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  1. I also read that Lamont Jacob’s nutritionist was involved with performance enhancing substances, makes sense how he came out of no where to win
  2. I would defintely be down Hopefully more of you will too
  3. Yes what an incredible Olympics for Canada , so good . We really won every medal chance we could the last few days
  4. Hopefully !! He will continue to push pierce lapage
  5. yeah the realy race was incredible for Canada, to keep up with the Jamaicans was great
  6. so we are guarenteed to race for a medal lol
  7. brutal for hugo he won the heat in first but there was a crash behind and had to restart which sucks and then he crashed in the second heat, how is that fair lol?
  8. bronze!!!!!!! beat oiur record!!
  9. I think Canada has done tremendous at these games , the most devastating outcome in my opinion was the double quarterfinal beach volleyball loss. Other than that extremely happy. Rooting for at least one more medal , hopefully gold to top our record in a non-boycotted games. And to think if the multiple torn ligament ankle injuries never happened Canada would probably have another four medals (caeli McKay: women’s 10m synchro, Rosie: trampoline and ellie black: women’s individual all around and beam finals). So weird and unfortunate that the exact same injury happened to all of them.
  10. What our the chances for men’s Maddison ?
  11. and men's keirin and women's omnium
  12. and outside chances in men's 10 m platform, mens karate, and real outside chance for women's 10,000m
  13. what about the women's world cup Australia/New Zealand in two years?
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