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  1. those VISA refusal requests from USA are being really annoying , noone here is saying that's because of political reasons and no one accounting US for these refusals , for Egypt Olympic Champion in Karate Feryal's Visa was rejected alongside the Olympian from karate also Ali el Sawy
  2. Quarterfinals of WTA 250 not Wimbeldon
  3. Egypt had the double gold in fencing, hopefully it can be triple tomorrow in men's foil
  4. WOW ! a match in taekwondo ended 50-5
  5. welcome back and thx for those photos and videos from Gymnastics venue , really appreciate it
  6. really the fans are the best thing about these games , i'm really impressed by no. fans in each sport and they had been supporting Egyptian athletes insanely since day 1 so i'm really thankful for them
  7. I was just kidding ofc , but global media didn't talk literally about Covid since then
  8. I thought Covid ended after Russian invasion on Ukraine, what a pity that we lose the tournament runner-up from 1st Rd
  9. Actually the coach of Algerian Karate team is Egyptian, he was the coach of Giana Farouk the Olympic Medalist from Egypt back in Tokyo and he really hates Hany Keshta coach of our female team
  10. Actually he played and won gold, despite that even Karate federation itself says that he'll retire and page of Olympic committe
  11. Yousef Badawy world champion of Egypt quit playing in the final of men's -84 after this serious injury on the head
  12. if u watch final of men's -75 kg could u tell me the score plz
  13. 3 Algerians already in Karate finals out of 4 weight categories
  14. Karate bronze medal matches , crescenzo playing right now
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