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  1. Papa Diop former Senegale Star has passed away at 42 after a long struggle with Ilness , he will always be remembered with his historical goal against France in 2002 WC Opening match RIP
  2. Thousands of Argentians gathered during farewell of Maradona there 's always something special about football
  3. looks like maradona has done something really bad to admins of Daily Star , anyway this's one if the biggest fake news platforms in England so nothing really strange
  4. RIP Legend wasn't lucky enough to watch him play but indeed he remains one if not the best man ever played football , he played a great role in increasing popularity of the game all over the world
  5. all sources confirm the news of Maradona's death RIP
  6. @LDOG the news about Maradona is true ?
  7. Some Rumors say that WCH is going to be played in 2022 as some European Federations threatened whether quit participating or delaying so mostly it'll be delayed to 2022
  8. Egypt defeated Brazil today in U23 tournament being held in Egypt 2-1 with some big names playing for the selecao like Rodrygo , Neres , Gabriel ,Cunha and also while some key players from our team missing for playing with the 1st team in African qualifiers really interesting result for us
  9. Spain defeated Germany 6-0 today ! the largest defeat for Germany since a very while ago no't sure if this humilating night would be enough to fire this LOW
  10. Ecuador defeated Uruguay 4-2 before and now they defeated Colombia 6-1 WOW ! hopefully they won't choke like 2018 after they made 4 victories including Argentina and then failed to qualify to WC very wild FIFA date today
  11. Yes i read an article on our player Samar Hamza Facebook page that UWW returned WCH in Belgrade but i know tgat they might messed up between WCH and WC 😀 , so sad to hear about your players Corona is spreading again unfortumately in middle east
  12. Is there any news that world wrestling championship will be back in december
  13. yes yes Perez keeps on 2nd and lecler lost it all in the last point of the race very unlucky
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