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  1. Good first half and bad second half for being physically tired (i presume), thanks to the draw between Chile And Uruguay, make easier to obtain the first place of the group.
  2. Wow, a really good work of Jajarabilla, i never expect he defeated 3 archers, Leithold lose badly (after she was only to one arrow to qualify in the American tournament), another Olimpic Games without argentinians in this sport, like always.
  3. How are the changes? I like what our team did, i see an evolution than in other tournaments, the quote for Russia And Frances were secure before the tournament start.
  4. Imagine he solve the economical problems, for you, the problems with Israel and U.S.A will increase quickly?, and what will happen with the iranian nuclear program?. I admit i see the shiites like clearly most anti-westerns than the sunnis and more fanatics.
  5. My comparation is only in a murders from the past returning many years later to be goverment, nothing more. Verbtisky decide many things and was the most important adviser for Nestor and one of the most for Cristina.
  6. Vervitsky continue being in an important position (he doesnt have an oficial one, nothing more) and even put his girlfriend in a ministery, for a moment i forget the maoist Zanini......there are too many in the goverment and that candt be denied for the Fernandez and Nestor dont be part of that groups.
  7. You are very clear in the explanation, thanks, so the new Iranian president is who was a very important "hangman" of the past, its ironic but in positions where one can expect to find the most or one of the most qualified persons, there are mostly stupids, ambitious, murders etc........and that happens in most of the countries, most of the times. @LDOG I presume you laugh because you cant say nothing, when you have in importants positions to people like Verbitsky, Garre etc and your group of fanatics call them "The Campora", for the worst president of our history who send free all
  8. We are talking about "disidents" after the islamic revolution, rigth?, incredible, is like the comunist guerrilla of here who wins the presidence 30/40 years after they crimes.
  9. Who is this "angel of death"?, what can you inform us about him?
  10. A good triumph againt Uruguay, im surprise to see a "badly" uruguayan team this time. Chile suffer a lot to defeat Bolivia, incredibly @LDOG I believe Scaloni will continue like coach to Qatar, nobody expect nothing for him, so if he has an achievement: "see, you dont trust in the poor Scaloni", if he doesnt "well, did you expected something from him? ", the AFA Strategy (if it exist) is something like that and if they want to interfere in the team, who is Scaloni to say something?
  11. I dont remember the last time our team defeat incredible.
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