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  1. Šimić očekivano bez finala. Izjave poslije zvuče kao da bi ovo mogao biti kraj. Kvesic je imao sreće u ždrijebu. Završio je u puno lakšoj grupi. Da li netko zna dijele li se dvi bronce ili jedna?
  2. Well there was a German top tier alpine skier mentioned, but his name was never discovered. And a former cycling star (?), whoever that is. But the case proves that such a doping system worked without being detected in Germany. And you don’t believe this is the only case or the only doc being involved. anyway, the whole point is, and then I stop replying, your doping accusation may even be right, probably they are, but then please be objective and do the same accusations when German athletes win medals. And I am sure then everybody in this forum will be ok with your accusations.
  3. Operation Aderlass, involving my country too. Sorry but that someone is good from young years does not mean anything. As you said no one can win a medal without help, and Kaul would have won one without injury.
  4. Ok, I agree there is no system in Germany, at least not supported by state. But well organized there is, several scandals in the past proved it. While I agree with some states in your list, I don’t think Netherlands has state doping, but likely well organized doping system. Also not sure about Uganda, more coach/manager driven. And I would add Norway to your list. Krause, Vetter, Mihambo and Kaul absolutely suspicious. Don’t know about pudenz, never followed her results. I guess especially during the pandemic doping had its big come back as no or very little controls could
  5. And Kaul is not a doper? And Vetter? You said everybody medaling here can do it only with some help. There is no logic to me, only Germans are capable to win medals without doping. i really don’t know about Warner, maybe , probably but to think the Germans are clean is ridiculous. Yes we all know Germany has the best anti doping system, it is impossible to dope in Germany 🙄. Sorry my mistake
  6. Pa i ja bih odmah uzeo da je netko rekao 8 medalja prije Igara. Definitivo veliki uspjeh. Al kad vidiš šta je sve bilo moguće ipak ostaje mali žal. druge OI po uspješnosti. 👍
  7. Skoro perfektnih prvih devet dana, zato osim Tina sve ide naopako od ponedjeljka. posebno mi zao hrvača, kao da nikad tu medalju nećemo uzeti. Ali Gruzijac iz Srbije je bio bolji. vaterpolo, šta ja znam, medalju nisam očekivao, tako da i nisam razočaran. Nadam se da je ovo ili ostavka ili otkaz Tucaku, dosadio je vise i Bogu. ostao je jedino Kvesic od potencijalnih kandidata, iako su njegovi izgledi mali. Jest on svjetski prvak, ali ovde se spajaju kategorije i mislim da će bit teško protiv ovih iz +84kg .
  8. Disagree, you played bad, cause Serbia was dominating and did not allow you to play well. i expected a much closer match
  9. Serbia destroys Italy 🤣 could become a Serbian nightmare for Italy today Waterpolo now
  10. Sutra 4 nastupa Huklek u borbi za broncu, bilo bi lijepo da uspije! Nemam pojma o kvaliteti protivnika, ali mislim da bi moglo biti protiv Srbije Vaterpolo derbi sa Madjarima u 1/4 finalu, ne znam šta očekivati V. Tot u c1 200m i A. Govorcinovic u K1 500m, polufinale bi bilo sjajno.
  11. Totalni potop u atletiki Mihaljevic van sa 20,67, a trebalo je samo 20,90m
  12. Confirmed, 21,49 in 3rd , Walsh is in Me thinks right decision
  13. He protested, i think he is in, he did not step over
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