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  1. For me definitely Churandy Martina . The way he got DSQ from silver at the Beijing 2008 was just not right. He will surely be the one I will be chearing for the most, except fellas, of course😁😁
  2. I am pretty sure this was coaches decision. Nothing to do with officers. Look, Czech helped Germany to get mixed relay to the Olympics. But 4x100 Czech has not qualified yet. Germany has. Maybe German athletes maybe come over next weekend to help out during the very last opportunity. I guess this might been the idea of cooperation 🙂
  3. Well, yes, they are in Cluj this weekend. But most B-team ahtletes are as a reserve. This is B and C team combined. ... Well, we were happy to help. Hope to be together in Tokyo in one month 🙂
  4. What was the Czech result? Just out of curiosity?🙂
  5. Damn it😅. I hope stays on the qualified spot after running national record 3:14,84 min last weekend 💪💪
  6. Yeah, that is what I meant. Should be 14 in total.... But in the live stream they shew only results of TOP 10 and no more .....
  7. Anybody results? The result coverage was pretty bad!!
  8. Yeah, well, many sports have cut a lot the total number of qualified athletes in recent years. That is also the reason. We were also hoping for more. Currently we have 70 spots and hoping for about 100. But it will be tough to reach this number. Depends whether basketball team makes the cut in the qualifier in Canada. Let's hope. Couple more weeks to go.
  9. Jaky ty technicke discipliny jsou docela podelavka no .... Vrhy maji jem 4 pokusy.... Nejvic me bavi, jak si funkcionari mysli, ze to udelaji atraktivnejsi a oni takto zjebou 😅😅
  10. Well, the qualification period in all sports is finishing. We will be seeing many changes and reallocations probably every day. I am really happy for every and who qualify. I always for both counties the same. Will be nice to see some Slovak tennis players. As you know, Olympic tournament is always unpredictable. So let's see💪💪
  11. Sure ,I know. That is what I meant. Gombos will surely play singles. As I guess there will be more withdrawals, he won't miss the singles tournament. As for doubles, I guess as @hckošicesaid, Polášek will most likely choose Igor Zelenay 🙂
  12. Hele ne nutně ve stejný termín. Navic nektere slabsi zeme maji spolecny sampionat vice zemi. Myslim, ze dost zemi ma narodni sampionat ted o vikendu. Budes koukat na Kluž? Hele myslim, ze stafeta na repce nebude. Ale teoreticky by ji mohli vypsat, pokud by se v Kluži nezadarilo. Myslim si, ze ji mohou vypsat, ale nesezenou konkurenci krome te domaci .... Plavco ,tam pribudou 2 jmena do zenske stafety s B limitem prave na zaklade MČR tento vikend. O limit poplave par lidi, jako treba Tomas Franta nebo Sebastian Luňák, kteri maji navic velkou sanci byt nominovani na zak
  13. Yep, bro. Congrats a lot!!! Polášek and Gombos in :-) Just feel a bit pity you have no female qualified. Polášek is good in mixed doubles, too. I believe they would have their chances :-)
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