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  1. I received second dose in last Friday. Still alive
  2. Anita Włodarczyk (athletics) Michał Kubiak (volleyball) But I believe that Maja Włoszczowska (mountain biking) might be selected as flag bearer as two time Olympic silver medalist who will end career just after the end of the Games.
  3. @Swewi @Belle maybe do you know something about it? If Fransson's quota will be used by other Swedish wrestler?
  4. @intoronto If I good remember you said somewhere that Michał Rogalski (who is first underline) may qualify if someone else will withdrew, right? Will both and keep their quotas? When it will be officialy known? Or maybe all chances are gone already?
  5. Lopez wins his 500th match in career and qualified to QF in Mallorca
  6. def in first friendly match by 68-65, week before start of OQT's. Decent performance from our team and very good from debutant Jakub Grabacz who scored 21 points It's visible that Ponitka is very careful about himself after recent injury and don't play too agressive to avoid another injury. Additionaly Slaughter isn't yet with team. So, after this match I'm positive before matches against and , even with Doncic.
  7. Well, tournament is almost over and there was exactly 0 posts during almost entire competition! So far wins 12 matches out of 14, we lost only against and . Today we beat 3-0 and tomorrow we will play against , but even before this match it's sure that we will play in "Final Four". Shortly after this tournament our team for Olympics will be announced.
  8. Kaia Kanepi withdrew from Olympics due to quarantine rules and still possible lack of fans...
  9. Anybody know when it might be officialy known if Jenny Fransson will compete in Tokyo or no and who might replace her?
  10. have wildcard in gymnastics, qualified in judo, and received wildcards in archery, received invitations in athletics. According Wikipedia will qualify in judo via continental quota. In week before the end of qualification proccess to Tokyo 2020 following 16 countries still remain without any athlete qualified directly or by invitation/wild card:
  11. @Benolympique you can added 23 swimmers to delegation.
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