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  1. Meanwhile, the Four Continents Championships got cancelled again. It was supposed to be held in Japan lol I think this could be the final nail in the coffin of this event which took place only once in Wisconsin of all places.
  2. That sounds delightful. Just try my approach which takes place, to some extent, for months and ends up with several "this is the one" moments along the way. Still I am as clueless as ever.
  3. Damn, all those Belgians got drunk for nothing. Good to see spectators out there, though.
  4. For someone whose career basically started after covid (?), Wout van Aert appears to have a royalty status in Flanders. EDIT: Oh, right, the cyclo-cross.
  5. Still not a fan of the team event even with Georgia on board. The outcome is too predictable and the competition system is nuts. Basically game over after the short program.
  6. Pleased for Finland. They missed out narrowly in the ice dance for previous few Olympics. This is their first couple since Rahkamo/Kokko. Also very happy for the Armenian couple.
  7. Sadly no joy for Cyprus. It's easy to blame them for entering Zingas instead of Kitromilis, but then again, Zingas finished ahead of Kitromilis in literally every competition last season I believe. Kitromilis' recent result in America came ouf of nowhere.
  8. Following her victory of the ages, Anna Kiesenhofer is sadly becoming somewhat annoying. Now she suddenly races only time trials and looks for an excuse when she ends up placing far away from the podium (at least according to her social media). She was a surprise and very much an unexpected gold medal winner period. Can't she just own that? And what's up with skipping all the road races? Stage fright?
  9. Wow, most likely no Olympics for Germany in the men's singles.
  10. Standings after dressage at the European Championships... Individual - Team - Absolutely hilarious scores. It's almost as if these athletes peaked for the scrapped-up European Championships instead of the Olympics. Eventing dressage is nuts. Hopefully the cross-country will be at least somewhat challenging, but I am not exactly holding my hopes up given some recent championships...
  11. This is waived in case of debut Olympics. They will send a rookie.
  12. One can assume Lithuanian withdrawal at this point so KOR could get in.
  13. That would be crazy... More likely it's some covid bureaucracy.
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