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  1. Possibly since TISC Open 2015. There were 3 Polish registered for TISC Annual 2016 but in the end it was only you who voted It's been a long time anyway.
  2. I expect Italy will be here and looking to keep their title of "Jury with most members" which they held since TISC Open 2014
  3. We will have a discussion after this contest to see about possibly extending the release date criteria for the next Annual as a once off due to Covid-19. Perhaps we could allow some songs from the last 6 months of the previous year to be considered to allow some flexibility. But we’ll discuss it after this contest and put it to a vote.
  4. Just to complete your stats: 2013 Open - September 23rd 2014 Open -September 1st
  5. Séamus is packing his bags, it can only mean one thing. Count me in
  6. Rolling back the good times! First Irish winner of the green jersey since Seán Kelly in 1989. Great job Sam Bennett
  7. Perhaps as we speak, a new polder is being reclaimed from the sea to play host to the contest.
  8. Indeed she was, I remember my friend loved this film She also played King Lear’s daughter Regan in a famous video adaptation of the Shakespeare play. King Lear was played by Laurence Olivier. I watched this to help me prepare for a college exam
  9. If only Trump had a prompt, he may not say the ignorant and idiotic things he comes out with every 5 minutes
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