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  1. De hal was niet heel vol zo te zien, maar hoop dat je een mooie avond hebt gehad @CCB! Weer een lastige eerste set, maar daarna liep het wel echt goed.
  2. and are preparing a joint bid for the 2030 World Championships with… At least according to some serious rumors.
  3. Ja, het team is echt te wisselvallig en er steken inderdaad niet echt spelers bovenuit. Dit is natuurlijk ook geen verrassing, maar wel jammer, zeker in eigen land. Benieuwd of ze nog wat wedstrijdjes kunnen winnen.
  4. A few months ago they hadn't found any federation interested to host the 3rd, 4th and 5th World Cup weekend after withdrew their offer to host the 3rd and 4th World Cup stage. So the federation might have been the only interested federation to step in, now that and are not keen on hosting international sports events and is already hosting the World Championships. For long-track speed skating, it would have been more interesting had they split the World Cups in North-America between Calgary and Quebec or Salt Lake City or even Milwaukee instead of a double header in Calgary. I'm not sure why they didn't. Maybe to make it more appealing to skaters to cross the Atlantic as they won't have to travel much? The second double header in Tomaszów Mazowiecki also doesn't make much sense, although it might have been a process of elimination: will host the European Championships and the first World Cup stage of the season. will host the Junior World Cup Final and Junior World Championships in the same period as the final World Cup stages of the season. will host the World Championships a few weeks later and will host the second World Cup stage of the season. doesn't have an indoor track at the moment in use. and are out for obvious reasons. There are no other European countries at the moment with an indoor 400m track.
  5. World Cup Calendar: Montréal - 28-30 October 2022 Salt Lake City - 4-6 November 2022 (10-12 November 2022 - Four Continents Championships in Salt Lake City) Almaty - 9-11 December 2022 Almaty - 16-18 December 2022 (13-15 January 2023 - European Championships in Gdansk) (27-29 January 2023 - World Junior Championships in Dresden) Dresden - 3-5 February 2023 Dordrecht - 10-12 February 2023 And the season ends traditionally with the World Championships held from 10 to 12 March 2023 in Seoul.
  6. What a fitting end to these championships: another silver medal, making it the 7th silver medal in a Olympic class event these championships. So, in 10 finals: 1x gold, 7x silver, 1x bronze and 1x 4th place
  7. And a gold! First ever Dutch world champion in the skiff!
  8. So far won a silver medal in each of the 4 openweight events for women.
  9. World Cup Calendar: Stavanger - 11-13 November Heerenveen - 18-20 November Calgary - 9-11 December Calgary - 16-18 December Tomaszow Mazowiecki - 10-12 February Tomaszow Mazowiecki - 17-19 February Two double headers, which we haven't seen in a while, if at all? And nothing in Asia or on the fast tracks of Inzell or Salt Lake City. Major championships this year: Quebec - Four Continents Championships - 2-4 December (right before the World Cups in Calgary) Hamar - European Championships - 6-8 January Heerenveen - World Championships - 2-5 March Junior World Cup Calendar: Seinäjoki - 26-27 November (outdoor) Seinäjoki - 3-4 December (outdoor) Inzell - 4-5 February The Junior World Championships will be from 10-12 February in Inzell, together with the final senior World Cup event. I'm wondering if Jordan Stolz will compete in the senior World Cup finals where he could make good money if he managed to continue his strong form from last season, or in Inzell to compete for some world titles in his final year as a junior.
  10. But yeah, even at the start of the last km, I would have placed a serious bet on no Dutch rider finishing in the top 10 today, and then this happens. What a crazy finish and once again, what an amazing season for Van Vleuten.
  11. Vanavond de eerste partij tegen Kenia! Dit zou een eenvoudige 3-0 moeten worden.
  12. 11 Dutch boats in the A final, which is a great result of course. Let's see how many medals they can win here!
  13. Programma Nederlandse vrouwen: 23 september, 20.00 uur: - 25 september, 16.00 uur: - 28 september, 20.00 uur: - 30 september, 20.00 uur: - 2 oktober, 16.00 uur: -
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