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  1. 2022 Wimbledon Men's singles: Third round: Nick Kyrgios AUS d. (4) Stefanos Tsitsipas GRE 6-7(2) 6-4 6-3 7-6(7) Girls' singles: First round: (16) Linda Klimovicova CZE d. Michaela Laki GRE 6-2 7-5
  2. Bronze for our boys! In the end it's a good result so I can't complain. Only the third time we won a medal at the World Championships (we also won bronze in 2005 and 2015). I think we would be playing for the gold tonight if Zerdevas wasn't injured, but hopefully he will be okay for the European Championships next month.
  3. Yes but I imagine he lived in France most of his life, no? A big difference from the athletes Turkey and Azerbaijan buy, who are nothing but mercenaries. Let's be honest here.
  4. So it's okay when they do it but not other countries. Alright then. If Nyfantopoulos were Algerian instead of Greek, I'm sure you would have a different opinion...
  5. 37 yo Georgios Printezis (basketball) He was selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the 2007 NBA Draft, although he never played in the NBA. He spent most of his career playing for Olympiacos, where he was a 2x Euroleague champion (2012 and 2013), was named to the All-Euroleague First Team (2017) and also was named to the Euroleague 2010-20 All-Decade Team He was a member of the national team for many years, competing at the 2008 Olympics and winning bronze at Eurobasket 2009.
  6. So we lost 11-10 to Italy in the semifinals I hate to say it but I was right. We needed Zerdevas. Tzortzatos simply isn't good enough, and some of the goals he conceded surely would've been stopped by Zerdevas. There is a reason that Tzortzatos is 30 yo and only now is getting called up to the national team for the first time ever...
  7. In most of those cases, the athletes were born in and/or raised in those European countries, yet you support Turkey of all nations who literally buy athletes from other continents. Your logic is so flawed. Nyfantopoulos won bronze in the men's 100m with a PB. In my opinion he is really the gold medalist as the gold went to a Jamaican who was bought by Turkey, and the silver went to an Azeri bought by Turkey. Last time I checked, Jamaica and Azerbaijan were not Mediterranean countries but it's interesting that you somehow do not complain about this...
  8. 2022 Wimbledon Men's singles: Second round: (4) Stefanos Tsitsipas GRE d. Jordan Thompson AUS 6-2 6-3 7-5 Third round: (4) Stefanos Tsitsipas GRE vs. Nick Kyrgios AUS Women's singles: Third round: Tatjana Maria GER d. (5) Maria Sakkari GRE 6-3 7-5 Girls' singles: First round: Michaela Laki GRE vs. (16) Linda Klimovicova CZE
  9. Zerdevas is officially out for the rest of the tournament. Sadly I think that totally ruins our chances to win gold. At this point I'll be happy with a bronze...
  10. Kynigakis tested positive for Covid and is out. Too bad, I wanted to see how he would do after his impressive 5th place finish at last year's Olympics as a 22 yo
  11. TEAM GREECE Men: Pole vault - Emmanouil Karalis Long jump - Miltiadis Tentoglou Hammer throw - Michail Anastasakis, Christos Frantzeskakis 35km walk - Alexandros Papamichail Women: High jump - Tatiana Gusin Pole vault - Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, Eleni Polak, Ekaterini Stefanidi Triple jump - Spyridoula Karydi Discus throw - Chrysoula Anagnostopoulou Hammer throw - Stamatia Scarvelis Javelin throw - Elina Tzengko 20km walk - Antigoni Drisbioti, Kiriaki Filtisakou, Christina Papadopoulou 35km walk - Antigoni Drisbioti, Efstathia Kourkoutsaki, Christina Papadopoulou
  12. Yeah, it's the first time ever that we will not be sending any track athlete to the World Athletics Championships. Still we are sending 17 athletes to Eugene which is more than we sent to Daegu 2011, Beijing 2015 and Doha 2019. Same amount as Moscow 2013. If Spanoudaki didn't get covid, she 95% would've qualified in the women's 200m and also had a chance in the 100m. Irini Vasiliou won the women's 400m in the National Championships with 52.32, but she didn't compete in enough races to make it via ranking. Karagianni is 44th and Pesiridou 45th in the women's 100 hurdles in the Race to Oregon, so it's unlikely that they'll get in as they would need 4-5 more withdrawals. Pesiridou really should've made it but her performances were bad this year, until recently she finally started doing better again. Gnafaki 46th in the women's 400 hurdles. Needed to be top 40. Douvalidis had a lot of issues so he didn't try to make it to Eugene (men's 110 hurdles). First time he's missing the World Championships since 2009. Going to be weird not competing in any track events. We have 7 jumpers, 5 throwers, and 5 race walkers. Also it's the first time since 2007 that Filippidis doesn't compete. He hasn't been anywhere since Tokyo so I think it's safe to say he retired, he's 35 now and was mediocre the last few years.
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