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  1. We still needs + and , but I dont believe for last two nations.
  2. A friendly reminder about 19th edition of TISC to: @LDOG @titicow @Laraja @intoronto @Damian @Finnator123 @catgamer @Dnl @Ruslan @Glen @Braulio @Ionoutz24 @Wanderer @IoNuTzZ @justony @Cobi @Enrique @Jur @Memo @merlinsbeard @dophuquy @austrianguy @barsaoui2009 @NaBUru38 @tigersay @thepharoah @MHSN @Ustatsch @Peterpeer @Brenden Reece @AustralianFan @LovingVolleyball. Anybody of you will want compete this time?
  3. @konig @Werloc I think it's our time to start to spamm private messages of still absent users who might want compete in the contest, right?
  4. Too bad that he didn't managed to finish the race, it would be so nice to complete first ever international competition for Vatican
  5. Bulgaria beats Belgium in bronze medal match of men's U20 European Champs @Federer91 Soon will start final against... Poland and Italy, I guess Italy will beat us again
  6. After todays lost of Djokovic against Auger-Aliassime and Tsitsipas against Tiafoe for the first time ever Team World did win Laver Cup.
  7. Did you know then how many clubs and registeres rowers Poland have?
  8. Terrible results from Polish rowers, its pathetic...
  9. Or at least could be closed for multi juries, otherwise we would stay with just 24 countries competing and no @dezbee2008 who never missed any edition of contest.
  10. I read an argument that FIS want allow them to compete because organizers of different world cup stages want be sure that they will have enough amount of energy to product artfical snow if its needed and have lights during late evening and night events
  11. Here we have, a rare in recent months photo, which includes all Federer, Djokovic and Murray in one place just before all of them will play in the same event, just Nadal is missing from "Big 4" or "Big 3" as most people prefers
  12. I'm so surprised that nobody didn't voted yet for breakdancing
  13. Maybe IJF changed their decision and didn't allow Russian to compete in World Championships as many country would withdrew if Russians would be here, even under neutral flag, I thought that I saw Russians judokas under IJF flag in some events few months back, but when I checking it now they didn't competed after all. Edit. Russian competed only at Grand Slam in Ulaanbaatar three months ago.
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