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  1. Two more German standards Isabel Gose 4:06,11 at 400m Freestyle Celine Rieder 16:09,00 at 1500m Freestyle (Rieder already fulfilled the FINA-Norm previously, so she's not a new qualifier)
  2. Henning Mühlleitner with the national standard at 400m Freestyle. 3:45,55 in Eindhoven. Source: ResultList_16.pdf ( Edit: Same for Florian Wellbrock and Lukas Märtens in Magdeburg: Wellbrock und Märtens schwimmen unter Olympianorm (
  3. I'm absolutely for getting rid of the national standards. The FINA standards are difficult enough to reach. The national standards are also somewhat randomly chosen. So are the FINA standards, granted, but this the DSV can't change, as national federation all you can influence is your own standards. Leaving someone at home who at least judging by past results has a theoretical chance to finish in the top ten to twelve is just nuts. Especially if it's such a young athlete. And if it should indeed be Vogelmann's goal to win a medal in 2024 or 2028 then it definitely would
  4. The time isn't that bad. She would have finished 11th 2016 in Rio and 12th at the last World Championships. But sure, we can leave our few talents at home instead of giving them a chance to prove themselves.
  5. Here's a list of the German swimmers who so far have fulfilled the national qualification standards. I assume it will be updated after every meeting: Diese DSV-Schwimmer haben die Olympianormen geknackt | Stand 04.04.2021 ( The athletes with an asterisk by their name are already nominated. The other ones could theoretically still be out of the team, if there are two faster Germans until April 20th. But at least in the cases of Schwingenschlögl and Thomasberger this is highly unlikely to basically impossible. Kullmann at 400 freestyle could still be in danger.
  6. Youngster Zoe Vogelmann with the FINA standard in 200m Medley: Wettkampf 111 - 200m Lagen weiblich (Finale) ( It's not yet that the german standard, but they might nominate her anyway, even if she doesn't reach it.
  7. Also in the finals, there were National records for Schwingenschlögl (58,95) and Thomasberger (1:55,04).
  8. 400m Freestyle Leonie Kullmann 4:07,44 in Heidelberg.
  9. Qualifying Event in Heidelberg The following Athletes swam the national standards this morning in the preliminaries and are qualified for Tokyo, unless there will be two faster Germans in this event: 100m Breaststroke: Fabian Schwingenschlögl 59,20 200m Butterfly: David Thomasberger 1:55,51 (NR) The event, which was originally planned for Würzburg, is FINA approved and the first of four German meetings in April, where German swimmers can get the standards. Source (in German): Kracher zum Quali-Auftakt: Thom
  10. Yeah, but that's not too surprising, given that only 7 European teams qualified.
  11. This means two of the groups include Brazil or Argentina and Spain or Germany in some combination.
  12. Europe has only one definite quota place, the one for the European Champion. Everything else they won either at the World Championships or the final qualification tournament. The other continents had their chance to win these quota places as well.
  13. So do I, and it more than likely will be here. I think Sauer needs to win the tournament and Ebert to finish badly for Sauer to catch her.
  14. Ebert is not yet mathematically qualified, but she can only be caught by her teammate Anne Sauer. Meaning it is a quota place for Germany, it's just not sure for which fencer exactly.
  15. Switzerland is definitely qualified, if neither Hungary nor Russia win the tournament? Is this true or did I miscalculate something?
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