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  1. Very diferents facts, im afraid, remember latin america is under "american influence control", very diferent situation of western europe.
  2. I know, Macri signed that threaty....this goverment can cancel if they dont want it. Our political class, with a very few exceptions, is a disgrace.
  3. There is a big rumour about the installation of a rusian military base Not happy to be a chinese colony, we will be a rusian one too. Just few days Donal Trump left the white hous, coincidence?
  4. I cant believe the triumph against Croatia, historical and close to a miracle.
  5. A sad day: the last day of Donald Trump like USA president, 4 years without wars......with Biden, the chinese empire will do whatever they want, after Reagan, the best president i see from USA.
  6. I dont understand why he returns.
  7. Like LDOG, im not a bif fan too of him but, obviusly, im shocked with his death....... RIP our best football player of history.
  8. Another great result for our national rugby team: draw in 15 with Australia.
  9. A friend of mine who visited that country says to me: in Tukmenistan, if you dont see something to allow you to do something, dont do it.
  10. what can i add to all was sayed?, thanks for all who sacrifice their time to give to all the rest all this fun For the winner.......congratulations!!, not only for the title, you have found the way to this gold medal and show to all the rest what we need to do: we need to find some singer or a band o irish music, with this, we can obtein more points, generate confusion in which is the irish song and absorb the irish luck. Sory @OlympicIRLbut Nicola show us the way.
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