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  1. I forgot about that. It's all corona fault and lack of events by this shit.
  2. Yes, 8 teams is enough for now, better to give those 52 qutoas to bring more quotas in some events in athletics or more events in karate/taekwondo.
  3. In span of few days I watched two Netflix series, Caliphate and The Valhalla Murders, (both series aren't nothing special), rewatched film "Hachi: A Dog's Tale", two new episodes of The 100 and thanks to VPN I did start watching fourth season of The Last Kingdom ( @heywoodu) After The Last Kingdom (and before fifth season of Lucifer) I have in plans start to watch Arrow and The Order.
  4. Next year football African Cup of Nations is moved to 2022.
  5. Today in was the highest number of new cases (81) since 10th April Edit: And the highest since beginning in (390!!)
  6. And whole sport calendar would be a one big mess for 2 years, as for example Athletics WC are already moved to 2022.
  7. I fear and sadly expect that next year Games will not happen, better be prepared for it now than be later disappointed. Tokyo is cursed (I mean about 1940...) Corona will return in autmn and I don't believe that all countries will recover from this until next spring.
  8. Here we go, we reached a new milestone, 10 milion total cases. Yet today there will be probably also half milion deaths...
  9. Only last 10 minutes is worthy to watch, so, you shouldn't watch this Even I (as big Eurovision fan) had to stop this two times because I couldn't watch it anymore but somehow I managed watching it to the end
  10. I just finished watching this, I can say something like this about that... Ok, maybe 1 or max 2 points for their song (perfomed in Grand Final) which was good.
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