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  1. @hckošice and I just got another great selection of olympic books from !!! first of all great Czech album of Tokyo 2020, they have published this one very quickly! I have only bought some German Tokyo books on amazon quicker than this one and I got very similar ones from Rio and Pyeongchang as well, nice collection this is these two Slovak books are very good as well Czech books are more about great photos, less to read. Nice to see that Slovak books have more text, hope to read it all (I'm still improving my Czech and Slovak languages hah) and this one is sth special so thanks for the past advice about!
  2. Awesome job @hckošice, million thanks for that!!!
  3. It is not that simple. You can't just ignore them, cause their comments are quoted by other users (why they quote them and answer to their posts is uknown to me). That's why I almost haven't used totallympics at all during the games, trying not to spoil my olympic mood. And @Sindo wrote here few days ago that he's not going to do anything with this really, so I'm rather pessimistic about future of totallympics board.
  4. Oh, thank you, I didn't know that. Do you have link for the new one?
  5. Paris 2024 map. Library/OlympicOrg/Games/Summer-Games/Games-Candidate-Cities-2024/Paris-2024-Map-EN.pdf
  6. Missing day 2 swimming evening heats video, available for EurosportPlayer users.
  7. List of Paris 2024 events. This file was here before, but it is a small reminder for the users who didn't get it yet. Paris-2024-Event-Programme.pdf
  8. I hope you are right. I would really like to enjoy the Games in Paris having some good tickets !!! And how lucky you are that you were in Barcelona 1992! I think those were the best olympics ever!
  9. Funny moments from Tokyo
  10. Great article in NYT on Wilfredo Leon It was published on August 2nd. There was no happy ending for our team in Tokyo but this thing is really worth reading
  11. Page 20 of Paris candidature file has early version of schedule. It will have some changes for sure, new sports and events have to be added, but I think in general it will look sth like this. So we can make early plans which days to choose.
  12. Men's high jump final in Tokyo - full video
  13. Aleksandra Mirosław in sports climbing - women's speed event. In Tokyo she was 4th in combined event but she had WR in speed, wasn't able to perform well in boulder and lead though. In Paris speed will be a seperate event so she is the biggest favourite for gold now. But a lot of can happen during these 3 years obviously and she will have strong opponents within Polish team as well. Polish girls are very strong in this event.
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