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  1. Also, assuming there will be 29 (?) jurors covering 60 group matches, we get this... 10 jurors per match = 20/21 matches per juror 8 jurors per match = 16/17 matches per juror 6 jurors per match = 12/13 matches per juror Groups of 5 indeed create a lot of matches, so we should consider having 6 jurors per match or maybe 8.
  2. How will we determine the repechage following the group stage (6 nations for 4 slots)? Top 2 based on points/vote differece advance directly, the rest enter head-to-head elimination matches?
  3. They'll find the way alright.
  4. Growth spurt destroyed her career. Her jumping technique was already gone by the time Pyeongchang came, and it only went downhill from there. During the last two seasons she collected more under rotated (triple) jumps than regular ones.
  5. Taiwan will be next I guess.
  6. Christilot Boylen retires at 73. Six times Olympian ('64, '68, '72, '76, '84, '92). Rather unfortunate for her that the only (non-boycotted) Olympics she missed in that period were the ones where Canada took a medal in team dressage. While not anymore on the championship teams, she still competed internationally in recent years. Her last competition was right before the lockdown, in mid-March. She was born in Jakarta (then Djakarta). Hiroshi Hoketsu is now (presumably) the only active athlete who is attempting to compete at both Tokyo 1964 and Tokyo 2020...
  7. Former British team eventing horse Quarrycrest Echo ('Red') got euthanized suddenly due to a rare disease. 'Red' was sold to Japan last Winter in a surprising move, considering it was one of the selection frontrunners for the highly competitive British team. One has to wonder though if the reason behind the sale was a discovery of the said rare disorder. Sadly, it wouldn't be the first time someone tried to capitalize on their bad luck...
  8. until
    Equestrian FEI Youth Dressage European Championships 2020 Pilisjàszfalu (HUN) - 9 August 2020 - 30 August 2020 Discuss about this event
  9. Not to forget a distinct possibility of OlympicIRL putting forward his ow entry.
  10. Again... Freedom of expression does not imply removing content whenever some issue becomes sensitive.
  11. Yes, he probably believes that he is a sheep in wolf clothing, while Djokovic & Co are wolves in sheep clothing.
  12. @dezbee2008 never missed an edition, so it would be nice if someone could contact her.
  13. Yes, I'd rather watch a debate than read media spins reports.
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