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  1. so officially no final for Zahran , even the other Egyptian representing Turkey Adem Asil won't qualify for Rings' finals , surprisingly 2 Italians and a Canadian in the qualifying spots till now
  2. i think it'll be hard for Ali Zahran now to qualify for the final , the Canadian Gymnast was really a surprise
  3. a start for the Lakers that might indicate another disappointing season , westbrook with 8 pts only in 35 mins in his debut for lakers
  4. Mohamed Salah becomes the 1st player in Liverpool history to score in 9 consecutive matches in all competitions
  5. I kind of feel that no-one really cared about men's final except British and Georgian people
  6. Paula Badosa after winning Indian Wells
  7. I really lost hope that this day will ever happen! Congrats to Nancy for this huge achievement
  8. Nancy Taman is 4th in Vault qualifications after today, this could be a historic final for Egypt in WCH , I just knew that she was even injured in Podium training and there were doubts that she'll participate
  9. does anyone have full results of Montenegro taekwondo G1 tournament ?
  10. 1st spanish ever to win Indian wells , what a year it had been for Badosa
  11. and Azarenka returns the favor perfectly 5-5 in 3rd set
  12. what a chance wasted by badosa on serve
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