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  1. Yep, you are right, I checked it later and didn't edited the post
  2. and now she will play against Świątek. I hope that Iga will win this match and will advance to her first Grand Slam 4th round.
  3. Teliana Pereira (tennis) retires at age of 32
  4. Have anyone contact with Memo/Momo/Mimo/Nemo or so to have again in the contest?
  5. Also date when we can start presented our song and when is deadline. @heywoodu we all are waiting for you!
  6. And among those 8 athletes have to be at least one athlete of each skin colour, different religion and LGBT person Edit: Of course for keeping equality
  7. And all of our players are out, except Świątek who had the lower chances for win...
  8. Oh Angie Majchrzak wasted break, could lead 4-1 in second set against Khachanov but now is 3-3, damn....
  9. Damn, this means that also Dudinská Päťdesiatka is cancelled?
  10. FAA, Krajinovic and Keys losing their matches are surprises as well Now Kerber is also on her way to lost against youngster Juvan
  11. Hurkacz leads 2-1 in sets against Sandgren and Świątek surprisingly def last year finalist Vondrousova losing only 3 games
  12. No surprise seeing his result after tour comeback, although still I predicted him to win
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