one can stop Novak other than injuries and Corona
  6. Novak is simply the G.O.A.T , no doubts anymore
  7. Kind of old , but simply gold
  8. as long as we have a very boring men's final let's look at emotions that erupted after a marathon match in Girls' singles final match which were between 2 Russian players
  9. Nacevski – Nikolov to referee World Championship 2023 Final
  10. The quality of Russian and Belarus players in tennis played a vital role in this decision and that's why it was much easier for another independent sport organizations like Formula 1 and Moto Gp to get rid of them
  11. Russian and Belarus players are very lucky indeed , but ATP and WTA are very independent organizations to IOC , they can always have their way and they simply know that most of these athletes don't live n Russia or Belarus , they actually live in America , so they are much opened to western ideas and having a very good number of Russian and Belarus players inside top 50 was a big factor as well , especially we had medvedev ranked no.1 in the world at this time and he was the US OPEN Champion and AUS OPEN runner-up , so it would have affected the quality of the game for sure
  12. 2-0 for Novak , despite all these gifts from Novak , Stefanos can't make any use and lose the set
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