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  1. I'm officially declare that I as the rep' of Israel here, will apply as a candidate if possible
  2. @hckosice it's a Slovakia VS Israel in another sporting event, but this time we don't have Eran Zehavi
  3. I thought about it too, that’s a good point
  4. Some of them are in their top form or at career’s peak so I’m sure this decision will break them
  5. The cancellation will be a major blow to the athletes and for the Sports (and for us the fans)
  6. It’s just that it’s hard for Me to see a situation where the IOC is going to “give up” on this Olympics, especially after they decided to postponed it last year, so I how I see it this will be cancelling or Japan with more vaccinations or multinational thing
  7. The hosting of the Olympics is a good way to pressure the Medical companies sending vaccinations to Tokyo and Japan
  8. I mean you can go from Budapest to Wien or to Prague or even Berlin in less then a day or Amsterdam to Paris or Brugge, Europe in this case is a good place to do this multi Host thing, like Euro2020 or even Euro2012, you can still get the effect of everything in one place and yet have it in some places
  9. I think it’s a good opportunity to a give few small countries to host some events of the Olympics, the cancellation of the Olympics will hurt a lot of sports and athletes badly
  10. First of all the ambassador’s office is in Jerusalem second, I’m Assuming that Biden did not just stopped a random Jewish in the street and let him run an office... third you are allowed to observe this and say this but it’s the action or the non based info that bother a lot of Jews around the world, Israeli and American Jews does not have a lot in common, I’ll be back with the rest of my things late because I got to go
  11. Yep and let me add that it was the first time in 3 or 4 years that water polo is even aired here , the coach of the Women’s National team declared that this team is building itself to Paris 2024 and that we do not need to expect anything
  12. got myself a new tail... all and all except a bit of pain in my arm where i've got the vaccine, nothing out of the ordinarye 28.1 I have my 2nd vaccine because apparently everyone need to take it at least twice
  13. not that big of news but, i've got vaccinated yesterday so if you got any question, or something else that interest you(symptoms, pain or anything else..) feel free to ask
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