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  1. Congrats Italy! What a year for them, two golds in volleyball EC, gold in Euro 2020, 5 athletics golds in Tokyo and win in Eurovision with rock song Also congrats Slovenia, silver medal is also very good result
  2. with bronze medal after beating Serbia 3-0 Edit: It was also last match for our team when Vital Heynen was coach of the team. Our federation decided to not extend his contract due to failure during Olympics.
  3. In 2024 Olympics host city Paris actually are played both men's and women's European Championships. In men's tournament Serbia will play in final against Lithuania, in bronze medal match Poland beats Russia 19-18 in last second, despite losing 14-18 3 minutes before end of the match. I'm very glad that those mens wins something after Olympic failure
  4. Denmark is now paradise like Tanzania
  5. Previously @Olympian1010 and @Dnl were interested in hosting TISC. Maybe they will have again intentions to host contest
  6. 3-1 for Poland in the end, but with just 26-24 in fourth set. With this game our guys might finish this competition even earlier than women's team this week...
  7. Meanwhile scored their 26 goal in history in official matches, of course against
  8. It's hard to believe what our guys are doing, firstly they lost one set against , then barely beats and now, they managed lost set against... ... What the heck?!
  9. What a choke from Barty, from leading 5-2 and 30-0 in third set she lost 6-7 against Rogers
  10. Looks like our team will defeat Ukraine after all. But with this game Turkey will easily destroy us 0-3 in QF.
  11. It seems Slovakian return is even less possible than return of Turkey...
  12. Serie is over. Natalia Partyka in table tennis wins bronze medal. Its her first not gold medal at Paralympics since Athens 2004. She will have chance for another gold in Paris where she will end career.
  13. 42yo Ivo Karlovic beats (with 25 aces) Yuichi Sugita and qualified to his last ever Grand Slam main draw.
  14. Fernando Verdasco lost in second round of qualifications against Cem Ilkel Meanwhile Sofia Kenin and Milos Raonic are another players withdrawing due to injuries or postive covid tests.
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