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  1. IFs usually inform NOCs of their earned quota. NOCs then have two weeks to say 'Yes', otherwise the spots get reallocated by default.
  2. Sometimes I like to keep track of what happens to Instagram accounts of the relatively unknown athletes who suddenly get into spotlight for whatever reason (like Joni Maeki today). Apparently getting bullied by Bolshunov is worth about 2k followers.
  3. South Africa officially accepted this quota. Therefore, they can no longer reject it, but only withdraw. I don't believe South Africa ever withdrew one of their quota places.
  4. Sigh... Cross-country relays are just so utterly sad compared to the biathlon ones. Powerhouses having multiple teams and some odd Estonian relay here and there. Pathetic.
  5. But anyway, congrats Werloc. Hope the televotes keep pouring in.
  6. Clinics with Croatian TISC jury... (based solely on recap video) 01 - husky voice, lots of sound, but not leaving much impression 02 - not sold on using start-stop technique, bland 03 - nice beat, but could be more engaging (possibly a language barrier coming into play) 04 - not a fan of lyrics or voice (screaming) 05 - bland and disengaging 06 - lovely beat, not sold on 'Oh oh' part 07 - on the nose lyrics, repetitive (even for a short clip ) 08 - smart on harmony, lots of variety, nice range 09 - lacking harmony, comes off obnoxious 10
  7. Červar resigned. No surprise. This could actually be the first time that the national team has failed to score 20 goals.
  8. Not until now. And I can't find anything more on this.
  9. Not to rain on your parade, but the chance of South Africa withdrawing for reasons other than some epic COVID mess is very, very low... Even if their NOC changed their mind, they can't withdraw them now without stirring a big controversy. They work by signed selection policies, so any change could easily be legally challenged. p.s. I really, truly hope no athlete is forced to withdraw from the Olympics due to COVID...
  10. Are they having a panel discussion about the next contestant's career as TISC juror and national selector?
  11. How on earth can Mongolia have COVID problems? They are the least densely populated country on earth.
  12. Lucky I brushed up my Lithuanian just last week.
  13. This is fairly typical... Our teams (but handballers in particular) are always far from their best when playing against lower ranked teams. Back in Rio, they actually defeated both gold and silver medalists, but lost to Poland and Qatar. With 32 teams on board from now on, I guess it is bound to reoccur more often in the future...
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