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  1. After the first listen, I was able to narrow it down to 18. Then I narrowed it to 14 and finally 12, although I had to listen to some songs multiple times in the end to eliminate them and also to decide the order. Some really good songs here and also a lot of variety in genres. Well done to everyone!
  2. For Greece this would be just your average Sunday, these things happen all the time in our league Okay maybe not every week but 3-4 times per year I'd say.
  3. Also it should be known that the other athletes entered the training camp without their PCR results yet anyways so that was fine (they received them the next day) but Anneta who entered with a negative test result from the rapid test was "putting other athletes at risk." Even more disappointing is that our gold medalist Stefanos Ntouskos is the athletes' representative in the federation and he is one of the people who voted to suspend Anneta for one year (the maximum penalty). It's all about politics. Also the Kyridou sisters seem to be on one side and Bourmpou/Ntouskos on the other, they don't follow each other on Instagram anymore (even Maria Kyridou and Christina Bourmpou who were in the women's pair together and won so many gold medals together unfollowed each other).
  4. Spain leads Greece 6-1 at halftime. Wow. We are shockingly poor today, nothing is going our way. We even had a penalty and missed that too. Somehow I have a feeling we will do better in the second half but I'm not sure if it will be enough to come back from such a large deficit.
  5. Badosa is a very beautiful girl, wow
  6. At least she would get wild cards for Doha and Dubai tournaments though. I'm sure it was difficult still but she got that at least. Maria Sakkari got nothing. No wild cards ever. No one cared about her because she was from Greece, but she never gave up and everything she did was on her own. So much respect for both Sakkari and Jabeur for making it to the top 10 against all odds. 5 years ago they played against each other in Fed Cup Group III and now both are in the top 10! Congratulations to both!
  7. Stefanos wasted so many break point chances in the third set
  8. We beat Hungary 13-8 so we are in the final now! FINA is streaming this tournament on Youtube. I wanted to watch today and totally forgot about it until the last few minutes of the game, but happy that our girls won and tomorrow I will watch the final. This is now the 6th medal for Greek water polo national teams in 2021. Unfortunately no gold yet, hopefully tomorrow will be the first though! We last won gold at this competition in 1997, though our most recent medal was a silver in 2017.
  9. I think this is the 7th semifinal for Greek water polo national teams in 2021 Our men's senior team won silver at the Olympics and bronze in the World League. Our men's and women's U17 teams both won silver at the European Championships. Our men's U15 team won bronze at the European Championships, and our women's U15 team got 4th place at the European Championships.
  10. Good win for Stefanos, the Italian is always complaining and acting in a rude and disrespectful way, I would not give his comments much importance if I were Stefanos. Is Jabeur the first Arab woman to make the top 10? I guess so. I know she is not the first African though.
  11. Exactly this. If not for that then today's result wouldn't have had as much importance. Those two draws really damaged our chances. Especially the one against Kosovo, it was so foolish to take Tsimikas off for the last few minutes and then we ended up conceding the equaliser due to a mistake made by his replacement.
  12. Sorry for ranting, I thought I typed it here in one of these posts but I guess I deleted it by accident. But Manolas was seen out at a bar the night before a national team game in Athens, it was very unprofessional and in that game he made a stupid mistake against a small team (I think it was the Liechtenstein game) and he was heavily criticized for it. I don't think he played for the national team after that again. We conceded a late equaliser in the 85th min or something. However when he played for Roma and now Napoli he is more serious. It is quite disrespectful and makes it seem that he only cares about money than his country. Of course I don't follow Serie A very closely to know what he is like there but it seems this way to me at least... Many years have passed now and I would like to give them both another chance with the national team, especially since toxic Tzavellas (who has a history of drama with other Greek players in the national team and is older than them and far less successful) was given a million chances with the national team and is still playing.
  13. Manolas was awful for the national team. He really pissed me off and was a total primadonna, not taking the national team seriously and then being at fault for an embarrassing goal conceded against Liechtenstein in Euro 2020 qualifying in which the result was 1-1 in the end. I think that was the end of his national team career. He used the national team to help him boost his club career, did great at the 2014 World Cup to get a big move to Roma and then he stopped playing with passion for the national team, it was quite disgraceful. Sokratis made mistakes too in those years but not as bad, and in his case there is personal drama with our coach as well. I would definitely prefer him over Manolas. Sokratis always showed passion for the national team even when we hit rock bottom. Siovas was another good CB who was kicked out of the national team last year by this coach who is very divisive and overreacted to a comment Siovas made about Manolas and Sokratis being important to the team (when it was clear that the coach had no intentions of inviting them). So there is a lot of drama and with Tzavellas being suspended, we were left with Mavropanos and Chatzidiakos as CBs (not sure why Kyriakos didn't play, I think he is injured). They are still good players and we have a lot of depth at that position so we are lucky but they made costly mistakes today due to their inexperience. EDIT-Sorry if what I am saying is confusing, I am quite angry now and my thoughts are all over the place
  14. Thank you, I appreciate it. It is tough sometimes. Also it was nice to see a great crowd/atmosphere again after playing in empty stadiums for so long now.
  15. Normally I would agree with this statement but we had many more shots today compared to our opponents, plus we hit the woodwork twice (Masouras post and Pavlidis crossbar) and then Sweden scored one of their two goals via penalty. Despite the lack of goals we appeared to be more threatening offensively especially in the first half
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