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  1. Tokyo Olympics: Nigeria sprinter Blessing Okagbare out of Games after failed drugs test -
  2. Obviously now Murphy is saying: I wasn't accusing anyone...
  3. Oh yes, you are so right. We shall never forget that everybody here is a doper! Only those performing under German flag are not. And another yes - we can always keep calling everyone dopers, without having any proof for that - this is another thing we can't forget.
  4. That was exactly 25 years ago today. This 2.37 jump by Artur Partyka in Atlanta is probably my favourite olympic moment ever. What emotions...! Such a clearance, it was much more than 2.40 in the air!
  5. After swimming, this gymnastics final is defenitely highlight of the day for me.
  6. @thiago_simoes It is very interesting to read all your comments on gymnastics here. Thanks for sharing all this detailed info. Before today's women's AA final I wonder what are your thoughts on Rebeca Andrade chances for a medal after she was brilliant 2nd in qualis, only behind Biles. Good luck for her! And when Biles is out of it - a new star will be born today. Who do you think can win this? I think Sunisa Lee, though my heart says Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, I will cheer her on, but she's not in her greatest shape here sadly. If not Melanie, I also admire Tang Xijing
  7. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 10,000m Day 1 July 30th 2021 Mohammed Ahmed Aron Kifle Berihu Aregawi Selemon Barega x Yomif Kejelcha x Marc Scott
  8. And now they are singing some traditional song at the pitch haha!!!
  9. That was an olympic final and still Fiji played with such a flow like it was a friendly weekend game at the park. Greetings to NZL 🇳🇿 from POL 🇵🇱 as well. Great tournament for you, too!
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