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  1. GBR, not SGP. Host quotas in M K1 and W C1 got reallocated to the World Championships previously.
  2. Any indication if Hungary will be sending two boats for C1/K1/K2 events? Curious how the powerhouses will go about this. More boats, or focusing their effort.
  3. Well, anything less than a qualification would be a massive disappointment for our W2- crew. Fingers crossed.
  4. 68% for Ellen Brigitte Farbrot & Red Rebel today... Their previous Grand Prix scores were abysmal, but looks like Red Rebel learned to piaffe during lockdown. Too bad. With this, the chances of Slovak reallocation went from 'good' to 'unlikely'.
  5. Which begs the question... Why did Japan enter a women's kayak here?? K2 quota is not awarded in Asia, so they can't increase their numbers in any case. Moreover, earning a spot in K1 here would reallocate their host quota to a stronger athlete. It could make the difference between qualifying for the semifinals and taking an early exit this summer! So dumb.
  6. Should Japan qualify in W K1 200, their host quota will get reallocated to
  7. It's hard to phrase this nicely... But Yoshua Shing could very well be the "low level" athlete with most Olympic participations (3).
  8. And she will compete against the 14 year old from the Cook Islands. That's absolutely wonderful!
  9. Canadian short list for jumping... Erynn Ballard Mario Deslauriers Tiffany Foster Eric Lamaze Amy Millar One of them will go. The last chance of re-taking a team slot evaporated last week when the Chinese confirmed their MERs.
  10. And this MAG part makes it even more suspicious. India received no confirmation (or a tip, or an insider information or whatever) from FIG before that gymnast went public.
  11. That's exactly what is bugging me about this story. I find it extremely hard to believe that an honest person would feel so confident about it, despite the "NOCs without a team" part. If I were in such position, I would have made damn sure that my interpretation was correct before starting any celebration... Let alone before sharing it with anyone else and basically risking a humiliation.
  12. Now here is an adventure unique to equestrian. Martha Del Valle travelled to Germany a year ago to prepare for the Olympics. But then the Olympics got postponed, and since shipping a horse overseas back and forth is so incredibly inconvenient, she was basically forced to stay in Europe for a whole year and find a job. Anyways, now she is officially selected to be the Mexican representative in dressage. @mrv86
  13. Kvesić better not be the unluckiest athlete ever... Fun fact, I was present at his college graduation. Not as his guest of honor, but rather because a couple of my friends graduated from the same class.
  14. Because it must be CSI3* - Grand Prix. She was clean at some Table A classes with lower heights.
  15. Since we are nearing the end of the MER period (six more weeks), I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if some of the MERs are not met... Dressage Unconfirmed MERs (individual) - Possible reallocation (individual) - Eventing Unconfirmed MERs (team) - Possible reallocation (team) - Unconfirmed MERs (individual) - Possible reallocation (individual) - + (if Thailand loses and Russia gains a team) Jumping Unconfirmed MERs (individual) - Possible reallocation (individual) - I fully expect
  16. What an unusual story. Tripartite athlete qualifies on merit 12 years later.
  17. Indeed. Curious if intentionally sending weaker teams for the finals would qualify under a genuine effort. It's borderline in my book.
  18. Women's epee - Semfinals Mackinnon v Rodriguez Quesada Doig Calderon v Viveros Who knows, maybe PER/PAR will get lucky...
  19. It's not really FIG's job to police wrong interpretations posted on the internet. It shouldn't be. Not by default, but it can go either way. Several users have pointed that out here. I have pointed that out here. There is a pattern of small time athletes from marginalized sports intentionally spreading fake claims and twisting stories in their favor. Maybe they assume nobody will know the difference, because their sports are marginalized anyway, but that can't pass here on Totallympics.
  20. Another possibility is that a certain athlete and her team know exactly what they are doing, and are trying to fake-news their way to the Olympics.
  21. Well, the IOC is not running the FIG's qualification process. Plus this article (written by an Indian journalist) seems to be a re-post of unconfirmed claims, and not some original, genuine content?
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