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  1. People are not thinking for themselves anymore unfortunately, i mean left and right media are owned by someone with agenda of some kind, therefore vox for example will post s**t like this everytime because it's promoting their agenda. "whoever controls the media control the mind"
  2. To be honest our system in the last few years has become more and more like in your countries, it is another kind of global pandemic i guess...
  3. HOLD ON.. what? when? what are the rules for picking song for this time?
  4. the second type of voters you mentioned is the worst type, sorry but a policy of voting to someone just because you hate the opponent is idiotic and even dangerous
  5. Rosh Hashana Sameach , or happy new year, for its the start of the Jewish calendar year
  6. Baruch Haba, Welcome , this is always nice to have another Israeli here if you need anything here to help👍🏼
  7. It’s sad to say that but a lot of those teens in those cases are taught from home that the Holocaust never happened and such even though the evidence is there and it’s open for them to learn The fact that everyone can say or write anything is a key for it just look at the comments section and see the “Trolls” and the conspiracy theories lovers just spamming their ideas. It’s truly all about education,
  8. Just now got the Notification I think it’s automatically put the thread in the Notification list after you comment on the thread
  9. Yess I got some weird notifications on some threads that i commented on
  10. It's super ambitious indeed, in my eyes they should first focus on Qualifying, but weirder things happend before so...
  11. It's more like the weird Story of Elizabath Swaney who represented Hungary, i'm 1000000% sure that Hungary did not shop for her..., unless they shop for athleats in AliExpress..
  12. The law of return is very strict and is not allow any "shopping" to happen every person who is elgible for citezenship due to the law has allawys been the passed in 1950 and the purpose of it is to encourge jews to make "alliyah" and settle in Israel, this law has nothing to do with sport and again if you heard about athleat who represnt Israel and he is not based in Israel, this is the reason, i can asure you that the country is not buying nor importing athleats in exchange of money.
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