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  1. 21.02.23 version M and W singles in tennis updated after Australian Open 21.02.23 tokyo quali.doc
  2. Thank you @CCB for such detailed info. Very interesting to read!!! In this thread I don't put any predictions. This is simply summary of wch 2021 results in olympic winter sports. But the order is according to the Beijing 2022 schedule - so this is a kind of simulation - what it would look like if 2021 was 2022... Speed skating simulation without JPN and others is not good enough, but what can we do? Anyway, here is 21.02.21 evening version, with M biathlon mass start and M alpine slalom added. 51 events out of 109 are done in this thre
  3. That is why I usually watch Eurosport with English commentary ;-)
  4. @CCB I included speed skating wch results in this thread. But - sadly - without JPN, CHN and KOR participating in it, this thread is not a good simulation for 2022 anymore. I'd like to ask you - as you are obviously our speed skating expert here - what do you think, how would the medal results change if Asian countries would participate? That would be many medals for JPN, I guess...
  5. 21.02.21 VERSION wch results up to 21.02.21, besides M alpine slalom and M biathlon mass start 21.02.21 beijing day by day wch 21.docx
  6. Great to See Tamberi jumping so high after this horrible injury few years ago 😃
  7. 21.02.20 morning version remaining swimming events added and some others and some events updated, e.g. men's pole vault more to come this weekend 21.02.20 tokyo quali.doc
  8. here we go again 21.02.16 version some new events added, including M and W marathon and 20km race walks (q predicts using RoadToTokyo WorldAthletics website, obviously the actual startlists will look pretty much different than that - I will update this thing ;-) 21.02.16 tokyo quali.doc
  9. @hckošice thanks for your advice, I have just received Sochi 2014 and Athens 2004 from ;-) both books are great. Time to improve my Czech and Slovak languages ;-) thank you once again!
  10. A very short start list, I must say :-( But big emotions guaranteed, for sure.
  11. 21.02.12 version some new events added, among them: M and W 200m in athletics, and M 200 fly in swimming 21.02.12 tokyo quali.doc
  12. Great job. Thank you!!! Could you please share some details - how did you make this simulation? E.g. what 51 people (who and in which sports/events will represent POL?) ???
  13. Your videos are awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wonder if you could help me. I can't find the videos for some olympic events I would love to see again, maybe you have them. Winter games - Alpine Skiing - M Downhill - Nagano 1998 - full race, not the highlights only with Hermann Maier flying through the nets ;-) Summer games - Cycling - M Road Race - Beijing 2008 - full race would be the best, but if this is not possible - maybe last 50kms or so ;-)
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