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  1. Amazing race from Kiesenhofer! This is why I love the Olympics. It makes for such great stories!
  2. Great race and a great winner indeed. Great gold medal for
  3. This sport is nerve wracking to watch South Korea will annihilate the Dutch team in the final, I reckon.
  4. Congrats to Japan! Who will replace them in next week's tournament?
  5. Yes, al is voor de vrouwen belangrijk wat er straks gaat gebeuren in de strijd om de derde plaats. Japan zou zich vandaag kunnen plaatsen voor het basketbaltoernooi als ze straks winnen van Spanje wat betekent dat Japan volgende week niet meer meedoet. Japan heeft een sterk team, dus die willen de Nederlandse vrouwen denk ik wel ontlopen. De rest van de teams die volgende week meedoen, op Hongarije na (5e deze week, 2e op het laatste WK achter China), hebben geen sterk kwalificatietoernooi gespeeld, dus zijn te verslaan. Geen idee trouwens wie Japan zou vervangen als ze straks winn
  6. Het mannen 3x3 basketbalteam heeft zich net geplaatst tijdens het kwalificatietoernooi in Graz wat betekent dat er voor het eerst in de geschiedenis dat Nederlandse basketballers in actie zullen komen tijdens de Olympische Spelen.
  7. I was scrolling through the results just now and came here to see if anyone else had noticed. 28,01 in the semi-finals, then 28,01 in the swim-off and then 28,01 in the final. That’s impressively consistent.
  8. Yes, unless another skater achieves a total score of 186 points twice within the qualification period. The personal best of Niki Wories is 148 points, so that's highly unlikely. But great to have a Dutch figure skater at the Olympics for the first time since 1976!
  9. Loved this first race. It was exciting until the finish. Great debut for Tsunoda as well, scoring points in his first race.
  10. For every sport you'll find one link to a document with the international criteria and then directly below it a link to the criteria of the Dutch NOC (all in Dutch though). Section A2 of the documents include the national criteria. For some sports like biathlon and cross-country skiing, the national criteria just state that there is no athlete who has any chance of making the Olympics and therefore no further criteria were determined. As everything is in Dutch, let me know if you need any help with tra
  11. Figure skating is the only sport for which the Dutch NOC has not published their internal selection criteria yet. There's a very realistic chance they won't accept the quota yet though, as the philosophy is that every athlete that will go to Beijing has to prove that they have a realistic chance of finishing top 8 in Beijing. I don't think a top 16 here is sufficient.
  12. And our only competitive fencer Bas Verwijlen qualified for his 4th Olympics in men’s epee
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