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  1. Shootgun WC starts tomorrow in egypt
  2. too much bowing to Australian tennis federation president , is that has a relation with preventing fans from attending along the past 5 days or the Novak vs fritz game forced to leave during match
  3. Congrats for our Serbian friends they haven't celebrated a GS win just for a year Congrats
  4. Even with 2 double faults Medvedev can't break
  5. 2-0 for Novak he's simply unbeatable in Australia
  6. i guess it's really hard to know whom the fans will cheer for tomorrow , definitely 2 of the last ones on cheering list for Australian fans i guess
  7. yeah , that's the same thing i was thinking about , the challenge now for her is to prove that she's not only a hard court player , she can win outside this surface , with her mentality she's got i think she can
  8. Osaka wins something becoming really normal nowadays simply Serena in the making, she can even exceed what Serena has achieved
  9. Medveded can definitely be a threat for Novak in the final , since last year he's in a great form
  10. Estonia was leading 70-50 over Italy , now it's a tied game just 10 sec. before the end
  11. it's 2-0 for Porto now , CR7 looks in great danger with Juventus , but i knew Juventus would have really hard times in Porto they'd been really good in group stage especially with Man City
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