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  1. Sweden completely sucks. Bye bye Euro 2024
  2. Why do the French people seems like they are lazy? Demonstrate because the government want them to work to 64? In Sweden people needs to work to 65 already and they want to make it to 69. For me 64 sounds pretty good actually 😊
  3. The Swedish artist for TOISC 2023 later this year is already chosen. Not sure which song yet. @OlympicIRLyou should already know the Artist not the song obviously
  4. Congratulations So happy for @Finnator123 and . Such a great song. About well I hope for a little better placement. But I still will pick songs in Swedish sometimes. Absolutely fantastic hosting @Cobi. Thank you
  5. Is it now I should hope for a better result for in Eurovision in May? One of my absolute worst results
  6. Thank you @Werloc and the other juries that voted for I know bringing in a song in Swedish is risky and we will not challenge for a top 10 place. But I don’t care. Sometimes I just want to show you what’s popular in Sweden.
  7. Hi! I’m so excited for tomorrow’s show. I will be online all the day except for a little bit of AM. I will get home visit to check my teeth. Look out I will then bite if you don’t vote correct
  8. The odds for MelFest 2023 is…OMFG!!!
  9. Yeah let’s hype Norway. The Pole Vault gold was so totally amazing and impressive
  10. 5.80 as winner result in men’s pole vault…not impressive. Lucky guys.
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