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  1. Wait, they are still going with this? Holding a mass marathon in the scorching heat of Summer seems like an awful, terrible idea...
  2. I was mostly stunned by the inconsistency of the results with Jazzu. It's as if the voters said: "How dare you enter again?!" TISC being TISC, i guess. EDIT: Oh wait, the Weeknd entered after winning too. The outcome was not that disimlar, though.
  3. Second champion ever to return. For the first one, Jazzu, the return didn't go very well... at all.
  4. At least it stops the endless rotation of with a sprinkling of . I am skeptical, but if successful, I guess a new set of countries should appear on the Winter map. That would be a welcome novelty.
  5. So after a long consideration with many potential candidates, the Croatian selectors have finally decided... For this edition we bring you Terca na tišinu (eng. A Third on Top of Silence). The what now? In classical music, a third is a musical interval encompassing three staff positions. But not to worry... Terca na tišinu isn't all that niche. It is a song which explores the themes of non-verbal communication, mutual understanding and compromise. I hope you will enjoy it. The song is performed by the Dubrovnik-based band Silente. CROATIA Silente - Terca na tišinu Terca na tišinu Ref. Ne puštaj ni glasa Ja ću na to složit tercu Prosit dok ne pristaneš Ja ću pozvati ljude Ti se pobrini o vinu Prvi svat da nema pjesme Samo terca na tišinu Samo terca na tišinu Ti vladaj zrakom Ja ću vladati zemljom Nađemo se negdje u sredini Nađemo se gdje se nađu Tvoje noći i moje zore Nađemo se kako kažu Nije nebo, a nije ni more Ref. Ja svjetlim kao mlad U meni istok počiva Priznajem kriv sam Za nered u tvojim očima U tvojim ruskim piscima Tražiš meni dostojna Ma sve ti čitam u pjegama Pjegama, pjegama kao zvijezdama Ref. Ti spavaj nebom Ja ću divljati svijetom Nađemo se negdje u sredini Nađemo se gdje se nađu Tvoji oblaci i moje gore Nađemo se već ti mašu Tvoje pjege i moje bore Ref. Ref. A Third on Top of Silence Ref. Don't make a sound And I will compose a third on top of it Proposing until you accept I will invite people You take care of the wine First wedding without a song Just a third on top of silence Just a third on top of silence You rule the air And I will rule the earth Let's meet somewhere in the middle Let's meet where they meet Your nights and my dawns Let's meet where, as they say It's neither the sky, nor the sea Ref. I shine like a new moon The east rests in me I admit, I'm responsible For the mess in your eyes Among your Russian writers You're looking for someone worthy of me I can read it all in your freckles Freckles, freckles like stars Ref. You dream in the skies And I'll roam the earth Let's meet somewhere in the middle Let's meet where they meet Your clouds and my hills Let's meet, they are already greeting Your freckles and my wrinkles Ref. Ref.
  6. Looks like Argentina will just make it, with a fairly generous 61.106% for Mengani. First piaffe deserved 2-3s.
  7. Pitty since it is quite a dramatic competition. Argentina has a Grand Prix rider to come, a pretty inexperienced one. GP riders do get 3% bonus for the team competition, however if she has an off day, then Uruguay would beat Argentina for silver (and the Pan Am quota) by 0.004%!
  8. Just tuned in for equestrian... Easily the worst TV direction I have ever seen. It's astonishing. The director is constantly cutting between the competition ring and the warm-up ring. It's absolutely impossible to follow and clear they are totally clueless about what is going on.
  9. Belgium wins and bags the Olympic quota.
  10. Clear for Guerdat. Now Guery can either win it with a clear, or allow the Swiss another chance in a jump-off.
  11. Huge clear for Thomas! Only a little slow. Could prove costly if the Swiss finish with a clear and Guery has a fence down.
  12. One down for Wathelet as well. At this rate, it may be decided on the combined time, unless they tie for first in which case it would be a jump-off.
  13. Both Belgium and Switzerland post a clear in the opening rotation. France too.
  14. Some nice spotlight, out of nowhere, for the Argentinian dressage. @konig Granted, she only won a competition with two other competitors (one of whom withdrew ), but a win is a win, especially since this was an international competition. A day later, she won the Grand Prix Special with 66.766%. That's quite a promising score in regards to Paris 2024 possibilities.
  15. Mexico turns the tables and wins the Challenge Cup! Finally an encouraging team result for them. It has been a while.
  16. I think Colombia and Venezuela can't qualify for the Pan American Games here (they have the Central American & Caribbean Games). That's why they are missing. And I don't think Paraguay has a venue for eventing. in dressage and in jumping should be the medal favorites.
  17. Entries are out for equestrian. You need to create an account to see them all. Yeah, is one of those annoying places which require that. Dressage Teams - Individuals only - Unfortunately, Ecuador is missing their shooting star Julio Mendoza. They would have probably made the Top 2 with him on board. Jumping Teams - Individuals only -
  19. Are these going to be the first ever predetermined double bronze medals at the Olympics outside of combat sports? It's worth noting that even the days of all the weird rules of Paris 1900 and St. Louis 1904 nobody thought about awarding two bronze medals just... because.
  20. That was very respectable from Albisu. He even attempted to speed up after a fence down, but then crashed through another fence. Argentina finishes 10th. will contest the all-European Nations Cup final. will contest the Challenge Cup on Saturday.
  21. Clear for Smolders. Brazil are out by 0.40 seconds. So looks like only Belgium and Switzerland will battle it out for the Olympic quota on Sunday. That is, unless Albisu delivers a miracle clear (with up to 3 time faults).
  22. GB goes down to a tie with Brazil, but they win the tie breaker based on time. Brazil is in a pretty bad place now. One fence down from the Netherlands would probably be enough, though. Couple down for Belgium would seal the deal too, but that's fairly unlikely given their anchor rider.
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