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  1. I still don't understand, why the championships should already be postponed in July. Shouldn't one at least wait until September or October to see how the situation develops.
  2. Germany made a mini-show and had the people vote for their favourite entry. Lithuania won in front of Iceland.
  3. At least from what was shown in the News more like 2 centimetres.
  4. A few of the shops opened again yesterday in Germany, and of course people were flooding some cities, most of them without any masks or anything. I just don't understand it.
  5. This is definitely possible, but not anytime soon. Let's talk about this again next year in Spring. I don't think the games will be cancelled sooner than that.
  6. Sadly, it probably won't be like that. Gangelt was the real first hotspot of COVID-19 in Germany. A couple who was in holidays in Italy got infected with the virus. They returned without knowing it and took part in a local carnival party in Gangelt, infecting many other people from this region. When the man from the original couple got hospitalized only very few days after the carnival party, all the other carnival guests were put in quarantine as a safety measure. Meaning Gangelt has very likely a much higher quota of infected people than the average in Germany.
  7. World Athletics has suspended Qualifications process until december 1st. World Rankings are also frozen:
  8. 1. I wouldn't be sure of this (sadly). 2. He can attend even if he isn't President anymore.
  9. World Athletics already declared, that they are willing to postpone their World Championships, before the Olympics were officially postponed:
  10. Exactly this. For almost all of these federations, the Olympics are by far the most important event. Many of them are in the eyes of the public basically inexistant for the rest of the time and it's their one chance to get into the limelight for four years. Even the big ones like Athletics would probably sacrifice their World Championships for the Olympics. The only exceptions to this rule might be men's football, men's basketball, men's golf and tennis. And for golf or tennis wouldn't be much change, because they basically have the same sports calendar year after year. And men's football already made a big change by postponing the European Championships, which will lead to the delayment of other events anyway (even the women's European Championships, so that they aren't overshadowed by the men).
  11. Either in September or October 2020 or in summer 2021. Of course all depending on the situation. But even if the situation gets a lot better in spring (which I don't believe) it would be highly irresponsible to have a big event with 10.000 athletes and probably a similar or even bigger number of coaches and officials all in the same place. Even without spectators this would be madness. I don't even think having the Games take place in October is all that likely.
  12. Not really. The Euro is in a completely different part of the world, and it has also the disadvantage that several countries are going to organize it. Olympics are in Japan, which at least right now is in a comparatively good situation (compared to their number of inhabitants). Consisting of several islands probably doesn't hurt Japan either, since the traffic is easier to control. That said, if the situation is still bad in summer, even if it shouldn't be bad in Japan directly, than they of course can't let thousands of people from all over the world in their country. And right now I do believe that the Olympics will get postponed. But this belief has nothing to do with the Euro.
  13. After winning the bronze medal today, Nico Walther from has retired.
  14. In their big final, the team sprinters were faster than Australia and as China and Russia in the small final as well.
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