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  1. Well, like investor, i will miss his goverment, Petrobras, Vale and Gerdau pays good dividends, with Lula will return the poverty.
  2. I see many videos in twitter about a big disorder in your country, soon or after, this will happen, in 21th century its dificult to have this kind of conservative view of life, with the time it will be more and more "an island". I dont believe the regimen of ayatollahs will fall, only be more moderated for a time.
  3. @MHSN @thepharoah @bestmen Please come back, i miss the songs from your countrys.
  4. Una lastima que no vaya Lucas Legnani en Bowling.........pinta a que nos quedamos fuera de los Panamericanos.
  5. ¿Cómo ven el tema del medallero para nuestro país?, siendo realistas deberíamos ser terceros.....pero creo que Colombia cayo un poco en sus deportes predilectos (caso pesas) y además los deportes y pruebas en general en esta versión son mas favorables que en otras ediciones, por lo que se podría soñar con un segundo lugar, pensar en el primero, incluso con un Brasil que lleve equipos B, me parece imposible.
  6. La delegación Argentina en los Juegos, no me había avivado que no había concurso completo de equitación hasta que vi la lista DELEGACIÓN_ARGENTINA_ASUNCIÓN_2022.pdf
  7. In 2018 i visited Europe but we didnt go to your country, i want to visit Prague some day, its fame iof beautiful city is legendary. An argentinian friend of mine who was living in Ukraine since November (a really "bad luck guy") was living like "exiled" in Pilsen, he liked the "beer city"
  8. Im against woke and conservative narrative in the same way but at least today, i see a lot of more wokeism than conservative. About the example you say, i dont understand the interest in putting every new version of character a "black people version", Nick Fury with Samuel Jackson was ok but now you have A LOT of this examples. Making the oposite it will be the same stupidity, imagine this:
  9. May be the ostracism was one of the best political invents from the anciente greeks which dissaper with the time and can be a good remedy for the "Orbans" of the world.
  10. Im glad to listen that, from here and at least what we can see in the mass media, that wokism seems widespread.
  11. There was a try to make a change of our presidencialist sistem to another parlamentarist to generate the same you describe, if Orban has that kind of power, like you say before, you will suffer him for decades without doubts. Believe me, the latinamericans here can understand you better than most of the others forum users
  12. I pity you and all who has to live together with many people who thinks craps like that and want to impose to the rest using the state. In Latin America, at least for now, its a clearly minority.
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