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  1. Geiger and Kraft have chances. Their standing in the World Cup is misleading, because both missed several competitions.
  2. The polnish team is not allowed to start in Oberstdorf. This is probably the correct decision but very bitter and lessens the value of the Four hills tournament significantly.
  3. Germany's female sportsperson of the year is Long Jumper Malaika Mihamo Male sportsperson of the year is Leon Draisaitl (Ice Hockey) Team is FC Bayern Munich (Football)
  4. Geiger's style marks in the first attempt yesterday were way underrated. And regarding distance being less worth in Ski Flying: Geiger's four jumps actually had a total of 936.5 metres. Granerud had a total of 932.5 metres. If Granerud had bad luck (aside from the obvious 0.5 points), than it may have been due to wind conditions in the first attempt.
  5. According to the tracking app, it is. Which time do you have?
  6. Marathon Deborah Schöneborn 2:26:52 in Valencia Rabea Schöneborn 2:28:42 in Valencia Of course it just means that now more th
  7. Hopefully Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (German Pole Vaulter). He finished 4th at the WC in Doha but far behind the top three. Today he cleared 5,81 metres in Leverkusen. This probably wouldn't be good enough for a medal, but he still has a year to go.
  8. Everybody who reached the standard can take part, even if the entry number is higher than for example 80 in Marathon.
  9. But this is because BIH didn't give any numbers on June 27th and 28th. So the 390 cases are the sum of cases for three days:
  10. Borna Coric has been tested positive as well.
  11. World Athletics has changed the qualification for the relays. World relays 2021 now count as a qualification event. Top 8 will qualify. If there are teams in the top 8 both at the World Championships and the World Relays, the final places will be distributed by fastet times:
  12. The slightly positive news is that while the number of infections per day is higher than ever, the number of deaths is actually sinking. If we are really lucky it could mean, that the virus will become less lethal over time.
  13. I still don't understand, why the championships should already be postponed in July. Shouldn't one at least wait until September or October to see how the situation develops.
  14. Germany made a mini-show and had the people vote for their favourite entry. Lithuania won in front of Iceland.
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