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  1. I suppose there will be an offer from IOC to compete under flag for some individuals....
  2. I would bet that Kučera will jump Orság and he might be available for OG spot. I for Nagy, I think there is a good chance for him.
  3. Anybody has full results of the day 3? I cannot find anything. There is no information on the ECH website about the 3rd day. Only medalists but not the full draw so we can't even check most of the athletes from other countries.....
  4. Well, regarding the performace by Synek/Podrazil in double sculls and their last place in the semifinal. I think the Final Quali regatta will be pretty tough for them. Hopefully the ECH was been only the test for Olympic qualification. I believe they still can make it!
  5. This championships has such poor information. Could not find entries, good that there is live stream, but obviously ppl cant watch live stream all the time. This event missed live results which I thought currently have all the events of such level. Moreover, it's ECH in the Olympic sport and no live results or live draws at least......
  6. I am not sure whether the topic has already been here but I was trying to find some live tracker for Olympic athletics qualification which would include both - qualified by the quali standart and also the IAAF Ranking but haven't found anything yet. Anybody knows about anything? Thanks
  7. Moreover, I am confused about the world quali. I did not watch the tournament. But it says that defeated but advanced to another round where they defeated in the final? So I am wondering based on what result was qualified for the Olympics if it was supposed to be from the World quali event.
  8. I am wondering where is China. I remember they had more than 10 cases some time last year....
  9. It's an interesting theory. But might be just right. Just wanna ask you based on what result gets spot at the table tennis women's event? Thanks....
  10. Agreed. It is a huge pity for the country but I agree it's political. I infortunately expect the same move for the winter Olympics in Beijing. I suppose in this case would offer some athletes to compete as indenpendent athletes to compete under flag.
  11. I guess it depends on the federation. Don't forget that the world ranking has not been closed yet. I suppose they can nominate the one with limit and withdraw the one from the ranking. I suppose they may not nominate someone from ranking if they had enough ppl make the limit. As for walk races and marathon, I guess most of the ppl will be nominated based on limits, not ranking. Just my personal guess.
  12. Jo, taky jsem o tom přemýšlel. Ale na druhou stranu, když vidím ten počet holek, co už splnilo limit na OH, tak podle mého, když nemáš limit, nejedeš. Maratony ještě budou, tak budeme držet palce, at splní. Navíc ještě další holky budou útočit na maratonský limit. Vypadá to, že i Vrabcová se o něj pokusí :-)
  13. Does anybody this OG Quali detail? If I enter the OG ranking on IWF website, there are all the categories even though they are not all at the Olympic program. So are considered any 102kg athletes to be possibly qualified for 109kg event or for example are any 55kg athletes considered to be qualified for 61kg event? Thanks a lot for the answer.
  14. Guys, I have overheard that some companies are hiring "workers" for the Olympic period to operate some places even at the Olympic venues. Have seen any link but read a discussion thread on Facebook. Seems that they are offering around 1200-1800 JPY per hour and they seem to be able to the overseas workers to Japan. Has anybody heard anything about that? I am trying to find some sources where to find information about these job offers but I failed to find those. I live in with a long term visa. So if the company accepted me, I would definitely go to participate, of course, if they company secur
  15. Moira Stewartová dnes 9 sekund za olympijským limitem na maratonu ve Švýcarsku :'(
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