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  1. Bolivia entered too many athletes in 2016 to push them over the threshold. The same thing happened to Congo and now both nations may only end up with athletics and swimming at best.
  2. While we can always dream on what could have been, this isn't a bad group to represent Canada, hopefully they can gel together before the event in a couple of weeks.
  3. And that's the issue with those people they think some pre-op trans person can compete when the IOC has very tough rules before they are even allowed to compete.
  4. It's not that simple Given the hormonal therapy transgender athletes have to go through you could argue that they are at the level (or even below, given some women have higher natural levels of testosterone) of biological women. More research needs to be done, but if trans women had such a supposedly unfair advantage then why haven't we seen a lot more trans athletes over the last two decades since the IOC allowed them to compete?
  5. I think they just went with the highest ranked eligible athlete, no eligible athlete made the men's final
  6. Looks like you are right, that also fits with getting the men's quota. So not only did FIG get the tripartite reallocation wrong, they also got the wrong round for the host reallocation. While it makes more sense to use the final/semi-final results, that's not what is written in the document...
  7. Can you explain Canada's women's quota? If we go by the World Series ranking then it should go to Belarus and if we use the 2019 World Championships results then it should go to Germany...
  8. I am very confused on how and got the quotas, using either the 2019 World Champs or 2021 World Series neither quota have gotten the quota
  9. China and the United States are pretty much locks for medals, I guess she has a chance for bronze, but it won't be easy
  10. To be fair, FINA also had Sweden taking the continental quota
  11. You are probably right, similar things were said for Central American nations when baseball was added
  12. I'd reduce the North American and the Oceania (or African) down to 1 and allow the 2 highest ranked unqualified teams from the World Series to compete.
  13. Hopefully for the next games, they change the qualifiers, missing both Ireland and Spain is a shame.
  14. One of the reasons for rugby seven's inclusion was for more inclusion of Oceania nations. One day will qualify to the games...
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