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  1. Things are getting worse and worse here, and we are back to square 1 like February/March with almost 150 deaths per day with more than 2500 infected. and that's just the official number. who knows what's the true number. and exactly like 4 months ago everyday we hear news about famous people getting infected too, celebrities, athletes, politicians. from today wearing mask is mandatory ! (even though I don't know how they are going to "force" people into that) , 7 provinces are in critical situation and 7 more (including where I live and also Tehran where I travel regularly) are almost in critical situation ! and that means half the country, we have 28 provinces. while to be honest I don't care much about the politicians (well except only few of them) I do care a lot about our athletes, Iran football league started something like 10-12 days ago and now half players from those two teams played the first match are tested positive for coronavirus ! it will probably take few more days to hear the same thing about other 14 teams. (I hope I'm wrong though) and last but not the least, one of our current top wrestlers is in critical situation Hossein Nouri, 2017 world bronze medalist and 4 times Asian Champion. I don't know how bad is his situation but moving him to the best hospital in Tehran and to the ICU doesn't sound good.
  2. UWW wants to have World Senior Championship this year , 12-20 December, in Belgrade, Serbia. but only if this is funny, 2019 WCh was the Olympic Qualifier, we always have more countries for the Olympic Qualifiers, even without COVID-19 it was possible to see less than 70% teams comparing to 2019 Worlds !
  3. what are the difference exactly ? sometimes they know sports under different names. that document is what they sent to the NOCs. so I guess that's official
  4. new day, new disaster ! pretty normal these days ! still not much information, we just know that's a clinic. (not a hospital with lots of patients ) and probably gas explosion. still no report on causalities they are fighting to stop the fire right now. btw that street is where I used to go to college.
  5. I think @Olympian1010 is a spy from another planet trying to convince Totallympics users to cancel the 2021 Olympics. well but unfortunately it's not up to totallympics users.
  6. thanks but I read that before. my question is what's the different between this and the previous ranking 8 months ago ? I just remember it was top 100 players, now it's top 50 but still it shouldn't be 1/10 of previous points.
  7. I just took a look at the current FIBA 3x3 ranking (frozen on 1 April) and it's completely different than what it was during the qualifiers. teams have something like 1/10 points of what they had few months ago. did FIBA adjusted the points ? removed fake events ? changed the ranking system ?
  8. gender equality , 12 = 32 it's funny how IOC insists on gender equality, and they think they did everything by just having equal number of events/teams at the Olympics !
  9. lowest weight in Taekwondo 54kg, highest weight +87kg lowest weight in Karate 60kg, highest +84kg but lowest in GR wrestling 55kg, highest 130kg how you can have just 4 weights in 70kg range ? and there is a big big difference here, in Taekwondo and Karate, bodyweight is not a big deal. it's not even important, it's mostly about height. they easily compete against someone 10kg heavier but that's impossible in wrestling. even 4-5kg difference matters a lot. 6 weight classes is already very low for men's wrestling. it's OK for women because there is only 26kg gap between highest and lowest weight. but 75kg gap is much much bigger.
  10. as expected UWW denies rumors about dropping Greco
  11. This makes sense if UWW asks for women's beach wrestling events, it doesn't mean IOC is going to give that to them. even though it just came to my mind , maybe they are thinking about using the same female freestyle wrestlers for the beach wrestling ? no more quota but more events, we can't say for certain that IOC won't like such an idea.
  12. This is still a rumor, I knew UWW wants some Beach Wrestling events, I think I was the one writing that here but only as additional events (which will be rejected by anybody with a brain) not to replace the oldest version of wrestling. I still can't believe UWW willingly decides to drop Greco, right now wrestling (as whole) is safe , UWW is in no danger to drop Greco willingly. and beach wrestling is such a terrible idea, it's very similar to freestyle. all freestyle rejectees try their chance there. the Iranian guy who won the World Beach Games in super heavy weight can't even make it into top 5 (or even top 10) in the country in freestyle. I know IOC probably loves the idea of having 3 events in Beach wrestling for each gender instead of 6 male Greco events but my point is, UWW is not going to propose that. there are lots of Greco guys in UWW bureau, they will never vote to kill their sport. I think our federation is going to ask UWW about what they proposed to IOC, it's possible to know more about this in few days.
  13. an interview with some Azerbaijani official (also has a position in UWW) made some headlines in wrestling community , that guy claims Greco-Roman will be replaced by Beach Wrestling ! they did that for 2022 YOG and will do the same for 2024 Paris. (according to the Azeri guy) to me it's really hard to believe that UWW will propose such a thing ! the current UWW president is from Serbia , and in most European countries Greco is more active than freestyle. in fact we usually have more wrestlers in Greco-Roman compeititon comparing to freestyle. replacing this with beach wrestling nonsense is like crime against humanity !
  14. if it wasn't for team events (in individual sports) Thomas Bach wouldn't an Olympic Champion and probably we had another guy as IOC president. and since I think anybody else could be better than Bach. I think I agree with @LDOG here to hate team events ! I hope for no change, all of these proposed events are unnecessary to me. but I'm sure Bach and his friends are going to love some of them PS: for wrestling, it's most probably "beach wrestling" UWW stupidly thinks beach wrestling is an interesting idea !!! since Lalovic came to power they wanted to make Greco wrestlers to wrestle naked on upper body (no singlet at all) they think this will attract people to watch wrestling ! that idea failed in Greco but then they created "beach wrestling" for that purpose
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