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  1. So we have reached the milestone of 30 nations registered for this contest. Nations from previous TISC edition (Annual 2022) that are yet to register: Nations returning to the contest after a break:
  2. I've done an appraisal of the Irish performance here at this year's Rowing World Championships and it has been a hugely successful championships for our team. Overall picture: 1 gold and 2 bronze in Olympic class events 4 A-Finals in Olympic class events If we were to project forward 12 months, 5 boats would qualify to Paris 2024 if they replicate these results at the next World Championships while the men's four and men's double sculls finish just one and two places outside of the qualifying spots respectively. On evidence of this World Championships, if all these crews continue to progress, they all have a decent chance of making it to Paris 2024. The 2 crews who were furthest away from what would be a qualifying spot, the men's and women's single sculls, are both 20 years-old and making their senior championship debuts so there is still hope we can make sufficient progress in the next 12-18 months. I can't wait to see what the men's four do over the next season, 8th place on their senior debut was a phenomenal result for this young crew. I am hoping they can make it into the qualifying spots at next year's worlds. Event Athlete(s) Final Place in Final Overall Rank Men's Lightweight Double Sculls Paul O'Donovan (28) Fintan McCarthy (25) A 1st 1st Top 7 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Women's Lightweight Double Sculls Margaret Cremen (23) Aoife Casey (23) A 3rd 3rd Top 7 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Women's Double Sculls Zoe Hyde (25) Sanita Puspure (40) A 3rd 3rd Top 11 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Women's Four Emily Hegarty (24) Fiona Murtagh (27) Eimear Lambe (25) Aifric Keogh (30) A 6th 6th Top 7 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Women's Pair Tara Hanlon (24) Natalie Long (32) B 2nd 8th Top 11 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Men's Four John Kearney (21) Ross Corrigan (23) Nathan Timoney (22) Jack Dorney (21) B 2nd 8th Top 7 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Men's Double Sculls Philip Doyle (30) Konan Pazzaia (21) C 1st 13th Top 11 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Men's Single Sculls Brian Colsh (20) C 3rd 15th Top 9 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024 Women's Single Sculls Alison Bergin (20) C 5th 17th Top 9 next year Worlds qualify for Paris 2024
  3. Bronze for Zoe Hyde and Sanita Puspure in the women’s double sculls! Awesome result! So happy for Sanita!
  4. That would be a nice mantle to inherit. Hopefully we can keep progressing and developing more youngsters.
  5. Hopefully Zoe and Sanita can squeeze onto the podium tomorrow in the women’s double but it will be tough. Disappointed by the women’s four with no medal here. I think the changing of the line-up so late in the season didn’t help at all. Hopefully they will have a more settled line-up next year and can get back up there with the best. Otherwise it’s been a fantastic championships for us with new combinations coming into the mix and young crews showing potential for the future. The men’s four in particular have impressed me. We haven’t had representation in this class in the last Olympic cycle and now we have a young crew of average age of 21 making it to the B final and finishing second, 8th overall. Hopefully they can push on strongly in the next couple of years.
  6. O’Donovan likes to play with the media, you never know what he is going to say or not going to say as it was in this case
  7. O’Donovan and McCarthy win gold in the men’s lightweight double sculls
  8. Bronze for Mags Cremen and Aoife Casey in the women’s lightweight double 8th at the Tokyo Olympics and now on the world championship podium. Fantastic
  9. Yes that’s fine. The rule is just to give courtesy in the first days to allow enough time for users to see the new thread and is especially aimed at nations who traditionally have multi-jury members so that one member doesn’t turn up on day 1 and select the song. If another jury member registered for Sweden you would both discuss your already chosen entry and agree whether to keep it or not. And honestly, I think you will have no issues as I don’t think another Swede will register. It’s generally just you in the Swedish jury these days. Hope this helped
  10. Looks good, I am liking the new look. Congratulations @Sindo
  11. My Top 10: Athletics Swimming Rowing Artistic Gymnastics Track Cycling Archery Weightlifting Diving Shooting Badminton Men's road race is one of my absolute favourite events of the Olympics but overall, road cycling is further down my list of favourite sports as I find the time trial to be pretty boring. Equestrian also just misses my list of favourites... in 11th. I love team jumping and eventing.
  12. In the previous edition of the contest it was discussed that multi jury members sometimes missed the boat before an entry was already chosen for their nation by another member of their national jury. In light of this, to allow fair time for multi jury members to see the thread and register their interest, we have decided that the song selection window won’t open until this Friday, September 23rd. There is also new guidance for multi juries in the rules about allowing some time as a form of courtesy to other member of their national jury to help select their song. 3. (b) In cases where 2 or more members from the same nation register to participate in the contest, they must work together by private message to agree upon the song and artist they wish to represent their nation in the contest. If one of those members already chose the song and artist for their nation before the other members registered for the contest, the newly registered members have the right to re-visit the selection made for their nation. All members from that nation should work together to agree on the chosen representative. This must be completed before the official song entry registration deadline. Any outstanding concerns can be brought to the attention of the organising committee by private message to seek a fair solution if needed. For these reasons, it is recommended that users from nations that often have multiple jury members to give a reasonable amount of time to allow their fellow jury members to register, as a form of courtesy for their fellow jury members. This may help to avoid situations where there is a disagreement in the chosen representative and reduce the amount of occasions when the chosen song / artist needs to be changed.
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