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  1. 100m hurdles women: Both Cindy Roleder and Pamela Dutkiewicz-Emmerich from are definitely out. Dutkiewicz-Emmerich is injured and Roleder has gotten a baby.
  2. Germany got an additional quota place in men's Kata for Ilja Smorguner. Source in German: Freude auch in Hessen: Vierter deutscher Olympia-Starter für Karate Verband | | Mehr Sport
  3. Women's 800 metres Katharina Trost 1:58,65 in Chorzow, Poland
  4. I'm a big heptathlon and decathlon fan in athletics. So a medal in either of this would be fantastic, but realistically only Niklas Kaul has a chance, as Carolin Schäfer has problems after her Corona vaccination. If my avatar (Gesa Krause in the steeplechase) medals, it would be great as well.
  5. They still should be as the last team. Unless someone else besides Czechia and Germany topped the time as well.
  6. Result: | Das Leichtathletik-Portal Czechia sent a B-Team. I think their best runners are currently at the European Team Championships.
  7. Chances are pretty good, IMO. And by the way, huge thanks to Czechia for playing really fair. In spite of and being direct concurrents for one of the three remaining places, they actually sent a relay to Regensburg. If they hadn't, Germany's result wouldn't have counted for lack of a second federation.
  8. Germany's 4x400 Mixed ran 3:13,57 minutes in Regensburg, meaning they will climb in the ranking on 14th place, first of the not directly qualified. Kampfansage für Tokio: DLV-Mixed-Staffel legt mächtige Steigerung hin |
  9. This result was achieved with to much tail wind (+2,4 m/s).
  10. Germany didn't skip these years European Championships. They finished fourth. But it needs to be mentioned that it was right after some weeks, when they couldn't train properly due to Covid restrictions and hadn't the fitness for the second half.
  11. From a totally objective point of view, I think this one sound fair.
  12. I'm not Vektor, but I don't think it really is. Though it makes no difference. Only the medallists qualify directly, so only Clouvel and Gulyas. Langrehr will however qualify through the world ranking, so they are all qualified in the end.
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