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  1. Good tournament for Maria, unfortunately she will drop from 7 to 10 in the rankings as she was defending runner-up points from last year. However, she has few points to defend until October now, so she has a good chance to rise up again. Last year she lost in her first or second match in Miami, Stuttgart, Madrid, Roland Garros, Eastbourne, Toronto, Cincinnati, US Open, Ostrava, San Diego, so she'll have many opportunities to gain points.
  2. I'm late on this but happy that Anna Korakaki finally won a European gold medal after already having Olympic gold and World Championships gold! Also great to see 20 yo Christina Moschi qualify for Paris 2024, crazy that we only have 3 quotas so far across all sports and 2 of them are in women's shooting
  3. Very tough draw for us, Latvia is by far the best team from Pot 4 so we are really unlucky to draw them. Montenegro are also quite strong, although their recent results were surprisingly poor. It will not be easy, but if we make it out of the group then I think we have a very good chance at QF. With Tsineke, Krimili and Bosgana in the team, we will be so much stronger than we were in the qualifying.
  4. 2023 European Athletics Indoor Championships: Gold: Miltiadis Tentoglou - men's long jump Silver: Nikolaos Andrikopoulos - men's triple jump Emmanouil Karalis - men's pole vault
  5. In the end the Greek team ended with 3 medals (1 gold and 2 silver). It was more or less expected. Tentoglou getting gold was always extremely likely to happen, now it was his third in a row and he is still undefeated in European competitions. He has a chance now in Budapest to hold all 6 major titles at once (Olympics, World Championships, European Championships, World Indoor Championships, European Indoor Championships, Diamond League). He was so close last year and very unlucky in Eugene to leave with silver. Karalis silver was nice and I knew he would have a good chance for a medal. Andrikopoulos was a surprise, I thought maybe one of the other triple jumpers or Stefanidi could win our other medal. A few others with PBs and SBs was also nice to see.
  6. Duplantis CHOSE to skip this event. It is not their fault that he created an opportunity for the others, and they took advantage of it. Also, one could argue that they are unlucky to compete against Duplantis in all other competitions, and that in another era they would be more successful because they wouldn't have to compete with Mondo. And Blech cleared 5.80 and didn't win a medal, which was the first time in the men's pole vault since Belgrade 2017 that someone cleared 5.80 and still missed the podium. The level was not as low as you make it out to be. I am happy that Karalis finally got a medal after being close many other times (4th at the Tokyo Olympics, 4th at the 2019 European Indoors, 5th at the 2018 World Indoors as an 18 yo...)
  7. Tentoglou 8.30 on his first jump and of course they didn't show it, but they showed other athletes' jumps... Stefanidi disappointing to be 4th, she really just is not the same since the pandemic unfortunately. Hopefully Karalis can win our third medal here as I'm sure Tentoglou will win a medal especially since he is already in the lead.
  8. A nice surprise medal in the men's triple jump from Andrikopoulos! The level was really low for 16.58 to win silver, but it's not his fault. It's disappointing that Tsiamis couldn't get on the podium too. Also great to see our 19 yo Emmanouilidou made the semifinals of the 60m. Unfortunately she did not run well in the semifinals, her heats time of 7.26 would've been enough to qualify for the final but still it was a good debut for her with a PB. Lastly, I'm glad that Tentoglou and Stefanidi made it to the finals without any problems. Hopefully Karalis can do the same.
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