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  1. Thanks. Another question : is there a allocation of points in Hungary GS ?
  2. Is the European Champs in Prague will count as Tokyo qualification event?Thanks
  3. This is Ukraine , baby. So fu*king system . Hlavan says : "It is more profitable for them to bring more people to the meeting and launder more money than to conditionally take Bondarenko or Glavan and provide them with everything they need. Moreover, Glavan is unprofitable after he begins to express his dissatisfaction. I must say that Hotsul (the head of the Athletics Federation of Ukraine) is also well aware of money laundering schemes. I had a meeting while he was Deputy Minister of Sports. Then Igor Yevgenyevich asked me: "Are you ready to tell this to law enforcement agencies?". He replie
  4. We have a 2 new qualifiers in 50K : Ihor Hlavan 🇺🇦 and Serhiy Budza 🇺🇦 . Now Ukraine have a full squad in Women's and Men's Marathon , Women's 20K Walk and 50K Men's Walk. Congratulations
  5. Is the ISL (International Swimming League) will be a qualification event? Will the standards for the Olympics be met here?
  6. WTF?Belomoina was third before technical crash in World Champioship. And finish 9th. In previous WC she caught a cold
  7. European Sailing Champs (RS:X) in Portugal 22-28 November
  8. If WR consists only with Result Score, there will be interesting
  9. I think, thai it's true. Competition score is the one of the most stupid things in athletics. But can we do anything else?
  10. No no, there is one of the most important ways to qualify in the OG . Not all athletes can make the entry standart
  11. Sadly, there aren't ranking points for World Ranking??
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