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  1. The match between Argentina and Brazil is suspended for burocratics covid reasons
  2. Well, in the case of Latin America (where i am from) Russia and China wont be doing whatever they want here..... but in summary with Biden we have an inmigration problem and a 7,8% of inflation, in my country that is nothing but i presume for you is A LOT. @NearPup @heywoodu Good or bad, there was a peace treaty unfulfilled for Biden and a clearly underrated of the taliban danger, now we have another victory from China in this part of the cold war.
  3. I cant believe "this" will be in olympics The IOC is doing a fanaticism of equal gender and attract the "young" to the olimpism.....
  4. According Biden, this can never happen.... Please Trump, come back, the world is clearly better with you in the presidence....
  5. From Argentina: Paula Pareto (judo), gold medallist in Rio 2016 Luis Scola (basquet), gold medallist in Athens 2004 and bronze in Beijing 2008 Pedro Ibarra, Juan Vivaldi and Juan Lopez (field hockey) gold in Rio 2016
  6. Well, first of all im glad to read so many users to express their happiness for their countrys performances but, in my case, im in the group of MHSN (but stronger), my country pass for 3 G and 1 S in Rio to 1 S and 2 B, with 177 athletes (its true, 7 teams), we did exactly the same performance in the medal table like San Marino with only 5 athletes...... Of course there are particulars reasons of any athlete and sport but in general reasons i see: 1) clearly less budget than Rio for desicion of the last goverment and being continue with the current, 2) The goverment forbidden for months to get out from our homes and the athltes cant train, the swimmer Pignatiello of 800/1500 meter trains for months in the 2 m swimming pool of their own house and Suarez from rowing was close to go to jail for train ALONE in a river, for say some examples and 3) dont exist a good renovation, we have the same "old glorys" to try to be medallist again, many retired after this games and the yourh olympic games of Buenos Aires 2018 are clearly wasted, only Pignatiello (if i dont remember bad) was the only one who was there and being in this olympics. I dont believe it will be a an important decision to make the situation better, so im not optimistic for Paris.
  7. Impresive the british performance in the medal count, with good chances to defeat Russia, alias ROC.
  8. by the way, are you satisfied with your country performance in the medal count?
  9. Its curious but im thinking just the opposite in this days, if USA doesnt do something, in the OG China will defeat them in Paris 2024, not of course in LA 2028.
  10. In the last, USA defeat China in the top of the medal count.
  11. And our team was 7 with that performance!!, our best result in equestrian olimpic team competition.
  12. The same result happen in Seul 88, i dont know how was that Brazil but, in our case, that team is being considered the best of our volley history.
  13. Probably, this is clearly our "happyest" result in all this bad olympic games for our country, thanks for this guys...... Now we are in the same position with in the medal count
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