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  1. Performance rating. A 4 to 5. It wasn't all bad, but it was below expectations. Particularly in the last couple of days, canoe sprint and track cycling especially were a big disappointment. And nope, the goal was not achieved. Biggest surprise was silver for race walker Jonathan Hilbert. I guess gold for Alexander Zverev in tennis was a surprise as well. The medal itself not so much, but that it was the gold medal. Biggest heartbreak was decathletes Niklas Kaul's injury in high jump. I'm still not really over it and I'm sure he would have won a medal. Biggest disappointments were Oliver Zeidler in rowing and Johannes Vetter in javelin.
  2. I think there is a chance, that the European Championships 2022 might be the European qualifier in women's football this time. Normally, they are to early to count as a qualification event. But since the European Championships have been postponed a year due to the pandemic, they might count.
  3. This is my favourite result of the Games so far. Both great and hilarious.
  4. Thankfully it's the 10th place and not the 9th. So we still have at least a chance. It will be difficult, but that was obvious anyway.
  5. Laura Ludwig (Beach Volleyball) and Patrick Hausding (Diving)
  6. 1. Team dressage, inspite of the fact, that there's a certain risk, now that only three athletes can compete 2. Canoe sprint, men's K4 3. Johannes Vetter, javelin throw I don't any medal is safe. But no medal in each of these three events would be a big disappointment.
  7. One can vote for the German flagbearers here: It will be one female and one male flagbearer as well.
  8. Or maybe only 3 years. If Italy, Germany and Czechia can qualiy for Tokyo, than Poland can qualify for Paris.
  9. Hope Marc Reuther still makes it in the 800 metres. He ran 1:45,22 minutes three times in the qualification period with the standard being 1:45,20.
  10. Thanks. So just two international federations, that's fine. If there aren't any other 4x4 relays today, Germany as currently 14th should be through.
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