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  1. some tennis is being played there in Prague
  2. 3 seasons actually, Ajax players were a hell great last year they really deserved to at least go to final
  3. Are u an Ajax fan or just cheering for any dutch team
  4. Very emotional moment for Marc Overmars the former dutch and Ajax star after winning UEFA Champions League final in 1995 against Milan in a historical season for the Dutch Giants winning Eridivise and Champions League without conceding any loss
  5. Bundesliga fantasy looks more fit for me than Premier league a lot more points , u kind of know who're really the players that will make the difference rather than Premier League where u should try hard to guess even if the player will start the match or not and i think their point distribution system is more fair than Premier League where it only depends on goals scored and clean sheets
  6. Premier league players have got a new haircut :D
  7. the rest is still afraid , u never know if things will stay stable in countries that decided to restart some sorts of normal life generally and football specifically so maybe they're waiting to see what will happen in Germany in the upcoming few weeks for me i'm kind of afraid that restarting those leagues now will lead to delay all kind of sport activities till a year or something hopefully it'll work out
  8. Bundesliga returned Dortmund is dominating shalke and it's not that bad , i see good football regarding the current situation , lack of training etc. , also some good celebrations , football under corona isn't so terrible actually
  9. Actually in 2014 Cillessen was the main goalkeeper for Netherlands not Steklenburg 😛
  10. no i meant that Steklenburg was the goalkeeper of dutch team in U20 WC how can u have Edwin van der sar and replace him with Steklenburg
  11. yeah and the goalkeeper was Marteen Steklenbeerg , i remember also those shirts i thin it was during WC 2006 qualifications something like that
  12. there were some famous coaches also like Van Gaal , Jose Peckerman and Raymond Domenech for France
  13. this was Egypt road to bronze medal in football U20 world cup 2001 in Argentina the only medal in an international stage for Egypt in Football , i think some players in this video would be familiar like Saviola , Maxi Rodriguez , Van der Vart , Klas Jan Huntelaar and Robben who was just 17 in this tournament and he was on the bench while we were playing Netherlands back then , our team top scorer and main star of this tournament was mohamed Al Yamany he was really a promising talent and scored some really beautiful goals here but unfortunately he had a very hard accident just after the tournament and as he was lucky enough to be alive but he didn't return the same player he was after this accident
  14. Back to women's 400 m hurdles final at 1999 Athletics WCH in Seville where both Nezha Bidouane and Daimi Pernia thought that they won it all but the winner was decided by. 01 second
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