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  1. Minutes after Alaphilippe's solo victory, still not a single reaction on this forum.
  2. Did you know that Chris Froome lost the 2007 'B' World Championships Time Trial to Ma Haijun? And in the road race, he placed 69th. Behind the almighty etc.
  3. That's not how you treat your former colonies.
  4. Whatever is Grosu doing in this race? Also, Louis Meintjes, also known as everyone's favorite, is here.
  5. I kind of feel like women's time trials tend to be more interesting than their road races. Maybe because the vast difference of talent is not quite as prounounced there. Same goes for the whole track cycling program.
  6. Abandon Es-Saddy. I do not remember her. Did she disappear before ?
  7. But to be fair as well, the pace up front is pretty much at stand-still this early on.
  8. Since there are still no qualification requirements for the women's race, expect to see some athletes struggling to keep up even with the most casual pace. It's quite painful to watch, really.
  9. Ethiopia on the deck within first 200 m of the race.
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