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  1. In men's wrestling our boy Georgios Pilidis qualified yesterday. He is either 20 or 21. One site says he was born January 2000 and another says January 2001.
  2. Like Greece in gymnastics and rowing. Gymnastics we had 9 in Beijing, London and Rio. So far we have 0 for Tokyo. Rowing we had 10 in London and Rio. So far we have 3 for Tokyo...
  3. Really hope Chamalidis can qualify. He is seeded two. So was Telikostoglou today and he lost in the first round. I think Rapsomanikis had a good chance to qualify for Tokyo but he wasn't one of the four athletes we selected. Mitsopoulou losing today in the first round was also a huge disappointment. I don't think Tzeli can qualify but maybe she'll surprise us tomorrow. She's young and won a medal at the 2018 Youth Olympics.
  4. Can't believe Telikostoglou won't be in Tokyo, he was a hope to win a medal for us after he got silver at the 2019 World Championships If we don't qualify anyone tomorrow, it will be the second consecutive Olympics with no Greece in taekwondo. This after we won four medals with three different athletes between 2000 and 2008 (one gold and three silver).
  5. Makes me even more proud that our two quotas in wrestling and one quota in table tennis are all from actual Greeks
  6. Thank you everyone! I am so proud of him, he is young but talented. Won some medals in European Championships for youth categories. He was injured but postponing the Games to 2021 helped his chances because it gave him time to recover. So nice to have a second quota in wrestling after Maria Prevolaraki. Would be nice to get a third here but I'm not sure how likely it is. Also nice to be back in men's wrestling for the first time since London 2012 as we missed Rio 2016 which was the first time in several decades that we were not represented in this sport.
  7. In 2008, Greece had 5 rowers at the Beijing Olympics. We had a great 2009-12 cycle, and we ended up sending 10 rowers to London. We did very well in the different age categories too, so it seemed that we would send a big team to Rio. However, we sent 10 rowers once again. Despite that, our young athletes did very well once again so I thought we would have a huge team for Tokyo, but now we will have 3-8 rowers (more likely to be 3-4, maybe 6 with some luck). The big problem in Greek rowing is that we always do well in the age categories, have young athletes for one Olympic cycle and
  8. At first glance, I said Chile and Croatia should make it. Then I noticed that Fie Udby Erichsen will be competing for Denmark (I was surprised to not see her in W1X, but now I know why), and Rasmussen who was part of the W4- that already qualified for Tokyo and she also won bronze in W2- in Rio. So I'd say Denmark are the favourites to qualify here, which leaves one spot for Chile/Croatia. And of course Germany and Russia have new teams with girls from their W8+ boats so you never know with them. Would be nice if Croatia can qualify so Greece won't be the only team with U23 athletes in this ev
  9. I don't know much about Prakhatsen until last month really. I didn't know her before then but she is doing very well.
  10. The European Championship was very unbalanced. All of the best rowers were in the same semifinal. At the European Qualification, Kyridou fell into the water a few minutes before the race, so that is why she did so poorly in the final and finished way behind the rest of the field. In the heats she dominated. Let's not forget Kyridou won bronze at the 2020 European Championships at the young age of 21. She also won gold at the last two European U23 Championships, beating out Foester.
  11. Each country is only allowed to send four athletes?
  12. So Greece will only sent three boats to Lucerne. Anneta Kyridou is our best chance to qualify, but Klimovich and Foester will be tough. Small chance for Dymchenko as well, but I think the two quotas for W1X will be between Kyridou, Klimovich and Foester. Anastasiadou/Fitsiou definitely have a chance in LW2X, but it will be tough. Especially since Nikolaidou is not fit in time to replace Fitsiou who is clearly the weakest link. Having three available quotas in this event definitely increases our chances, but there are so many other teams going for those spots so it will
  13. Despite not qualifying any divers for the second consecutive Olympics, I am confident that we will have divers in Paris 2024. All three of the guys we sent here were very young (19-21 years old) and the best is yet to come for sure! They will be more ready in three years
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