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  1. I mean, that's a pretty good salary for a weightlifter.
  2. It is right up there with the best Canadian results of the season. Very respectable finishing score and a bit of a breakthrough for Vermont. Although, saying that, Dana Cooke & Mississippi have been the Canadian shooting stars of the year so far.
  3. North Korea has introduced a "lockdown". I thought they already had it for the past 70 years.
  4. Maybe he got rerouted to TdF by the Eritrean propaganda machine.
  5. Completed my second 5k. 33:38. I knew there was a lot of time left in the bag, as the last time I only aimed for a completion, but still I am pretty pleased with the time. This is all on treadmill though. I have zero clue on how it translates outside. It will be a steep learning curve.
  6. Interesting how they can find TV time for women to race longer, while they can find no such thing for the interval races.
  7. Pshhhh... Nobody was supposed to find that out.
  8. As for Croatia, to the surprise of no one, we have failed to make the final yet again. The last time we made it was 2016, which was incidentally the last time Bosnia and Herzegovina competed as well. And before 2016, we have to go back to 2009. But is not coming back... ever. Ex-yu was a big thorn in the ESC's eye for years, but alas they managed to solve it for good.
  9. Yes, let's have Germany win every time based on population.
  10. History repeats itself in Pratoni, as Switzerland scores yet another unlikely victory, much like they did in 2019 on their way to the Olympic qualification... Final results
  11. Somehow I am still surprised at how boring Eurovision voting is. Three straight gold medas right off the bat. How very North Korean.
  12. But then again, Ireland is currently facing a record drought at TISC as well.
  13. It's a test event for the World Championships. Tv production quality is therefore much better than usual for Pratoni.
  14. A lot comes down to the presenation. Anything can be sold. I remember liking Yodel It! at the very first, before being told that it is no good.
  15. It would have been shocking if such acts stopped passing at Eurovision.
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