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  1. Quite understandable given the circumstances.
  2. I have Top 7 as well fixed, huge battle for the remaining five. Not amused, as always when it comes to Annual editions
  3. New Zealand Ladyhawke returns, this time with Broods. The Jury was of the opinion that they would have more chances for good results, therefore they got the opportunity to wave the flag in Poland instead of The Datsuns, who will be seeking to qualify for 2022. Ladyhawke & Broods - Guilty Love
  4. Great, just let me know when you are able to, and if I am too, then we'll play
  5. Where can I sign in for this?
  6. Wow, honourable top place! Your points seem quite evenly distributed
  7. Omg you are right! I put in my table 8 for Italy instead for Ireland, I need to visit an eye doctor, apparently I can't differ the colours of the flags properly
  8. I don't have record for my earlier votes, but starting with 2016 there are the results: Russia is the only one to score twice 12, Brazil got 4 medals in total, Denmark is the most consistent - the only time they didn't get points was the time they won! Slovenia is on the rise having scored consistently in the last two years. Lithuania is the only one with the full set of medals and total of 38 countries scored! Malta was awarded points at 5 out of 10 editions but four times it was 1 point only! Poland, the regular participant scored only once and it was 12. Czec
  9. I would to get there but knowing my preference, it won't happen any time soon. But seeing what NikolaB did, I think I have an idea Or I can just send something like Shawn Mendes
  10. Wow, congratulation Serbia @NikolaB I really did not believe this would be a landslide win, or a win at all! Congrats Canada on another great result and Malta on the podium as well. Thank you @heywoodu on great show, though I wasn't able to completely participate until the end, it was a joy to have a glimpse on another great TISC final And thank you all who voted for Ladyhawke
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