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  1. If there is Beijing schedule available already, we could do the Winter edition here ?
  2. @Benolympique and what are your favourite olympic moments from French and International perspective?
  3. @Fly_like_a_don and what are your favourite olympic moments from Indian and International perspective?
  4. @OlympicsFan and what are your favourite olympic moments, from German and International perspective.
  5. I may be offline next few days. So here is what I would like to watch on day 16 Sunday. M marathon (move it back to Tokyo, please!) Last boxing finals M keirin final W handball final - no medals for Poland on Sunday I'm afraid So i hope i could support team NED here ? And then closing ceremony And then day 17 Monday. On Monday i would be sleeping a lot ?
  6. Day 15 SuperHiperSaturday I would like to watch so many things. This is much too much to watch in one day. There were some less entertaining days before but this Saturday really a lot would be going on at the same time. Impossible to see it all live as it would happen. I would have to make my priorities and watch some replays later. Anyway, things to do are: M volleyball final - i hope it would be Poland vs USA. And i hope it would be a really good match. Athletics - firstly W marathon (i wish they could move it back to Tokyo) And The who
  7. From Polish perspective there was even bigger mishap im the opening ceremony when Polish team entered the stadium. This photo proves that even Putin thinks that Koenigsberg / Kaliningrad should be in Poland these days.
  8. Mickael Delage from FDJ team had a very serious crash Today at Tour de Pologne. It was in downhill and he lost his helmet in the impact. He was taken to the hospital by the helicopter.
  9. Rowing has been running 2000 m for ages and this is good with no stupid change every olympics .
  10. Cape Town, not Capetown. OK, I'll remember that! In Polish it's Kapsztad. Do you really think that Madrid (Spain) is among the poor ones and Budapest (Hungary) is not??? Hmm... Anyway, New York and Budapest would be my no. 4 and 5 proposals for hosting the games. And I wonder what would you watch on day 14 from German and international perspective?
  11. Friday Day 14 I would defenitely watch athletics - whole evening session is very interesting for me. W 1500 (with Sofia Ennaoui?), W Javelin (Maria Andrejczyk?) and 4x100 relays above all. Beach Volleyball W final Boxing M Heavyweight final W football final W handball semis Some track cycling, sports climbing and canoeing (can sb explain to me why they got rid of M K4 1000 and there is M K4 500 instead? This is such a stupid decision. K4 1000 was the best event, full of tactics. And M K4 500 is much less entertaing, this r
  12. That a was an entertaining finish. You really don't need 80 kmh downhill finish like yesterday. Bravo Trek Team!
  13. Off- Topic If you could choose a city who could host Summer Olympics in future, what would it be? But you can choose only a City which hasn't been a host yet. For me: CAPETOWN is my first choice. Then Warsaw and Boston.
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