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  1. Yes, unless another skater achieves a total score of 186 points twice within the qualification period. The personal best of Niki Wories is 148 points, so that's highly unlikely. But great to have a Dutch figure skater at the Olympics for the first time since 1976!
  2. Loved this first race. It was exciting until the finish. Great debut for Tsunoda as well, scoring points in his first race.
  3. For every sport you'll find one link to a document with the international criteria and then directly below it a link to the criteria of the Dutch NOC (all in Dutch though). Section A2 of the documents include the national criteria. For some sports like biathlon and cross-country skiing, the national criteria just state that there is no athlete who has any chance of making the Olympics and therefore no further criteria were determined. As everything is in Dutch, let me know if you need any help with tra
  4. Figure skating is the only sport for which the Dutch NOC has not published their internal selection criteria yet. There's a very realistic chance they won't accept the quota yet though, as the philosophy is that every athlete that will go to Beijing has to prove that they have a realistic chance of finishing top 8 in Beijing. I don't think a top 16 here is sufficient.
  5. And our only competitive fencer Bas Verwijlen qualified for his 4th Olympics in men’s epee
  6. Britt Eerland won her group and therefore meets the international qualification criteria. However, she hasn’t met the Dutch criteria yet, so she’s not sure of Tokyo yet. She has to be in the top 16 of the world ranking counting max 2 athletes per country. She’s currently 18th on that ranking. She’s the best Dutch player by far and placed 28th on the world rankings at the moment. At times I really don’t understand the Dutch NOC’s criteria.
  7. 2nd, 3rd and 5th place for in the men's 400m final. Good sign for the 4x400 m relay tomorrow.
  8. Standings after day 1: Women: Suzanne Schulting - 68 points Arianna Fontana - 26 points Courtney Sarault - 24 points Selma Poutsma - 16 points Xandra Velzeboer - 15 points Sofia Prosvirnova - 13 points Kristen Santos - 8 points Hanne Desmet - 2 points Cynthia Mascitto - 1 point Nicole Mazur - 1 point Men: Charles Hamelin - 36 points Shaoang Liu - 36 points Semen Elistratov - 34 points Itzhak de Laat - 21 points Pietro Sighel - 13 points Sandor Shaolin Liu - 8 points
  9. The men's 1.500m semi-finals were a mess with three penalties in the first semi-final. This is why I love short-track speed skating.
  10. Men's 1.500m finals - Starting lists: Final A: Charles Hamelin Itzhak de Laat Luca Spechenhauser Maxime Laoun Reinis Berzins Semen Elistratov Shaoang Liu Shaolin Sandor Liu Final B: Adil Galiakhmetov Andrew Heo Christoph Schubert Denis Nikisha Nico Andermann Pietro Sighel Vladislav Bykanov
  11. Women's 1.500m finals - Starting lists: Final A: Arianna Fontana Courtney Sarault Hanne Desmet Selma Poutsma Sofia Prosvirnova Suzanne Schulting Xandra Velzeboer Final B: Cynthia Mascitto Ekaterina Efremenkova Florence Brunelle Kristen Santos Martina Valcepina Petra Jaszapati Petra Vankova
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