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  1. נבחרת ההתעמלות האומנותית מעפילה לפריז מהמקום ה2 באליפות העולם
  2. This is where we can share (hopefully good) news about those who made it to Paris and those who are about to try or may qualify
  3. Atamanov got injured with a broken foot minutes before she was planned to start, she will be out for an estimated time of 6-8 weeks , Kaleyn was rushed to a hospital with high fever, wish them health and quick recovery
  4. Here the election is going to start in November And the system is by selecting one paper note with the name of the party and putting it in an envelope and then down a box.. although there is not much change in the party’s from last time therefore probably we are going in an election loop again
  5. Italy Bulgaria Israel in both most likely, in the individual as well Raffaeli looking extremely good at the moment winning gold today Baldassari and kaleyn are already experienced at the Olympic level, and 16 Y.O Atamanov the current European champion those girls probably have the best chances as well as Italy Bulgaria and Israel in the group level (again as long as Russia and Belarus are out)
  6. So how many Quotas will be handed in the Competition? both Indevidual and Group
  7. Hmm apparently Misha Zilberman will play in the mixed doubles with his Mother/coach as his partner(she is 64 Y.O) though We have Kseina in the WS , is this a common thing to have?
  8. When that Swiss/Belgian user eventually come
  9. Well it started for us in with a disappointing result with Blessing in the 200m (he ran almost second slower then his recent record) although he is young and that is his first big final against grown men from the European top. And then a delightful and unexpected surprise as Hanna Minenko get the bronze in triple jump and thus increasing our medal tally to 5 this competition when from 1990-2020 this was the amount of medals we had in total so Kapitolnik and Blessing did not impressed but generally historic competition that gives hopes to the future
  10. well yes that is true and i forgot to mention it
  11. Almost 50 years after the events of the 1972's OG we winning medals in Munich, and for one day there is a break from constantly talking about Football, so this is a great day for sure
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