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  1. Excellent!!! Thank you @Dnl!!! I’m looking forward to this so much!!
  2. Didn’t I said Greece will be difficult for Sweden? Congrats to my greek friends.
  3. I serious think Hungary should play without spectators. This is disgusting behavior from them. Racism don’t belong in football.
  4. Well Sweden was the home team. It will be very difficult in Spain. Greece and Sweden haven’t meet each other yet. Anything can happen.
  5. ABBA WILL COME BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM WITH 10 NEW SONGS!!!!!!!! Love it!!! One of the new songs!!
  6. Congrats Anna Nordqvist to winning British Open 2021. It’s her 3rd major title.
  7. Thank you. He deserves it I think.
  8. Sweden ”King Henrik” Henrik Lundqvist retires. He is one of Sweden’s biggest ice hockey stars ever. He is most famous for the fantastic Olympic Gold Medal Game 2006 against Finland which Sweden won. Thank you for all memories you have given us. You will be truly missed.
  9. This Frenchman is a such idiot!!Embrassing!
  10. I’m gonna miss Olympics But not too far way to WOG 2022.
  11. Hope for a medal for today! They deserve it I think! Good luck Malin, Peder and Henrik.
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