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  1. it seems IWF got IOC's permission to extend the Olympic qualification period the Olympic event in their calendar will finish on 31 May, so it seems 31 May is the new deadline.
  2. and Kuwait won a bronze medal by beating .... nobody the Russian guy withdrew from the bronze medal match. the level isn't great in general here. there are some big names in some weights but in general both the qualify and the quantity aren't great. no surprise we will have the European QT in couple weeks. Kazakhstan and Hungary brought almost their full squad here. probably kind of their internal trials. Russia is here with "almost" A team but their guys for the European OQT are absent as expected. hopefully the level is better in freestyle, we only sent two FS guys
  3. not really interesting, that was too easy for Mohammad Ibrahim he will have another Russian in the next round. I expect another W
  4. yes I read CAS statement, I could never trust this lawyer guy for another case in another sport. he somehow didn't tell the entire truth once again. still any kind of suspension is better than the indefinite one. (which will kill the sport completely) I mean from the Iranian athletes point of view. it seems IJF was too much excited after making that Hollywood story to impose a ban which doesn't even exist in their rules. and btw this Pavitt guy once again has some mistakes in his article. but that's pretty normal for ITG. I will be surprised if I see an article without
  5. according to Iran Judo Federation lawyer, CAS lifted IJF's ban on Iran JF. that was very surprising for me, this case was like a thief who did lots of robberies (and didn't get caught) but got arrested for a crime he didn't commit (framed by a conman) but still evidences from the previous crimes were there. it seems even CAS judges didn't believe the Mongolian hero/bastard lies. only stupid people would believe him but then as I said previous evidences were too much to ignore. I prefer to wait for the official confirmation, but even if this is true we won't
  6. watch how a random Kyrgyz guy (well not really random, I knew him for a long time but still) makes the great Artur Aleksanyan fly today in an international tournament in Ukraine. executing this technique is really hard against anybody 100kg, let alone against the Olympic champion, one of the best wrestlers in the world. this is the last match of the video ra
  7. I mean the whole winter sports community most of them are related. you always see familiar surnames. and they (I mean all of them, officials, coaches, athletes and even commentators) always make the same excuses after each competition, their mentality is like we go to a competition, have fun, finish last, come back home and make excuses. and they are lucky nobody cares about winter sports here. PS: obviously that labor camp part was a joke. the point is they are not trying hard to improve. it's just having fun for them. like a family holiday
  8. just checked Iran Ski Fed website, they sent only 8 athletes (plus 2 coaches) to Germany. no idea how there are 12 names on the list when they registered only 8. btw if it was up to me I would shot down the ski federation and send them all to a labor camp in North Korea, complete waste of time and money. each year they participate and always make the same excuses after getting extremely poor results. this year will be even worse, most ski resorts were closed until few weeks ago.
  9. that will be amongst the runner-ups in 5 regions. that was easier in the men's side because India is 1 and 2 and one of them will finish 2nd in South Asia region. but remember that will be based on April's ranking. not the current one but I assume not much change (don't know how many events left though) for the women's part, Thailand's SAWETTABUT is first by a good margin ahead of Batra (India), the other girl from Thailand is 3rd. right now I see 5 girls from Southeast Asia in the list. (that means a round robin competition) but I was thinking if those two Thai girls have to decid
  10. I wonder if the registration deadline is over or not, North Korea should get the men's quota but as far as I know they stopped sending their athletes to anywhere since the start of the coronavirus crisis. so no surprise if they don't send anybody here. India still has to go through Pakistan which will be super easy for them but then they will qualify 2 instead of 1 their guys are #1 and #2 in Asia (among non-qualified athletes) so whoever losses their direct match will most probably get the quota as the best ranked runner-up among the regions. that Kazakh guy is not that far from
  11. The great Lithuania was a centimeter away from elimination from the EuroBasket. that last block by Kalnietis saved them great job Denmark, this time Lithuania brought a better roster but still Denmark made it as close as possible.
  12. we have a new date for the Asian OQT , 21-23 May in Jordan. they changed the date few times already, hopefully this is the final date.
  13. well it seems Croatia learned enough lessons from the previous match to take Georgia serious. too serious actually
  14. Greece GK couldn't save a thing during the 32 minutes but then he had two super saves during the penalties well this is sport congrats to Greece, sorry for France, they had a great day and were just inches away from beating Greece and btw what was the logic behind eliminating the extra time ? I know it happened few years ago but still this is something stupid.
  15. Greece scored 7 goals in 9 minutes and nothing after that. from leading 7-4 to trailing 7-10 !!
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