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  1. Like the rigth has the AAA who make killings, the left have Montoneros and ERP which did exactly the same, being in "comunist groups" werent an inocent fact.
  2. Thats, the politicians in my country loves the bigs fiscal deficits and the defaults, the powerfulls countrys only take advantage of that situation, i cant blame for that.
  3. Today finish the South American champsionship, positions: Male: Female:
  4. First time i see this kind of passion for football from an American.
  5. This sport only continue in the olympic programme for being created for Pierre de Coubertain, nothing more, in Latin America is probably the most unknown olympic sport.
  6. Oh my god, Luxembourg defeat condolences Dan, ¿the players are exiled or not yet?
  8. Some curiosities: 1) In the norwegian song, when it finish, the singer say in spanish: hola, mi nombre es Miguel, ¿tu como te llamas? (hello, my name is Miguel, whats your name), WTF? 2) The song from kazakhstan use the base of the song of an 80s movie: Beverly Hills Cop, the youngest users may be dont know. 3) Why the slovenian singer had a bloody shirt?, he want marry or kill the blonde women? 4) Probably, the clip from Czech Republic is one of the creepiest i can remember share your curiosities please.
  9. I send my votes, it was too dificult the last cut, thanks everyone for the very good average level.
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