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  1. TISC Open 2021 Bidding Process: The bidding window has now officially closed and it is my pleasure to announce that the upcoming Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2021 will be held in Israel Congratulations @Dnl on your successful bidding. I will be in touch with you by the weekend to discuss a potential schedule and to offer you support with the process. Thanks for taking on the duties and on behalf of all the TISC community I wish you all the best See you all soon in Israel for TISC Open 2021
  2. TISC Open 2021 Bidding Process: Just a reminder that we are still open for receiving bids for hosting the Totallympics Open International Song Contest 2021. The bidding remains open until Wednesday 15th, September, 21:00 GMT so anyone interested please post on thread before then. Thanks to @Dnl for putting his hat into the ring TISC Open 2021 Host Candidates: Israel
  3. Yes I hope at least there will be one bid Though I have had to rush the process more than usual this time as I am trying to make sure the contest will be held in time by the end of the year.
  4. Unfortunately no response has been received by the Maltese delegation which means we must open up the bidding process for any parties interested in hosting the upcoming TISC Open 2021. Anyone interested in hosting the contest, please post your interest to host on this thread by Wednesday 15th, September, 21:00 GMT. After this time, if we have more than one bid, we will perform a random draw to determine the host using the process outlined in the TISC rules. Let’s hope we receive at least one bid so we can save this edition
  5. Just a quick update on the search to find the TISC 2021 Open host. Canada has now also declined the hosting rights and Malta now has the chance to take up the hosting duties or to decline the invitation. The invitation was sent to the Maltese delegation on August 31st so if no response is received by Tuesday, 7th September we will open up the bidding process. Unfortunately time is not on our side to get the contest staged in the usual window so we need to act quickly if we can get the contest scheduled before the end of the year.
  6. Just to give you all an update, we are still looking for a host for the upcoming TISC Open 2021. Serbia were unable to fulfil the hosting duties so we are currently waiting on news from the runner up of TISC Open 2020, Canada, for their confirmation if they will host or decline. If Canada decline we will ask Malta and after that if we still don’t have a host we will open up bidding. I will give Canada another few days to respond and after that we will move to the next candidate.
  7. Jason Smyth does it again 6 Time Paralympic Champion
  8. That’s fine, I can live without it. It was useful for sure but I will adjust
  9. Unread content is no longer showing in bold for me. Do I need to edit my settings or is this as a result of the update?
  10. Bronze for Rachel Bradley and Holly Davis in the women’s double. Just 18 and 16 years old respectively, great talents
  11. I just realised we are drawing ever closer to the next big event of the year (after the Paralympics of course ).....
  12. Exactly, I feel the same. The thing I like about the forum is that you can interact with people from other nations and learn lots of interesting news you would otherwise miss out on. There's no way I would trawl through separate forums to find all of that and more importantly, you would miss out on the interaction between users from different countries which is something I cherish. Having our own Irish corner here in the form of a national thread is enough.
  13. I hope the community won’t be splintered with all these subforums. I quite like things as they are.
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