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  1. Do you ever have anything nice to say about anyone, ever? Serious question. Also Tentoglou not only had WL but before the 6th jump, this was his worst competition of the entire season and even that shows how good he is to have been 5th at that point. Yes it wasn't such a strong final and some others were injured, but also 8.41 is the longest jump in an Olympic final since 2004, and here we had not one but TWO medalists jump 8.41m. Also prior to Tokyo, Tentoglou had the two biggest jumps in the world this year (8.60 and 8.48). So if you consider this to be a "very sad re
  2. I know in Athens 2004, Fani Halkia broke OR in 400m hurdles semifinal
  3. So sad for Djokovic And of course for Stojanovic as well...
  4. I'm not sure, Italy could've possibly finished first in the group if they won against Hungary (as I'm sure they didn't expect us to beat USA by such a big margin) and then played against Montenegro in the quarterfinals. Instead, we will be the ones to face MNE.
  5. Well I hope this can inspire Gkolomeev to win his first Olympic medal in 2024 as a 31 year old! He said after getting 5th yesterday in the same event where Fratus got bronze, that his goal is now 2024.
  6. Surprised how quiet it is in here. Greece won Pool A!
  7. Looks like no medals for Greece in sailing. Quite disappointing to only win one bronze in this sport the last three Olympics as it is historically one of our best sports
  8. Same exact situation for Greek race walker Alexandros Papamichail
  9. Now she joined the rest of the team in Tokyo after two negative tests
  10. ^After two negative tests, Evangelia Platanioti has just arrived in Tokyo yesterday and will be competing in the duet event
  11. I agree 100% It was slightly better in 2016:
  12. 6th place in both events for Korakaki And I agree with what everyone said. The coverage was absolutely horrendous. I had no idea what was going on until the end of each series when they showed the leaderboard. In 2016 I only caught the end (Korakaki vs. Karsch) and it was way better
  13. I saw the Swedish flag next to the Greek name "Apostolos" and for a second thought it was some Greek representing Sweden Then I quickly realized it's the guy from Cyprus
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