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  1. The russians are more cruels in Tv even than japanese
  2. May be in the speech, you are rigth in that, but in this part of the world we see many Wolf with sheep's skin, starting with Fidel the beggining, he was all the contrary speech of communism and see what happen next. By the way, the dolar increase its price "a lot" in only one day and spanish bussiness stop investments only in the first day after elections, the ghost of the "expropiese" of Hugo Chavez is really good for afraid, the same happen in my country when the Fernandez return (once again), all the people who has some "saving" run to the exchange house to buy dolars, in my case i have a big figth with the employees for dont want to maintain the price of it. Things of the third world.....
  3. Thats is your interpretation, Trudeau has an economic views left than Bolsonaro and is not a communist dictator. P.S: is better to believe to a leftist rando who say that a communist is not communist.
  4. Indirectly, most of the users are doing that...
  5. Its curious, in my experience the are the leftist who use the "welfare capitalism" to describe the socialism like a successful model. There are two parties and one of them is the comunist party but Boric doesnt have nothing to do with communism.......i expect yo did the same if a candidate of the fascism party being in a coalition. A detail for an european: the latinamerican leftist are more like "Podemos" from Spain and clearly less than the european socialist/socialdemocrats, so when we saw a communist here, we know they dont know nothing of the fall of the USSR.
  6. Ok Mister Super Duper, here are the proposals of kast (in spanish with my translation) En el plano económico, Kast propone una importante reducción de impuesto de todo tipo. Además, en relación al gasto público, la idea del candidato del Frente Social Cristiano apunta a reducir el gasto, modernizar el Estado, eliminar las regulaciones contra la inversión y el empleo y también focalizar el gasto social en la población más vulnerable: less taxes, modern state, putt of regulations of empley and investment, use the "social spending" in the poorest people. Un de los tópicos programáticos centrales de Kast es el orden y la seguridad interna. Al respesto, propone otorgar mayor poder a las Fuerzas de Orden y al Estado de Derecho. Ofrece combatir el "narcoterrorismo", a raíz de los hechos en La Araucanía, y aumentar penas y sanciones por la violencia en las ciudades. En el mismo sentido, el programa de gobierno del ex diputado UDI aborda también la situación de Carabineros. Respaldará a la institución, en términos jurídicos, para hacer uso de la fuerza necesaria y reestablecer el orden público: more power to the "law enforcement", combat the narco-terrorism, biggest penalties and support the intitution of carabineros (policemans) Otra de las áreas clave del programa de Kast es la relativa a la familia. El documento del candidato indica que el estado debe hacer todo para proteger y fortalecerla. En este ámbito, el candidato es contrario a la aprobación del matrimonio homosexual y la opción de adoptar niños. También plantea cerra el Ministerio de la Mujer: Protect the family, againt the homosexual marriage and children adoption and closing the ministery of womans May be there are some "polemic proposal" but is more or less, the same of any conservative politician of the world, nothing so diferent to be compared with Adolf Hittler.
  7. Mostly of the press is leftist, only for that, he is "far rigth" candidate, it was an election between conservative and communist candidates, im not conservative but i prefer one of them against any communist, Boric is the political "reencarnation" of Salvador Allende.
  8. Well, for me both are mostly the same but in Latin America the fascist goverment dissapear many years ago, all the contrary the communism have 3 dictatorships: Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. There are anothers goverments trying to did the same: Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and "may be" Chile. Trudeau for me is a mad fanatic of the political correction but a luxury than our latin americas "commies" candidates.
  9. I dont know why but the press refers him like "leftist candidate" and the conservative candidate Kast was the "far rigth" candidate basing in who was his father and nothing more....
  10. I think exactly the contrary 😛
  11. Comunist victory in Chile, Gabriel Boric is the new president.
  12. Victoria Rodriguez starts with this five years ago, leaving the skate race, she was totally alone without any help from the state, federation or sponsors. Its really incredible her qualification.
  13. Nothing strange coming for this comunist dictator.
  14. Most of the medals of Uruguay were in rowing and our country dont send delegation there, for internals problems, nothing more to say, excelente sumary of the games Vini.
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