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  1. I have been ill but now I’m fine. Tomorrow I will listen to the songs. Sweden’s votes Will be in hopefully in this weekend.
  2. I thought it were four teams in the group. I thought Sweden would play another game and need one point there like the men.
  3. I don’t get it? How is Sweden already qualified?
  4. I agree. It was a fantastic year for ESC. My faves were Iceland, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Thanks. 👍😊
  5. Hahaha I see what you did there. Nice one. Love the Icelandic song from ESC 2009. Should have won instead for Norway. Yes now I know Husavik is nominated for Oscar. It’s on every media in Sweden right now. We are so happy. Congratulations Molly Sandén.
  6. New Swedish entry. SWEDEN MOLLY SANDÉN (My Marianne)- HUSAVIK LYRICS All by myself With this great big world before me But it's all for someone else I've tried and tried again To let you know just where my heart is To tell the truth and not pretend All I needed was to get away Just to realize that I was meant to stay Where the mountains sing through the screams of seagulls Where the whales can live 'cause they're gentle people In my hometown, my hometown Thought I made it clear, do I have to say it? It wa
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