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  1. maybe people (including myself) overlook Stetic (BIH) simply because she is from Bosnia. but I just remembered she is Croat and she used to be "good" she will face Alizadeh in the QF if both manage to win the 1st match. interestingly they faced each other 4 years ago in the World Championships quarterfinal. at the time it was Iran vs Croatia. now it's Bosnia vs "that" team. before Alizadeh took that revolutionary decision. she was supposed to move up to 67kg and try her chance in that weight in Tokyo (but she got injured again and our coach crossed her name) this is interesting and
  2. Venezuela had almost the same team as 2016. they are just 4 years older and weaker. they probably didn't invest much to find new talents and improve their level. sending exactly the same team after 4-5 years is a very bad sign for that sport. since Venezuela's case was interesting, I went to check Iran's 2016 team. out of 12 wrestlers we had in Rio, 10 of them are retired or completely out of the picture. (I mean still active but not in top 5 in the country) and one of them has a very slim chance to make it again. which means most probably only 1 out of 12 wrestlers (our only wrest
  3. Yes maybe. but just maybe. it depends on Japan and Iran. there are 6 possible scenarios for Japan (have to pick 2 out of 4 events) and 2 for Iran (between M1X and W1X) which means a total of 12 different situations. I believe in some of them there will be one spot left unused for W1X. Iran Canoeing/Rowing Federation announced they will make a decision next week. I assume the NOC is more interested in the W1X quota to increase the number of female athletes in the delegation. but nothing is guaranteed and the NOC doesn't have the final say here. that's up to the national
  4. So it does make sense for Japan to pick LM2X and LW2X since at the end they are guaranteed two singles quotas, right ?
  5. yeah I just said that to a friend of mine ok the whole world failed. this is our turn to use the very last chance to stop the monster but I wouldn't count on that. let's see if he even can reach the SF actually this is the first time I don't feel nervous about an Olympic Qualifier in wrestling. That's David and Goliath (Olympic Champion against a youngster)
  6. wow Ivanova is not going to forget that forever. she was leading 9-1 !!! and what the hell the ref was doing ?! that was a pin for 30 seconds before he finally called it.
  7. oh man, how come Bullen lost that. what a dumb mistake. she was leading 12-10. she could defend that position for another 40 seconds. but she tried to escape and then bang, got pinned.
  8. I think that goes to Ecuador who finished 7th at the 2019 Worlds.
  9. that was a heart breaking defeat for Canada but on the other hand that was a great attack right at the end for Romania.
  10. Well after watching Omar Salim today, I just hope our athlete in this weight doesn't get him in the first round this kid is a medal contender
  11. it always takes time. but I think maybe this is taking longer here. I'm not sure though. the whole process is stupid. when a coach wants to challenge, he had to call the referee, tell him the whole story (while most of the times it's obvious what they are protesting about) and then that referee again had to repeat all he heard for the jury .that alone takes a minute.
  12. that was a dumb move by Alessio, yes he scored the winning point. but if he couldn't touch the head while in the air, he would lose the contest by that caution for falling. (while he probably had the superiority to win in case of 0-0) btw whenever they want to watch the video challenge, you can take a nap . sometimes it takes more than 5-6 minutes.
  13. no Olympics for the biggest nobody ever. I thought this will be the last Olympics for Aaron Cook but he is 30. so he will be around at least for Paris 2024. this guy is probably one of the most famous athletes in the history of this sport but only because some media some media made him. he won only 2 bronze medals at the World Championship and despite participating twice still no Olympic medal.
  14. mostly in lower weights, specially the lower weight. 49kg/58kg maybe because they move more lol but if you check heavier weights results, they are the same old names again and again
  15. all of 4 former Iranians are already out and they are losing to everybody. only Pouryounes managed to not lose in the first round but she just host her QF to Romania. but Israel has a good chance to qualify in women's 49kg, (one of the weights we are going to send a competitor to the AQT) and she looked very good, dominating the 1st seed from Russia. but still it's too early to think about that. none of them are even qualified yet.
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