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  1. That's still a preference, "I'd rather compete for Ukraine, because I have a better chance to move my career forward." Regardless, we won't be able to classify all athletes is my argument. Some people have strong ethnic ties, others have ties to where they were born while others would compete for whoever gives them the best option.
  2. I don't think there's a way to split medalists from former nations. Would an ethnic Russian living in Ukraine during the USSR compete for the former or latter? It comes down to the preference of the athlete so we can never know.
  3. I think it was more to clarify that people born in 1997 would still be eligible to compete.
  4. Most of them are non-Olympic sports. Based on that list athletics, swimming and taekwondo may have it tough (at least among athletes that will compete at the Olympics)
  5. If Oceania nations participate then Australia and New Zealand will battle for gold. Even if they don't compete I'd take Fiji/Samoa over anyone from Asia.
  6. Yeah, while a lot can still happen, Trump is currently the favourite to win come November.
  7. The qualification formats themselves will likely remain the same, just with different dates for events or cut-off for world rankings. There might be an option to increase quotas in some sports to allow athletes that greatly improve over the year to qualify, but couldn't due to their sport completing the qualification period. Though I feel that's unlikely or the quotas will be given in rare circumstances
  8. Yeah, trying to use world rankings for events with more than one weight class is a bad idea. Some events are more competitive than others.
  9. Weird that they didn't keep things consistent. That adds... to men's -67kg to men's +75kg to women's -55kg to women's +61kg
  10. As all tripartite nations must be in the top 50 of the Olympic Standings here are those that are eligible. Men's Kata (ranked 18th) Men's -67kg (ranked 18th) (ranked 20th) (ranked 29th) Men's -75kg (ranked 24th) (ranked 45th) Men's +75kg (ranked 45th) (ranked 46th) Women's Kata (ranked 36th) (ranked 44th) Women's -55kg None Women's -61kg None Women's +61kg (ranked 26th) Slim pickings on the women's side, it is li
  11. Yeah the lower half of the -86kg was wide open given that they essentially put the top three guys in the top half. Huge opportunity for to grab a quota. Argentina looked the best in the first round, but Peru has yet to compete.
  12. Venezuela is not having the greatest qualification to Tokyo. I imagine the recession has hit their sport federations quite hard. It also doesn't help that Pan America did poorly at the 2019 World Champs, only four athletes qualified there vs. ten during the 2016 qualifiers.
  13. United States with a full women's team. Canada with only two quotas, hopefully we can sneak one in at the final qualifier.
  14. That was a bit scary for Wiebe while she had control she was always a mistake away from losing until the end.
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