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  2. Czy wiadomo coś, która TV pokaże ME w pływaniu? A jak nie TV, to może eurosportplayer albo
  3. this was really fast
  4. this is good for me, you just have to filter particular relay and 50m pool and in advanced filters - you can set the qualifying period from 01/03/2019 till now
  6. heh you know this text? I love it
  7. Now it's fixed. Multiple choice possible. W 400m hurdles added. D.Muhammad or S.McLaughlin - who do you think?
  8. Ooops. I forgot to click "multiple choice" option. Sorry :-( So this question is now actually - which event is the most possible world record in Tokyo?
  9. I must admit I think Spain wil get more gold medals than Poland, too. Who do you think are the biggest Spanish gold medal chances?
  10. Yes, W 400H should defenitely be on this list, too.
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