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  1. For us in Israel this competition and every other after that, is all about getting more athletes to the Olympics with an emphasis on the women’s categories,all of those who 99% secured a place are training instead.
  2. israel the Israeli jury has selected Nir Tibor (AKA Dennis Lloyd) with his song "Alien" on a personal note I truely like his style and his story, ENJOY!
  3. You have enough people who can run fast enough to avoid answering the question of why you don’t have anyone on the field events..
  4. It’s really off topic, but today is the anniversary for me , joined to you wonderful people exactly one year ago so thank you guys for everything and for many years to come
  5. I’ll be honest I’m really impressed well done @Sindo hopefully now they will come
  6. פרסמתי עכשיו וזמר תייג אותי חזרה בפוסט שכתבתי לפני חצי שנה... כתבתי לו שמאז עברו כמה וכמה דברים מקווה שיענו
  7. חחחחח בול מה שחשבתי , אני אעלה שם את הפוסט וארכז גם פה את המידע
  8. He is busy searching what He can do different then Trump, then in doing anything else...
  9. חחחחח כן אני שם אחלה קבוצה לפי הפוסטים הם בפגרת חורף /עסוקים בקורונה אברר שם על מי מועמד ואכתוב פה תודה בכל מקרה מקסים
  10. So I'll make a list of who could join the delegation in Tokyo and in what, and i'll try to make it as good as possible, and btw happy to see that this thread is alive
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