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  1. An argentinian congresmann was expelled for sucking the wife boob in a sesion of the congress with zoom
  2. A sadly thing of Latin America is the big criminality, in this case, i supose for the big competition between criminals, here you have the video of the "horse thief", please enjoy. In the future, may be he use armor, sword or arch.
  3. Haha, sadly is the historical "most popular" newspaper of the country
  4. Jair Bolsonaro lift a dwarf thinking is a children
  5. For the "childrens day" in Argentina, the goverment doesnt have a better idea to put a Clown to make the Covid report......
  6. when my girldfriend and i watched the Iceland clip we were......., i only watched ONCE
  7. Werloc choose Japan and i like what dezbee choose.......weird tournament P.D: Olimpian choose the gayest clip song ever.
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