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  1. yesssssssssss, Semis here we go
  2. his middle name is mohamed , Mohab Mohaymen mohamed el Kordy
  3. Yes, he has already qualified hopefully he can maintain this performance through the last dive
  4. that's what i'm talking about he could requested VAR many times it's his mistake ofc and btw the same coach our best player Giana lotfy asked the federation that she doesn't want him to coach her anymore for the same reason he doesn't take quick actions during matches
  5. I DIDN'T SAY that she didn't deserve them , but OUR PLAYER DESERVED POINTS ALSO from the vary start of the match there was an ippon not counted for Yassmin , those 6 pts she gained only by 2 ippons so it's not really big deal in Karate to get them , when the Ukrainian coach requested VAR for a play where your player might deserved an ippon the next play she was awarded an ippon , so it's simply as that our coach could also have used VAR sign a lot of times but he didn't that's it
  6. our coach was just sleeping in women's -55 final , a lot of points wasted by him by not requesting VAR
  7. at least our player Feryal can qualify by continental quota after el sawy qualified yesterday
  8. Yasmin really overpowered tuba yakan in women's -55 kg OMG that was really a good show
  9. ALI EL SAWY QUALIFIES that's really awesome
  11. What are the probalities for Brazilian and Egyptian guy here to qualify ?
  12. This's him after suffering a serious injury during the match which appeared to be the match of his life
  13. Jordanian boxer Rashed El Swaisat who lost with a K.O in men's -81 kg to an Estonian Boxer died today as Jordanese Olympic Committe announced really sad news RIP
  14. that was a crazy race indeed ! ibattulina wasted a very big lead after shooting range 1 and ended without any medal
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