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  1. Cuban wrestlers are notorious for doing that. people in wrestling community are aware of few of them (Garzon, Lopez. Romero, Ortiz) and god knows how many times they lost without anybody noticing. it happened against Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and unfortunately I have to say once against Iran. of course it's hard/impossible to prove these claims but almost everybody in wrestling community knows this. Lopez is from another planet, those guys he beat weren't easy. I mean Kayaalp is one of the best wrestlers in the world, one of the best in history, he would be multiple Olympic Champion
  2. this is Greco-Roman, and it will be a close match, I'm almost sure at least one of us will be angry about the officiating and how they awarded the cautions , I just don't want to be that one
  3. there are some unwritten rules about how award passivity cautions. in first period they give it to the passive wrestler, that's simple. but things get complicated in 2nd period. the unwritten rule is in case of 50/50 situation you have to penalize the other wrestler to create some kind of parity . but again when a match is one-sided they can penalize one wrestler twice. but it's up to those non-smart (and sometimes corrupt) referees to decide if it's 50/50 (or even 60/40) or it's one-sided. I was watcing 2 or 3 mats at the same time. I didn't miss actions but for judging cautions
  4. Michalik can't beat Evloev in his wildest dreams, but Szoke has a tough job against Melia in the repechage which I believe is his real bronze medal match.
  5. well you weren't the only one looking forward to this match, the refs were waiting for this one to use their magic once again. annulling Lopez's 2pts gut wrench was nothing short of magic. Lopez looked great today, probably even better than before. if he really wants I believe he may even win the gold in Paris. he is probably the best Greco wrestler of all time. even better than the great Karelin. Lopez won the gold in 3 Olympics with 3 different set of rules. I mean completely different rules. and he is going to win his 4th , no male wrestler could ever do that. t
  6. you give up 2pts if you "flee" the mat. going out without a fight. and to be honest I think that was just 1. Starcevic was somehow resisting, it wasn't fleeing. Geraei got lucky here. and the last action was 4 or 2 for Geraei, this is ridiculous if anybody thinks another way. but there were other problems in this match, Geraei was all attack in the 2nd period, he was attacking the whole time, the center ref asked for passivity caution against red (CRO) twice but other refs ignored it. I mean Starcevic was very passive he didn't deserve a chance in parterre. and surely he didn'
  7. what if after one jump (which is usually easy) all 12 athletes in the final decide to not continue and share the gold medal altogether ? I'm genuinely asking. is there any rule against it ?
  8. kind of funny to beat the best team of the world (or at least one of the best teams in the world) and then lose 3 matches in a row and got eliminated. but nothing bad in this Olympics surprises me anymore. congrats to Japan. they brought their best to this match.
  9. two reasons for that. first I'm just busy somewhere else (a Persian website where I have to explain rules in 30 sports for everybody lol) and second I'm just not in a great mood. it was a terrible Olympic from the first day for non-sport related reasons and those non-sport reasons also affected our delegation's performance and we are getting poor results everywhere from the 2nd day. and volleyball's elimination was the last nail to the coffin. even our wrestlers didn't do good today. tomorrow we will have our "better" wrestlers but Nejati lost to some random guy because of his own
  10. thanks and Congrats for the gold , I was thinking of you while watching the final
  11. looks like he is going to finish a bit higher than 6th place
  12. why scores are lower in the final ? using smaller target ? or they are faster ? I assumed there should be a reason
  13. They show top 3 from B group on the big screen in the stadium. you don't have to check anywhere else for that. and on that screen they show the current rank of everybody. I mean if you want to beat the 3rd guy (to win the bronze) you can find who is 3rd on that big scoreboard. so it's really hard to miss Group B results. but still it looked like they didn't know. it just doesn't make sense to lift 1kg below the bronze medal result and be happy about it!
  14. that's a double headed sword, with this you give your opponents a very good idea of what exactly they have to lift to beat you. I have a feeling Calja (ALB) had no idea about Group B, he was "happy" after his last lift which would only secure him a 4th place finish. he only needed 2kg more for the bronze. any normal person with a normal brain would try 2kg more to win a medal (unless he knows something about one of these 3 guys will fail a drug test later ) people are different, Iranian coaches try their best to register an entry to put all of our weightlifters in Group
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