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  1. It's because Elina also doesn't have a permitted amount of participation in the Billie-Jean Cup, therefore she's also in contention with the Legacy quota or some other issues can be considered.
  2. I'm so sorry for missing my timeslot in Jury Voting, I have a hard day with morning misdile attack on whole Ukraine. I'll try sometimes to look through results, thanks a lot to all countries who gave Ukraine points. Cheers to all and I'm so sad that this happened today.....
  3. You missed UKR in K1, it probably will be Viktoria Us
  4. I think you count out your talented Ahman/Helving in beach volleyball, they're really great guys
  5. Frankly speaking, Laura's weak link is definitely a B-component in B&L, so it was quite predictable. But she really fought hard in the Lead wall, I think she easily qualifies via OQS.
  6. It's a solid Qualifier for our biggest hope Zhenya Kazbekova with important incremental improvements in her technique after training in the USA and Canada. Good experience after injury in a previous World Qualifier in France and failed the COVID-19 test right before the European Qualifier.
  7. I have a question: can country register 2 different riders, having 1 quota in RR and TT? For example, can Ukraine choose both Kononenko and Biriukova, or we need to send only 1 rider who will participate in 2 disciplines?
  8. But this calculation is only for Road Race? Because Time Trial's quotas aren't included
  9. A stunning final from Illia Kovtun who did excelent job today. New medal for him today and hopefully not last from this year WCh
  10. Ukraine Alyosha - Калина Our entry for this years' TISC is a smash song from 2017. You may know Alyosha as participant of Eurovision 2010 but honestly this song is way more recognizable than 'Sweet People'. It literally flooded Ukrainian song market in 2017 being absolutely everywhere - I think it's a great way to be represented here.
  11. Illya

    Qualification Tracker

    Why Yaroslava Mahuchikh is ansent on this list? She achieved ES on numerous starts
  12. Feel bad for Us, she did really well but ending But I think she win quota pkace so it's what we need
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