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  1. Mets shut down. A frustrating team to support.
  2. First time we have a wildcard team member in a while... And again it is Brazil.
  3. Great match between deGrom (NYM) and Rogers (MIA) so far... 21 Ks between them!
  4. It is... Hopefully we will not get eliminated by breakfast this time around.
  5. Ima nade za ženski dvojac... Jedina posada u finalu ovdje koja još nije izborila Tokio. Kroz Lucerne idu dvije posade.
  6. If I am not mistaken, this should be the Team Challenge allocation... Torun Gingerbreads - Hel Grey Seals - Malbork Knights - Masurian White Storks - Leszno Speedway Racers - Drawno Otters - Tatra Chamois - Podlasie Bisons - Baltic Cods -
  7. So, late draw for NED / FRA, early for ESP. All very much expected.
  8. So far so good, as far as the scheduling goes... got early slots, while are going late.
  9. I guess we have an interesting twist here. Team members will be revealed all at once.
  10. It's beyond me how Tunisia always seems to get drawn 5-15. Just wait for Portugal to get its usual #23.
  11. Only lurking here, but you guys ought to be more precise with your picks.
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