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  1. Maybe you can add Slovenian and Slovakian medals together. As some China´s newspaper added HKG and TPE medlas togheter. BTW. Full Game only 11 minutes?
  2. That was intense tournament. And surprising medallist. Does anybody predicted gold for France and bronze for Argentina? Ngapeth is MVP. Pretty obvious after he played alone against ROC. Poland is set as 5th - the best of the (quarterfinal)-losers. Hmm… interesting. At previous Olympics all QF losers were placed tied as 5th – this time they differentiated between the teams. I assume that they take points scored in group and quarterfinals matches as ranking, but nowhere on FIVB page could I found any information about the procedure.
  3. For me the Games are not over yet. I still have a lot of events to watch. (Only watched 110 so far), I propably need the next week to get done with everything i interessted to. :D Today I will watch climbing, track cycling and probably rythmic gymnastic with my girlfriend. Team sports finals are than next on my list.
  4. My schedule for tomorrow: 8:00 Wake up and breakfast 8:15 Watch Olympic Games 24:00 Go to bed :D
  5. Its a pity for VDP. Horrible crash. I hope he is fine. The german commentator said, that it was communicating that the ramp will be removed for the race. (Althrough why install a ramp in training and remove for the race?!)
  6. That's absolutely disaster for organisators. There should be some motocycling showing the right times and groups or at least at the first passing the finish line.
  7. If road cycling is team sport, explain gold medal of Carapaz and Kiesenhofer beeing single athlets.
  8. So the Dutch still not applied the new motto? They are faster, stronger, higher, but not TOGETHER!
  9. Kiesenhofer Plichta & Shapira +2:10 Labous +4:02 Peloton + 4:18
  10. The official Olympics page is showing the worng profile Mikuni pass? Acording to the gaps there the duo Plichta & Shapira minute behind. van Vleuten still 5 minutes back.
  11. Still 5 minutes gap? Or GPS not working properly?
  12. Its looked as Plichta got her food beg right as Kiesenhofer attacked. Little bit suprise attack.
  13. Peloton give up (or could reach the agreement). So Van Vleuten for gold, the breakaway gets another two medals?
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