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  1. Yeah the ITA has more control of testing athletes in the lead up to the Olympics and new good leadership for FINA to enable stronger doping controls
  2. How does the continental quotas work for getting into the Olympics?
  3. Strycova from Czech Republic who is third in the doubles rankings retired so that should bump dabrowski back into the top ten.
  4. But Japan shouldn't have got the spot in the first place. It shouldn't be an extenuating circumstance.
  5. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who found this situation bizarre. I'm glad I found this site it's cool. Everyone else I talk to doesn't get it. Never realized that there were so many Olympic fans out there like me. Let's just pray Canada can get the spot! LVL deserves it after what she's been through. Makes no logical sense why Japan get's it. Now she's playing the waiting game just like Bujold.
  6. Thanks . It honestly seems fishy to me lol. They are ranked number one in the world yet they don't get the spot. Seems like an excuse to not give them a spot because they are so dominant. How do you know canoe/kayak Canada is working hard to get them the quota?
  7. What happened to our women's C2 500m team of Laurence vincent-lapointe and katie vincent? Why did it give Japan the Americas quota saying there were insufficient athletes when Canada is ranked number one in the world before Laurence missed the 2019 world championships? Shouldn't they get it because of their dominace from 2017-2019 and the fact Laurence was proven clean and there wasn't a chance for them to battle for a spot in the Americas region? I just don't understand how Japan got that spot when they aren't from the Americas region.
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