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  1. Congrats @Werloc!! First hurdle cleared and with flying colours
  2. Wow!!!! Gebrasy gets the top mark from the jury and public!!!
  3. Well only Albania has revealed their entry and considering how much love there was for The Roop last year, that's not surprising at all
  4. The Roop are already being hyped I see I didn't like their song last year and I didn't enjoy my first listen to their new entry either. Don't get the hype to be honest but I am always way way way out of touch when it comes to ESC
  5. I am so envious of all the countries who have selection process with multiple heats and semis and what not..... good way to generate some interest. In Ireland they drop the song on a random day on radio with no attempt even made to create some interest. Really annoying.
  6. Lithuanian adverts.... if only i understood a word
  7. Wouldn't it be so funny if Jazzu was one of the jury members
  8. Looks like this is the jury panel giving some comments about the acts that sang until now..... t least that's what I think is happening Our guy is up next!
  9. Our very own @Werloc is competing in the second heat of the Lithuanian national selection for Eurovision 2021 tonight. The top 5 acts make it to the semi-finals. I believe Werloc is act number 8 tonight. You can see him perform here in the next few minutes: Good luck @Werloc... I listened to your song and it is great!
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