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  1. Dutch media reports that Jelinkova has qualified for the Olympics. Adriana will be the second female Dutch skier at the Olympics in history, with Margriet Prajoux-Bouma being the first one in 1952.
  2. And the men's sprint tournament: Kai Verbij Viktor Mushtakov Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen Ignat Golovatsiuk (more wishful thinking) Hein Otterspeer Thomas Krol Nico Ihle Joel Dufter Mathias Vosté Artur Nogal Damian Zurek Piotr Michalski Marten Liiv Artem Arefyev Victor Lobas Odin By Farstad Bjørn Magnussen Hendrik Dombek David Bosa Samuli Suomalainen
  3. I wanted to make a prediction for all four tournaments, but I don't have time to look at all the participants. However, this is my prediction for the women's allround tournament: Antoinette de Jong Martina Sáblíková Evgeniia Lalenkova Natalia Voronina Irene Schouten Karolina Bosiek Elizaveta Golubeva Francesca Lollobrigida Joy Beune Nikola Zdráhalová Natalia Czerwonka Ekaterina Sloeva Magdalena Czyszczoń Sofie Karoline Haugen Ida Njåtun Ragne Wiklund Mareike
  4. I think the Russians won't take this tournament too seriously, so perhaps that's where there is a chance for them. The Polish skaters have had quite a number of internal competitions this year, which might benefit them in this weird season.
  5. Excited for the first big international competition of the season. Normally speaking, all titles will be split between the Russians and the Dutch, but I'm hoping for some surprises. Perhaps Ignat Golovatsiuk can pull off a surprise in the men's sprint tournament. The 500m times he has skated in Minsk this season have been very solid. I'm also curious to see what Nils van der Poel can do, especially on the longer distances. I hope he qualifies for the final 10.000 meters, especially after that impressing time in Inzell.
  6. Miho Takagi won all distances at the Japanese National Championships in Obihiro. Even more impressive is that she skated 4 new track records (1.000m, 1.500m, 3.000m and 5.000m). On the men's side there are five different national champions (500m = Yuma Murakami, 1.000m = Masaya Yamada, 1.500m = Takuro Oda, 5.000m = Seitaro Ichinohe, 10.000m = Ryosuke Tsuchiya). I find it strange that Japan already held their national single distances championships 2021 in October 2020 (Nagano), so I'm not really sure what these titles mean.
  7. What a bizarre time, especially after a not so interesting 6.35 on the 5k where he finished behind 3 Danish, a Lativan and a Swiss skater and a 1.500m in 1.51 right before the 10k.
  8. Several national championships were held this weekend. These are the medalists with their age in brackets. held in Hamar Women 500m 1.000m 1.500m 3.000m 5.000m 01. Julie Nistad Samsonsen [20] Ida Njåtun [29] Ida Njåtun [29] Ragne Wiklund [20] Ragne Wiklund [20] 02. Martine Ripsrud [25] Ragne Wiklund [20] Ragne Wiklund [20] Ida Njåtun [29] Sofie Karoline Haugen [25]
  9. Haha, how amazing would it be if there was another Japanese skater with the surname Williamson without any family connection to Shane? She is indeed his sister. Arito already proved he is talented as he won 2 out of the 3 gold medals at the Youth Olympics (1.500m and mass start) this year in St. Moritz. And 13:28 in Nagano is a very respectable time for a 18-year old, so I'm excited to see what's next.
  10. First National Championships of the season were held over this weekend in Nagano. Here are the podiums: Women: 500m 1.000m 1.500m 3.000m 5.000m Gold Nao Kodaira 37,73 Miho Takagi 1.14,21 Miho Takagi 1.54,81 Misaki Oshigiri 4.07,88 Lemi Williamson 7.14,58 Silver Arisa Go 37,
  11. And the neo-seniors (born after 30th June 1997). Neo-seniors - Women: # 500m 1.000m 1.500m 3.000m 5.000m 01. Daria Kachanova Jutta Leerdam Joy Beune Noemi Bonazza Joy Beune 02. Jutta Leerdam Daria Kachanova Karolina Bosiek Nadezhda Morozova Lemi Williamson 03. Femke Kok Femke Kok Noemi Bonazza Joy
  12. Same thing for the juniors (born after 30th June 2001) for all distances and the allround ranking for which prizes are awarded at the Junior World Championships: Juniors - Girls: # 500m 1.000m 1.500m 3.000m Allround 01. Sin Seung-Heun Myrthe de Boer Merel Conijn Merel Conijn Merel Conijn 02. Isabel Grevelt Anna Ostlender Victoria Stirnemann Rin Kosaka Victori
  13. Men: # 500m 1.000m 1.500m 5.000m 10.000m 01. Tatsuya Shinhama Pavel Kulizhnikov Kjeld Nuis Patrick Roest Jorrit Bergsma 02. Yuma Murakami Thomas Krol Thomas Krol Ted-Jan Bloemen Patrick Roest 03. Pavel Kulizhnikov Kjeld Nuis Patrick Roest Sven Kramer Graeme Fish 04. Viktor
  14. I'm a big fan of statistics and I've decided to compile an unofficial world ranking based on the best four times skated per distance over the past 12 months (or 24 months for women's 5k and men's 10k), adjusted for the track they're skating on. I know most people won't care, but it's just a fun project for myself. If there's one place where others potentially might be interested, it would be here. This is what the top 10 per distance looks like right now before the start of the new season: Women: # 500m 1.000m 1.500m 3.
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