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  1. Well, there are 3 days left to cast your votes. It would interesting to know the voting progress.
  2. It was a busy weekends as the main part of the season unfolds... Western European League - Stage 1 (Herning, DEN) Cathrine Dufour (Atterupgaards Cassidy) - 87.115% Carina Cassoe Krueth (Heiline's Danciera) - 86.395% Dinja van Liere (Hermes) - 84.360% Full results... North American League - Stage 2 (Ocala, FL) Ashley Holzer (Havanna) - 76.480% Codi Harrison (Katholt's Bossco) - 75.040% Pablo Gomez Molina (Ulieses de Ymas) - 73.605% Full results... North American League - Stage 3 (Thermal, CA) Jan Ebeling (Indeed) - 71.065% Missy Gilliland (Toledano XXXI) - 66.555% Central European League - Stage 18 (Zakrzow, POL) Jessica von Bredow-Werndl (Ferdinand) - 78.780% Kristy Oatley (du Soleil) - 77.575% Timna Zach (Farant) - 77.530% Full results... Really excellent scores for the two Lithuanian girls in Zakrzow on their 8 year old horses... Heck, Sysojeva scored nearly 75% !! At this rate, Lithuania will be looking to qualify in both dressage and eventing for the next Olympics. Maybe even a full team in dressage is in the cards. Insane.
  3. Feels like BBC and Co. did enough to turn away the awards from Jacobs.
  4. 19th place for Jugovac. Low score as expected, but there were lots of fallers out there. Looks like she might seriously Swaney her way to the Olympics.
  5. Yes. Some changes will likely happen next month, but I don't think it will be anything substantial.
  6. Kudos to the United States federation who clearly raised the best points. Even if teams of 4 coming back is unlikely if not impossible. Uruguay wrote a whole essay for eventing. They are perhaps announcing their intent of qualificationright here.
  7. Feedbacks from the NFs are back. And damn... Some of these federations are just delusional. This mostly includes all these federations who believe that teams of 4 can make a comeback just because each team is entitled to enter an alternate athlete. As if the IOC would even consider raising the number of quotas from 200 to 251 (!!), which would be a necessity for the teams of 4 to be back. Czech Republic. "Jumping: teams of 4, while maintaining advance of 2 teams from the special qualifying competition of our qualifying group C, as per proposal". Okay, Czech Republic, whatever you say. I would also like if Olympic quotas could grow on trees. Austria is uber-bitter over Max Kuhner not making the Olympics in jumping. They propose the most ludicrous MER system ever. And Kuhner is not even a real Austrian. He is a German who took an easy way out (in terms of making championships)! 2021_PARIS 2024 OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION SYSTEM.pdf
  8. Well, one would assume he would be very handy for a road time trial. He has raced over 150km on gravel roads.
  9. How come this Ashton Lambie character is not even an Olympian or anything...? As small time of a WR holder as you can get these days....
  10. Well, let's hope the IOC approves this and thus ends the dark age of joint flag bearers. I am not exactly hopeful, though...
  11. Is that confirmed or is it a conspiracy theory?
  12. Riesebeck will host the 2023 European Dressage Championships, meaning Germany will get to host it twice in a row. Normally, the Iberian peninsula would have been the prime candidate, but both Spain and Portugal withdrew their bids late in the process, so there you go.
  13. Apparently a Japanese gymnast got severely injured after falling off uneven bars. Injuries include spine damage...
  14. And the award for the most convoluted system goes to.... Too mamy spots are reserved for the relays. And the mixed relay will only make things worse than it used to be.
  15. His claims were never about skiers weaker than him qualifying. He is roughly at the same level as them, if not lower. He merely got (extremely) jealous because the Project Bogota played smart.
  16. At least he has a realistic chance of qualification, unlike the Guatemalan speed skater, who just doesn't. Considering it was someone's job to compose this list, they should have at least made some background checks.
  17. We are present once again. As ever, we will be hoping for some Steven Bradbury qualification.
  18. Lol the Guatemalan candidate will not even qualify. Same goes for Seun Adigunova. Though at least she already has the Olympic status.
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