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  1. @mrv86 @Braulio Unfortunately our man Arthur Lanigan-O'Keeffe is injured and has to withdraw his quota but it's nice to see he is supporting your guy with some nice words for Alvaro (I assume it is he who will get his re-allocated quota?)
  2. QUALIFICATION UPDATE Updated with confirmation of the historic qualification of Tanya Watson who will become the first female diver to represent Ireland at an Olympic Games We now have 95 athlete quotas (53 men and 42 women) in 51 events, across 19 different sports. Ireland Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team IRELAND 95 athletes 53 men athletes 42 women athletes
  3. 30 days to go.... Olympic Countdown Clock -----------------50------------------------------------ 25------------------------------------ 02----- --------49---------------48------------------27---------------24-------------------04--------------01- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --47--------------------------46-------29---------------------------22-------06------------
  4. QUALIFICATION UPDATE Updated after the official confirmation that Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry have qualified for the Olympics in men's golf and the removal of the Irish dressage team quotas. We now have 94 athlete quotas (53 men and 41 women) in 50 events, across 18 different sports. Ireland Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team IRELAND 94 athletes 53 men athletes 41 women athletes
  5. If he didn't communicate his intention to withdraw the team to the athletes affected, then that's a disgrace and shame on him. Not surprising though, sadly.... these sorts of controversies are just so common that it's not shocking any more. It's just a lack of human decency if he didn't bother to let Rawlins and Connor, and Holstein for that matter, know what was coming... and they should have been allowed to make a case as well. Doubt much will come of their appeals, sadly.
  6. I see a very important debate ongoing but can we all focus on the important issue here.... will Ireland get a weightlifting quota? That is what I want to know
  7. I would like to see Brendan Boyce (men's 50km walk) and Natalya Coyle (women's modern pentathlon) given the honour. Both are long serving members of the team and have been quietly doing us proud over many years. For Brendan it will probably be his final Olympics as the men's 50km walk won't be on the programme in Paris 2024 and for Natalya, this could be her last Olympics too... she has been a wonderful servant to the Irish team, finishing 9th at London 2012 and 6th in Rio 2016, a huge achievement for an Irish pentathlete. Those would be my picks if I could make the choice but it w
  8. 31 days to go.... the yellow ring is complete! 2 down, 3 to go!!! Olympic Countdown Clock -----------------50------------------------------------ 25------------------------------------ 02----- --------49---------------48------------------27---------------24-------------------04--------------01- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --47--------------------------46-------29--
  9. The Irish equestrian team for the Olympics has been announced and the big news is that the dressage team has been withdrawn At most they can only hope to receive a reallocated quota in individual dressage but it's not certain either. We were never going to trouble the medals anyway but it's sad that our historic first team dressage qualification has come to this. However, the showjumping and eventing squads have been the team JUMPING: Bertram Allen with Pacino Amiro Darragh Kenny with VDL Cartello Cian O’Connor with Kilken
  10. The Irish women's hockey team for the Olympics was announced today: 1 Ayeisha McFerran (GK) 2 Chloe Watkins 3 Hannah Matthews 4 Sarah Torrans 5 Nicci Daly 6 Roisin Upton 7 Hannah McLoughlin 8 Deirdre Duke 9 Katie Mullan 10 Shirley McCay 11 Sarah Hawkshaw 12 Lena Tice 13 Naomi Carroll 14 Lizzie Holden 15 Sarah McAuley 16 Anna O’Flanagan ---------------------------------- RESERVE - Michelle Carey RESERVE - Zara Malseed
  11. The Irish women's hockey team for the Olympics has been announced:
  12. in particular Indonesian badminton players. My favourite being the wonderful Susi Sunsanti, first ever women’s singles champion at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. and also but I support many Asian nations when they are underdogs. I don’t have particular favourites.
  13. QUALIFICATION UPDATE Updated after the stunning qualification of the Men's Rugby Sevens team It's so exciting to have an Irish rugby team at the Olympics and wonderful to think we will have participation in 2 team sports now. It's also a welcome boost to the team numbers and we are up to 94 athlete quotas now, 17 sports and 50 events, with more to come. Ireland Tokyo 2020 Olympic Team IRELAND 94 athletes 45
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