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  1. Just checked at the moment we qualified 7 in athletics- 3 M marathon 2 W marathon 1 in 10,000 W and 1 in W triple jump
  2. Yep the real problem here is that the IOC needs to speak up and explain why how where when... to proof the claims wrong or to find different solutions if the claims are right... leaving an issue like that “hanging in there “ is the worst possible thing in this situation
  3. I remember back in 2019 the british rapper Zuby claimed to be a woman and crushed the british record so expect things like that in coming days...
  4. Well we have a lot of duel citizen here with the law of return(1950). it's a common thing here
  5. We will participate for the first time in Baseball, Equstrian(Jumping), Surfing, Archery And open water swimming
  6. it’s a great result for Hammer thrower I my opinion
  7. ISRAEL this time we are very optimisitc about our chances so maybe Day one-- TKD -49 Avishag Samberg could suprise everyone but small chances though Day two-- Richter in 10M air riflie shooting he was very good last time i saw him,.. Day three -- if those days will not be our lucky days maybe Nelson Levy she will be the 7th ranked so just maybe.. and so on...' we actually have a nice delegation this time
  8. The one thread no one wants to open is “athletes who don’t want to be in the Olympics “
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