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  1. Especially in men's trap, I think there will be some unexpected results. A lot of medal contestants are already somehow out of the final fight already. The dude is kinda surprise. Let's see what the last days brings....
  2. Just the qualification period started, has already earned 4 spots 😮😮 Lipták - Tomeček - Nymburský - Blažíčková She is still only 19 years old !!!
  3. 50m Rifle, 3 Positions Women 🥇 Rikke Ibsen + 🥈Veronika Blažíčková + 🥉Daria Tykhova Wow, another quota place for 😮😮 ....
  4. The dressing looks really cool Anyways, entries for are two Olympians from last year, Miloslav Prihoda and Miroslav Trunda
  5. It was so close for to get 2 spots :-D ..... Can actually 1 country get 2 spots at such event?
  6. Jirka Lipták je ďábel, hned první kvalifikační event, vyhraje ho a bere místenku. Luxus💪💪💪
  7. Could anyone share the entries please? Could not find it on FIE. Thank you :-)
  8. Já nemůžu říct, že jsem nespokojenej, ale bývaly lepší časy. Na druhou stranu máme obrovskou výpravu na MS U20, což jsou velké přísliby do budoucna. Navíc si myslím, že většina průměrných atletů bere Eugene jako skvělou příležitost a sbírání zkušeností, ale podle mě pro české atlety je letos priprita číslo 1 Mistrovství Evropy. Co se Slováků týče, je to celkem naprd. Bylo mi Ledecké trochu líto, ale nedá se nic dělat. Ale máte jiné talenty. Upřímně se těším, co za rok nebo dva bude předvádět Viktorie Forster :-)
  9. Tak jsem dnes koukal na první kvalifikační event na OH, kde se budou rozdávat místenky a sice MS v jedzdectví v Dánsku. Co jsem našel entries, tak to vypadá, že tam Česko ani nebude mít žádný tým, pouze 1 zástupce v parkúru, což je samozřejmě obrovská škoda s ohledem na fakt, že jsme na OH v Tokyu měli 5 jezdců.
  10. I am glad that you are watching Brenda. Altogether with her sister Linda, they are amazing. Now, I can't believe that Brenda made it through the qualifier and she will in the main of the WTA tournament in Guadalajara. Just amazing💪💪
  11. Well, this is a huge piece of history. I did not bother to do anything until the medal ceremony finished. completely ran over. Better in everything...... Haters, who were saying that players from Czech Extraliga or Slovak extraliga cannot play at the Olympics are surely celebrating now, too and trying to act like they have never said anything. The path was crooked and successfully completed. From Olympic qualification tournament all the way to Olympic bronze. @hckošice I can probably imagine how you feel right now. I cried during the medal ceremony, too. Neighbors came to complain that I am too loud while cheering (it is already 12 in China now :-D ) .... Even my dog got scared and started barking so loud :-D ....... I am extremely happy for this Slovak achievement and I am so proud of the whole team...... The way I am dissapointed about team performance for past several years, the same way I am excited about the success today...... Hats off, celebrate and I hope you guys add another medal during this year's WCH :-)
  12. I believe may defeat in the quali match. But with all those University students play really well. I am afraid this would be 🚫 for team ...
  13. I have never seen WC race in such bad conditions .... Or at least cannot recall any ..... I think it wasn't a happy call by the race director to compete today .... The skiers are literally drowning in snow .... I think there is enough space to postpone the race
  14. Goggia absolutely amazing performance in the training .....
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