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  1. Yeah, the finish was very exciting. The first 3 women finished within 1 second from each other after 10k. My meeting at work was about to start at 10:00 and meetings with Dutch and German colleagues always start right on time., but I saw how tight the race was and the finish was at 10:03 or something like that, so I made ten people in the meeting wait for me with some stupid excuse, just so I could watch the finish.
  2. and received a wildcard. These will be the first World Championships for the Dutch men’s team since 1961
  3. Quarter-finals are known: vs. vs. vs. vs. Quarter-finals in the bottom half are definitely more interesting. vs. is the most likely semi from the top half, whereas any of the four countries in the bottom half have reasonable chances to make it to the second semi. Matches are scheduled for Tuesday.
  4. Adriana Jelinkova, who was the first female alpine skier at the Olympics since 1952 has switched federations and will now represent . The reason given is a lack of support from the Dutch Ski Federation (NSkiV) and the Dutch NOC. @ the Dutch federations. She was born in , but moved to the Netherlands at a young age. She won a bronze medal at the YOG in 2012 and her best result in the World Cup event was a 10th place in 2021/2022.
  5. This is now official:
  6. Typical WTA Good win for Magda though. Didn't watch the match. Was Linette really good or Jabeur just not playing well?
  7. Not too well. They finished in 22nd place with 38 points. 33 of those points came from the professional juries, whereas they only received 5 points from the televoting, all from They had to open the show, which is often not a good position as the voting only starts after all 25 songs have been performed. By that time a lot of people had forgotten the Czech song or they only started watching the show after they had already performed.
  8. I think the Big 5 now can claim the hosting if Ukraine rejects it. As finished second, I won’t be surprised we’re going to a large city in the UK if they are willing to host it.
  9. received on average 11,256 points per country from the public That means 12 points from almost all countries.
  10. Is she allowed to wear it? Albania was one of my pre-contest favorites, but this performance was… interesting?
  11. Camera work has been quite poor so far. Loads of weird shots.
  12. Carlijn Achtereekte, Olympic Champion 3.000m in 2018, has made a switch to cycling. She transferred internally from the Jumbo Visma speed skating team to the Jumbo Visma cycling team. Her first big competition will most likely be the national championships on the road next month.
  13. Welcome! There is indeed a clock in ski jumping. If you really want to know the details of the clock in ski jumping, you can look at section 415.4 of the International Competition Rules as published in the FIS website.
  14. Now that’s a surprise! A Dutch medal in foil?
  15. The tournament will be hosted by and now according to the Polish PM.
  16. Third Dutch World Champion in a row on the women's 500m: 2019: Lara van Ruijven (rest in peace) 2021: Suzanne Schulting 2022: Xandra Velzeboer
  17. In his quarterfinal heat on the men's 500m, Oleg Handei got a standing ovation from the sold-out stadion when his name was announced. And then, against all odds, he finished 2nd in the quarterfinal, finishing right behind Dubois, but in front of a German, Italian and South Korean skater.
  18. Schulting is also out due to COVID. At the previous world championships she won 5 gold medals which she now cannot defend. With Fontana also out , I assume it will be between Choi and Boutin in front of her home crowd on the women’s side?
  19. Angel Daleman is turning 15 this month and will still be a junior when the 2026 Olympics are happening. She's also by far the biggest Dutch talent in long-track speed skating. Last month, she won the Junior B championships (15/16 years as of 01/07/2021) over 500m, 1.000m, 1.500m and 3.000m (), while she is still a C-junior (13/14 years as of 01/07/2021). Of course that means she is also the B-junior national sprint champion and national alround champion (by 3.5 points, an amazing gap you almost never see). Right now she's combining both sports, but we'll have to see if she decides to focus on one.
  20. It's sad that athletes suffer from what their governments are doing, but understandable in this case. The impact of Belarus being banned on the tournament is not really big though.
  21. won't compete in next week's World Championships in Hamar as they can't fly to Norway due to travel restrictions. This will mainly have a significant impact on the sprint championships where Russians on both the male and female side were among the title favorites.
  22. had 36 top 8 placements with only 41 athletes in Beijing, probably in part due to the impossible qualification standards for Dutch athletes in certain sports 7th WOG in a row where finished top 10 in the medal ranking, but only the first time ever where we won medals in 3 different sports during the same winter olympic games
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