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  1. Team Germany - Women Kim Bui, Sarah Voss, Pauline Schäfer, Elisabeth Seitz Emelie Petz (reserve)
  2. One of the most entertaining F1 races of recent history was exactly 10 years ago. Canada 2011
  3. He just dropped face first into the ground as he went to receive a throw-in. Total disaster.
  4. Remco Evenepoel and Wout van Aert selected for Team Belgium Valerie Demey, Lotte Kopecky and Julie van de Velde in their women's team
  5. Do you have link for a video of 400 free at AUS Trials? Better than this one
  6. Firenze, ITA Men's High Jump Brandon Starc 2.33 June 10th, 2021
  7. I very much like this one, Barney Ronay wrote that. What are you most looking forward to, on or off the pitch? BR Friendly interaction with diverse humans from other sectors of infection (previously known as “countries”). It’s been a while.
  8. These are questions Guardian asked their writers. 1. Which two teams will reach the final – and who will win? 2. Who will win the Golden Boot? 3. Who will be the surprise team of the tournament? 4. Who will be the breakthrough player of the tournament? 5. How far will England, Scotland and Wales get? (that is original Guardian question - but I would rather ask you: How far will your national team (or a team you support the most) get? 6
  9. Michał Rozmys 3.34.96 1500m Marseille
  10. Congratulations! Well deserved win. Now I hope Greek players will win both singles finals! Good luck then. And already waiting for an entertaining re-match next year.
  11.,64989,27177694,rekord-kraju-i-minimum-na-tokio-polacy-w-olimpijskiej-formie.html Marcin Krukowski NR in javelin 89.55m, Turku He's been qualified already
  13. According to Olympics app, Coco Gauff clinches olympic spot with French Open QF.
  14. Poll suggestion: who do you think is the dark horse in your NOC olympic team?
  15. Polish sports daily press Przegląd Sportowy says that our two men's pairs Grzegorz Fijałek & Michał Bryl and Piotr Kantor & Bartosz Łosiak have already secured olympic qualification via FIVB ranking. Both pairs are medal contenders I think.
  16. Luka couldn't do it by himself. He would need Scottie...
  17. L'Equipe app says Federer withdrew from Roland Garros
  18. Pia Skrzyszowska 12.80, 100m hurdles in Hengelo a member of our 4x100 relay, 20 years old already third Pole with qualifying standard for 100m hurdles
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