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  1. The logo and slogan of 2022 contest has been presented
  2. Samantha Stosur (tennis) announced her retirement after loss in doubles tournament in AO.
  3. After yesterday loss in doubles tournament Samantha Stosur officialy ended career.
  4. Ah Japan and their covid hysteria continue....
  5. Between 0 to 3. Only hopes are in Natalia Maliszewska on 500m in short track and Andżelik Wójcik in speed skating, also on 500m + there always an surprising medal, maybe with huge luck Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel will take medal, same about biathlon and ski jumping.
  6. will send to Beijing 57 athletes (+ with some reserves yet to be named). All sports federations confirmed the quotas and presented choosen athletes. However the team is yet to be confirmed by NOC. Alpine skiing: Women's - Maryna Gąsienica-Daniel, Magdalena Łuczak, Zuzanna Czapska, Hanna Zięba Men's - Michał Jasiczek, Paweł Pyjas Biathlon: Women's - Monika Hojnisz-Staręga, Anna Mąka, Kinga Zbylut, Kamila Żuk Men's - Grzegorz Guzik Cross-country skiing: Women's - Izabela Marcisz, Monika Skinder, Weronika Kaleta, Magdalena Kobielusz, Zuzanna Fujak Men's - Maciej Staręga, Dominik Bury, Kamil Bury, Mateusz Haratyk Figure skating: Women's singles - Ekaterina Kurakova Ice Dance pairs - Natalia Kaliszek, Maksym Spodyriev Luge: Women's - Klaudia Domaradzka Men's - Mateusz Sochowicz, Wojciech Chmielewski, Jakub Kowalewski Nordic combined: Men's - Szczepan Kupczak, Andrzej Szczechowicz Short track speed skating: Women's - Natalia Maliszewska, Patrycja Maliszewska, Nikola Mazur, Kamila Stormowska Men's - Łukasz Kuczyński, Michał Niewiński Ski jumping: Women's - Kinga Rajda, Nicole Konderla Men's - Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła(*), Dawid Kubacki, Paweł Wąsek, Stefan Hula Piotr Żyła is unsure if he will be able to compete in the Games due to positive covid-19 test. For such case reserved athletes will be selected after current weekend competition in Titisee-Neustadt. Snowboarding: Women's - Aleksandra Król, Weronika Biela-Nowaczyk, Aleksandra Michalik Men's - Oskar Kwiatkowski, Michał Nowaczyk Speed skating: Women's - Karolina Bosiek, Natalia Czerwonka, Magdalena Czyszczoń, Andżelika Wójcik, Kaja Ziomek Men's - Zbigniew Bródka, Artur Janicki, Marek Kania, Piotr Michalski, Damian Żurek
  7. [hide] Knockout Round January 23rd - February 6th, 2022 16 Nations, the Winners of each Round of 16-matches qualify for the Quarterfinals Round of 16 Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 23rd 2022, h. 17:00 Burkina Faso 2 1 Gabon January 23rd 2022, h. 20:00 Nigeria 2 0 Tunisia January 24th 2022, h. 17:00 Guinea 1 0 Gambia January 24th 2022, h. 20:00 Cameroon 2 0 Comoros January 25th 2022, h. 17:00 Senegal 2 1 Cape Verde January 25th 2022, h. 20:00 Morocco 2 0 Malawi January 26th 2022, h. 17:00 Ivory Coast 2 1 Egypt January 26th 2022, h. 20:00 Mali 3 0 Equatorial Guinea [/hide]
  8. I'm so busy lately, so, I don't know if it was mentioned already but withdrew from upcoming Games
  9. Gebrasy (@Werloc) will perform his song in this Saturday in third heat of Lithuanian selections, he is first to perform at that night. Good luck
  10. Shockwave after this eruption was noticed in Poland by higher atmospheric pressure which jumped about 5 just in 10 minutes
  11. Sadly all those calculations are now meaningless as she will not compete in Winterberg tomorrow due to postive covid test She lost fight for Olympics in last possible moment in the worst way...
  12. It's unsure if Kamil Stoch will compete in Beijing Olympics, as during today training he gets injury, torn joint in the ankle
  13. Our federation wake up too late and give signs of life by sending our girls an boys to international/european cups, one of them, Linda Weiszewski is currently second reserve in monobob just below Ukraine and last qualified Brazil. Its too late for her to get the spot or she have any chance yet?
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