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  1. what's the procedure for 2028 LA Olympics sports programme ? as far as I know all "core sports" were in the Olympics program until the 2024 Paris. when and how they are going to decide about it ? do we already know that ?
  2. Today is 9/9/99 in the Persian calendar. to me it doesn't mean anything special. but believe it or not there are "so many" people trying to have their babies exactly today. and that means early C-section in middle of a pandemic and all other disasters we are facing nowadays I don't know what you will gain in your life by having a "Luxury Birth Date" , there is no limit for stupidity
  3. I wonder how much money the host will save by having less 12 athletes in the games village! 10 billion dollars I assume or maybe 20 billions
  4. yes, 99%. but IWF has to finalize it too. we knew about these guys from months ago since IWF (unlike all other federations) publishes the list of doppers very soon, even before IOC finishes the process. ---------------- oops, this is a different matter, doping from 2012 Olympics won't be counted here, (I mean that rule about 3 doping inside the Q period = disqualification from the Olympics) but Romania has 3 other guys waiting for their verdict, once that's finalized, Romania will be banned too.
  5. ITG confirms what I wrote about Vietnam, they will most probably be banned from the Olympics
  6. Here I see two new Vietnamese weightlifters being added to the suspended list there is another guy TRINH Van Vinh in 2018. from what I googled he tested positive on November 2018 after the start of the qualification period. if I'm not wrong 3 dopers during the qualification period means being banned from the Olympics. they already banned Egypt, Thailand and Malaysia because of this rule. is Vietnam next or I missed something ? Colombia and Romania also have open cases (to make it 3 or more), if confirms, they will be
  7. That was quite a week for Hungary, qualification for Euro and now this.
  8. Yes I think so, our wrestling federation usually publishes all letter they receive from UWW and they have some guys inside UWW, I assume they would know about it if UWW has another plan. they started the training camp for this WCh and tested everybody before the start but apparently one of the wrestlers was infected (and we know tests are not 100% accurate) and almost the whole Greco squad plus some freestylers got infected. as far as I know they are all OK and showing minor symptoms, only the Greco head coach had to be hospitalized for couple days. Iran won't send a full team to
  9. no as far as I know. in Iran they sent everybody home and closed the training camp (also because almost everybody inside the camp got the virus ! ) you heard something about it ?
  10. he is a pretty good wrestler actually also a bronze medalist in CISM Games few years ago. but with this limited quotas remaining I highly doubt he can qualify for the Olympics. but yes I think if they meet, Kesho (I didn't know that's his nickname ) will beat him relatively easily. he is one of the guys I'm looking forward to see in Tokyo. I know there are some very good wrestlers like Borrero at 67kg but I expect "Kesho" to win a medal in Tokyo. and maybe something better than bronze or silver he got robbed a medal last year against Stabler. hopefully the officiating will be bet
  11. UWW just cancels the 2020 Worlds there will be a nonsense event called "Individual World Cup" instead . which is just another international tournament in my opinion.
  12. Last weekend we had 3 international competitions in Croatia, Russia and Poland, they are the first international competitions since March ! I was checking the list and in total 22 countries sent wrestlers to these 3 events. I consider it as a sign that they will most probably participate at the 2020 World Championships (if UWW doesn't cancel it) 18 of them are from Europe ! on other hand we know USA and Japan officially withdrew, apparently Kazakhstan and Cuba did the same. and most probably Canada. I also heard Germany is considering withdrawal too
  13. so you are saying Conyedo are Nikoloz are 100% confirmed. but Kudiamagomedov is still injured ? and won't recover in time ? what was their chance (I mean all 3 of them) if IOC wouldn't postpone the Olympics ?
  14. @phelps can you give us any update on the current citizenship of naturalized Italian wrestlers ? beside Chamizo, we know Kakhelashvili also received his citizenship, what about Conyedo and Kudiamagomedov ?
  15. while I'm very happy that I don't have to see this guy anymore (or least much less) but it's still really disappointing to see he gets more than 70 million votes (in a democratic and free election). he represents every bad thing you can imagine in a man. sexism, racism. lying consistently, ... I know most (if not all) politicians are not "clean" but he was 10 times worse than anybody else.
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