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  1. Naturally, Ukraine is without medals (apart from the para rowing, thank you guys). And this will continue for a long time, until the stupid coaches stop making idioot rearrangements of crews and merge strong girls. Very pleased with the women's four, this crew only spent 10 training sessions together - and won the final B
  2. But China may not put an athlete in this category. Only in this case Nastya has a chance
  3. 5-6 gold medals : Daria Bilodid (judo) , Anzhelika Terliuga (karate) , Yaroslava Mahuchikh (Gold medal + World Record) , Anastasiia Lysenko (weightlifting) and Oleksii Sereda (diving)
  4. And World Championship is direct qualification event
  5. What about the Olympic rankings? Does it only include the top 3 results in the qualifying period?
  6. Sadly for Ukrainian Women's coxless four ... They deserved the place in Final Qualification Regatta , but our stupid coaches ....
  7. Now there are no results after Fencing in
  8. For the Ukrainian team, the composition for the World Qualification will be decided here. Crews need to get to final A
  9. Who will compete in the World Qualification Regatta?
  10. For the second consecutive World Cup, Ukrainian women are in the top 3 according to the qualification results. But in the final we will fail as usual (0 for Khokhlova for riding in Budapest ...)
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