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  1. And yet, I guess this proves we are better off without the police? Yeah, ok. On the sidenote, probably the whole coronavirus situation has gone completely rampant between all these protests.
  2. Even the SF Mayor has had enough of this. "Go home!"
  3. Wait, they are still uploading new replays? Maybe there is some hope...
  4. Situation is becoming quite alarming in the Central America.
  5. Not surprised. It was obvious that WHO was protecting Chinese interests from the beginning. It's hardly a surprise that nations who went above and beyond initial WHO recommendations have handled this situation best. The fact that pandemic was pronounced only after a country like Italy went into a nation-wide lockdown is astonishing. WHO are the ones to blame for the pandemic reaching proportions we are witnessing today..
  6. There are probably tens of thousands of policemen in America. If your average policeman really shoots first and asks questions later, then modern day America would have been even more lawless than the Wild West. Like I said, generalizations usually represent the root in such issues. One can argue it's also the liberal gun laws which can awaken the killer instinct in people. Temporary insanity is probably in the cards, legally speking, but I guess these protestors will sooner like to see the policeman crucified rather than the main issue addressed. Esssentially, answering generalization with another generalization against the people you don't like is not an answer...
  7. Yay generalization. It's as if people still can't understand that generalizations are usually always the root of such unrests. Especially in America.
  8. Given the situation in Latin America, that's really the last place where international sport will restart.
  9. Public gatherings of 100 people are now allowed in Croatia. During the past five days combined, only one new case was detected!
  10. So apparently the Akhal-teke Olympic champion for the Soviet Union..... Continued his career with Toni Nimac at the 2020 monobob? Not bad for a 68-year old horse...
  11. I like the new horses section. Looking forward to reporting missing data.
  12. Albanian national coach died from coronavirus.
  13. Blue means daily high/low temperatures are below 1981-2010 average.
  14. So I learn this happened at Laguna Seca Raceway. The Olympics will end at Fuji Speedway.
  15. Article about Steffen Peters fighting depression... And again, Croatian flag lurking in the background... At this point, every other article on has a picture of Croatian flag somewhere. It's just bizzarre. But I guess Karen Pavicic is making our presence felt big time.
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