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  1. Izgleda da je oni njemački doktor uhićen u akciji Aderlass povezano sa krvnim dopingom optužio i jednog hrvatskog atletskog trenera. Izgleda da se radi o treneru Lise Nemec Stublić. Sad da li je to njezin muž Nemec ili Slavko Petrović, vidjet ćemo i da li je ona jedina atletičarka upletena u to.
  2. So much bullshit unbelievable 🙄 and that from a northern Macedonian 😉
  3. You just leave your phone at home 😂
  4. It is a extraordinary situation. There will be athletes who will suffer due to this decision, there will be athletes who will benefit from it. well, there are worse things than that, does not matter how tragic it might be for some individuals, I think postponing is the only right thing to do
  5. I think postponing to 2021 (or even 2022) is the only solution. Postponing to October or later, how it is that supposed to work for outdoor sports? i think it is now kind of official. Tokio 2021
  6. But let’s be fair, probably he would not have made it even in a normal circumstances. Of course you never know, he had a chance and that was taken from him. But he is not the only one and there will be many many more in other sports. For Iran it does not really matter. They have still a medal contender in that category.
  7. as IOC is still planning with Games in July they have to change it for many sports. right now we can assume there will not be too much sports activity until end of may and that is very optimistic. as the games are planned two months later there is no time to held all the qualification events, which originally were planned for the period March-June. they can stick with the old systems only if they postpone.
  8. Jako losa borba Filipija. Treću runde je bio vrlo dobar, dobio 4-1, ali prekasno. U prve dvije runde slab, prvu rundu izgubio 3-2, drugu čak 5-0. Na kraju ukupno 2-3. pozitivno iznenađenje Plantic, izbacio nositelja. Bilo je gusto. Sad na Armeniju u drugom kolu. veceras još Habazin.
  9. Published on World rowing as well. I assume they will use 2018 WCH results. I don’t think they have any other option if the Games are to be held as planned (which I doubt)
  10. Different sports different rules she cannot compete in throwing events you need to be at least 18 (born in 2002)
  11. Honestly this sport does not deserve to be Olympic. I watched it few times and it is so boring. I think there are anyway too many combat sports at olympics and Taekwondo and Judo and even boxing are much more interesting.
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