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  1. Hi Everybody! Thank you so much for all the kind words and I hope I could exceed your expectations, I would answer earlier but today is “Yom Kippur” one of the most holiest day there are for Jews and one of the things on this day is the not usage of electronics, but anyway really thrilled to host
  2. I’ve read that he will appeal the decision, although he is proudly claiming that the decision of boycotting the Olympic fight against Israel is his decision and based of his values and such, age 30 I doubt that if he stays with this ban he will ever compete again
  3. Well I’m In for Hosting though I might need some help with some of the things but overall I’m in
  4. Taking the meaning of “his/her preformence was on fire to another level “
  5. First ever Israeli-Arab athlete to win a medal in OG/PG and with gold!! and now it’s all over the place and publish in every Israeli platform there is, everyone is happy and for a day now less worries so it’s a big win for us today
  6. @Amir welcome to the forum ברוך הבא
  7. Hi guys just here to say happy Independence Day
  8. I think it will be great idea
  9. Yeah I know, but as a whole delegation that were lack of some athletes that could take the spotlight instead, our Judokas said that the Russian Judokas were very nervous in the battle for the bronze
  10. From what I’ve understand, it was the pressure of preforming and getting results no matter what happens, “in regular Olympic Games “ Russia well.. is Russia and they got more athletes, so the pressure is divided between more people
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