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  1. Do the three best overall results count for Team event, or the three best per event? For example: Does Wahler's penalty free turn count for the team event for Germany, even if he remains fourth best German and the others have some penalties?
  2. Quick Question: What's a 5* dressage? I can understand the different difficulties in jumping and cross country, but how is this measured in dressage? Do they have some additional stuff to show compared to for example a 3* or 4* dressage?
  3. Quota Places in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men for and
  4. Yeah, these kind of close races are normally reserved for 5000 metres: 2016 European Athletics Championships – Men's 5000 metres - Wikipedia
  5. Sadly, ill. A few days before the EC she posted on her Instagram site, that she is not well and has to focus on her health. She barely competed the whole summer anyway and in retrospective it seems to me a miracle, that she still made it in the Eugene final.
  6. They aren't allowed to run again, they are allowed to run. 17 relays qualified in the 4x100m, because two relays had the same time during the qualification period. And the stadium in Munich has only 8 lanes. I just don't understand why they didn't make 3 runs with 6, 6 and 5 relays.
  7. Malaika Mihambo had Corona, and there's a question mark behind her start in Munich.
  8. Archery: I hope for at least 4 participants (one team and an individual in the other gender). A full team in both events is also possible. Artistic Swimming: Nah Athletics: I am convinced it will be at least 60. Badminton: They may be outsiders, but we always got a few participants and I hope, the trend will continue. Basketball: Secretly hoping for men's team to qualify. Beach Volleyball: After it didn't work out in Tokyo, I hope we'll have two teams per gender again. Boxing: Maybe 4-5? Breaking: No idea Canoeing - Slalom: Hoping for full team. Canoeing - Sprint: Full team or at least very close to it. Cycling - BMX: Maybe 1 or 2 athletes Cycling - Mountain Bike: 2-3 Cycling - Road: They should aim for full team in both genders. Cycling - Track: 10+ Diving: Hoping for a big team, though qualification in synchronized events is always a bit tricky. Equestrian: Full team. Everything else would be a big disappointment. Fencing: Realistically speaking, three equipes would be a maximum. Field Hockey: Both teams. Football: I hope for both teams. Golf: Given that there will probably be many withdrawals again: 2 women and men each. Gymnastics - Artistic: Hoping for both teams. Gymnastics - Rhythmic: 1 athlete Gymnastics - Trampoline: Don't know. Handball: Expecting at least one team, hoping for both. Judo: At least enough to qualify for the team event. Modern Pentathlon: 4 Rowing: I'm guessing we'll qualify in about 5 to 7 events. But I'm certainly hoping for more. Rugby Sevens: Probably 0. Though one may be allowed to dream. Sailing: About 10. Shooting: Hoping for at least 10. Tokyo was a disappointment in every way. Skateboarding: Maybe 1 or 2 Sport Climbing: About 2 Surfing: No idea. Swimming: 25-30 Table Tennis: Both teams Taekwondo: 1-2 Tennis: At least 8 Triathlon: I'm optimistic that the Mixed relay will qualify. So at least 4. Volleyball: Realistically 0. But one can hope. Water Polo: 0 Weightlifting: About 5 maybe. Wrestling: Also about 5-6.
  9. Florian Wellbrock had Corona, and it's unclear, if he can participate at the European Championships.
  10. I'm aghast about this. And I don't know if our government does this in spite of realizing how close we actually are to Russia or because of this.
  11. Yeah! Gold Germany and Tony Martin in his last race.
  12. Performance rating. A 4 to 5. It wasn't all bad, but it was below expectations. Particularly in the last couple of days, canoe sprint and track cycling especially were a big disappointment. And nope, the goal was not achieved. Biggest surprise was silver for race walker Jonathan Hilbert. I guess gold for Alexander Zverev in tennis was a surprise as well. The medal itself not so much, but that it was the gold medal. Biggest heartbreak was decathletes Niklas Kaul's injury in high jump. I'm still not really over it and I'm sure he would have won a medal. Biggest disappointments were Oliver Zeidler in rowing and Johannes Vetter in javelin.
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