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  1. Sorry I missed this event. Well Sweden will participate in next edition.
  2. Now it’s 5041 deaths in Sweden.
  3. I will be the proud owner of this little Ragdoll girl. I want to make a thread for her and all members pets so we can make updates about them. Please feel free to share your loved ones with us. Here’s my Elsa.
  4. Euphoria IS the best ESC-winner, song and performance in the past 10 years. Go Sweden!
  5. The Swedish TV-host and radio-host Adam Alsing is dead of Corona/Covid-19.
  6. Cases in Sweden: 4435 (+407) Deaths in Sweden: 180 (+34)
  7. Sweden: 2272 cases and 36 deaths.
  8. I’m shocked as you guys. It will be intresting to see what Stina can do in Biathlon. I look forward to this.
  9. The Swedish Cross-Country Star Stina Nilsson will compete in Biathlon instead for Cross-country
  10. Swedish Stina Nilsson will leave cross-country and compete in Biathlon instead.
  11. Go Team Oilers. Great to be in same team as host Croatia and Denmark. Best team ever right @dcro and @Wumo ??
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