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  1. Most overrated Olympic Medallist of Germany is clearly Thomas Bach - Foil, team gold medallist from Montreal, he has even not take a part in individual competition. Nevertheless, somehow he is still very relevant in the news.
  2. Here the whole story behind the Podium: In addition, the theme music and costumes reveal. Podiums are made from recycled material etc. Costumes should combine japan traditions with western formal style. Well... it looks a little like hospitals’ personal to me.
  3. Is still a part of or i missed some important news?
  4. 1) I have a lot of favorite events. And sports. If only three than: men's road race, decathlon, men's volleyball. 2) and all "small nations". 3) I some how move form being fanatic about single athlets. But my favorite of all time will be probably: - Tomasz Majewski - the coolest man ever - Adam Małysz - from whom all my sports factination started
  5. As far I can see, nobody here posted this beautiful promo video from FranceTV:
  6. I don't like combat sports, so all Boxing, Wrestling, Karate and co. could go. Artistic sports have some problems with judging and understanding who and why was winnig. However, I enjoyed watching e.g. figure skating and gymnastics with my girlfriend, so maybe there is a chance to make it more transparent. Then there are sports that have problems to attract the best for the games (U23 Football, obviously - golf and baseball). So, if i were removing something than something from these lists. Olympics are also about diversity in sports and interest and I p
  7. For every sport there is a specific age limit dependig what the sport federation likes. From - Snowboard Qaulification Rules: "All athletes participating in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 must be born before 1 January 2007 in accordance with Article 2014.6: International Snowboard / Freestyle Ski /Freeski Competition Rules (ICR)." So bascially she could not participate.
  8. How it was in Lahti? - the one who is behind responsible for overtaking, so Klaebo sould be careful.
  9. One more thought about men’s relay yesterday. It was the longest one (1h52m) since while. Was very interesting to watch, also. Even the results were as expected. Still great effort for Lapierre and Brazil team nice to see them! Plan for Today: let Johaug go and make race for silver (we don't need TV coverage of single running Johaug, so don't show her anymore )
  10. Another relay bronze for France ! They are relay-nation per excellence! Bolshunov just coundn't atack on the hill, so Klebo did Klebo-thing...
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