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  1. Mohab qualifies for 12th place to Semis , hopefully he can qualify to the final this time after that disappointing Semis in the last WC
  2. Bahrain qualifies to Quarters WOW, Portugal lost to Japan 31-30
  3. Not really, but he went there with his father apparently in 2015 and decided to represent Qatar, his father justified the situation that they didn't let him take part in NT cuz of his conflict with the federation, anyway he was very lucky if the absence of Sohrab Moradi and Tian tao today
  4. So it's Egypt vs Russia tomorrow in Wrestling
  5. Better sweet revenge for Egypt against Sweden we are in quarterfinals
  6. Yes I'm really happy ofc , she did really well especially in 2nd routine, she's the 1st reserve for the final unfortunately
  7. Saudi Judoka faced Israeli in women's +78 kg and they hold each other hands after the match
  8. Perfect race from Shoenmaker very deserved gold and a WR
  9. Novak can only win in Olympics when Delpotro isn't participating
  10. Our youngster Yousef Ramadan 18 ys qualifies to Semis with a new NR, I'm really optimistic of the future of this guy with Farida Osman became old enough to make some good results and others keep on sleeping
  11. even the remaining Egyptian player at least from birth and roots lost
  12. that was a brave fight of Demi , an all Chinese final again
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