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  1. the AFC Champions League group round is ongoing in Qatar (all matches in Qatar) and the defending champion Al-Hilal (KSA) is in trouble. almost their whole squad is COVID positive but they don't want to withdraw ! in few minutes they will start their last group match (against an Emirati team) with only 9 players ! they have only 11 players available including 3 GKs Al-Hilal is already qualified, they don't care about this match but in 3 days they have to play Round of 16 and it's not clear if their players will recover in time or not, funny story for the richest club in Asia.
  2. I have to correct few things about this case, my reaction was negative at first mostly because of those fake "Wrestler Champion" part. when you see a lie you don't believe everything at first. but the more I learned about the case the more suspicious it seemed to me. he was indeed a wrestler but in a low level, never won anything in his own state to even makes it to the nation-wide competitions. but to me his story looks like some Hollywood movies when some powerful guys kill someone and then they find a weak uneducated random guy to take the fall, (remember Prison break season 1 ?
  3. actually they officially cancelled the U23 Worlds but kept things unclear for the senior worlds but yes I also read the source of your post. looks like right now there is more chance to have the World seniors. while health of the athletes is the top priority I really hope they find a way to have this competition, 7 months without wrestling is already too much !
  4. Today was the first day of peace negotiations between Taliban and the Afghanistan government, while Taliban still refuses to call them the government. I know people there are extremely tired of 20 years of war and I wish them the best. but still I can't understand how they can make a deal with Taliban. Taliban is not going to give up an inch. to have a better idea about how Taliban think, in regions under their control, girls can't go to school more than 4-5 years. (for Taliban that's enough as long as they can read and write and a bit more) Taliban is already the winne
  5. his treatment process faced more difficulties because of the coronavirus but a week ago he said he beat the cancer, probably a bit of exaggeration, cancer is not easy to beat but at least he is not in danger anymore, at least for now his pics before and after the cancer
  6. yes I know , that's true about the western media, I don't care much about them but I can't remember the great clean lovely IOC ever publishes a statement like this about any other country. next time they should ask IAAF/WA permission, since everybody runs at least once in a while. btw an Iranian kid, this time a real wrestler, youth Olympic medalist was facing death because of cancer and because of lack of special medicines in Iran, I can't remember if an
  7. actually that should be posted here not in the wrestling thread, as far as I know he was just a wrestler in youth level 11-12 years ago with no achievement even in his own town. but I was just watching BBC and they called him "the former national team member" !!! as I said in that thread this kind of "World support" wasn't helping him. actually made it worse. per unwritten rules they never execute someone in this month of the year ( for religious reasons) but they did this time ,quicker than usual. something like showing the middle finger . while his family was close to convince th
  8. that's true but then this guy is an ordinary person, this is like any other murder case. and it has nothing to do with IOC, FIFA (seriously, FIFA ?) and other non-clean organizations. even though even if he was an Olympic champion that still had nothing to do with the IOC. do they interfere in every single case in China, Saudi Arabia or any other country ? or it's always easier to act like a fake "hero" when it's about Iran ? I don't want to get into details, this is a sport forum, but from what I read, heard and watched, I think he is guilty, of course I don't trust the system tho
  9. fortunately this is the internet age, and every results are archived, otherwise they would make this guy a former Olympic champion or something like that. "Champion wrestler" ! yes sure, he was a wrestler a decade ago in his town. by IOC standards that surely qualifies him to be a "Champion" since IOC/FIFA/ AAA/BBB/CCC are worried about the murderers, I wonder why they didn't defend Oscar Pistorius, he was an Olympian and a Paralympics champion after all, he had the right to kill people and walk free, they were cruel to deny him that right. #FreeOscarMurderious
  10. quick question, what was the rule regarding sex verification before IAAF/WA applies this new rule to prevent Semenya ? or in another word, what's the rule in other sports ? where they draw the line that someone is a woman or not ?
  11. so injuring people unintentionally is no different ? that was stupid and reckless but obviously that wasn't intentional not trying to defend him, I just want to learn the rules.
  12. what's the rule here exactly ? players should not throw the ball to the air after the game ?
  13. hopefully Egypt will be able to have the event with fans in the stadiums. I don't like to get used to watching important sport matches in empty stadiums !! oh yes, I think I'm getting old how come I forgot that match I remembered they beat Japan in the final (final for not finishing last)
  14. Is it a sure thing that the tournament won't get cancelled ? and what about the stadiums ? behind the closed doors ? or there is still chance to see some fans in the stadiums ? btw I assume top 12 teams will earn extra quotas for their continent, almost all Asian teams will be in the same group in the 2nd round. so if one of them beats Argentina, Asia will have 5 spots in the next WCh. I assume Doctor Congo and Angola are no match at least for QAT and BRN.
  15. 16 years ago some crazy guy stopped Vanderlei de Lima from (probably) winning the Olympic gold in Athens 2004 men's Marathon race. I was reading the story and couldn't understand what he was trying to say ? The Grand Prix priest. Israel fulfilment of prophecy, says the Bible. The second coming is near. what's the prophecy ? is this something anti-Israel ? what's the relation between Israel and Jesus's return ? pardon my ignorance but I never had to read the bible
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