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  1. It makes sense in events where only 1 or 2 athletes reached the OQT standard, but it get tricky in events with more athletes. Especially when you consider that most of those OQT standards were done back in 2019. Then you have the whole choosing athletes for the relays.
  2. If I understand everything, the quota reallocations Archery (mixed team)- ( gets Mongolia's men's singles quota) Athletics (men and women's marathon) - N/A Boxing (women's flyweight) - Diving - Next best athlete at the 2021 World Cup Gymnastics (Women's Artistic) - Shooting (men and women's 10m air pistol) - Highest ranked nation without quotas Table Tennis (women's team) - Wrestling (women's -53kg) - & (women's -62kg) - (I think gets Ukraine's European quota)
  3. Maybe they are banking on that? Though that's a risky game to play on an athlete with a chance (albeit a slight one) for an Olympic medal.
  4. Did Oman sneak someone on their 49er boat on the second day, they essentially returned to their day 1 performances.
  5. Huge respect for Midana, I thought his age has finally caught up to him, but he proved me wrong and earned his spot by defeating decent opponents. Even though he's in an easier to qualify continent, four Olympics as a wrestler is very difficult to do
  6. So Bhaker is a double starter in pistol allowing one quota to be transferred to the 50m rifle. Just wondering why Moudgil is in the mixed rifle event, does Chandela not want to participate?
  7. Yeah, Oman really turned it around after a very poor first day.
  8. Hoping for to grab their first quota tomorrow, though looking at the brackets they will definitely have to earn it. In the -57kg Iuna may have to go through 3/4 2019 African Games medalists while in the -65kg Cumba likely faces the 2020 African Championship silver medalist as his first opponent (on the other hand, that top half bracket is quite weak). Their 2016 Olympians will also have a tough path.
  9. I just looked at the matches for tomorrow's women's freestyle. The only event to have a bracket (-53kg) literally has the gold and silver medalists of the 2019 African Games AND the 2020 African Championships facing off in the first round.
  10. Nothing too surprising, the depth in Greco-Roman in Africa is more shallow than Freestyle
  11. Maybe Speed + Combined Boulder/Lead to match with the 2024 Olympics?
  12. The quota is based on the April Rankings so we technically need to wait...
  13. The qualification document specifies "sprint" and "slalom" athletes in their respective documents so I'm leaning no. Are there athletes which compete in both disciplines (like we see in cycling)? ICF would be more receptive to the idea if athletes exist rather than trying to Trojan horse someone into the other discipline.
  14. I know team sports claim to have minimum requirements, but the only sport I've seen to have done this is field hockey (Greece in 2004 and Brazil in 2016). Even handball let Australia compete in 2000. I guess we'll see how low their requirements are once a nation like Qatar hosts (especially on the women's side).
  15. I'd give him a good chance at grabbing the tripartite quota
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