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  1. Podium for Zrinka! Honestly I was expecting Leona to be there too after her run.
  2. Love the Lithuanians, but the Finnish couple is probably my favorite on the whole circuit. Just sublime.
  3. Kevin Aymoz throwing a tantrum, not immediately after his scores were out, but only after Rizzo delivered. It's as if he expected the Italian to fail. Weird.
  4. Looks like Legović is just another Crnković, shooting-wise. Crap.
  5. I wonder if the poor innocent athletes of South Africa had such crusaders working for them during all those decades of a blanket ban? Of course they didn't. But no news here. It's no secret that the IOC (and Thomas Bach in particular) are simply incapable of imposing a proper punishment to Russia.
  6. Yeah, to qualify for the 4*-L, the combination needs 4*-S. And Bittner technically doesn't need L MER yet.
  7. They qualified two thanks to Brezina placing Top 10 last year. I believe their second best skater retired too. These two are leftovers, effectively.
  8. Results are in from Quillota. Only the winner got MER. Just barely. 4* is no joke. Useful 41 points for Bittner, but pretty disappointing for the Chilean team hopes. They will struggle to qualify now even if they upset Brazil or Canada at the home Pan Ams. There is one other Chilean in Europe though, Jonathan Cisterna, whom I expect to obtain MER.
  9. I wouldn't touch anything from ITG with a wooden pole these days.
  10. Broken nose for Yule? Luckily not according to the highlight reel.
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